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It's really funny how of *all* the "degenerate" things they could be offended by from fucking **Big Mouth**, they get offended by an interracial relationship that only lasts for a couple episodes.


And it's also funny that they chose Sleeping Beauty when canonically she is 16 while the prince is 20. After all, nothing says based traditionalism like statutory rape.


A lil old for a debutante if you ask me, but i'm just a wealthy southern land owner.


Not statutory rape in Arkansas! Several other states have similar laws, I just know this one because I live here, it’s actually crazy if you look up how the age of consent differs from state to state, in arkansas a 16 y/o and a 75 y/o is A-Ok, so long as they don’t get married, that’s 18


Same in all of Australia


Brit here, where the age of consent is 16, and 18 feels a bit absurd to me; it's pretty common for teens to have sex around 14-15. OTOH you should probably have to be 30 to get married, to prevent silly mistakes.


In the oldest version she is raped while unconscious by the king who was seduced by her beauty and gave birth to twins in her sleep. She only woke up when one sucked the sliver out of her finger looking for milk. The Queen then tried to feed the king his children out of revenge. They killed the queen and then got married. Ah yes, a truly wholesome conservative love story


I wonder if Bill Cosby ever heard this version?


Also canonically he had sex with her before she woke up. The baby from that encounter sucked out the splinter.


> he had sex with her before she woke up There's another word for that...


Traditional conservative relationship?


It’s a hallmark of traditional relationships and gender roles. Traditionally speaking, girls are supposed to have their first children sometime in their late teens. Matt Walsh thinks it’s a shame that 16 year olds don’t get pregnant more often. I don’t think he’s alone. Stupid liberals. Always ruining rape for conservatives.


In the original fairy tale, I believe he raped and impregnated her while she was still comatose.


Sleeping beauty is set in France though and the age of consent in France is 15, and that's today, when sleeping beauty was made it had only recently been raised to 15 from 13, and the age of consent wasn't really a thing until around 1880.


Lol, no


Ohhhh i thought it was that it’s a really ugly looking show compared to the other ones, still pretty antisemitic to tie a whole population of people to one thing but of course it’s also about racism…


TIL Jewish people can't identify as American considering Nick Kroll wasn't marked with the American flag


Also a whole lot of western cartoons are much uglier, like half of Cartoon Network.


Tbh I'm offended by Big Mouth too. I feel personally slighted whenever I have to look at it.


It’s saying that Jewish people promote interracial marriage which to republicans equates to white genocide.


I thought it was “Jews aren’t good at drawing sexy ladies.” Which isn’t true.


Yeah I thought it meant they make shit animations too, so they clearly aren't getting their messaging right, thankfully


Lmao same I thought the joke was that Jewish people apparently can’t design characters


I thought he was trying to say that Jewish people have big foreheads. It's amazing how many ways there are of interpreting this. Goes to show how nonsensical this meme really is.


If only there was some utterly mediocre cartoonist who could attach some sort of...labels to these things, so that reich-weenies shitfuck messages could get through correctly!


No not all Jews have big foreheads just me


Also the girl in that show is like 13-14 ☠️


They intentionally made the art style ugly/unattractive due to the topic, as to not attract a certain type of audience


That’s smart


Didn't know that, and I'm kind of sad that they had to stop and think about that when designing their fictional story world. I mean, it's awesome that artists are being proactive and all, just really unfortunate that this happens so often that they know to avoid it in advance.


I mean, as raunchy as that show is, I'd really rather the animation be abstract and comedic. Do you really want to see a yeast-infected Vagina dentata scream death threats to a woman's sanity in photorealistic 8k?


>Do you really want to see a yeast-infected Vagina dentata scream death threats to a woman's sanity in photorealistic 8k? No kinkshaming?


Can confirm. My friend Jacob from elementary school could draw great boobs


Bruh, JacAttack (Jacob) drew THE BEST boobies!


I thought it was "they are pedos" bc of the context of having seen big mouth. Wich isnt true obv just have to say I dont agree bc reddit lol


My dumb ass thought they were mad that the cartoons are ugly I was about to say THIS coming from the freaks who love those grotesque rage comics more than life itself???? I hate whoever came up with those they are SO UGLY.


This one


Oh i thought it was "big mouth is shit and I hate Jews"


Oh how I missed the 10 seconds ago when I didn't know what the meaning of this meme was.


In this situation, ignorance truly is bliss.


but they still claim to not be Nazis, those belives were literaly written in Mein Kampf


I think it’s worse than this. Big Mouth is intentionally drawn in an unattractive way because these characters are ~13 and it’s about sex and puberty. Naturally some people are opposed to this and put it in the same category as child pornography. Basically I’m pretty sure he’s calling Jews pedophiles.


