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Also on Brawl Out: >“There are things no one can talk about, so I’d encourage people to let it go,” says Omega. “It doesn’t change that we want a team effort in AEW. I don’t even mean implicitly myself and my opponent. It also means the referee, the fans, the people who set up the ring, everyone–even a technical error can ruin the memory of a match. I can refer back to the exploding barbed wire death match. So I encourage people to move away from it because there is no information to be released. Though I cannot talk about it, I do want the fans to know I still want the best for pro wrestling.” On the Wrestle Kingdom match: >“I’m returning to New Japan as an ambassador of AEW,” says Omega. “I’m returning to New Japan as an ambassador of pro wrestling. I’m also returning home. I left to start this new, exciting opportunity, but it’s still home. Now the things Will can do are things I cannot. He’s an athletic phenom. But as finely tuned as he is physically, he still hasn’t doesn’t have the knowledge or experience. I pushed my own physical boundaries in All Japan and DDT, but that’s not what I’m known for. My mind is my greatest asset, not my athleticism. That’s what’s allowed [Hiroshi] Tanahashi to have such a long and flavorful career. “I needed someone to take my place in New Japan, I wanted someone to take my place–and it was Will, Jay [White], and [Kota] Ibushi. Will is the only one to have a problem with that.”


>I can refer back to the exploding barbed wire death match. Kenny, my boy, that one is on you and Callis for cheaping out on explosives.


I will die on the hill that the ending was the greatest thing I've ever seen in Pro Wrestling. I got Shyamalan'd hard.


Honestly for us fo be able to get Kenny to say "69 me Don, 69 me." It was well worth it.


The two promos that came of it were amazing and almost made it worthy. But I get his point, that match was a fucking blast and no one remembers it or talks about anything else that happened before the botched finish.


>But I get his point, that match was a fucking blast I see what you did there.


I still maintain it could have been salvaged by Kenny laughing at moxley and Kingston for thinking that he'd actually set up an explosion and how he isn't a "dumbass garbage" wrestler or something to that effect


Rarely has anything in modern wrestling made me "LOL", but the "69 Me Don!" segment where hes on the mat had me crying. I hated the "Exploding Barb Wire" match the second it was announced, the whole thing felt so lame...the ending actually kind of was perfect. But yeah that to me was the height of "heel" Omega and Don in AEW to me.


That was the moment that particular Kenny gimmick "clicked" for me, actually. The realization of "OH, he's mega-cringe ON PURPOSE, that's his modern solution for getting *real* heat from the crowd." I kinda thought he was being hokey before that, then I realized he was actually *doubling down* on being hokey, and then it worked for me.


Eddie's ptsd Trauma during the "explosion" and the afterward interview with Mox and Eddie will forever be worth it


Hell, Eddie still selling fear and shock any time pyro goes off around him *to this day* makes it forever worth it


Not to mention Eddie and Mox pulling a rabbit out of thin air with their promo the Dynamite after.


It was genuinely hilarious. I showed so many non-fans and the clip of Excalibur saying "OH M- OH MY GOD!" And they all loved it


At this point the ending of that match is iconic comedy gold and I'm glad it fucked up lmao


The promo with Mox and Eddie afterwards really redeemed it lmao. "Who paid for the bomb? Must've been Impact."


The beginning with Eddie popping off and Mox basically being asleep fucking killed me, like they conveniently filmed that in the middle of a boys' night in lmao


I'm not personally. I had waited for over a decade to see an Exploding Death Match on a major American promotion, Kenny and Mox had a fantastic match with each other and then set up a giant moment for Eddie Kingston - my favorite wrestler - and then due to something entirely outside the performers control, it was ruined. It wasn't funny for me, it was probably the most defeated I'd ever felt as a fan.


Yeah I’m not getting these opinions that a couple of funny promos made a gigantic botched PPV ending “worth it”. You remember who Eddie, Mox, Callis and Omega are, right? You remember they’re capable of hilarious one-liners and great promos without the help of a catastrophic fuck-up? If the explosion went to plan, pretty sure we’d be quoting something equally good from Kenny.


