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Holup.. all your fantastic friends are focused on your saliva and no one's talking about the fact that he tried going from girl to girl without cleaning that dick off? So he just tucked it back in his pants, let it bask in his sweat,cum and your saliva all fucking day before expecting someone else so blow him and you're some how the unhygienic one???? Call him out on his hypocrisy and tell him to wash his dirty dick before he moves on to another partner next time.. And both of them for their stupidity. Saliva smells. It's got bacteria in it that break down food, proteins, etc,.. sugar free gum may kill the odour causing bacteria for next time. Regardless, never give that idiot a sloppy bj again. He is unworthy.


And fucking men’s cum also smells. Bad.


It doesn't get better with time either...


I came here to say this and knew in my heart it had already been said. Wash your dick, bro. Wtf. Literally wtf.


yes! And everyone spit is gonna smell disgusting when it's out of the mouth lol when you kiss you 'usually' do not smell this but if your bf/gf spit on your hand you will smell the disgusting spit odour that we all have


😂😂 - this right here!


Why the fuck did I read this when I was having lunch


The title was very misleading. I thought this was going to be about a friend betraying a secret.


Now I feel betrayed by the title


I regret few things in life, reading this nasty ass post is one of them....


Totally agreed.


Why the fuck did I read this at all


😂 Oops lol


You're not the only one *typing as im stuffing the rest of my chicken salad sandwich into my face hole*


I'm having dinner and that was my first reaction lol


Idk why I carried on… I should have stopped when she said everyone was talking about my spit.


This wasn't what I was expecting to read, kept the notification there so I could read on my lunch. Eating sandwich at the moment, so I feel ya


This ruined my sandwich.


This ruined my mind!


This ruined my day , just woke up and read this in the bathroom. It belongs to stay in the bathroom, and flushed... (days not ruined, will bounce back, story about smelly sloppy seconds and hos is some gross shit)


Same same 😂😂😂


Bro wtf, this man didn’t even go clean his dick after getting some GAWK GAWK 9000??? Fuck your friend group for being bitches, for all you know this man could had been sweating and caused his own dick to smell. I’m a man myself and know how easy it is to make your shit smell bad without proper hygiene. Stay up bro, drop those weak ass friends and screw that mf.


Right? So, he had multiple women willing to go down on him, no drama and instead of cleaning himself up and point of fact, enjoying what has to be the best luck he’s had in a while- (seriously he should’ve bought lotto numbers) this asshole and his dumb friends group now harassed one of the women for having bad breath. OP: good riddance to a bunch of idiots being led by an even bigger idiot. I would not sweat it.


Kiss and tell - in a humiliating and degrading way. 100% chance of never getting a second visit.


I don’t even like it when my FWBs or hookups discuss my performance in flattering ways- unless it’s a reference to somebody who needs a beating, but that’s just good marketing. OP, FFS I can guarantee that as open minded as you clearly are: it will not be difficult for you to find a much smarter, less shitty FWB *and* he won’t have the baggage of a ridiculous friends group. Probably be better in the sack, to boot.


It isn't even bad breath. It's just how saliva smells after awhile, EVEN AFTER YOU JUST BRUSHED YOUR TEETH AND TONGUE! For example, lick the top of your hand, wait for it to dry off... Then smell it.... The dude is nasty as fuck for not washing his dick after though. Why isn't the girl disgusted that he DIDN'T WASH HIS DICK after another girl's blowjob??


I just died and had an out of body experience where I was still laughing at GAWK GAWK 9000 instead of looking around to fill you all in on what its like on the otherside when I came back from it...


Foreal tho how she getting blamed for his poor hygiene? Also my man Just ruined it with a girl who happily gives him head whenever he wants. Bro shoulda just went, “my bad let’s hop in the shower”.






Gawk gawk 9000 🤣


Best comment here but also are these women never getting anything from him? Sounds like he gets the benefits and not them…


Not your spit in cause, it's his lack of hygiene. Any dick, after cumming, will smell rancid after a while if you don't wash it. Obviously, he didn't wash. You should wrote that in the group text: "of course it's gonna smell rancid if you didn't clean your junk afterward. Also... you seriously let another woman give you head before cleaning? Yeurk, I'm never gonna give you head again, you are gross!" That would put the spotlight on him... which he deserves, because he is gross.


This, please. He didn't "expose" you. He was trying to save face so he doesn't look like the nasty pig he is in front of everyone. OP, it's time to set the record straight.


He exposed himself as a nasty weirdo. How did he even get into the position of receiving blow jobs on the regular?


It’s creative writing. OP posted this exact story to erotica and other alike subs…


I pretty much view every post as fake these days but I usually comment as if it was real


I feel as though this is the best move… some people really could use the advice and on the internet there’s no way to know who’s telling the truth and who’s not


Yeah I’m wondering why she’s more upset about that not that he’s confessed to not cleaning his junk after a sexual encounter. I’d be more concerned on who he’d done something with before me and what could’ve been passed to me.


Right?! And I’m here thinking of going Ace Ventura on my mouth just for reading it, lol.


