PT857-35200: Bed Light Kit 84267-0C020: Bed Light Switch It's all plug and play. All the wires and plugs are already there. Takes maybe 20min to install. Was the first thing I did to my SR. Headlights and Tail Lights can be swapped pretty easily too, but the quality ones are expensive and not really worth it IMO. Tow hook is another one that you can bolt on yourself for cheap. Wheels and Tires: So many options out there. I just put black TRD Pro wheels and 265/70/16 Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tires on mine this week. Even with an AT tire that's just the barely larger than stock, each wheel/tire is about 5-6lbs lighter than the stock steel wheel setup. Other recommendations that are easy and worth every penny: Fog lights (can be Toyota OEM or aftermarket - the wiring is already there), Clazzio leather seat covers.


I have never had headlights in any Tacoma as good as my new one with stock LED’s . Toyota did a great job with these, finally no more fiddling with cheap housings , bulbs/ ballasts/ shitty cutoff lines / blinding oncoming drivers. These things absolutely were worth the money after what Ive been through with cheaper ones in the past. Now if they could only improve the cameras resolution past 2010 era quality…


You can do whatever you want to it. As long as you like it and it’s what you want then do it. The only deciding factor is price and quality. You can do step bars. Tow hooks and stuff like that. But with a BRAND NEW truck I might let a shop do electrical stuff like the bed lights. Things can go wrong and if your truck burns to the ground you have to deal with it. Some insurance companies won’t cover fire damage caused by an owner installed thing. That’s an exaggeration so I’m not saying you can’t do it. It’s just better to let the shop be the one liable for damage


What is your ultimate goal for the truck? Sure, lights, bumpers, suspension etc are easy enough to change. But some of the creature comforts of the higher models will be harder and frankly just never as good as oem. And at a certain point you will end up spending more than if you just bought the truck with what you want. So yah, what do you want?


I when I went to go look at trucks before getting my SR-5, I viewed the new SR. It is as barebones as you can get. Interior is stripped down and as you noted they take away a lot of the important truck features. Adding all they stuff is one way to do it, but you sacrifice a lot rather than SR-5 which comes equipped with everything and I found it at MSRP in another state. Are you set on SR and doing upgrades?


Right, that doesn't answer my question though


For the most part, you can easily add on anything that the other models have whenever you feel like it. Rims and tires? Really depends on what you like to look at and what their intended purpose is.


Check out Tacomaworld.com, you can find pretty much any info you want. I do know in order to switch from halogen to led requires an adapter harness. (Headlights, not sure about taillights)


Just mentioning for your consideration. I was baffled by how bare the SR was. Good luck