If it had gone to plan it would've been a career moment for Eddie Kingston, I'm so pissed it fucked up his big babyface turn.


I know pff way to break kayfabe. Kenny last I heard you contacted your uncle to ask if he knew a bomb guy and he hooked you up with a really questionable looking man named Yvstolsky. If the guy answers a whole lot of very expensive explosion questions with "ah yes I think yes I can so this maybe yes maybe yes it work you see?" Prob not who you Wana rig a ring to explode. Your boss knows NFL Pyro guys. What the fuck you thinking getting russian bootleg ass firework


You think NFL Pyro people want to throw away their lucrative careers on participating in the probable murder of the beloved improviser of violence, Jon Moxely, on pay per view no less? If Yveltovsky could do NFL caliber work, he'd be working for the NFL.


What happened?


>“I’m returning to New Japan as an ambassador of pro wrestling. I’m also returning home. please snuck Ibushi into your luggage when you get back to the state


Don’t do that. Kenny’s luggage will get lost if he does that


Move on? This is our generation's Plane Ride from Hell. Wrestling fans love backstage drama and gossip – I for sure want to know more about the Brawl Out.


This is this generations Screwjob. And Punks greatest love letter to Bret. Instead of taking spots from matches he’s taking back stage hair pulling fights .


Does that make the Miz Punk's Goldberg?


Obviously it’s Colt Cabana playing the part of Goldberg


I thought it was Ryback? Didn't he mess up a table spot hurting Punk?


He's dumb as fuck


But does he share a bank account with his mother ? That’s tells us what we need to know.


“There are things no one can talk about, so I’d encourage people to let it go,” Good luck with that, some people have made this situation there whole identity and believe they know exactly what happened and will never change their mind and won’t hesitate to bring it up.


> I encourage people to move away from it I agree with this whole sentiment, about people moving on and not dwelling on the drama... but I do feel like the Young Bucks need to take notice of that themselves, as stuff like including the “fuck CM Punk” chants in BTE and updating their Twitter bio make it look like they’re embracing and encouraging the drama. The huge majority of the AEW fanbase seem to be on their side. I think it would be a better look just to accept that with more dignity, take Kenny’s advice, focus on the wrestling and move on.


Oh yeah that's standard operating procedure for the Bucks forever. Passive-aggressiveness. I love the Young Bucks and that stuff doesn't even bother me but yeah it's 100% how they do things. Omega is very different in that regard.


and this is sort of the going complaint about them, they play both sides of the coin. Actively encouraging tribalism while openly wondering why it’s there in the first place.


Reminds me of the [“Who killed Hannibal?”](https://i.imgflip.com/71wrjk.jpg) meme.


That has been their marketing strategy since day one.


Agree though I think practically everyone in the public eye does the same thing. Omega is more the anomaly for his outward philosophical self awareness than the Bucks are for doing both.


100% agree and this sub eats that shit up which is so annoying


Move away? Internet wrestling community cannot live without drama. When they don't have one, they create one just for the same of it. But yes, I don't want this discussion anymore.


I think what he is saying is everyone has signed an NDA and will not be able to discuss it in public.


This reads like they'd be ok with punk coming back


It's pretty obvious this whole thing was and still is the Bucks against Punk. Kenny's just there.


Kenny was reportedly there trying to mediate the situation and trying to keep everyone from losing their cool. He even tried talking to Punk afterwards. Really seems like he just got caught in the crossfire.


He's the only one of The Elite that hasn't seemingly gone after Punk. Not that it's his fault but you do have to wonder though how much Omega's absence played in the Bucks and Page getting the confidence to go for Punk the way they have. If Omega was around, or indeed if Cody hadn't skipped town, maybe the call would have come down to "stop that shit".


Now we know why Cody left, he didn't want to deal with that shit, and I totally understand him.


