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4chan brainrot


I don't get why conservatives think Jewish people hate white people and/or are teaming up with black people. White Jewish enthnocentricism is a huge and growing problem right now, and black anti-semitism in the US is deeply rooted in the two communities fighting each other for 100+ years. The ONLY reason these two groups get lumped together is that white Christian fascists want to kill both.




We have to break down these memes because a lot of people do take them seriously. Even people on the left sometimes take them seriously. I've seen leftists repeating Nazi propaganda thinking it's true just because so many conservatives around them have said it.


Aw great, they're comparing minorities to Kraang now? This is almost a new low!


w-...what's lower? oh god...what could be worse??


I have no idea, but they'll come up with something.


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this "meme" is absolutely rancid


Is this about the guy that ran over a bunch of people at a Christmas parade? I’ll admit Darrell Brooks is a piece of shit for driving over those people but being black had nothing to do it And the right thinks we’re obsessed with race