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"Treat nazis like women" is such a great joke I'll never be allowed to retell.


It's all about the delivery


Yeah she definitely pulled it all together with in the last minute with the delivery


I think if I was there, I would have been laughing my ass off. The punchline hits so much better live


I'm over here like "why the fuck is this audience so quiet, I woke up the dog."


They didn't want to offend the Nazis


Too many Nazi friends eh?


This whole routine is so good and she didn't get the laughs she deserves.


Too many Nazis in the audience.


I was enthralled the entire way


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Insert all the "Inglorious Basterds" quality quotes here. Damn, I need to watch that movie again.


Antonio Margareeeeetteeeee


^Dominic ^Decoco




A River Derchi


Bon gee or no


That’s a bingo!!!


It's a sad fucking time we're living in when saying that is something *a lot* of Americans will take offense to.




To death


Well. Do you know what you've got if you have one nazi, and nine people who defend them? Ten nazis. Anyone who is offended by calling out nazis can get fucked too.


I did nazi that transitive property of fascism addition coming into play so soon in the rerun of last century. And you are correct. I'm torn between my belief in free speech and the genuine belief that nazism is inconsistent with the survival of humanity and must be eradicated in all corners of the earth. Tolerance means an absolute intolerance for intolerance.


Popper’s Paradox.




Time to sort by Controversial.


Nazis are really getting tired of you calling them Nazis it doesn't help them sell their message don't you get it guys. /s


Fun fact: "Alt right" was a literal rebranding of "Neo Nazi". People who openly call themselves alt right are calling themselves Nazis by definition, not just association.


Don’t forget to *“hide your power level”* ^(makes me sick they co-opted my favorite anime of all time to conceal their shitty movement)


Those Nazis sure are a contentious lot


There are so many hateful comments here you don't even need to sort.


Imagine being offended or triggered by someone making fun of nazis... It already tells you everything you need to know about them.


Yes but when there is more than your fill you want the prime cuts


Do we remember when Wolfenstein came out with the ad "make America Nazi free again" and conservatives got all bent out of shape about it? They don't even try to hide it.


I was like 9 or 10 when Wolfenstein came out and I was obsessed with the game. I had no idea what killing really was and I certainly had no idea what a nazi was but the game was really fun. We had to make a hanging paper plate mobile thing in art class and I chose the one thing I thought identified my interests at the time... swastikas. I decorated the shit out of that thing with swastikas painted it black and red with red glitter. I have no idea how my art teacher didn't immediately shut that shit down. I was so proud of it. It was glorious. 15 minutes after art class was over I was called to the principal's office. I had no idea why I was being disciplined. That was an interesting conversation between my parents and my principal/guidance counselor. They definitely thought my parents were nazis. I still cringe every time I think about it. I just had no idea, and my parents didn't really understand computers well enough to police what I was playing.


That makes such perfect sense for a kid to do. I know you cringe, and I would, too (I have a similar experience from my youth and my cringe barrel overfloweth 30 years later), but you were so innocent that this story is nothing more than adorable and hilarious. I hope that you can laugh at it someday.


Cringing at things you did in the past means you are growing as a human and want to do better. That’s a good thing!


OK, but I'm over here cringing about my next few years. Am I Benjamin Buttoning?




It's incredible how some people don't have that capacity, and instead double down and get super defensive.


HAHAHAHA sorry but this is like “video games are corrupting our youth!!1!” but fr


My 5th grade history fair project was about the defeat of Nazis in Germany... I worked so hard on it and felt hella proud. And at the top of each of the 3 panels of my poster board display... were swastikas. What sucked the most I think for child me was that my teacher saw it, ripped them off with no explanation, and then never elaborated on it. I figured it was a recognizable symbol that a viewer would immediately recognize, like the golden arches of McDonalds was immediately recognized. She wasn't wrong for what she did, I would do it too, but I would also explain why as I did it. But oh man it's cringey now looking back on it. And why didn't my parents say anything as I worked on it at home?? (Spoiler: racists. NC with them)


When we first moved to the USA we lived in an apartment building with another Hungarian family next door. The dad was unabashedly Nazi and had a huge Nazi flag hanging in the living room. I was pre-school aged and regularly went over to play with the same aged son. One day I came home with a hand-drawn Nazi flag and proudly showed it to my mom. She immediately crumpled it up, threw it in the trash and explained why I couldn't do that. I didn't know it was wrong at the time.