Still seems so mental as he literally posted that picture of him and The Bucks like a couple of weeks before Brawl Out. Dude shifted to mad with rage pretty quick


And said that one of his dream matches in AEW was teaming with Bryan to face the Bucks.


Christ man. That would have been an amazing match


At the start of the year I thought the main event of All Out was going to be Bucks Vs. Punk & Danielson for the tag titles. It's a shame that we'll never see that match now.


Not excusing it, but I think it's kind of understandable if you got some sort of word or report that some co-workers of yours that you thought you were cool with were actually feeding negative gossip about you to the press just to fuck with you then you'd feel pretty betrayed, and possibly angry as well. Based on Punk's storied history of unease and turning on people as soon as he believed he could no longer trust them it does seem like the Bucks and their friends played Punk like a fiddle to achieve their presumed goal of making him self-destruct. Just a shitty situation all around.


*Punk standing in front of a corkboard lined with red string* Matt Jackson: CONSPIRATOR Nick Jackson: CONSPIRATOR Adam Page: CONSPIRATOR Colt Cabana: SHARES A BANK ACCOUNT WITH HIS MOTHER


Indeed. Makes sense, that it was reported Omega was talking with Punk after it.


I don't think Omega is exactly pro-Punk, remember that weird speech he gave to the locker room? Key thing is that I think Omega respects Punk as a draw. The Bucks just dgaf and are protecting themselves and Page. Whole thing is just embarrassing tbh


I get the sense that Kenny is over the whole thing and is maybe embarrassed that things got that bad. He and the Bucks have had no reported incidents similar to Brawl Out, so having this being so widely publicized and losing out on two months of his prime had to suck.


Dude came back after almost a year to this bs. I'd be sick of it too


Those extra few months off could end up being a positive for his longterm health


True, man looked shredded


Yeah I noticed he was super crisp at Full Gear. When he first came back he was pretending he couldn't hit all of his moves, but that is gone and he appears to be back all the way now


Yupp will be 100% for his match with Ospreay which is likely going to be a "greatest of all time" contender when its all said and done.


The hope and hype I have for that match is absurd.


Not only are there no other incidents but there are no accounts that he did anything wrong here either


Yeah the most that's been indicated was he tried to separate a fistfight and got bitten for his efforts.


Hair got pulled, too. Those gorgeous locks. That was the real crime.


Wasn't it reported that Kenny stayed behind to talk to CM Punk after the fight? Says a lot that he literally got bit and was still willing to talk things out.


Proly with the fact that punk obv had no prob wit kenny and was focused on the other evps and also realising punk doesn't control steel


Says a lot Punk was *willing* to talk to him too.


I mean, Kenny wasn't even around when the Cabana rumors went into high gear which is what started all this.


Was Kenny working behind the scenes while he was healing?


For a small part he was. It slowed down his rehab so quit traveling with the show


First time I'm hearing of this aftertalk and for once something related to Brawl Out made me feel relieved In hindsight it makes sense that Omega and Punk don't have real issues with each other


I love Punk, and I love Kenny. I even love Hangman. I do not like The Bucks. That said, I think Kenny is genuinely the one complete victim in all of this.


Kenny has been nothing but gracious throughout.


I think everyone signed NDAs and cant legally talk about it.


This whole thing may have already blown over if AEW had been transparent about the situation. Punk getting taken off TV and defacto endorsing the elite's side of the story rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way.


Kenny: let it go. IWC: no. Edit: for those of you who think I could tell what was going to happen on dynamite. I couldn't.


Didn’t know Zach Wilson was part of the iwc


I mean, I can’t think of a singular story in all of wrestling that would be bigger than Punk still being in the fold of AEW and then hashing things out behind the scenes and “returning” to AEW and making (printing) money off this.


