I think this tattoo is really beautiful and didn't think they looked anything other than fruit until you mentioned it! I think the problem area is the two fruits on top that are overlapping, and I was wondering if you could have the artist cut the overlapping fruit in half so that it looks like the sliced fruit on the bottom? Cause I can kinda see where you can follow a detail line around and make it like the one on the bottom pretty easy. That way they both wouldn't be round? Not sure if I am explaining it well. With that being said, its a gorgeous tattoo and I can't stop admiring it haha. edit: added extra sentences


Thank you so much! I do know what you mean. I had a friend suggest the same edit.


I think cmthunbe's suggestion is a really good one! It's a really well done tattoo though.


I mean when I first seen this without reading what you wrote I immediately thought of balls just being honest


Lol fair enough. I did come here for real feedback, so thanks for being honest.


Would you consider adding colour?


Oh, good thought, but no. I don't want to do color. I'd like to keep everything black and gray.


I think it's gorgeous and well-done, and I didn't think they looked like balls even after I read you mention it. They're too oblong and very clearly fruit.


Thank you!


I think it doesn't look like balls BUT it looks like fruit that could resemble balls.


Hahaha, yep exactly. Thanks for the feedback


Yeah I see what your saying


That wouldn't be an easy cover up without laser. 1


Maybe adding more could help it not resemble balls


Nah you're definitely looking into it too much. N maybe people with a more immature sense of humour / mind would refer them to that but honestly No. it's a good tat, if you start adding things in that weren't meant to be there then it could ruin the whole thing n you could end up even more unhappy with it! Do whatever makes you happy but there's lots of things to consider when you start to tweak things. If you're really unhappy get laser removal then something completely fresh.