I'd assume that holocaust deniers would also not believe nazis were real but that's just me and my sensical logic.


That....that wasn't jokes? Oh God.


Oh no lol. They were serious about it.


I dont care who you are, the David duke joke was funny as hell. Also, poor Trevor. (I’m hoping the folks complaining are realizing why they’re so dissatisfied with this routine: she’s overly rehearsed. So her pauses are too dragged out and it comes off as patronizing. That’s all it is. The *material* itself is good, her delivery is just too polished. I’m assuming she’s kinda new, so give her a break.)


That and I would think performing on live tv isn’t the same as in a comedy club. I know they warm up the crowd on late night shows but I would guess it’s not the same atmosphere as a club where everyone’s a little loose from alcohol, the vibe is more relaxed, and there isn’t a ton of tv show infrastructure and cameras to perform to. (I’m basing this being late night off the “Conan” logo at the end of the clip). Those pauses might make more sense in a comedy club and I agree she’s probably had to practice this a ton, so it feels scripted and stilted, and she might be nervous herself being on camera if she’s not used to it. I don’t recognize her so she may be new to being recorded for a national media platform like this as well. Regardless I hope to see more of her, solid jokes that had me laughing. Plus female comics get held to more extreme standards. They can’t get away with as much bc it might trigger male audience members who don’t like when women are too loud, animated, confident, etc. just look at this comment section, once again I can’t help but wonder if this same bit done by someone like Bill Burr would be getting the same kind of outrage.


Well she’s talking about how people shouldn’t be NAZIS. How the hell do you explain that naziism is becoming acceptable today and how that’s bad without being patronising. Like it’s such an unbelievably crazy thing about America today.


It's very believable actually. Even without the tiki-torch crew, the USA has long had a strong fascist streak. The corporatism, the glorification of the military, school children pledging loyalty to the state, the militarized police, the surveillance apparatus, the exploitation of minorities, the hatred of any ideology different to the state-sanctioned ones, the idea of the state above the individual, the use of violence to achieve goals and the belief in the righteousness thereof... You see my point. Bin Deutsch, ich erkenne den Faschistmus wenn ich ihn sehe. Mein Opa war genau so.


I thought the patronizing aspects seemed like part of the bit and worked very well.


Yeah I thought it was intentionally patronizing, but like... to nazis. I'm okay with that


The entire joke is about patronizing nazis like we do women. You’d think more people would pick up on that.


"One person, thank you."


And to be quite honest. The target she's patronizing... ... Is Nazis.


I feel like that makes the pauses and stuff even funnier. It’s like, she’s carrying this tone of “you know that this is bullshit, right?” I find her funny


Wow, a balanced and thought out analysis of why the standup routine didn’t resonate fully with you. While i personally found it funny you do make a good point. It’s a shame that this is likely not the reason why most commenters are so mad


She's a reporter who also uses humor, and her interviews are a similar tone. Check out her McAfee interview. It's really funny, but also interesting.


Unless you're david duke I suppose


Normally I'm against body shaming but when it comes to Nazis white supremacists I love to body shame the hell out of those weird looking motherfuckers.


They have real r/beholdthemasterrace vibes… …oh wait


They often look like the end result of hitting 'randomize' on the character creator


If you are offended by someone making fun of Nazis, you need to reevaluate your priorities right now. They are Nazis. *You are defending Nazis.*


this is pretty much just the opposite of the rosanne standup


[ Removed by Reddit ]


I don't know... If you have never punched someone before and don't know hi ow to properly do it you could seriously hurt your hand. And that's something I wouldn't want, especially if you're in the US and having to go to the doctor because of it would also most likely cost a lot of money... I think kicking their shins is an acceptable alternative. If you have solid footwear.


I just carry a cast iron pan with me. You know, just in case I run into a Nazi. I'll show myself out.




Just don’t put your thumb inside your fist, and lean in with the punch to increase power. It doesn’t have to be too hard to get the point across.


You can tell this was made before the pandemic and Roe vs Wade.


Yup, it's 5 years old. [Full clip on Conan's YT channel](https://youtu.be/xy2bh1L5_pI)


It is your moral responsibility to punch Nazis. I firmly believe that if Nazis were punched in the mouth on a regular basis there would be far fewer Nazis in the world


Killing nazis is a proud, time-honored American tradition that stretches back nearly a century now, the least we can do is punch them to honor our heritage.


