Sepp is like "get that money out of my face. It is not NEARLY enough".


Nah, bet he asked one of his security people to collect it all and take a fiver for the trouble.


His security team was like "There must be sixty...maybe seventy dollars there"


What, like 3 20s?


You see my money ray ?


Fuckin way she goes bud


Rascally raykins. Fuckin. Way . She . Goes.


coincidence man


Boycott this fraud organization


Best part of being American is that I can boycott FIFA and my life changes absolutely nothing.


thank American Jesus for football, boycotting that would hurt car sales, beer, and probably the troops.


You mean handegg?


I have never heard American football called Handegg, thank you funny European for giving me new ammunition against my own people!


You are welcome, my friend


People don't realize how hardcore soccer/football fandom is around the world. NFL has their "crazy fans" while the rest of the world can't sell beer at their matches so everyone shows up shithoused and each stadium needs separate entrances so the rival supporters don't mix and fight. There's been crazy riots and pitch invasions. It's ultra heated because what colors you wear, what club you support, is weighted in political, ethnic, and social and historical things unlike NFL which is, geography. NFL is very light on the crowd crush/stampedes while football has a whole list of crowd crush/stampede tragedies. And then the crowd chants are always brutal. They have songs specifically roasting teams that have had crowd crushes/mass deaths at their games. Comment is getting long but look up football chants they're fucken crazy. In other words: The "You may die here" vibe is much stronger at many association footy matches around the world than the "You may die here" vibe at say, an Eagles game. Edit: Diego Maradona. I dare you to name an NFL player even half as wild.


it's true, Americans save their irrational hate for politics


It's politics on the football pitch and what club you support. Football clubs and their fans and hooligans are practically political nationalist action groups and it gets very hairy with ethnic and national identity head-butting as well. Every match is like the Miracle on Ice hockey game but with violence on and around the grounds. Think about poorer countries with rinky dink play grounds fucking collapsing with shitloads of people and total chaos.


I want to give you Gold


Half as wild? Does murder count as “wild”? If yes, the NFL has more of its share of convicted murderers from its ranks.


Obviously have not been to a Philadelphia Eagles game.


Imagine making life depended on fifa. Xd


Best part of not being american is not being american and thinking that this only applies to americans.


Nah, it’s a betting’s company puppet.


Okay. I’m American so no problem-o.


This corrupt dingus had the audacity to say Qatar was a mistake. Fuck Sepp


I’m betting he forgot money comes in paper form. Such tiny denominations.


He wants to pick it up so bad, he's salivating.


He’s literally shaking with excitement at the sight of money




It's all singles, it has to be 100s.


How dare you insult me with these 1 dollar bills


It’s dirty peasant money. Filthy disgusting poors.


*I said stacks, not stack*


Just beautiful execution on that money throw. Good spread, right in the centre of the camera frame, perfect separation of the individual bills, and enough negative space between to still see Sepp's uneasily flickering gaze. 10/10.


He even determined the exact height of the pile he'd place on the table so that the camera angle could still see the entire top note.


Speaking of top notes, he also chose the perfect cologne to wear to give an air of prestige to security who allowed him to walk through unquestioned. This dude is a smooth operator.


Also the timing with “it’s all there, as discussed.”


I don't know why,but I read that in a Patrick Bateman kinda voice,lol...


Let’s see Paul Allen’s money throw


I've gotta return some football tickets...


That dude has made it rain before.


I love the one person who tried to clap.


I think it was the guy who made it rain


They arrest him because that amount was insulting. You need a pretty big suitcase to start talking with that mf.


Plus he forgot to do the secret, wink, wink, and nod otherwise, everything else is on point.


You got all wrong see, he goes to an expensive hotel and is given 3 whores followed by 3 suitcases the wink is in the escorts who close the doors to his room, he never touches the money it just gets handed to his banker who make sure is laundered the right way. That's why he got upset that money is not cleaned got to have clean cash otherwise he crooked.


Sepp is a corrupt POS


FIFA in general is corrupt, it's not like he was just a bad egg.


sports in general are corrupt, have you seen boxing?


Sports in general are corrupt? Generally anything that has people involved is corrupted somewhere down the line. There’s always someone trying to get one over on everyone elsez


i completely agree


Who do you think runs fifa? Who do you think benefits from the corruption? Who’s calling him “just a bad egg”? The person you’re responding to called him a corrupt piece of shit. Do you think FIFA’s corruption somehow vindicates a corrupt piece of shit?


Man's just saying that the whole system is rotten, not only that guy (that doesn't condone him ofc)


Just like the majority of people that run most sports and countries. The way she goes, bud


“Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't, she didn’t go, that's the way she goes.”


Way of the road, Ricky.