Let it go probably means it's not happening


Kenny: I’m gonna hit a GTS in Chicago though


>Kenny: let it go. > ~~IWC~~ Young Bucks: no. FTFY


I honestly figured this would be the case. Kenny is always the one to call for peace, but the Bucks have literally built their career and brand on leaning into controversy. For context, when they first hit a national stage in TNA, they adopted the name Generation Me, playing up being entitled Millennials to piss people off. When Cornette and other old school purists said they were killing the business, they leaned into it and made it their entire gimmick, to the point that they named their company and autobiography off it. They've made money off being petty and spiteful dicks from the start. There was no way they'd let something as juicy as this go. They probably can't say much about the Punk incident, but they're going to passive-aggressively poke at it, probably incorporate it into their gimmick, and piss a lot more people off before it's all said and done.


“I play both sides, so I always come out on top” - The Elite


i fukin love it's always sunny


They already had part of Being The Elite delicate to showcasing the "Fuck CM Punk" chants from Full Gear. I've always respected their talent, but I've never found them likable. Probably because as someone from SoCal I've known plenty of people like them and they usually annoy the hell out of me.


>Kenny: let it go. >~~IWC~~ Young Bucks, Chris Jericho & Dave Meltzer: no. Fixed it further.


>Kenny: let it go. > >IWC, Young Bucks, Chris Jericho, Larry the Dog & Dave Meltzer: no. Fixed the fix


Kenny: let it go. AEW's locker room: no.


The IWC are definitely #1 in not being able to let this go.


Not disputing that but it's hard to take the request to 'let it go' seriously when two EVPs of the company and Kenny's own partners aren't doing.


Young Bucks: Hell no we need to do out the next ten BTE’s


Omega: let it go guys Young Bucks: Guys, listen to the fans chant Fuck CM Punk


This is the problem. EVPs acting like children compared to an EVP who acts like a goddamn adult. History won't be kind to the worker/company runner positions


It’s amazing people are finally publicly saying this and not getting downvoted. I 100% agree with you. The Young Bucks are great talent but as EVPs it has come across in the last year they care more about being the coolest guys in the room.


My thoughts exactly. How do you say let it go without calling out your boys for not letting it go


Kenny: Can we be better guys? Bucks, Fish, Jericho, and probably the rest of the Elite as well: Hell no!


The man just did the GTS in the match he's full of shit.


Gaslighting myself into thinking just because Kenny said Punk's name, there's a chance they made up and he's coming back 😭😭


He does want whats best for wrestling. Kenny vs. Punk would be pretty best…….


The Elite Vs Punk and FTR for the trios title is what’s best for business


I meeeeean….. FTRs seeds have been planted. Ima keep this tin foil hat on a little longer lol.


This is the greatest work since the screw job. Punks finest love letter to Bret. Instead of spots in matches this time it was a backstage hair pulling fight like in 96. Punk did the ultimate. Won the title In his Canada while turning heel. When he shows up tonight Chicago is going to go bat shit for him while the rest of the country Hates his Fucking guts.


even if it wasn’t all a work from the beginning, I hope everyone can agree that Punk returning as a massive heel is 100% what’s best for wrestling. There’s a large sector of the crowd who would fork over so much cash to boo the shit out of him.


I would mark out pretty damn hard.


Lmao holy shit this would be the best thing to come out of wrestling in years


This, if everyone could put aside their differences, they could draw the most money the company has ever seen. But I see zero chances of that happening, because the Bucks seem to be pretty petty about it, Punk seems to not want to deal with them at all, and Tony refuses to book FTR in a meaningful role on weekly television for some weird reason.


It’s literally the single biggest match that AEW could have/could do


There was one report by Meltzer where he said after the fight happened and was cooled down, Kenny and Punk did talk to each other privately but the feeling was that it wasn't productive. So he tried, probably.


Even in the best case scenario where they are cool with each other, don't think Bucks/Punk would be cool with each other and Kenny has yet to master hypnosis, yeah.


“Kenny has yet to master hypnosis, yeah.” Ok how you know?


His local target has terrible management


The one and true route that’s best for business bottom line is simple. Get all parties behind closed doors and talk it out like adults. Kenny Omega vs CM Punk is one of the biggest dream money matches possible in wrestling. The Young Bucks vs CM Punk and a partner (I’d go Bryan or Joe) one of the biggest tag matches possible. Both PPV main event level.