It’s patriotic.


Agreed. Non-violence is for selfish people who don’t take their role as social reinforcement to heart. We live in a society. There’s certain things that should be muscle memory when interacting with the broader public and with strangers. Punching Nazis should be a reflex not an internal conflict


I couldn’t agree more.


The misogynist bitterness in these comments just makes the routine even more funny imo. Turn that same energy on Nazi's... You know... Like she said? There's definitely some r/woosh vibes in there, or least r/willfullyignorant


I'm glad you're here, I feel like I walked into a den of incredibly angry fellas. 👀


Honestly tho! Don't worry, I'm in this boat with you lol.


Hold on lemme backseat driver this comedy routine because my dumpster dive of an opinion was trained by random disgruntled losers over years of hateful memes. Let me explain comedic timing to this woman via a text-based internet comment they'll never see solely to boost my ego. That funny tickle I feel whenever a woman is speaking isn't hate, I promise. It's only my superior intellect and charisma shining through this dehydrated pussball of a brain.


I thought I’d have to sort by controversial to see the hateful comments, but nope! Nazi’s really aren’t ashamed these days.


That's Reddit for you. Home of the incels.


I'd say it's more of hotel. The actual home is on the more extremist pages. Incels come and go and try to interact with normal people here. In some rooms, they're dominated by incels. In others, they're slammed hard and ridiculed.


I like treating them the way they think women should be treated 😊


I don’t think you’ve thought that comment all the way through…they have extremely fucked and creepy beliefs. Well beyond harassment and subjugation.


No, I mean incels literally started on Reddit. It was meant to be a way to help insecure guys meet women, but quickly backfired.


Angry cause they got called the fuck out


Well! Did you know that ***men*** like ***me*** are victims of 95% of all violent crimes, so, ACTUALLY, women don't have real problems. /s I've seen that bit of statistics trotted out a lot, recently, but usually little mention of the fact those violent crimes are mostly perpetrated by *other men*. Or any mention whatsoever of how, after enough harassment, rape, and murder, a lot of women have maybe figured, "You know what? I don't think I'll walk down that poorly-lit street by myself, it looks a little stabby. I think I'll call an Uber or something," while we just saunter on through and, perhaps predictably, get stabbed more frequently.


For fucks sake. Can friendlies please identify themselves? I'm being attacked by incels and supremacists left and right, so I keep friendly firing 😭😭😭😭


Haha, I was hoping I was being over-the-top enough that it and the /s would make it obvious! Woops!


I scan read it, im sorry haha! I see a longer comment and think "oh here we go" and just glance 🤣 I never imagined that they'd get THIS mad 🤣🤣🤣


You were only slightly over the top! That's how insane they are. I feel like I'm being descended on by loads of mini Marjorie Taylor Greens 😭👀


The women hide in ubers? We become ubers....🔪


Fuck em


You're probably not far off with that. Take the opportunity to laugh at them for the cheap joke they are, it's all they're useful for.


Oh that’s just Reddit in general. Some people just hide it, until they start to feel called out that is, that’s when they straight up tell on themselves. I would say probably 50% of Redditors are misogynist, and even that might be lowballing it.


Buncha people tellin' on themselves in here.


And then they all wonder why so many men are sexless. Just read the comment section and you get your answer why.


Yah, it's amusing to see all the angry incels freaking out over this. They're not used to this sort of old school comedy, where you take something that painfully, uncomfortably true, just put a slight twist on it, good delivery, and bam you got comedy gold. It's classic Jewish Catskill Comedy stuff. They're more used to the make shit up, pretend it's true, and then say mean things 'comedy'.


It’s how we used to treat these losers: with mild contempt and mockery. We started taking them seriously and they started believing they’re worthy of being serious.


meh they started shooting up schools and shit too. The problem is these types have always been violent and eventually they act on it. But yeah, making fun of them is a great way to take 'em down.


Man there is a whole heap of "I'm not mad!" down at the bottom of the comment section on this one.


This is such a good set. So many layers.


Solid entertainment. Let’s check the comments and see who belongs on 4 Chan


For anyone who enjoyed this, her [interview of John McAffe](https://youtu.be/tfe4Fjf3sds) is fucking gold. She's perfected her own flavor of deadpan humor.


This was amazing and surreal. Thanks for the link.


