I just don't get why people have to say swipe left for any physical attribute. YOU swipe left, you can clearly see if someone is white, black, short, skinny, fat, whatever from their pics. Just keep it to yourself


I never understood this. Just don't swipe right on a race you don't have an interest in.


Whether this is racist or not, there are actually people arguing unironically in the comments that racism is not possible against whites. They just redefine and limit racism to being prejudiced against a *minority* race. So how about I replace the word “racist” with “a person who is prejudiced against another race”. Regardless of what you define the word racism as, if you think it’s ok to be prejudiced against another race, (yes, even the majority race!), you’re sick. You’re a human being who believes it’s ok to be prejudiced against a person because of their race. That’s disgusting.


its fun since globally speaking, whites are a minority.


Everyone is a minority somewhere.


sure if you wanna look at it like that, but thats not the point in this world that gets smaller every day and borders is a thing of the past.


So why even have the word, if you look at it like that it kinda looses all meaning.




How fucking dumb are you ?


There is only one race, the human race..when are we gonna stop using the word race?


Once it can no longer be used to justify bad behaviour as acceptable.


I mean if you want to keep the minority part one could still argue that white people are a minority in the world there are far more Asian people than white people and I’m not quite sure but I guess this also applies for black people 🤷🏼‍♂️


We all have prejudice in us that's an undeniable fact. No matter what we all make a judgment call about a person before we get to know them whether good or bad.


This is why I specifically said > “….**believes it’s ok** to be prejudiced against another race.” Having prejudice is not in itself a problem, so long as you acknowledge prejudice is bad and actively try to improve on it




She wouldn't swipe on them then.. that's the point of the app no? Shouldn't need that in bio.


As a white cis male if one of the only descriptions in my bio was "no black women sorry not sorry". How do you think that would be interpreted ? Lmao Moreover your wording is fundamentally different and most dating apps literally have separate sections for people who are bi or homosexual. That comparison is completely different than being exclusive based off someone's skin color or are you implying all white people are the same culturally? *Edit for anyone who bothered to read this. The initial comment I responded to was deleted when he realized he sounded stupid and then tried to troll me further. I disengaged after. Mark Twain said it best: Never argue with an idiot. You'll never convince the idiot that you're correct, and bystanders won't be able to tell who's who


Racism clearly is possible against any race. In this instance though, I just see a personal preference. She doesn’t want to date a white person, just like some white people wouldn’t want to date a brown person. She may be racist, but I don’t think the statement is racist.


The statement probably isn't racist but Id bet her follow up answer to why she doesn't date white men would be. It's actually easier to not put that in her bio, she simply just has to not swipe on white men. Imo she's making a cunty, vailed comment on how she hates white men.


To be fair I realised afterwards that she simply doesn’t need to swipe for a white man so she could do without that statement in her bio, it does make me wonder about ulterior motives.


Ahhhh I see. I've only ever used tinder maybe other apps are different


Try Grindr


I like tits and pussy Edit: I love tits and pussy Edit: I love giant tits and pussy


I love Pits and Tussy EDIT - TUSHY


There's nothing really bad in being racist. It doesn't matter what you're believes are unless they motivate you to do something bad It's a step to totalitarian society if we judge people based on their opinion even if these opinions are bad or unpleasant


It’s definitely prejudice. Racism is technically (and historically) about marginalization of a minority group. Semantics… I don’t think it’s okay for any people group to say things like this. It’s not helping the problem by adding more ‘racism’ to combat ‘racism’


No it’s not. In the 80s and 90s when I grew up racism was “treating anyone differently because of the color of their skin”. That’s it…simple, and easy to understand. It’s now been twisted into something else by people that love to perpetually be the victim. It’s never enough.