Seen it a hundred times


Liar. Please stop making such baseless claims. (man futilely screams into the abyss)


Was this meant to be sarcasm? (You need to clarify with brackets ngl)


He is nothing compared to his predecessor Havalange, he taught Sepp all he knew after Sepp married his daughter.


This video is cut way short. The panic of the FIFA guy pacing around afterwards is fantastic. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3ss7EsfWNE


He didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Usually when he gets a stack of unmarked bills he hides it and leaves shortly after. This time it was all out in the open and his brain caught in a loop between collecting the cash and doing his “job”.


lmao his handler is like "no no sepp dont go for the money play it off cool"


Nah i think those were 1$ bills probably less expensive than what he uses to clean his ass daily so it just wasn't enough money




North Korean Unnies


Oh wait, didn't NK printed so much $100 bill that at some point in time, think 2014? That the fed stop printing $100 bill because the amount of NK $100 super bill mixed with actual $100 bill had them unable to be removed from circulation fast enough. It was NK attempt of inflating the $ bill


At a glance I read your comment as 'poop cash'


Oh, l really nice. Should l take a thousand or ten thousands. This could pay for the Master Card Ultra Plutenium human safari in Ghana.


This comment added a whole new layer to this video for me 😂. Well done


"This has nothing to do with football" oh the irony


And “we have to clean this first”


English isn't his first language, he meant "launder", of course.


Football isn't a sport it's a business. Whatever money can be made will be made. It doesn't matter if there's blood on it or actual slavery is involved. There will always be abhorrent, deplorable people ready to make money off exploitation.


Right I agree but we as the public have to stop buying their shit. We didn't end slavery we outsourced it lol


> We didn't end slavery we outsourced it lol Bullshit. The Middle East were importing slaves from Africa long before the West started to get involved (difference is they left no descendants because.. yea)


What? I never said we invented it or continued it here in America. I said we never ended it. If we say no slavery then Nike, apple, walmart etc says k I'll go to China and have slaves there. That did nothing to solve the actual problem of slavery lol. You can't just out of sight out of mind this shit.


"This [bribery] has nothing to do with football" It clearly does Why else would Qatar get the World Cup?


Amazing. Absolutely spot on. And yes if Kim forked out enough money you BET NK would get the next one hands down.


Blatter. You lying sack of shit.


Such a great moment. Fair play to Lee Nelson (the comedian that showers him dollar bills)


Guys name is Simon Brodkin. There's a great documentary about him called Britain's Greatest Hoaxer. His stunt at Trump's golf course in Scotland is legendary. https://youtu.be/Q3_F5_JPQA0


9:25 for stunt or [click](https://youtu.be/Q3_F5_JPQA0?t=565) Spoiler: >!He made custom golf balls with Nazi symbols on them and rolled them at Trump during a speech, pretending to have been delivering his order.!<


My god that was hilarious. This guy is my new hero


*The secret service’s secret is that they’re a little bit shit* 😂


Holy shit, thanks for sharing that, I was almost cry laughing by the end.


Thanks for that , it was a little bit awesome


Lee Nelson is a character.


Not enough? 💰


Dude got upset when he noticed it was a stack of $1 bills.


You see him dodge those singles like they aids. Only hundos can touch his skin.


Literally throwing cash at rich people may actually be the only insult that works coming from a poor.


Not enough claps tho


This is a common mistake. The guy threw singles at Sepp but he isn’t a stripper. Sepp and the rest of FIFA are high class whores: they don’t accept any denomination below 50s. No shade at sex workers: get your money. All the shade at FIFA, corrupt fucks


If hundo he WILL bend his back to pick it up


The crowd will be huge. Especially those that fail to attend will get punish along with their family. North Korea policy.




Dudes hair lol. Looked like he slept good at night




Wow AC for la Galaxy huh? I wonder what they thought of this.


He knew the next one will be in jail 😅


This man is my hero. Is there a gofundme I can donate to for his legal bills? And his stylist bills as well, lad was dapper af.


Simon Brodkin is his real name, and this looks like his character Jason Bent. Did lots of funny shit. If you knew who he is already then apologies, but someone else might not 🤷‍♂️


Why would you apologise for that, thank you!


He's Canadian, not admiting fault, just trying to not insult anyone's intelligence.


Thanks for that explanation. ​ Sorry if I thanked you too hard


I'm actually English, but close enough with the stereotype 😅


Ah there you are, the person I wrote it for, I was hoping you'd let me know


Aah, Lee Nelson. Thought I recognised him.


One of his better characters, the "chav" character is really good when it has a decent comedian behind it. Devvo will always be funny to me


This happened in 2015 and he didn't face any legal repercussions. Simon Brodkin is a British comedian who does this type of thing quite a lot while playing characters. This was probably his most high profile real world skit though.




