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They really did “I don’t feel so good” on Paul lol


They really did “I don’t feel so good” on Paul lol


Also those panels of him hugging them and them disappearing feels ripped off from that Batman comic of him doing the exact same thing with his parents


Ripping off DC *and* the MCU in one fell swoop. Man, what a riot.


Well, the Paul subplot was also the exact same thing used in *The Matrix Resurrections*, so it's unoriginal on quite a few levels.


Damn the writers aren’t just bad, they’re lazy too?


You haven’t noticed that yet?


Paul is going to become Ratman.


Batman origin lore


That’s what I was thinking. Looks too much like Batman






My reaction to this information 💀




whos under the mask


Kraven from Kravens Last Hunt


I can't believe we've reached a point in Spider-Man comics where we're all happy that two fucking kids die 😂. I can't with this run man lol


It's sad because fans shouldn't be happy but the shit the bed so hard that we are


Legitimately feel bad for MJ. Norman steals one kid. Now this


Mephisto paraded Annie around too and said they wouldn’t have her either. MJ has lost FOUR children in the 616.


what's the status of annie may and mayday atm? god i fucking hate the editors.


Different dimensions. Main continuity Peter doesn't get a kid. Which, consider how he keeps having his life ruined, might actually be a good thing...


Don't forget his kid with Gwen that Wanda gave him in House of M. I mean if we're listing all the times they've been screwed out of children.


That was a brutal page or two when The Avengers are debating what to do with Wanda after they got back. When he slammed his fists into the table... that was something.


Yeah him demanding it get taken out of his brain was heartbreaking.


Imagine the time comes that Marvel writes 616 Peter and MJ to have a kid then the kid gets Aquababy’d


Mayday was considered “presumed deceased”. Annie was never conceived. After OMD, who knows if Mayday was conceived either.


I think Mayday gets mentioned every now and then. The only thing that changed was that Peter and MJ were in a “committed relationship”, not married.


There was a mention of "the baby" on Osborn's list of victims he had written in Gold Goblin recently so baby May might still be in canon.


Yikes I don’t see that happening for the MCU version of Spider-Man or Tobey 💀


what do you mean norman stole a kid?


She was pregnant in the early 400s. Gave birth, was told the baby didn’t survive. Later reveals Norman stole the child. Can’t remember if there was a resolution to that story


There wasnt.


what the fuck


Yeah, they pretty much just moved past it. Mj was told the baby didn't make it so she and Peter had no reason to pursue it. There was a storyline after where Peter found out Norman was holding someone named may captive and the reader was probably meant to think it was the baby but it turned out ti actually be aunt may who was supposed to be dead thus returning things further back to the status quo.


I might be wrong about this, but didn't they eventually reveal that Osborn DIDN'T have the baby but the hints that seemed to be about him having baby May were actually that he had Aunt May (who Peter thought was dead but had actually been replaced by an imposter by Norman)? It's ridiculous but I think that's how it was resolved.


It was like a bait and switch kind of thing. The last time we see the baby Norman tells the woman who helped him steal her to take her to Europe or something. Then when it comes out that he holding "May" it's still assumed it's the baby because she's the only living may at the point as far the audience knows. We find out it's actually Aunt May, and Norman faked her death at the same time as Peter


It’s awful - hate that they did this so much


I believe the Scorpion eventually insinuated that Norman had the child killed. Pretty dark considering she was a newborn.


Dark but believable wrt Norman.


I always assumed Scorpion didn’t know if even Nick Fury said it was only “presumed deceased.” Still dark.


And now Norman is “good!” You’d think he’d mention it…


Yeah. He could at least give them closure assuming he killed the kid.


I think if he told Peter, Peter would cross the line and kill him. He nearly did it when he killed Gwen and I think him killing his infant daughter would be the last straw for Peter.


Not wrong, but paints the writers in a corner. Peter is not allowed to kill. Norman killed Peter’s girlfriend and later his baby. Most people would look the other way if Peter “went off the rails” upon learning this. Which isn’t an enviable situation for the writer. Either make child murder something forgivable or make Peter look weak. Editorial has really been doing a disservice to the Spider Man franchise for decades. Aunt May should have stayed dead. The “May” Norman was holding should have been the baby alive and being experimented on. Peter rescues the baby and we get 30 years of “Dad” Peter To anyone who would disagree, answer this. Since coming back in the early 400s what has Aunt May as a character done?