The irony is Aurora being 16 and Prince Phillip being 20 which is illegal in many states... As well as the king raping Aurora in her sleep in the original fairytale. I mean sure, Sleeping Beauty isn't vulgar like Big Mouth, but it's not the best example of "pure" intentions either.


These idiots ever met a Jewish mother?


The idea is that they promote interracial relationships for everyone _but_ themselves, to do the white genocide, so that they can easily enslave and control the "inferior" mixed-race children that will result.


Just making a little joke. I know what their idea is.


- Walt Disney was a racist and anti-semite - That Miyazaki movie is literally about the memoirs of two Japanese aircraft designers, both of whom married Japanese women. It's literally real life. - I don't watch Big Mouth but I'd wager a guess that if I put all of the awful animated shows made by straight white men we'd be here all day


Wait till they see the bestiality in BatB.


> BatB What's that?


Beauty and the Beast


More than that. The girl in the bottom pic is trans.


While this is a solid point I’m going to say the odds that the OP actually watched the show is slim to none.


Yeah. But the better angle for that point would be Andrew and Missy. The canonical Jewish kid with a black girl. If race was their point at all.


I disagree here because they’d argue that their point is better made with an Anglican white American dating outside of their race rather than a Jewish person. In addition it’s the main character of the show where Andrew is not. I’m like 100% confident my interpretation of this meme is correct


It seemed more like jews have shit2D animation ...but that doesnt mean much in comparison to the US which also is not that great 2D animation wise


They need to get the fuck over that and be a fucking human.


Jewish people are bad because one Jewish dude made an ugly cartoon?


Wouldn’t be the first time the right has a meltdown over cartoons not being sexy enough


Yea, didn’t Tucker Carlson do a whole segment about how feminism made the new green m&m less sexy or something like that


And Minnie Mouse wore PANTS!


I remember Bill O'Reilly getting mad about them making the green m&m sexy. He framed it as introducing children to adult content. Now, his replacement is mad that they are making her less sexy. It's almost like they have always been a network grasping at the next reactionary culture war. They got mad at the original Mulan because they thought it would cause more women to join the military.


Then Canada needs to answer for Ren and Stimpy.


We’re just ugly up here. By Canadian standards Ren and Stimpy are good looking.


Wait until conservatives learn about one of the creators of South Park.


So, just a side remark, but they did something right. They're basically untouchable. Because whatever some Fucker Carlson would want to criticize them for, you can be damn sure it would become the subject of one of their next episodes, and Carlson would end up holding the shitty end of the stick. Not giving a damn about public opinion & at the same time a perfect mirror thereof.


Do you know about Tom cruise requesting to be on SP? Prior to the infamous Tom Cruise episode of SP Tom wanted to be on SP. So his agent called Matt and Trey to ask. Matt and Trey told them "sure, he can be on and will be Turkey #5". And his agent got pissed and reminded them this was Tom Cruise they were talking about. Matt and Trey said "yah, we know. Turkey #5. That was the end of that.


I think it’s more about disagreeing with the kind of relationships presented in the cartoon. Big Mouth has often been accused of being a pedophilic work


I hope so. I was looking more at it like critizing it because the characters are of different skin tones


Even then the whole “Jews are trying to make us all fuck children” narrative still fucking sucks


jew ugly, simple as that (interpreting the "meme")


Didn’t Jews also make curious George, they’re cherry picking quite hard. Unless this is about interracial relationships instead of cartoon quality but even then still cherry picking and mentally challenged.


The point of big mouths design is to look super unappealing too lmao


Some of the adults in Big Mouth look pretty hot though


There is Stan Lee as well so, like almost all of marvel.


Stan lee and another guy (who was black, I forgot his name)


Which one? The original book or the children's show on PBS Kids?


The animation


Curious George was racist and imperialist af. Lol


It was made by 1940s French Jews I believe, so you could imagine they would of been pretty antiquated in their beliefs. (Not excusing them but it’s a product of the time I guess.) Edit: they were German not french my bad


I just assume everyone is a product of the time in which they live as a starting point. It’s the ones who diverge from THERE that are the shitheads. Was just saying that CG wasn’t proof of anything good.


Curious George has a much better art style (in my opinion) than Bigmouth, because the right wing meme in the post seems to be either commenting on the quality of Jewish art/animation or about mixed race couples.


Didn’t even consider art style. We would need to discuss illustrators too. The only one I am familiar w for CG is HA Ray, but I’m sure there have to have been others But we can agree on fuck this meme


Pretty sure it's the mixed race couples.... Unfortunately >_<


For some reason my phone isn't letting me share the link, but search Werner Herzog reads Curious George on youtube.


The last one is American animation though…


I mean just start with the yellow star part... That's the big anti-semetic tell.


I mean its one thing to use just a Star of David. Its really a WHOLE other thing to use the camp star. Hmmmm something just doesnt seam reich about it


Honestly would have been easier to use the Flag of Israel because it's rectangular or make a Office shapes hexagram because alphas aren't easy.