I feel you. But if you look up the word in a dictionary it specifically mentions ‘minorities’ and ‘marginalization’


You can be racist against white people, and damn me if that's not bad, but systemic racism, at least in most Western countries, is _always_ against non white people. Even a lot of racism towards white people sometimes has underlying racist towards non whites roots. Not always of course but it happens. Systemic racism against whites is often found in some Asian countries. "Systemic" means that a culture is filled of images, stereotypes, words, ideas and cliches that come from racism even when they're not directly derogatory (eg: black people having a "truer connection" to "the street" in the rap community or black people being better and more passionate in bed)


I think the whole debate stems from the colloquial use and the academic use of the word differing. Social science researchers probably use racism to refer to systemic racism and prejudice to refer to individual acts of racism which then warps the thinking of people not in the field to think that individual acts of racism isn't "really racism" and therefore not so bad if they're directed against a person in the ethnic majority. I am not in social science but I see this within my own field often enough. For example, people say the mRNA vaccines don't confer immunity because "immunity" is used as a binary term in colloquial use while it is a spectrum in academic use. Similarly people use "symbiosis" in colloquial use to mean "two organisms living together and both benefiting", whereas in academic use "symbiosis" is just two organisms living together and can be further stratified into: - mutualism (the one people mean when they say symbiosis) - commensalism (one organism benefiting but not to the detriment of the other) - parasitism (one benefits to the detriment of the other)


You say a lot of intelligent things. I'm not saying individual racism is not "real" racism! It is still real and bad. I'm saying there are two types of racism and a statement that may be true for one isn't necessarily true for the other. Basically I think I agree with you.


I didn't intend to imply you were downplaying the individual racism. I was just sharing my thoughts on the dichotomy.




Those people just don’t know what the meaning of racism is, and if anything are just as bad if not worse than the racists they hate so much, because they try and justify their actions, and represent the fear white people have if “minorities” became a majority.


>They just redefine and limit racism to being prejudiced against a minority race. Hey I've seen this before! WWII(2) electric boogaloo


They wanna piss you off ,make you feel shitty and humiliate thats why its in profile . Classic racist


I mean I guess, I couldn't care less. It's just a left swipe and my day moves on.




I looked it up Lmaoo. I thought it was one of those screenshot images bc it said vibes as the caption Lmaoo




For real lmao


It's true I tried lol


Lol that's not her it's a random pic.


She had her heart broken by one lol




You’re so right. But women have so many potential matches so some don’t care about making their dating pool smaller due to their “preferences”. Some people just don’t care what others think and I guess that’s fine but it’s erm a bit interesting when it’s against a race I guess. Meanwhile if a guy says this he will lose any matches he has 😂 because if he’s seen as stingy or picky or racist. no women will want that of course


I agree with the logic but I don't think it justifies the morality nor makes it any less prejudiced. The OP title references that why is this becoming more normalized as socially acceptable when it shouldn't be? I get that they typically have options but it shouldn't give them a pass to say borderline racist stuff.


So true


I kinda feel like everyone can have their preference in who they date and this preference can include race without it being racist. Does it look bad how it’s written? Yes. But I feel that it is everyone's right in dating a certain type of person.


No ones denying anyone the right to date who they want here. That's a red herring. The whole point of the post was to state why is this becoming more normalized and therefore acceptable to do ? For instance as a white cis male if I said as one of the only description in my bio " no black women, sorry not sorry " I would probably be banned immediately. ( not that I would ever do that , I find all types of women beautiful). Go ahead and try it


I agree 100%. I’m a straight white guy myself. I know if I wrote that I’d be reported instantly. My position is that it should be okay for everyone to state whatever their preference is. Whether that be white/black/purple or whatever.


r/tinder doesn’t know what racism means. It’s not anyone’s “right” to date her. She’s not denying anyone’s rights based on race. Now she could still be racist. And she definitely sounds like an asshole. It’s bad that she wrote this in her bio cause there’s no reason to do that other than to potentially trigger some white dudes, but not because it’s racist.


The entire bio is a blazing red flag 🚩


Except for da booty


You should go look at her Twitter.