He made a lord appear to look like a peasant, pretty sure he's going to have an "accident" at the jail for this too.


I mean... If this was the US (and I know it's not), he may get a ticket for trespassing or some other small infraction, but his fine would be less than $2,500, and probably far less than that, maybe as low as $300. That's about it. He wouldn't spend more than a few hours in jail. No clue where this was though... If in Europe I imagine it would be a similar story to the above, maybe lighter. If in Qatar? He's probably dead.


>If in Qatar? He's probably dead. C'mon, don't say that! He's not even gay!* *(I actually dont know this)


Yeah, will share my PayPal to start doing that just now! 😂


He's the comedian that threw a bunch of swastika covered golf balls on Trump's golf course in Scotland when he was trying to play a round 😂


What a legend


Can someone give context here? I don’t know anything about the sport


Netflix just dropped a documentary about it. Pretty good it's called fifa uncovered.


The old guy accepted bribes to organise the world championship football in Quatar. It is strongly suspected he did the same a few years ago with Brazil.


Brazil is at least a football powerhouse, where it makes sense for them to have it for the fans. Quatar is a football nobody, is 47C or 115F in the summer (why the world cup is happening in winter now when the rest of normal legues are playing) and used slave labor to build the stadiums they are going to play in. FIFA has always been pretty questionable, but this time its disturbingly corrupt and morally bankrupt. i wont even watch a clip of it if its up to me, i love football but this is like shitting on the floor at wendys unacceptable.


Didn't a bunch of people die building the stadium too?


Yep. A year ago the low estimate for the number of migrant worker deaths was 6800.


Saudi Arabia has started to build The Line. Imagine how many tens of thousands are going to die trying to build that thing.


They'll get just far enough into that project for the ruins of it to cause environmental problems before it finally goes bust.


Wait they actually started building it? Wow. I was convinced it was just vaporware, or whatever the physical equivalent is called.


And now you are convinced it is not vaporware? That is what they are relaying on. It is an impossible and even if it was built by magic unprofitable project.


Touché, though I really meant that they wouldn't have ever even broken ground on it. Like that bizarre, blocky floating city / ship / monstrosity that's been "in development" for decades. Can't think of the name now


Holy shit, I thought it was like 3 or 4. I feel like an idiot now.


Mostly enslaved people


Thank you for explaining


People had their passports taken from them, some even died to build the facilities in Qatar. That's why that's a lot more backlash this year They used slaves


You missed one: 2014 Brazil bribe FIFA and get the world cup 2018 [Russia](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/sports/soccer/qatar-and-russia-bribery-world-cup-fifa.html) bribe FIFA and get the world cup 2022 Qatar bribe FIFA and get the world cup I'm noticing a pattern here.


2026 USA bribe FIFA and you know rest


european fans lose their mind collectively after hearing them call it soccer league.


It isn't a bribe, its a charitable donation.


Excellent joke, but I hope that is fake money tho 😆


He really thinks everyone else is being unreasonable. "Don't I have the right to make the most money possible?" You do, but you better accept people telling you to fuck right off. That's their right.


Is FIFA a private company? I mean, fuck them and fuck Qatar, but what oversight do they have to subscribe to? Who do they report to? Is there anything unlawful they're doing by by awarding competitions to whoever pays the most, or is it just business? I don't know much about football so this is a genuine question.


They kind of did get in trouble. Many of the top fifa executives in North and South America were indicted and sent to prison by the U.S. a few months before this video took place. The guy in the video, who was the president of FIFA, stepped down a few months after this video. He was later charged in Switzerland and received a 2 year suspended prison sentence. I believed they were all charged with fraud/tax evasion, so it’s ok to take bribes, just as long as they pay taxes on them.


Kinda. They are private, but they enjoy special privileges across many jurisdictions. Politicians will happily play along because sports = votes. https://www.reuters.com/article/soccer-fifa-worldcup-idINKBN1D72R6 https://taxjustice.net/2014/05/31/brazilians-will-pay-heavily-fifa-tax-abuses/ https://en.mercopress.com/2012/05/10/brazilian-senate-approves-budweiser-bill-ending-dispute-with-fifa-over-world-cup-sponsoring


Seriously, I really can't wrap my head around people who literally live their lives according to the motto "Fuck You I'm Gonna Get Mine" that also seemingly can't take it when someone calls them out for the cunts they are. Like, which is it? You gotta pick one or the other, asshole.


Great form on the $ shower


Can somebody explain this? Who is who and what is happening?