> Since coming back in the early 400s what has Aunt May as a character done? I think JMS did something good things with her with her knowing his secret identity and all of that. But I agree, she should have stayed dead. To make matters worse, May coming back takes away from the emotional impact of *ASM* #400, one of the best single issues of *ASM* ever.


I was surprised that they even listed “the baby” on the page where Norman listed it as a sin - I just assumed that it never happened after OMD but now that it did happen, it should be addressed (but it won’t be)!


>She was pregnant in the early 400s Damn MJ is older than I thought. Gotta say, she looks great for her age.


Shed prepared us for this moment. Paul’s super villain origin starts now


They don't die. They never existed.


They can't die if they never existed ;)


I mean, we're not so much happy about the death of two kids, as the loss of two plot devices forcibly inserted to ruin a perfectly good relationship and turn MJ into a character devoid of agency and tie her to three characters with all the personality of a lump of wood.


I'm completely pout of the loop. Who tf are these people and why are yall happy for kids dying?


The man is some dude that was in another dimension that Peter and Mary Jane got trapped in while fighting some Z-list villain. To save Peter’s life, MJ sent him back to their home dimension, but time flows differently there so MJ and this creep Paul were stuck together there for 4 years until Peter came back to save her. During that time they ran into those kids, who are implied to have been created by the villain as “chains” to hold MJ down. Everyone is happy that they’re dead because now it’s looking likely that MJ and Peter will get back together, since the “chains” aren’t holding her to this fake family anymore. Don’t listen to the other guys that replied to you, there’s no evidence that Paul and MJ are actually romantically involved, and the kids aren’t their biological children, they’re just made up constructs.


> Don’t listen to the other guys that replied to you, there’s no evidence that Paul and MJ are actually romantically involved “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Mr. Paul, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.” --MJ upon being questioned by Peter and under the advisement of Bill Clinton's lawyers


Don’t worry, this entire situation (including Paul and the fake kids) will probably never be mentioned ever again.


I mean, look I'm hoping as much as you, but to say there's "no evidence" is way too strong. They literally live together and she specifically says to Peter that she's not leaving "him". In one issue we hear Paul's half of the conversation wtih MJ and he responds with "love you too". They go on a spa trip together without the kids where MJ talks about his boxers. THey were alone together for four years and laid on the grass staring into each others eyes. I'm really hoping we're in a world where Wells didn't turn her into a THOT, but it's important to remember that there IS evidence that goes against that case.


Wait when you say there's no evidence Paul and MJ are romantically involved what do you mean? I haven't read any of the run.


They’ve never shown any actual affection to each other at any point, except in stories written by guest writers. And it’s become pretty apparent that the main writer of this run, Zeb Wells, hasn’t been telling any of those guest writers what his plans were for the run, so I would just ignore those examples. They’ve never been shown kissing, holding hands, or anything like that. If they wanted to confirm that they were actually a couple, they could have done so at multiple points, but they haven’t, so I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t in a relationship. They’ve already received tons of backlash on this run just for the fact that MJ and Peter have broken up, so I think they’ve been avoiding putting MJ and Paul in a relationship to hold off on doing even more damage than they already have.


The glasses man is Paul and those kids are his and MJ's when they both got zapped in to another dimension.


Peter got cucked by a guy called Paul, him and MJ had kids, late feetus deletus makes me very happy.


And this Paul dude is a surrogate for all of the Marvel creators who have been against the marriage. So, they are using Paul to troll all of the fans, like some common internet troll. It's pretty sad. Because that means that those people never really ever grew up. We read comics as entertainment. We read, and we move on with our lives, as adults do. But them? This IS their lives. This is their profession. They are pretty pathetic.


Damn, the fake kids literally designed to force those two to get together were fake all along? Who would have thought. Let's hope with their malefic presence gone, Paul too will soon leave us.


i don't see paul dying unless he snaps amd dies fighting spider-man (as villains do). but i'm hoping that he at least leaves now that MJ's "nuclear family" prison of obligation is gone.


He 100% snaps and will become a villain. I mean he even has the "character going insane" camera angle.