That isn't what is on these peoples minds. They know what they did.


Oh no, I'm agreeing with you, that the idea is to be antiemetic. This would require more effort than bare minimum. They wanted to make a point. It's not an element, it's a design.


Yup... hatred by design.


Israel != Judaism


Oh, trust me, I very much recognize that. They are already making such an apples to oranges comparison, comparing the art of two people and identifying them by country of origin to a dude identified by his religion/ethnic group in the most bigoted way possible. But from the lens of "I want to make it clear what my thoughts are", it would be far more cryptic to use the flag of a nation associated with the religion. I couldn't tell you if the creator of Big Mouth is from the US, I'd put my money on a country in North America personally, but imagine dealing with people who know less about the entertainment industry.


YES. Literally the same one they used for the Nazis to signal out the Jews. Pretty fucked up.


Racism. They’re trying to say racism.


The jews want to mix the blood lines ? Idk I'm stretching. You gotta get in their nut bag minds and think what if I was a moron.


No that's actually it. Diluting the white bloodline is just white genocide through mixed babies. More replacement theory bullshit.


Jews are responsible for interracial dating. Which is stupid as hell for so many reasons


Do they even know what they’re trying to say at this point?


Animated cartoon character ugly?


Did this mfr really just try to bring up Hayao Miyazaki in a supremacist meme? The guy who was famously ashamed of being Japanese for the war crimes committed by his own country during WWII? There’s lots of Japanese supremacists, but this man ain’t one of them.


yup, he’d cringe hard looking at this…


They forget that there are 19 writers on big mouth. Many who are not in fact Jewish.


Nick Kroll is as American as Walt Disney.


The man's a god damn treasure.


Aside from being antisemitic, it's also incredibly surface level (the art is ugly so Jews are bad). I don't think it's a coincidence that they went with The Wind Rises instead of any of the more visually appealing or successful (less controversial) Miyazaki movies. They could've picked Spirited Away, Nausicaa, Totoro, or Princess Mononoke and they went with the movie that completely downplays Japanese involvement in WWII.


Popsicle Disney...a known nazi sympathizer and imperial propagandist. Its actually a good representation of americans, of then and now.


They fr acting like Japan doesn't come out with the most vile pedophile bait in history


What are they trying to say? That ugly guys too can have pretty girlfriends? Idk… right-wing racist memes can be confusing.


It seems to be “America and Japan = wholesome good relationships in media Jewish = predatory pedophilia in media shown as if it were good”


I mean, if you want to be honest about it the US and Japanese parts should be heinous hentai. Big Mouth is tame af lol


Americans, Japanese: darker skinned guy with white-looking girl. Jews: white guy with dark skinned girl. Classic white supremacists.


People bringing up interracial marriage are missing it. The right-wingers claim that Big Mouth sexualizes children and that's why they hate it. In reality it normalizes the awkwardness of sexual development.


Nazi propaganda


The right can’t … um … make sense .


>enter Max Fleischer


Wait til they find out Miyazaki was an open Marxist (right up until he got disillusioned with the human condition).


they’re trying to say Jews are trying to encourage race mixing.


They think saying they want a “white majority” country is the socially acceptable way to say they want an ethnostate and that ppl won’t realize they’re antimiscegenation


Do they realize how many Jewish people worked on Cinderella, including Al Hoffman who wrote all the fucking songs? Also, “Jewish” isn’t a country like America or Japan are lol


Imagine being mad about interracial couples in 2022


This doesn’t even make sense if you look at like 75% of Disney’s employees. Who do you think drew and colorized those frames? It was mostly second and third generation Jewish Americans in animation then.


It's been a long time since I've visited my favorite country, Judaism. I should take a trip there sometime.


That last one is american, though


Fun Fact: Hayao Miyazaki is a communist.


These incels: B-But... The characters in his movies are white and straight. IT'S APOLITICAL 😭😭😭"


I KNOW they did not disrespect Nick Kroll-


We want to kill all white people! How? By letting them have kids with whoever they want! Muahaha!


Can someone explain, historically, where anti-semitism comes from? I’m not looking for a knee-jerk reaction, like ‘it says so in the Bible,’ or anything like that. It is confusing to me that this is a thing that exists in multiple countries.


jews are a small enough group to scapegoat, it’s that simple. we spread throughout the world after being exiled from many places which is why it’s so widespread


They’re in small enough, scattered communities and just different enough to be an easy scapegoat for things that were unexplainable in history (like medieval times and before); they could easily be blamed for a crop failure and sickness. their religious teachings encompassed health and safety too- kinda like Islam- so sometimes they avoided sickness and food ailments and that was suspicious too. These kinds of things evolved into full blown monarchies/churches saying Jews couldn’t own land which led many to be merchants. Other laws saying Christians could not lend money (or something about usury led to a niche for Jewish ppl in banking. These trends came from like the 1100s and are the basis for so many antisemitic attitudes. It’s kinda wild how this shit has persisted into our modern eras.