CMFTR/Elite is a money printing feud for AEW if I ever heard one.


For the Trios titles. That's your Revolution main event done, easy. Have Punk come back after the final best of 7 in January with Wardlow, FTR and Spears behind him as just the greatest heel wrestling has ever seen. Lay waste to The Elite and then go after MJF. Have him going scortched earth against every faction in AEW. Cheat to take that Atlantic title off of OC, massive heat. Have him and FTR take the tag titles away from the Acclaimed, mega heat. Summer of Punk isn't a celebration, it's a dark age. He pulls so much shit and (in kayfabe) they'll beg Tony Khan to do something, he remains impotent. You build to Blood & Guts and have him face a coalition of all the guys he's crossed in the company - Bucks, Kingston, Max, Mox, Jericho etc. They finally take him out. Idk may have gone over board with the fantasy booking there but god damn there are some serious possibilities you can do, especially now people wanna boo the guy.


It was just one fight ffs. You'd think people who get in fights for a living (albeit worked fights but the bumps are real) would be able to get over it. As much as I love the guy, no doubt there's some pettiness from Punk's side and and definitely from the Bucks through their friend Dave. Doesn't help that most of the fans decided to take sides. Like I get making fun of all of them, it was a pretty meme-able event but suggesting AEW should let Punk go or the Bucks go for [reasons] based on questionable backstage rumours 'journalists' treated as fact, was just dumb. The worst was the galaxy brain take of 'fire them all'. They're all very talented athletes at the very top of this sport. It would be stupid for AEW to let any of them go. I like Punk, I like the Elite. They can co-exist if they wanted to. Punk could come back as the biggest heel to ever step foot in the company, full on NWO Hogan, eclipsing MJF. And as you say, the feud would be legendary. We still need to see Punk/Joe 4. We still need to see Punk/Bryan. We still need to see Punk/Page 2. And hell why not Heel Punk/Face MJF. Give the guy a faction, have him take over the The Pinnacle as he did New Nexus. Punk & FTR vs. The Elite. Fucking money right there. It's so fucking annoying they didn't just get their shit together. I'm just glad I snatched up a Punk shirt in case it really is the end.


Kenny: We should all move on Commenters in this thread: And I took that personally


Well that aged poorly.


"but how can we mock the shit out of CM Punk in Chicago?"


Wasn’t this the same guy who shit on half the locker room for not being as good as Will Ospreay?




Pleasantly surprised by Kenny's statement but I still think the whole thing is/always will be fucked and I am disappointed in everyone involved.


I'm not surprised he's trying to put the whole thing behind him considering he actually tried to smooth things over with Punk although he was unsuccessful. Which makes me believe the hostility is more from the Bucks.


They're the ones that got decked lol


Decked feels like an understatement, nick had a god damn chair thrown at his head.


Gotta say, having a chair thrown at your head has to stick with you


And then the latest BTE has a specific focus on the “F CM Punk!” chants…


My first thought!!!


I like Kenny alot but vlog features Matt fist bumping Cabana and the chants, which sends the opposite message. The footage I saw of Punk on mma commentary he looked remorseful for his comments. Jericho's comment doesn't help things any further. Spreading a rumor that Punk had a hand in removing Cabana, who was fading away from scene, is a bad accusation.


Fans: Yeah, Kenny's right. Move on. Bucks: Fuck CM Punk Fans: Yeah, the Bucks are right.




Hard to buy when Jericho, the Bucks, or their intermediaries have been running a media hit job on Punk for months. Punk's shoot was out of line but the dude was obviously right about the malicious leaks. Hell, just yesterday anti-Punk leaks came out of that "teams" locker room and he's been gone for months. These guys are the new Kliq and everyone brushes it off because they like video games instead of somas.


Hey now! The Kliq drew money.


Yeah now that they've publicly assassinated his character because he outdrew them Kenny wants to 'move on'. Gimme an f'n break.