I fucking adore Jena Friedman. Met her once after her standup gig in London and had a very brief chat, she’s super down-to-earth and humble, she’s a great one to keep an eye out for


Damn she hit a nerve apparently in the comment section, raise your hand if you need a red and white armband from etsy. Actually scratch that, no need, we can tell from your comments!


Exactly. I've never seen so many people angry at a comedy show before. WOW.


Thats where the whole *If this pisses you off or offends you, then you're probably a.......* thing is relevant


It's scary AF to see so many though! Holy shit


For a good 15 minutes, it was just me and them. I had a little "oh fuck, no" moment. Then y'all lovely people showed up and I feel better. Holleeeee shit.


honestly so sorry you’re dealing with this - like imagine seeing someone mocking NAZIS and taking an issue with it 🙄😬 at least you’re getting under their skin today


At first it was actually pretty worrying but then the level headed people arrived and I feel better haha x


Hey, way to carry the team!👏👏👏. Your back hurt?


I didn't carry y'all 😭😭 I posted a funny video and got jumped on. These pathetic snowflakes can't take a joke 🤣 Edit - changed tone, fucking friendly fire going on 🙈


Same team 🫣🙌 Edit: lmao 😅


Sounded sarcastic, shit sorry 😞


All good 👌😁. I'm like Joel in the last episode of "the last of us"... "It's okay, I got ya," *hugs*


Best to ignore them it's honestly funny how they outed themselves


Let them stew in their own shit filled hatred. I thought this was hilarious. And unfortunately accurate, judging by some comments here.


We were all at work, those losers don't have jobs.


I thought I’d have to sort by controversial but they are just right up there.


this is probably the only time in the last 5 years i have seen that phrase applied correctly


yeah, the fact that she's a woman + making fun of the alt right triggers them so hard lol


Come on, now, be nice. Nazis are overly emotional and sensitive!


Stop it, Patrick! You’re scaring the Nazis!!


Etsy? Nah these dumb motherfuckers are buying overpriced "premium" armbands from right wing pipeline youtubers.


All the nazis are shaking and crying rn


They are shidding and farding all over their basement.


Reddit is full of Nazi apologists. They pour in from /r/PoliticalCompassMemes


That sub has a nice premise, like let’s all get along despite our differences, but now it just serves to normalize right wing extremism, most of the left wing content just gets downvoted


Who's that? Not me, the little drama-guzzlin' goblin seeing this comment and scrolling back to sort by *controversial*.


as far as I'm concerned there is one type of good Nazi. A dead one!


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Tolerance is a social contract. If one party doesn't abide by the contract, they're not covered by it either. (Something I saw on Mastodon, not sure who gets original credit for the idea.)


["Tolerance is not a moral precept" by Yonatan Zunger](https://extranewsfeed.com/tolerance-is-not-a-moral-precept-1af7007d6376) > Tolerance is not a moral absolute; it is a peace treaty. Tolerance is a social norm because it allows different people to live side-by-side without being at each other’s throats. It means that we accept that people may be different from us, in their customs, in their behavior, in their dress, in their sex lives, and that if this doesn’t directly affect our lives, it is none of our business. But the model of a peace treaty differs from the model of a moral precept in one simple way: the protection of a peace treaty only extends to those willing to abide by its terms. It is an agreement to live in peace, not an agreement to be peaceful no matter the conduct of others. A peace treaty is not a suicide pact. > When viewed through this lens, the problems above have clear answers. The antisocial member of the group, who harms other people in the group on a regular basis, need not be accepted; the purpose of your group’s acceptance is to let people feel that they have a home, and someone who actively tries to thwart this is incompatible with the broader purpose of that acceptance. Prejudice against Nazis is not the same as prejudice against Blacks, because one is based on people’s stated opposition to their neighbors’ lives and safety, the other on a characteristic that has nothing to do with whether they’ll live in peace with you or not. Keep in mind this is only for thinking people. Nazi Defense Squad equivocators will just whine about it. Pathetically. For corollaries and followups, feel free to research "We have no obligation to put up with your bullshit" and "Fuck around and find out".


Very nice! Thank you for posting the whole quote!


Like a lot of Innuendo Studios work (separate, but equally incisive and informative), it's one of the "greats" of the internet imo. It's one of those things that takes an issue, one that has a lot of shitty takes and concern trolls glomming onto it in an orgy fuckpile, and just cuts right through all that to explain the common sense truth of it all in a way that everyone can understand. If they're not stupid. Or too stubborn to learn. Or a Nazi.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


I saw a video where someone asked a speaker a question and added that violence is never acceptable. The speaker replied with a question of his own, "If you were a slave and could face your oppressor, would you punch him?" They didn't answer.