Fifa is a corrupt organization famous for organizing Word Cups inwhatever country pays the most. This WC would be in Qatar (slaves,theocracy, no rights for women), previous one was in Putin's Russia (not North Korea, but we are going that way)...




because communism and socialism is known for being notoriously uncorrupt




Capitalism doesn't have any inherent 'peak' or goal that involves sacrificing any social cost. It's exchange of goods and private ownership. There's just shitty people that exist in the system and use it because it's how the world has grown. These same shitty people exist in every economic system. It's a trait in many humans called Avarice.


Fascism and communism are the same. See Stalin vs Putin


>Fascism and communism are the same. See Stalin vs Putin Sure, if you want to take labels at face value. And if you do, then the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sounds like a great free democratic nation to host the next cup. Lenin abandoned whatever communist ideology he thought he had as soon as they went authoritarian. Marx and Engels warned that a workers movement could be easily co-opted by "superstitious authoritarianism". And it did. Then after Stalin took Lenin's place, the framework he built upon was copied by the rest of the east while keeping the communist label and mythology and abandoning the ideology. None of these countries who take on the communist label are moneyless, classless, and stateless nor are they democratically controlled by workers in an effort to achieve communism. Marx's vision of communism may very well be unobtainable. But nowhere is any group even remotely on that path. Ascribing the characteristics of state-capital authoritarian regimes to communism is like ascribing the beliefs of Evangelicals onto Jesus. I assume you know how un-Christ-like evangelicals are.


yes that is correct.


Please respond lol I wanna know too


Qatar bought the World Cup. Over 6000 “workers” died making the stadiums. No rights for lots of people. They knew it would happen but a few 100m and they don’t care. Not to mention they have to do it in winter, World Cup has always been in summer. Last one was in Russia too, however that isn’t as bad or I don’t know the details.


good on him


Lee Nelson great comedian


Simon Brodkin is the guys real name. Lee Nelson was a character he played on tv. The scouse character he played was called Jason Bent.


Let's not forget Dr Bob!


I was actually thinking about this show today. It feels strange how much blackface was in British comedy not so long a go


Where is Platini


Love Jason Bent. Lee Nelson has done this a bunch of times. Legend.


He handed Theresa May a P45 at the conservative party conference and said "This is from Boris".


That was the first and last time that greedy prick flinched at the sight of money


That was fucking class


What an absolute LEGEND


Dude panicked lol. He was so desperate to have him removed. I really dislike the Yes Men thys showed up but I guess we all need a job. Following orders and all that.


Sepp Blatter sounds like a disease. I guess it is.


Is he some kind of corrupt official?


Sponsors should start boycotting too. Fuck FIFA and the sponsors.


Who’s Sepp idk about fifa stuff


LOL this is Simon Bodkin, have seen him a couple times live (from London)


Boycott Qatar!


Hahaha spot on, there was "no corruption at all". Just like when the 96 Olympics were awarded to Coca-cola I mean Atlanta, or when Salt Lake City was proven to bribe many members of the selection committee for the 92 winter Olympics.




I sometimes wonder what I would do in their position. Would I take hundreds of millions and set aside my principles? Would I do it for tens of millions? How about 1 million? Half a million? I'd do it for half a million. That's life-changing. I'm not a very expensive sellout. But it feels better to lie to myself (and everybody else) and say that I would never do that. Not even for a hundred million! Yeah! And then you re-read the Milgram Experiment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment And you realize that most people would be corruptable. You, me, and almost everybody would press the button. And almost everybody would take many millions to give the country that pays you the honor of hosting a World Cup. And you'll find a way to make it sound appealing to yourself.


this guy is already rich. he’s a greedy immoral fuck.


That's how representatives of Congress think


Interesting how every single country paid FIFA to host the WC but nobody talks about the next 2026 WC in the USA. Funny how every single country is corrupt except one. 🤔


Just shut the fuck up.


you cant engage with the statement, wonder why lol


if you think the US is comparable with NK you are beyond help


You seem to "wonder why" a lot. Maybe it's a lack of intelligence on your part, fuckwit.


dudes packing 🥵


Blatter was insulted because the bills were green and not blue haha


Next season gonna be like who can NOT go to world cup! Everyone gonna try and lose like that episode of South Park.


But I'm Jamie fookin' Tartt...


“It makes sense for everyone” lol


I meannnnn it’s not like that’s wrong in any way…


Lmao you can see he hesitated to grab the money


I'm happy for the woman/guy who cleans there, i hope they left the money on the floor for them


Beautiful! Well done. Kudos to this man!


Can someone provide context what happened why did this guy do this and why does everyone hate the old guy


Old guy: Sepp Blatter, former FIFA head and totally corrupt. Other guy: Prankster called Simon Brodkin who is well known for high profile stunts.


If the shoe fits


Fuck FIFA - how the hell sis they allow this to happen


I need more money than that!What a crook he is!