They fucking wish they were the Kliq. The Bucks are ratings-poison and, as much as I like Omega, he is just not the draw someone like CM Punk is. Plus let's not talk about Hangman's title run. They act like the Kliq, and are enabled to act as such by TK/IWC, but they aren't even as over as the **bWo**.


How are they struggling?


Kenny may be a nice guy, but when he talks like this he sounds like a douche. Also, you can say it isn’t The Elite vs CM Punk, but all the media leaks and spin makes it really seem like it is The Elite vs CM Punk but they don’t seem to have the guts to just be up front about it.


Omega: people should move on BTE earlier this week: Fuck CM Punk chants the biggest talking point of your video.


People act like CM Punk is not worth keeping yet unironically make "Fuck CM Punk" chants the top post of the subreddit for the PPV. Pretty clear the guy is more over than anyone else in the company.


He’s also your biggest mainstream appeal guy. The only time I’ve seen AEW get ESPN type of press is when Punk returned and won the championship.


Pro wrestling locker rooms are never truly unified. Hell, there's even been drama in PWG in the past and that place is about as close as you can get to a "universally beloved" locker room/place to work in wrestling. Considering how much money AEW can make in the future with The Elite and Punk, even keeping them separate, it just feels ill-advised to try and cut ties so quickly instead of waiting things out and attempting business reconciliation with all parties involved.


Exactly. Hell, Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero literally had a legitimate fight in the ring after a match.


They mad cause they ain't him


Exactly. Who did everyone talk about during the ppv? Punk. Because he's the fucking best in the world.


This is why I truly believe Punk is NOT gone from AEW. Time has the power to heal giant wounds, and with Punk being gone for 8 months and STILL being this talked about much, it would just be insane to let him go. I feel like if he were gone at this point, we would *definitely* know by now.


You’ll never see punk victimizing himself, the contrary, he was embracing and making light of the facts of the matter on ufc the other night


It's easy to take this stance when you and your tag partners are EVPs. You can't tell fans to move on and get whiny about the situation being brought up when you yourself engaged into referencing it with your friends. Kenny is a great wrestler but this is just a weird take. The Bucks and him are really acting like Punk is rent-free in their heads. The guy is gone and won't be back, just ignore chants/etc and move on yourself first and fans will follow.


Did he talk about when he told the locker room he wouldn’t have hired 3/4 of them? Or did they leave that portion out?


Let's pretend he and the Bucks don't egg this shit on as much as anybody else lol


This is so dumb. You won, Kenny! You got your company back, the mean old man is gone. Of course these guys can’t just take the W and move on though. They’ve got a pathological need to be universally loved. Call it a hunch but I don’t think the Elite are going to handle the “polarizing” role with a lot of grace.


It's either hypocritical or very naive at best. You can't make an entire story where you are "erased" injustly to make your foe looking worse, letting your friends being passive aggressive with their vlog and then asking people to move on. If he was really sincere, he would have made that statement just after Full Gear. It's more looking like the good guy in front of the fan rather than trying to elevate this crap.


Am I the only one who finds Kenny out of character to be a pretentious wierdo?


This isn't people trying to show they're art, but vice presidents of the company threatening an employee that back talks them on a world stage. They're times when throwing the first punch isn't the start of the fight.


I've revised my opinion somewhat about this whole "Brawl-out mess" . As far as CM Punk goes, I think he was genuinely fed up with the Elite's "grape-vine", and their constant needling & smart-ass behavior. It was how CM Punk went on to handle that situation, and which was done in the worst possible way so that no matter if every syllable he spoke was the gospel truth it only served to harm his own reputation. It's a point that I feel makes all of this drama seem damn near like a Greek Tragedy. Because it's the antics of the Elite on Dynamite this week, with all of their childish gloating, juvenile mocking, and the immature bragging which only served to show us just how petty and pathetic they really can be. I can't help but soften my stance on Punk a little bit now, although it was still a very bad decision to handle things publicly in the way that Punk did. When it comes to the Elite maybe CM Punk was working with children, I just wish he didn't lower himself to their level during the 'All Out' media scrum. I do think most of us can empathize at least a little bit with Punk though, as I'd imagine most of us have probably experienced someone that had been intentionally causing nothing but stress and anxiety until we had our own meltdowns, whether they were humiliating or not.