The thing is though, violence is almost always the answer. We're just being conditioned to believe meaningful change comes from peaceful protests. It never has and never will.


Capitalism is all about that shit. Rich googas spouting "Violence is never the answer" hiding behind their Police force pushing violence on the peasantry and funding their military pushing violence on other countries. Violence sure seems to be a good answer for everything the 1% needs to get done. It's never a good answer for the rest of us, apparently.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Who said we can't joke about nazis?


The nazis in here trying to hide being called out by attacking the lady instead.


Let’s be fair. Many of them are just straight up misogynists.


Oh yeah, definitely.


Have you looked at this comment section?


apparently the nazis?


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Treating them like women might get the point across better. They’re prepared for violence, but how prepared are they to be condescended or ignored?


Karen them to death


You don’t get rid of a cancer by ignoring it.


A mistake has clearly been made. Don't joke about nazis, got it.


Thanks for posting. LOVED it! Who is she? You should maybe DM me her name because I don’t want a bunch of butthurt Nazi misogynists in this comment thread to start doxxing her.


Jena Friedman


Doxxing a professional comedian on stage under a spotlight? I'm pretty sure her name is out there already.




It says her tik tok username right in the video. How could you dox a stand-up comedian, their job is for people to know their name lol.


Lol you upset the people she was talking about I wouldn’t call that a mistake


Nice, I like that. Well crafted!


Very difficult to make it funny, she did a good job tho


This shit was funny if you can appreciate standup that isn't loud


The material was definitely great, the delivery fell flat however. She has potential, that's for sure!


Love dry humor, love it even more when others find it unfunny, or don't get it.


This was amazing


Welp *cracks knuckles* I'll see you guys down in controversial


Also, here before the 🔒 award


Quick reminder to everyone: if you want to decancerfy Reddit, posts that bring out the Nazi defenders are a great opportunity to do that! Use this one trick closet Nazis hate! Hit that block button often, and hard. It's like a secret shortcut to making your Reddit experience 1,000% better!


You can also install masstagger, which tags users with extremist subreddits they have commented in, so that you can see at a glance who the "just asking questions" commenters are behind the masks.


I use threads like this to do exactly that. Every time you block a Nazi, you make Reddit just a little bit better for yourself.


Make sure to report them for hate speech first!


I can't tell if you people are too dumb to get deadpan humor or Nazis pretending to not get deadpan humor


I hate Illinois nazis


What a buikd up! Very talented comedienne.


Haymaker after haymaker and the steel chair at the end.


That was pretty funny. Nicely done on her part.


You can simultaneously hate nazis and hate this joke. Joke about nazis please, just write funnier jokes


I dunno man, I thought this was *hilarious*. She has a super, super dry wit.


I’m with you on this. Maybe the delivery wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not saying it’s perfect, but she had me cracking up.


Everyone's got different tastes, and maybe her other jokes are bangers. This one fell super flat for me, though.


Well said, people think not finding this funny makes you a bad person. In my humble opinion it was terrible.


Bill burr had a pretty good set about them


Holyyyyy shit don’t sort this thread by controversial, you’ll fall into the incel pit. Jfc you men are ignorant as fuck.


Awww did all the Nazis on reddit get their fee fees hurt by the silly Jewish lady? Fuck entirely off you degenerate potatos E: Yep they sure did 🤡


All my homies hate Nazi's, but her set was boring as fuck.




"If you can tell me one funny, socially relevant joke I'd give you a million dollars." — Norm Macdonald.


Bottom of the barrel? Are you kidding? Bottom of the barrel comedy is thoughtless, stupid. This is smart, well thought out. Maybe you don't like the pacing or just not her but the content is superior to a lot of what's out there


[ Removed by Reddit ]


it's litterally just a lack luster average reddit post.


Well, that's just like your opinion, man.


Eh, I thought it was alright. A lot better than Dave Chapelle’s non-jokes, IMO.


I'd agree. Content is fine, delivery is okay.


Lol you can say this is unfunny because of the weak and predictable punchlines without being some sort of nazi sympathizer. She’s morally correct but that doesn’t make her funny.