Bet he dies blaming Spidey.


Cool now Paul and Carlie Cooper can get married and go back to their home planet together


And hopefully die on the way back. Lmao.




RIP Bozos


Where's the original image from?


Pretty sure it's Kraven's Last Hunt. The next few panels are Kraven taking off the Spider-man mask and laughing maniacally.


Gigachad moves.


Literally though. Kraven's on another level.


I wouldn't call Kraven Gigachad in KLH. He was more of a deluded old man


Watch as this gigachad stops Spiderman from coming after him with this one simple trick he learned from Ernest Hemingway


I think it maybe from Kraven's Last Hunt... but I could be wrong it could be from a Deadpool comic.


Nah, it’s Kraven’s Last Hunt.


Kraven's Last Hunt? IDK


Kraven’s Last Hunt, probably


Do you know it’s from Kraven’s Last Hunt yet?


It is. Dude laughs crazily in the next panels: https://i.redd.it/9qcnrg2g8psa1.jpg


The guy you replied to knows He’s actually asking the guy he’s replying to if that dude knows it’s Kravens last hunt yet since so many people are telling him


Kraven last hunt if I had to guess


My Honest Reaction:




The most perfect use of this reaction image of all time.


[Chris Paul Challenges Michael Jordan If MJ Misses 3 Shots The Whole Camp Gets Free Jordans](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_J2nC5CpNs)


Bro I forgot about this


Should’ve challenged Shaq


now just kill paul too


Have Punisher punish him.


literally have him clowned on some lower tier spidey villain like boomerang that'd be satisfying


Stilt-Man Woman


Dr. Mrs. Stilt-Man Woman.


Paul dies by Mysterio throwing something heavy at him. Mysterio instantly becomes The Messi of Spider-Man characters. (He always was)


paste pot pete lmao


Only after MJ kicks his ass and humiliates him please.


Nah let it be Peter. He's the one who's been getting cucked this whole run let him have this.


MJ has had all of her agency taken away in this run and she has been written out of character since issue one. If she starts getting written well again, then she can call Paul out for being a creepy fuck that manipulated his way into being in this “relationship” with her. She deserves to be the one to get Paul up out of here. Having said that, I’d also be happy if they both get their chance to beat Paul’s ass. Also, there’s never been any actual evidence that Mary Jane and Paul are in a romantic relationship, so I don’t know why people keep saying that Peter got cucked, they could just be co-parenting the kids. If they wanted to definitively show them in a relationship, they probably would have done so in issue 25.


Exactly. Paul has also done more than enough from an in-universe perspective to earn MJ’s ire, not just from a fictional metaphorical standpoint. He’s responsible for Rabin gaining his powers. Meaning he’s responsible for MJ losing years of her life; one that she wanted with Peter, not him. He also LIED TO HER about the time difference between dimensions, meaning MJ never knew Peter wouldn’t be back anytime soon until it was already close to a year for her. MJ gaining back her agency and realising Paul was never a good guy would be far better than Peter venting a year of jealousy and anger on him.


He didn’t just lie to her about the time difference, he was trying to convince her that Peter flat out wasn’t going to come back for her at all. I don’t know why Wells thought that anyone would actually like Paul when he never attempted to make him even remotely likeable in the first place.


Paul; “I don’t like kicking a man whilst he’s down” Also Paul; *did do that*


That’s basically all he’s been doing since he got introduced. Such an unlikable character it’s almost unbelievable.


Seriously; “Oh hey Peter, I know I stole the love of your life, punched you in the face for being near her, and then planned on threatening you to stop trying to talk to her, but I paid a hospital bill for you, maybe we should have dinner sometime; it totally won’t be awkward having you sit across a dining table watching me with the woman you wanted to marry and have real children with!”


..I hate how much I like this


![gif](giphy|ydyZ0KaHpiyGI) paul witnessing his big head ass ugly little kids vanishing from space & time itself


​ ![gif](giphy|iNacet14JZzNqKFpYx)


LOL I love it


Paul's villain origin arc. Next he's going to see MJ and Spider-Man kissing.