Blows my mind how many garbage people there are in this world


I mean, she's not saying anything offensive. Who cares if she doesn't wanna date a white guy lol. That's her business. Swipe left and move on.


As long as you’re also out there defending the white guys who have “black girls swipe to the left” on their profiles, all good


But they have been doing that and I am not seeing any outrage. Miss me with that


I mean… it’s racist lol. Like those white girls saying they only want white men. Why state that? You can swipe right on only white men or only black men.


It's always nice when people let us know they're racist up front so we know not to engage with them.


I'm white and not offended. Even if you think its racist what shes written, not many white guys would care. The usual case of people pretending to be offended on others behalf 😊


I'm white too but not offended either, i'm just saying it's nice when people let you know up front about their racism because I don't like racist nor do I want any form of contact with a racist.


I don't think the statement was racist. I'd be willing to bet a lot of money she is racist, but i don't think this sentence without further reasoning is.


Yes it is racist. There is no need to write that on a dating profile, all you have to do is simply ignore the pesky whites, easy. Now, If roles were reversed, the screeching would be insane.


Yeah i get what youre saying about role reversal. But why does racism matter if nobodies offended ?


Okay on a serious question. I don’t get the “it isn’t racist if it’s about a white person” just genuinely curious. Like why or how makes people think that


I have been told that there's no such thing as being racist against white people because white people haven't been oppressed and made to suffer the way people of colour have, and we are not a minority group. Not sure if someone else has a better explanation, that's just what I have heard.


That’s what I’ve heard too. But then whenever some people say that there’s racism towards white people on other countries they just say they deserve it and stuff like that


I think there aren’t many examples of Asian, Black, or Latino oppression of white people at a large scale. Does anyone have an example?


I don't agree with it but pretty much summarizes what I've heard. The mental gymnastics some people do to feel righteous now adays smh.


The general concept is that racism is behavior + power. A landlord not letting someone rent their apartment because they’re white is definitely bad but the behavior isn’t reinforced by society. Meanwhile, entire neighborhoods are intentionally segregated and when you deny someone that house you’re in conjunction with the mortgage lenders who denied a black family the opportunity to own the home, the realtor who is saying the house is rented already etc. When someone says something rude to someone about being white or a man or straight, it’s a moment in isolation. When people do something sexist or racist or homophobic it’s amplified because there’s power behind it.


You're wrong. These are two different things. One is racism and the other one is discrimination. The latter is borne out of the first, but the first can exist independently of the latter. Hutu in Rwanda started resenting and hating Tutsi without having the power to fight back. This hate, based on ethnic grounds and bred by the discrimination faced by hutu for a long time, was clearly already racist even though it didn't find an expression till extremist Hutu decided to get choppy and massacrate Tutsi


Tell us you're racist without telling us you're racist.


It’d be racist, if it wasn’t on a dating app. She *might* just be conveying a preference in who she doesn’t want to date. But the fact that she is preemptively excluding an entire race of people from having a chance at dating her tells us that’s she’s close-minded at best, and potentially an actual racist at the worst. Also tells us that she ain’t classy. But I think we can already tell that from the daisy dukes booty pic in the bathroom mirror.


Anyway race doesn't exist, that's just skin colour


But like, why does anyone care lol. She's not parading a "hang white people" flag. She's just like "no whiteys." I'd honestly find it hilarious if she just went full send and said "no crackers" but you know some white dudes would get triggered and her account would get banned. Yes, you can be racist towards whiteys, but who cares. As a white man I find it funny. Just swipe and move on, bigger issues to face than a random person's tinder bio line with 0 context lol


I would agree if racism against any other race wasnt condemned to the point of witch hunts. The whole concept is stupid and funny but the double standard gets on my nerves.


The reason you were downvoted so heavily is because you think racism against white people is funny. Imagine she said no black guys instead. Your statement would now read. “I’d honestly find it hilarious if she just went full send and said “no n**gas””. All of a sudden you sound like a horrible person right? Racism against white people is still racism. The goal is to treat ALL races equally.