Popular opinion that everyone knows deep inside: Omega is fine, it's the toxic Young Bucks that drag him all the time


I do not know Kenny at all but he seems like a genuinely good guy


I really get the impression that Kenny legitimately wants to reconcile with Punk, and I hope those two can. I think TYB are the OG instigators and it seems like they're continuing it. I always wanted Kenny and Punk to return, personally. Couldn't care less about Matt and Nick.


I get the feeling Omega isn't exactly pro-Punk but he gets the business better than the Bucks ever will. Doesn't take a genius to realise that shit-canning your top draw for some petty bullshit is just bad business.


BTE: Turns off the video music to specifically highlight the “Fuck CM Punk” chants. KENNY: Ok, now everyone should move on.


What an insufferable pretentious douche bag.


Love how Omega brought up Ibushi in “replacing” him in NJPW, when in kayfabe Ospreay took him out violently with the Hidden Blade. Ospreay acknowledged it himself in his backstage promo how personal it really is between the two


I love Kenny, but saying that everyone needs to move on the same week that his middle schooler friends continued to alienate the top draw in the company via their vlog… doesn’t have the effect it otherwise may have.


I realise it’s not the 90’s anymore (as my advancing age reminds me), but Shawn Michaels transparently hinted at Bret Hart’s affair live on TV - and they still wrestled each other. I have no confirmation that The Elite are who don’t want Punk back (but it’s funny to see Meltzer walking back his “no one wants Punk back” line), but even if it Punk not wanting to return - are they all idiots? I haven’t paid to watch AEW in a while. They have lot of people I like, but the booking is questionable a lot of the time. But Punk (and FTR maybe) v the Elite, Punk v Omega? FTR v Young Bucks? You have got my money. They are all leaving literally millions of dollars on the table because of their egos. Silly boys.


I have a strong feeling the people that don't want Punk back and do business are the same ones that thought it was a good idea to sabotage their top draw in the first place.


The reality is Punk being their only highlighted how rest of the show sucked. Punk and you could say MJF were the only wrestler that had consistent sensible program. They somehow even managed to lose Bryan in the suffle. Now that Punk is off TV, it is once again easier for folks like Jericho to stand out with rest of the program being equally senseless.


Watching this trios match you now know Kenny is full of shit. He just can't be taken seriously ever.




I really wish they could all bury this shit. I stopped watching wrestling in 2005, so I was never there for Punk. I started watching AEW late 2020 because Sting came in (who WWE squandered for the moment that they had him). At first I thought Kenny seemed goofy. I really did not care for him but I still paid attention because it was like something in my brain housing group told me to. Then all the sudden Punk comes in. When Punk gets to the AEW, I had to text an old co-worker who tried to get me back into wrestling because of Punk, because I finally realized what the big deal was about the dude. The guy had attitude era mic skills decades after said era was long gone. Fast forward a bit and Adam Page is coming back as the Joker. Knew shit about him, but thought his music was bad ass. Really focused on him, loved his chase. Then full gear 2021 happens. Full gear 2021 was the best PPV I saw live (and I saw WM20 live). Punk had a great build up and match with Kingston. Later on that night Page finally defeated his demons and won the title over Omega. I had already become a Punk fan on his debut, and full gear made me a Omega fan. It finally clicked for me with Kenny. The guy was talented, could tell a story in the ring, plus had an awesome 80's drug lord in Miami look going at the time with the facial hair (I love retro shit)! I know my response is long and drawn out but what I am trying to say is that I like both Punk and Omega a lot. I'm not one of the people that think this is all a work. I would love to see everyone come together and make a masterpiece. The pieces are in place for a Punk/FTR vs Elite feud if everyone could get their heads on straight.