Good Peter Can Punch Him Again


Na he better see them 😏 doing it 😎


Nah, I think he’s first going to become a villain, then Peter discovers it and tries to convince MJ. MJ gets upset because she thinks Peter is just jealous and it’s a plot to get her back. Peter and Paul argue in MJ’s presence it comes to a fight and Peter is on the winning hand, before MJ throws a hissy-fit and yells him out of the door. Paul realises he needs something more and finds some magical upgrade that may or may not have been previously set up (haven’t read anything from this run). Peter comes to MJ to apologise, but MJ isn’t home, but guess who is? Paul, and he’s more powerful then we could possibly imagine. Peter and Paul fight, Peter loses (of course he does) and just as Paul comes to finish him off, MJ walks in. MJ sees Paul about to kill Peter and realises that Peter was right and the Paul was a villain all along, and then she realises that she still loved Peter. MJ calls Pauls name and he turns around in his villain suit, to see MJ with a disbelieving look and tears in her eyes. Paul flies the scene and MJ forgives Peter. But the situation is complex and she isn’t sure how she feels, she needs time and some distance. Peter can do nothing but give her space. Something along those cliche lines probably


I actively cheered "YAY THE KIDS ARE DEAD". We've come to a weird place.


Good, I don’t doubt for a second that people will look back at this story with the same derision and disgust as the Ms Marvel Marcus story and the Donna Troy Terry story. People will probably cite this storyline along with the previous two as examples of how comic book writers don’t understand women


Accurate. They did MJ dirty in this run and I’m still mad.


Boiled her down to an angry 50s housewife. And this is a character that had more freedom, agency, and respectful writing for a female character IN THE 1960s.


They haven't even mentioned her career once, IIRC, in this entire arc. They've had her for SOME REASON give up anything that made her a complete, interesting character in order to be a tradwife. It's fucking idiotic.


She lost HER entire support cast. None of her coworkers, agents, friends, or family check up on her? Ask her why she disappeared for a month and then popped up with two kids and some strange new guy?


Right? You’d think her friends and colleagues would have been worried she had joined a cult or been kidnapped or something if she suddenly showed up with that forced smile and dead look in her eyes after a month, dragging around two kids that weren’t hers with her longtime boyfriend nowhere in sight, unable to tell them her new boyfriend’s last name.


Spider-fans are back on top baby, the new game and ATSV look awesome, the kids are gone, and now all that’s left is for Paul to kick the bucket. It feels like 2018 all over again.


Paul is going to take over as the green goblin now and permanently become peters archnemesis.


More like knob goblin


Maybe he was the corn of coblin all along?


Hey, as long as they stop trying to force us to tolerate his presence I’ll be satisfied, especially considering that the Goblin’s biggest claim to fame is getting his ass kicked by Peter every time he shows up.


I'll break out the champagne for the comics when this "Peter must he an eternally miserable manchild and can't be married" nonsense is over.


I think the perfect time to get Peter and MJ married again is ASM #1000. Once Wells’ shitty run is over, hopefully things go back to how they should be.


Not just them getting married. Peter has to confront Mephisto and undo One More Day. Also, make Norman tell him what happened to his kid.


I wouldn't have Peter do that confrontation. I think one big storyline really pulling on all the connections he has around the universe would be better. Beating Mephisto without ever facing him. I made a super long post about it you can find in my comment history. This run is supposed to last until about legacy #945-50. Those next 50 issues could probably encompass the story i proposed.


You know what, marvel should feel shame for making people want kids to die. I wonder what the intention of this was since they seemed so convinced people would like Paul and yet what they really manged to do was unify all spider-man fans around hating him


They stumbled into uniting Spider-Man fans for the first time in ages, hopefully this doesn’t make Wells and Lowe think that they’ve been doing a good job.


If I was them I sure wouldn't be patting myself on the back for people wanting to see kids die. They can try spin that however they want but the clone saga left people excited to meet Peter and mj's kid and this left people excited to see 2 children die. That's a failure no matter how you look at it.


100% - if they wanted us to like the kids they should have given some effort into developing them - it’s like the Kamala situation where we’re supposed to be invested in her role in the story when she’s barely been there! Also, it’s heavily implied that the kids are not even “real,” so of course we’re going to be at least ambivalent about them!