I’d award you if I had any


I think it's funny that people are offended by this. It's not that racism is funny, it's that the anti-white racism is so dull and out of date that the only ones offended are racist white people so I just don't care. I don't think what she said is funny but I just don't care what she says cause I don't care. I'm laughing at the people annoyed by an irrelevant comment such as this. I don't think it's funny to walk around and bash every white person, but I do think when white people get upset it's just ironic. Every time I have this conversation I ask, who is actually offended by her words. Everyone just attacks my opinion but I honestly believe very few people who aren't racist or reactionaries are actually bothered by this.


I mean the fact we’re in a debate about racism on Reddit because of a tinder post sure it’s way overkill. Sure I mean I wouldn’t be outraged or even mildly annoyed by this if I came across it randomly. But I think if you are trying to crush a problem (racism) you need to be intolerant of it in all of its forms. Doesn’t matter who’s being discriminated against.


I think I've been a bit misunderstood but you're absolutely right. We aren't solving anything here lol. I don't think white racism is funny, I think white fragility is, aka, people unironically offended by her bio. And my issue with attacking it is that the arguments are the same ones used by white supremacists. And ultimately, this white racism thing is isolated to the internet. There aren't white people suffering on a day to day basis in the real world because of racism.


Man that’s messed up lol.


You just mad she kinda thicc /s


ya thicc belly


Welcome to the real world where women have bellies. It’s called being human, you should look it up some time


and this girl should lookup where the nearest gym is


She probably has a secret fetish for white guys lol


This is obviously racist and people that are being charitable to it are being silly for a couple reasons. 1) laying out preferences in your profile is fucking stupid. Like others have said, just don’t swipe right on those people. You’re obviously only putting that preference to be a provocative asshole. 2) exclusion of a dating pool on race is weird. I could understand having a preference for your own race in that you share cultural significance with each other, but excluding one whole race is just absolutely racist. There’s no shot that every single person from that race would be a bad match for you unless you just hate that race.


“You can’t be racist towards white people.” - r/politics


Imagine normalising racism smh


The left has successfully indoctrinated the majority of society in the USA to accept infinite amount of class distinctions absolving people of bad behavior when it fits their narrative. Racism is racism. That's it. Just because more of one race exists than another in an area doesn't change what it is. About 15% of the world is white and about 15% is black. Asian is the source of the dominant race in the world.


Except most of Asia was colonized and dominated by Europe. Every corner of the world for that matter. To pretend like Eurocentric (dare I say white supremacist) ideology isn’t the predominant mode of the world is foolish.


Your ignorance of history is insane. You Americans have an awful education system. On manny levels.


Where can you find blackface today? Chinese TV. Your ignorance of reality is insane.


Yeah. What is your point?


Woah. Their comment can be ignorant without bringing America into it. How do you even know their American? Now that’s…kind of racist.


Playing the odds. Plus most of this traitism crap is from there. I can see how you would say that.


You just told me I’m wrong without telling me how I’m wrong.


Your comment is facts. Such an ignorant oversimplification.


The second and soon to be dominant economy in the world is an Asian country. To not recognize that is foolish and stupid. To not realize the Asian impact on Africa and South America is asinine in addition to foolish. But keep up the shit with the white guy obsession. The dominant Asians like that stupidity. Makes control easier.


Also, it's not like white ppl are the only one capable of being racist. Look at what China is doing in Xinjiang, what Japan did in Korea and China and what happened in Rwanda in the 90s


Well. Jeffrey Dahmer was white.. That’s kind of off putting


I wouldn’t call it racism, more so a sexual preference, just expressed poorly


Could be that, she could also avoid this issue by not having that as your only bio line and politely hitting the x button for those who like her.


Are you really surprised? After years long propaganda to dehumanize white people?


If her gut sticks out further than her ass im swiping left anyways


Ah, yes, because racism isn’t possible against white people… not.


Black privilege right there!