Cody Rhodes didn't leave for no reason


So things are getting too toxic because the bucks are petty and can’t get over it and Kenny doesn’t want to be involved. It’s weird…. Cody leaves for reasons. Kenny distances himself from the bucks stance. Could it be that the young bucks are more toxic than everyone wants to admit? No no, it’s CM Punks fault.


Just remember how shitty and petty they where when Cody left for wwe


This is what pisses me off on the Elite, and makes me believe the rumors that they are undercover mind game players. Monday they highlighted fans saying “FUCK CM punk” and now one of the elite is saying “please! We’re just people! Don’t forget”. In a few years, more will come out about them, guarantee it


It's not even an Elite thing as Punk has always made it clear his beef was with the Bucks and Page. Omega was away when all the Cabana shit started. Now that he's back it kinda feels like he's trying to mediate and be the "adult in the room" but the Bucks just won't listen. Bucks behaving like this isn't new and you have to think maybe this was one of the reasons Cody skipped town when he did.


"Our art"


You can't ask people to move on when they put "fuck cm punk" chants on their BTE vlog. Get the fuck out of here with that.


I like Kenny, he seems like a decent guy, I fucking hate the young bucks


"Guys guys guys, can we leave this all behind and ignore a teeny tiny totally not obvious "Fuck CM Punk" chant included in BTE?" "80% of the locker room still ain't worth shit btw, just saying"


You hit the target.


Hopefully I can manage it


Of course some people will hold on to this for decades, but it’s still good for Kenny to at least show he’s moving past it


Does he consider the 80% of the locker room that he wouldn't hire human beings????


Of course they are mere humans. While Kenny is a God.


Didnt know you were on reddit Don


Except that it clearly is.


Guess someone doesn’t want to get booed in Chicago. 😂😂😂


Kenny has been the most level headed one on The Elite side,even before all this I wasn't the biggest fan of the Bucks,their egos are nauseating to me. (Im probably gonna get downvoted for that last part but where's the lie?)


[here is the lie](https://youtu.be/4P9LX54Yaus)


I'll always like Omega and he's only ever shown himself to be a good dude out of the ring, outside of the bad joke in the locker room speech. The Bucks, however, not so much.. The first BTE episode back is a good example of that with the "Fuck CM Punk" chants being focused on.


It wasn't a joke - Dave Meltzer deliberately didn't mention that Kenny turned to Will Ospreay and said that he didn't even work in AEW yet he could wrestle circles around everyone in the room https://cultaholic.com/posts/exclusive-further-details-on-kenny-omega-s-speech-from-august-aew-talent-meeting


Will Ospeeay being in the AEW talent meeting is like when your custom character shows up in a cutscene


Dave Meltzer forgetting a detail that happens to make Omega look bad, after adding the “joking” context to make him look better?? Strange


The locker room loves the Elite and thinks Punk is the devil though, As per the weekly Meltzer update on the situation.


Meltzer’s locker room sources are Jericho and the Bucks. Of course, he’s gonna say that. Bet there are a lot of people who appreciate Punk in that roster and it was proved by all the articles and interview preaching Punk before all this mess happened


Oh I was being sarcastic about it. The fact that Meltzer covered that Omega "joke" yet the moment a single nice thing is said about Punk he will run a new post about the "locker room" is fucking insane.


Didn’t catch the sarcasm lol, yeah that’s fucking insane


Guess whoever edited the latest BTE video forgot that CM Punk was a human being struggling to show his art, What can you do it happens.


Saying let it go, but actively encouraging shit by leaving the chants in the BTE video, and The Bucks throwing subs in their twitter bio like high school girls. Playing both sides like a mf


Punk did say that he's working alongside children, and the Bucks, for how good they are, they've showed that, unlike Kenny, they're unable to be the bigger man. Hell, they have supported the tribalism BS on the IWC then they pull a 180 and be like "huh, tribalism bad uwu"


A lot of people kinda forget that even prior to AEW the young bucks was notorious for being assholes.