Marvel: this emotional scene of the kids dying that makes you feel bad for paul Fans: burn in hell brats and take your dad with you


I’m not for killing of kids but from what I’ve heard about this run, I’ll make an exception


they're not even kids, they're plot devices. they have made zero effort to make us give a shit about them, so why shouldn't we be glad this roadblock of a plot point is gone


Hey now, we learned Stephanie’s middle name. That’s like .01% of effort.


you know damn well the only reason we got her middle name is cuz they messed up and used a different name once, and after it was pointed out and they were teased for it they covered their asses with that "Stephanie Romy Watson!" speech bubble. forgetting the kids' names is like, -1% effort, at least.


🤣 I’ve started coming around to the idea Zeb changed her name intentionally to fuck with us. But I seriously love the the optics of a character’s name changing and going unnoticed by the same people who introduced them. That’s some A+ humor.


Kev this better be after Paul and MJ have their little cuddle with Paul joining the kids in the void


Don't Know But If I Had To Bet Before But A Hug Is A Hug and we don't even know if their a couple


If I had a nickel for every time I laughed at fictional children dying I’d have two nickels, it’s not a lot but I’m scared it happened twice






Oh they thought that was gonna be a sad scene but NO! HELL YEAH LET'S FUCKING GO! THEY'RE FINALLY FUCKING DEAD


Ha! It's not even close to Wednesday and this shit leaked!


Sad to say, it's WandaVision, based off the original story where Mephisto gave the Vision and Scarlet Witch fake kids.


Except people gave a crap about Wanda and Vision. Nobody like Paul or him with MJ.


I have sensed a great disturbance in the Force, like millions of fans crying out in joy.


https://preview.redd.it/0mr8aao6nf2b1.jpeg?width=908&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=80e19da052c5e20135b0f9b4b137175fcff6c732 Paul rn


Haha, fuck you Paul! ![gif](giphy|31SoVTR4fszw0K7p5I)


This is #26? hm... so interdimensional travel without a proper anchor OR going through the proper pathway might send them back to their original plane of existence...? and probably MJ is still with Paul due to Paul being broken after this. or these 2 might grow up and become the villains in #32


Oh interesting - I never considered the possibility that they were actually “real” kids after the “chains” talk - I could see this happening though!


To think we have reached a point where people would be so happy for children to die… To think I would be one of them. ![gif](giphy|EJIqwKKY30Dlu)




"I can hear the scribble man" is this Zeb just talking mad shit on JRjr or what


IIRC that's what the kids referred to the villain as


they're gonna frame it as a tragedy but every reader is gonna be happy as hell that this dumb story is over. for fuck's sake they didn't even bother endering us to them, they just threw the kids to us in issue one and made them plot devices.


And just like ms marvel, have them barely show up in the comic until this point. They and Paul never even got full names.


well the kids arent even real as we now know from this leak, so they probably never had full names. and paul is from a post-apocalyptic hellscape so he probably didnt see the point of giving a surname, and since he came to the main universe i wouldn't be surprised if he took MJ's name for legal paperwork.


You know your comic sucks when everyone is celebrating the death of children.


Ok, fine. Expected this. Glad to have it confirmed. Not a win yet though. The win is when we explain MJ's behavior. It honestly makes me more nervous because if they're going to keep her with Paul after this are they just...delaying it? Are they just going to say they actually are romantically involved and they just have been not showing it to **** with us? Or are they going to say nothing until MJ starts flirting with Peter and he questions her on it? So many questions. But still, I'm glad this isn't a loose end we have to deal with.


YES YES YES YES finally some good fucking news.


Damn! Before Spider-Verse?! Marvel, you’re treating us!


LETS GOOOOOOO This does not make up for making Kamala a tertiary character in an arc where she dies in someone else’s book. It would be like if Spider-Man gets killed in a GotG book he has 10 lines in.


Peter & the rest of us to Paul rn: https://preview.redd.it/nopeh579mf2b1.jpeg?width=397&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6ac2f8e0c0840a3cd29a6cc341ddb60174b0de44


Peak Superman story


Damn Superman be spittin (is that the correct slang my fellow kids?)


I’m not for killing of kids but from what I’ve heard about this run, I’ll make an exception


YEEESSSSS! DING DONG, THE ANNOYING KIDS ARE DEAD! It's crazy that this run has made me (and other fans) happy that two kids who have done nothing wrong up and die.