Damn i'm seeing like one or two posts daily about women saying they don't like either white guys or black guys... This don't happen where i live i mean i haven't yet meet someone who choose who to fuck based on race, maybe it's an American thing?


Shit I hope not. We have enough issues without this becoming a norm.


I'd swipe left regardless of my color 💁‍♂️ *As others have said this isn't racism just poorly expressed sexual preference*


Phrased like this is more than a preference


It could be, i hope i am wrong and it’s just poorly expressed sexual preference. But I personal feel like I’ve seen a lot more of this lately in bios.


It’s not racism.


Nothing wrong with a sexual preference. But if white person had no “black people “ in there bio people would scream racism


Care to defend that statement or are we just left to wonder about the machinations of your mind?


I don’t think having dating preferences is racist. The girl likes what she likes. Just because it’s not you (or me) doesn’t mean that she treats white people any different than others. Although, based on the choice of words here she’s probably got some vendetta against white people and “the patriarchy”. I also think that things being deemed as “racist” these days, more often than not are red herrings. It’s as if say, “Gosh, I don’t like how this person conducted themselves here so I’m going to accuse them of racism to show them who’s boss.” Get over yourself. EDIT: that last part was meant to address the issue in general and not at OP.


I mean that's a fair assessment, I'll be first to admit that i might of jumped the gun on the call (since i didn't match i couldn't ask her directly her intentions ) but it was the only thing in the Bio and i had been seeing a lot of this (different variations) on tinder recently.


Because racism against white people doesn't exist. Educate yourself 😊


Because white people are not race so u can't be racist to them am I right?


So like I replied to another user. This is a misconception. Racism can be exercised against ANY. Just because you do not see it often in the USA mainstream media doesn’t mean it does not exist. Japan is classical example of racism against western foreigners. Mexico is too, though that one is more based around the cartels killing foreigners.


How hard is it to just not like the person and move on? You don't need to put it in your bio... I don't particularly find black or Hispanic women attractive, but that's not to say they aren't still beautiful in some way to others. I would just swipe on someone else lol. It's that easy.


You typing “I don’t find black or Hispanic women” attractive on a public forum could be considered racism if we are using the same standard here.


I’m not sure if I would consider it racism, she’s just a weirdo. I’ve only been with black men and white men have told me they only date/have sex with white women and we both live in perfect peace with our preference but she can just swipe right on the men she doesn’t find attractive and then she’ll never match with them instead of making people feel kind of shitty/neglected


you can't be racist towards whites, it's not possible.


Literally is but go off


Well seeing as you literally doxxed her i can see why she hates white people. This post is illegal.


Are you serious? XD


Ya giving out someomes social media is a crime, that called doxxing. Doxxing is giving out someone persona information. Block out the snap before you post stuff like this cause it could end in a criminal courtroom. ​ that being said this girl an idiot, but it’s a crime to post her personal information online.


Yeah it's the doxxing I was talking about not the "I can see why she hates white people" like you're trying to justify it.


But at the end of the day, she is just putting her sexual preferences on her bio, it would be like a foot guy being like have good foot or something.


Well i mean i hate white people too, so I agree with her. I mean this is an example of the actions of why, this guy is litterally doxxing her because of bio. He dont know this girl he don’t have anything to donwith her but he is committing a crime and putting her personal information out there. White people are entitled and take political parties too seriously. My own family doesn’t talk to each other based on their political parties. White culture is trash too.


Ah, the simple mind of a racist. Not much different than a child's, thinking the color of your skin defines how you think and act. I dont see how you presume to judge anyone. It's clear white people arent the problem here.


Her body her rules unless a retarditor takes umbrage. Got it Mr Popular opinion. Tell me what the consensus opinion is, dont want to do the double minus bad


Well men generally are not to picky. Women are definitely more racially motivated in partner selection in general.


Men aren’t picky per say but we all have a type I think. There’s a misconception that men settle for anything but that’s if necessary. Maybe I’m different but I genuinely could not get myself to date someone unless I’m attracted


Well yeah. As long as attraction floor is reach.