It means these people are shoving straight propaganda down our throats smh


No, no, they got a point. Nick Kroll sucks ass and so does Big Mouth (but obviously not because he's Jewish).


Miyazaki would cry at his stuff being an example for this crap.


Seems like the whole “Jewish people make degenerate art” position. I think there was another group that felt that way too. I don’t remember things working out too well for them.


“Jewish ugly and interracial hehehehehehehehehe” is what they’re saying


Ah yes, the famously normal and healthy social culture of *Japan* great bar to aspire to.


So Walt Disney is like racist pretty sure and the Japanese dude is super abusive towards his son. Idke about the big mouth guy to say anything


Ugh I don’t care. Big heads is a terrible animation.


tbf big mouth is trash


Big mouth is fucking awesome. Little Nicky big dick is fucking awesome. Fuck off with that shit.


To be fair we should condemn the last guy Not for whatever reason this is saying but because he made fucking *Big Mouth*


The message is dumb, but also bigmouth is shit


That Big Mouth is an excellent show?


not quite the same but bet this guy's enjoys marvel to some extent - as if Stan Lee wasn't Jewish


i think they’re talking about sexualization? idk, everyone seems to think it’s about inter racial stuff, but have you ever heard a jewish mom learn that her son’s gf isn’t jewish?


Jews promote race mixing to kill the white race Edit: Whoops I meant that as reply to the title not that I believe it.


Aaaaaaand white people not existing due to generations of interracial marriages and mixed families is a bad thing because?...


Have these idiots seen Kroll Show? It’s perhaps one of the funniest and most accurate satires of the time that it was on haha, always a classic, love me some Kroll ![gif](giphy|3o7ZeGpFIoRHpMuPkI)


Fun fact: if we’re going by the heritage instead of country of origin like with Nick Kroll then realistically the Nordic white couple promotion should be done by a man with a German flag. But of course that’s just too transparent of this bullshit’s intent.


Big mouth is gross but this is just plain dumb. Also. Walt Disney hated Jewish people


Walt Disney didn’t hate Jews. It’s an urban legend on the same level that he was cryogenically frozen


he made a cartoon where the main villain was a jewish peddler caricature. almost all disney villains somewhat resemble an antisemitic caricature. that man 100% hated jews


Which cartoon is that?




I’m pretty sure a single caricature doesn’t make someone anti Semitic


Hell, that doesn’t exactly say what cartoon that is. That could be from anything for all I know. Only source saying Disney is the caption. I could upload a picture of obscure Pokémon and claim it’s a digimon or something


Is it saying saying Jewish people like big booty latinas😱 Hold on now….. this this this can’t be.


Anymore, it's all starting to sound like (bear with me a minute) somebody stuck their finger in their mouth and started making a motorboat noise while wiggling their finger up and down...


Poor kroll getting trolled.


Jewish people have ugly animation?


"Jewish love UGLY, Jewish love BAAAD!!!"


Unnecessary straight couples are everywhere in modern media, even transcending cultural boundaries?


Didn’t Gina break his heart


i think they're trying to say that the big mouth art style is shit because nick is jewish now personally i would just say it's shit because he's not good at drawing


What I got out of this is that the medium of animation has gone downhill over time


How sweet, they're saying that Jews are such wholesome people that under their aegis people fall in love without looking at physical beauty standards. Meanwhile, Americans apparently pretend to be European nobles, and the Japanese.....i got nothing. Maybe the Japanese like to dye their hair? Is that what I'm supposed to infer from this?


“Jewish” animation is inferior. Which is just so… typical for these people.


Yes, because this is a fair comparison!


that they're racist DUUUUH!


Straight up nazi shit


Cherry picking... the new national pastime.


The absolute fcking irony of right-wingers using Hayao Miyazaki, a literal Japanese *communist* who made an entire movie that opposed their precious Iraq War, for one of their sh*tty memes


"Well, normally, I'm not into shoes or feet ...."


I’m so sick of weebs complaining western anime character aren’t fuckable


I don’t think it’s about race mixing. I think the creeps are trying to say that the style is ugly, i.e., the children aren’t attractive enough.


Gotta admit The Wind Rises (the 2nd film there) is an amazing movie.


Well I guess Nick Kroll isn't American anymore, on account of the Judaism.


Are they trying to say Nick Kroll isn’t American?


NGL didn't even notice the bi-racial thing, I thought they were just saying jews make dogshit cartoons.


Hayao Miyazaki is a Marxist FYI


One is set in medieval europe, the other is set in WW2 Imperial Japan, and the last one is based on modern day.


How adult are the relationships in these examples?