Good riddance




I feel a teensy bit bad. But I'm gonna shrug that off and ignore this whole comic run, so.. fuck them kids.


Lmao they WandaVision-ed Paul






What can I say - karma is a b**ch and I love her when she's being fair. Now it's only a matter of time MJ to leave Paul, Peter to leave Felica and our favorite couple back.


Or MJ, Felicia and Pete become a power throuple and Paul is all alone.


As much as I dislike the whole "Paul" plotline, this is just a different type of torture porn designed to create a reaction from the fan base rather than tell a good story. Marvel really needs to be held to a higher standard than this garbage.


![gif](giphy|Iq9ZqImh2Wt7atDDkF) Hey, Mary Jane, What do you mean now by responsibility?


I hope Paul suffers worse than any comic character to ever exist.


If Paul ends up like “you need to find a way to get them back Peter!” Or “it’s all your fault you could have done something!” He can piss right the fuck off


Watch it be MJ


Statistically, very few couples stay together after the death of a child. So, there you go.


Never been happier that kids died


​ https://preview.redd.it/5p04nakerf2b1.png?width=1710&format=png&auto=webp&s=c86d8cfaec55ffc82787816cf4f502063f721720


You know, I’m somewhat disgusted at how much I and the rest of the Spider-Man fanbase am delighted that two kids are purged from the story. They brought us all together rooting for it, somehow.


The marvel editorial staff should be ASHAMED of themselves, to write such a bad story that fans are actually happy to see kids erase from existence. Nobody should enjoy a sight like this .


Winning is when we have a creative team that actually wants to tell good stories, not just drum up controversy.


It’s sad that us Spider-Man fans have been pushed to the point where we’re happy to see children being wiped from existence, but man Peter needed this dub. Paul was never a good idea and this run felt like the writers just didn’t like Spider-Man’s trajectory and wanted to make him suffer as much as possible for no reason. Edit: I think Peter’s response should be comforting Paul tbh. Losing your kids is not something people should ever have to deal with. Unless they decide to make Paul not exist either, in which that’s kinda a cop out but at this point I’ll take it.


In the span of two weeks, we get gameplay from the long-awaited Spider-Man game sequel, what very well could be the best Spider-Man film of all time releases, and Paul is forced to suffer. We Spidey fans really are eating good right now.


We getting some W'a finally




Good. Now fix Ben and then go away, Zeb.


I'm angry! I'm angry cause the kids just disappear. They served no greater purpose. There is no twist about them. There is nothing about them that served an importance. They were just something to piss off the Fandom in the worse damn way possible. And let me tell you it passes me off for reasons zeb and editoral never thought of cause GODDAMMIT YOU COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING WITH THE KIDS! how is it that fan speculation is so much better than what the writers and editorial think of. They might as well fucking hire us, we'd do it for free as long as they give us stories we want to read, shit, fuck, dammit. Me I would have made the children evil. Fuck I would have made them spawn from Paul and Mary jane evil dead style. I would have made a reason for Mary Jane's behavior towards peter. I would have had peter get close to Mary jane and paul and then a kid sprout from him as well. Then they go and devour rabin as a sacrifice and then fuse together to become a peter Paul and Mary wayeb. Let's add some tension and a problem. They can't hurt it why cause what ever wayeb feels so does peter, Paul and Mary. Yeah doesn't that sound awesome. FUCK Edit: IM GOING DEEPER LEO!!!! Let's reveal Paul to be evil and can control the new wayeb, and hell probably even fuses with it. But with fusing with it, he opens up a weakness and ms marvel MAKES The ultimate sacrifice, going out like a madlad and badass taking down a God. With the help of Norman Osborn because why they fuck not. Osborn gets away, hurt but living, barely. Kamala dies. Osborn is beaten up about it and peter. Peter leaves, he leaves the city in capable hands of others and goes off on his own heroes journey. Can anyone say SPIDERMAN ROAD TRIP!!! FUCK YEAH LETS GET METAL!!!!!!


Why is this the post that made me realize that those 3 are literally the name of a music group?


Decent 😎


Lets be honest we all knew this was gonna happen at some point but man us spiderman fans are eating good


Never been so happy to see kids disintegrate!!