Ditko Peter was a loner, he didn't lack friends because people thought he "was a loser and nobody wanted to hang out with him". He generally didn't fit into the society, constantly picking fights with Flash and other classmates, J.J, even Betty and Lizz sometimes. Even when he went on a colleague, he didn't fit into the crew unti Romita took over and made him more friendly. He was also extremely jealous/salty of other heroes like F4 and the Avengers because none of them have to face his issues (secret identity, money problems, reputation). However, despite all of this, it is noted multiple times how Peter is a well mannered man (by Aunt May, Betty, Liz), so I guess he wasn't pissed off 24/7.


Because whatever works will override what doesn't, and whatever medium is more popular will have a bigger say than smaller ones. It's just how life works. This stems way back with Batman on the big screen. All you get is a gritty, dark and realistic take on the Dark Knight and anything goofy attached to him in the comic doesn't work anymore. Batnip is infamous because it's so *bad* there isn't a second Batnip within the next 40+ years. Nolan's trilogy is so *good* anything that follows also evidently copy his take on Bruce Wayne, see Reeves for that matter. And it's the same for literally anything being received positively, and also popular. You have Sam Raimi to thank for the meek and shy Peter Parker blueprint that blew up way back in 2002. Don't blame the executives at either Disney or Sony.


You are right. People thinking Peter should be a shy nerd is BS. That was never how he originally was. When Flash talked shit, he talked right back back. He didn't care what people at school or other heroes thought about him. He was even shown to be jealous of other heroes for the perks that they had over him. I think that was explained away as him having anger issues and being hotheaded but still being a decent guy who was affable and tried to help people, but when met with resistance his reaction was to often lash out. But since the shy, nerdy Peter Parker is what worked the best for the movies, it overrode his original portrayal. The comic Peter Parker is still not a saint, not even today.


I don't think that it has anything to do with misrepresentation. Just a different representation. In film especially, because there's literally hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. With just 2hrs to tell a complete narrative, you've got to have a flawed yet likable protagonist. If the Peter we're shown is foolish or selfish that's okay, because that's an arc that the films work with. That becomes what these movies are about as he crosses threshold. But if movie Peter was insulting others in the way Lee/Ditko Peter talked down to Flash, it could turn audiences off. And the stakes are too high for that risk. Don't forget, in comics, we've got pages and pages of internal monologue and exposition. We read exactly what goes on in Peter's head because everything is explained to death. So there's no relying on inference, and Lee can tell us exactly why Peter is so likable. Actors and script writers and directors have to get audiences on side in more subtle ways. Plus, you've got to think if having a more socially aggressive Peter would work better for the overall story. And I don't think it would. MCU version is a perfect balance of flaws and likeability. He's immature and naive and self-serving... yet endearing because he's on an arc to overcome those things. He's arrogant in the sense that he inflates Spider-Man's value. But that contrasts who he is as Peter, because his life as the hero is in opposition to his life as the kid who is pushed around. For this arc, it would feel wrong to have Peter shown any other way.


Most of the influence for the movie adaptations actually comes from ultimate Spider-Man


Likely because most of the general audience relates more to a shy nerd who keeps to himself then a jerk who constantly lashes out at world and apathetic to his fellow men out of spite or in the worst case scenario. Unintentionally unsympathetic.