Oh yeah for sure


Heaven forbid should she have a desire to only date one type of guy.. Yes, lets get all woke and call her a racist for putting out there, up front, that she's only interested in a specific type for dating.


How is this racism? People can have preferences


Not racist just her preference


It's you looking for attention


Lmao "flip"? What


I just tried to swipe left 😂😂


Always was present.


Maybe its just her sexual preference, and she is on tinder only to find fuck buddy?


Its not racism. She just likes black guys, like all the other young white girls


*shrug* On a dating app, you're allowed to be interested in who you're interested in. So, she doesn't want to date a white man. That's her prerogative.


You can not be racist to a white person, so I'm told


It’s all anecdotal really


She looks like a straight up ho anyway.


Honestly I don't know anyone alive that is white. Probably peach or pinkish skin with some light tan!


Wait what? I’ve never seen this




It’s not racism. It’s tribalism.


Relax, no one swiping right on her ass anyways 💀


It’s not racist to have a preference. It’s childish to put it in your bio when you have the chance to swipe left yourself. But racist? Seeing white anger from people claiming she’s fat and ugly and racist is hilarious though so keep it up 😅


Looking for a Queen Hi I'm Joe 21 from Ghana, West Africa. I'm looking for a nice and honest woman regardless of their race. She shouldn't be 10 years older than me. Let's get to know each other first. Thanks


This isn't racism but personal preference. I'm not into white girls and I don't see why that's an issue. Stop feeling offended by the fact that not everyone finds you attractive - there's plenty of people out there that probably do.


There is a lot of racism towards white folks. Racism towards white folks is the same as racism towards black, latino, Asian folks. It's still racism, its still disgusting.


Not seeing any arm with that even though I wouldn’t say it out loud. I have my racial/ ethnic preferences but I just swipe left for people who don’t match it.


Yet we are all pink and gooey on the inside. 😐


I dont get how this is bad though. I dont feel sexually attracted to very dark skin color. Id never write it in my profile cuz ppl like u take it out of context, but personal preferences arent racist. You're just assuming the worst.


Not to go off on a tangent but there is way too much fake attitude in her Snap userid for me. If you have to say it, you aren't


Thats a preference not racism lol


Considering how many people on dating app ‘want to try a black guy/black woman/Indian woman/Asian woman’ , this girl has a point. She doesn’t want to be a social experiment, maybe


don't judge the poor little girl, she just need some bbc


That [email protected] is annoying af when I used to hear chick's say "I only date black or white." Yeah, and I wanna date a black chick too, but you don't see me complaining!


I just hope this person sees this post to relish in how many Whites TM they've triggered 😂 No such thing as racism towards white people. Y'all can stay mad. 🖕🏻😎🖕🏻


Imagine if that said “if you black flip to the left sorry not sorry”. I hate everyone equally I promise you…


Black is just in right now I guess


If she was white and she said swipe left if you’re black that would be racist as fuck but this is only mild????


It's all about 'it's just a preference' if someone is saying transphobic or fatphobic shit, but the second it's ruling out white guys people give a shit. Not surprised but jeez.


I had to read that like five times because I didn’t know what “white flip” meant @ first 😆 Not racist. She doesn’t wanna talk to white boys. What’s wrong with that? She has a preference.


I don’t think it’s on the rise. I think those feelings have always been In their hearts. The willingness to express those prejudices has definitely turned up.


“Listen lady, at the end of the day we all jizz white cum.”


I don't know, I kind of like it when people are up front with the red flags. Saves me time.


She clearly just have a preferred skin tone she wants to date? It's not racism as much as it's parents failing their duties to raise their girl right.


I think you are VERY confused about what racism is, my young friend. This is called preference.


Yeah but I mean I think it’s okay. You’re allowed to be attracted to a specific race even tho it is technically in the court of law by the book “racist”


Hot body, but I'd swipe left because of the bio. I can read.