This is EXACTLY what needs to be said! Like who tf doesn’t wash their dick after sex!? Dude is the one who’s rancid. I wouldn’t keep messing with this guy either if he’s going around town getting with multiple people a day. If I were you I’d go get tested too. People that are like this are prone to have STDs because they just don’t give a shit.


It's most definitely a kink of his. He presumably likes the thought/sensation of consecutive sexual relations. Naturally you can have this kink whilst washing your junk; his kink goes deeper. He also likes the concept of continuation; I.e that one sexual interaction directly follows onto the other unimpeded- essentially that the sexual encounter didn't end once he'd left OP and that said encounter would halt after being done with Anna. Evidence for this is that he felt the need to tell OP that he was going to get sucked off by someone else- in his mind that maintained *and* heighteined his arousal in the timeframe between him leaving OP and meeting Anna; there's no other plausible reason for why hed mention to OP the specific sexual act he'd be engaging in as opposed to just saying 'I'm gunna be getting of with someone else we know'. A defacto threesome if you will. He also most likely has a complementary fetish of humiliation. Humiliate OP in some way by devaluing what she just did for him by letting her know he was going to Anna directly after- implying he wasn't fully satisfied, despite the clear and concerted effort OP put in; 'sloppiest blowjob I'd given him'. Moreover, he was also implying that in the grand scheme of things, she's not that special and is replaceable since he can easily get someone else to do what she just did. He also presumably intended to humiliate Anna by having her give him a blowjob without washing his junk, knowing that it would probably smell. If there was any doubt left as to the humiliation aspect, he then proceeds to pin the odour on OP; granted one could argue he was just looking for an excuse for his smelly member. However this isn't the most plausible explanation given that A) It's not that difficult to wash your junk, rather, it's even uncomfortable to reinsert a slimy member back into your draws ( unless there's an ulterior motive; note OP herself never mentioned that he had a smelly member and has given him head multiple times, so obviously he *can* clean his dick, he just *chose* not to in this specific instance) and more importantly b) given the previous evidence for his humiliation kink, in the process of embarrassing OP he *simultaneously* exposed her, further adding to her humiliation. Just an all round waste of space.


Very well thought out and written response. 👏 Are you a criminal reporter out or work in law enforcement or a lawyer? If no, you should be...


'Ppreciate it bro. Dropped out of a top 5 worldwide Law School in my first semester to focus on what I really wanted outta life. Worked out okay👌


Nice. What was it you ended up into? Just curious. I'm severely lost in life right now so ideas of possibilities are good, even if it's just vicarious observation.


For real! If you’re gonna be the community penis, at least keep the facilities clean after each use.


Community penis lol


Where do I find this community penis? Do I put my zip code in somewhere?


I don’t have an award to give you but just know this made me laugh


100% write this op


Yeah what the fuck. How do you not shower or at least clean up before hooking up with another person. Why are they making fun of OP when the guy is the one who's trashy.


Notice this op!!!!


Well, this is a little piece of advice i never imagined reading. That being said, you're 100% spot on!


This and get a new FWB. Dump this loser


Why a new FWB … OP, have some faith in yourself, and hold out for a Guy who’s proud to call himself your Boyfriend!


This should be the top comment! I wish I had an award to give you! I hope OP sees this comment!!! OP this is nothing on you and everything on his nasty ass!!!


This is the way! Turn those tables.


Omg please send this back! Put him on blast for lack of hygiene


This is the way


I love this i hope op does this




It's not your spit. It's his dirty dick and he's spinning it on you. Stay away before you catch stds. Those friends are fake af (and trashy) too.


Spit smells sour and rancid if it's not washed off as well (it has tons of bacteria and chemicals in it that do that)... Either way, this whole thing is incredibly odd.


"Is that a petri dish in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?". *Insert eyebrow waggle here*




Dude had a fantasy of being sucked back to back by two women, kiiinda asked permission by telling the first, and when called out by second, blamed the first for... Not cleaning his own dick. And, it's not saliva. If you don't clean your dick after cum, specially uncut, it will stink. Dude is dirty, both physical and socially. Cut him off.


That’s what I was thinking: shot himself in the foot, but is nasty *and* clearly an absolute shit for brains on all fronts. I’m genuinely weirded out that “Wait, how’s it smell like her breath if you washed? I mean, don’t you wash your junk after sexual encounters?” Never occurred to *any* of them.


Fr literally getting unshowered sloppy seconds lmao I feel gross if I don’t immediately shower after any kind of activity


Half-dried semen can smell realy bad. Chances are he still had some on his weener when girl no 2 went down on him. Anyway, he has a smelly weener, and smelly attitude for exposing you and his fun time and blaming you for his not clean dick. Is try to revers the tale and blame him: having a smelly weener. Being a dick about it and blameing you (his dick, his responsibility to keep it clean) and for Kiss-and-tell about your adventures. And then dont sleep/suck him any more - hes a shitty lover and he made you feel uncomftable so now he reaps whst he sowed, the end of that sexual relatioship and now his friends know his a shit person to that drags ppl down


Ngl I first read that as "half-drank semen"


Well, girl no 2 half-drank half-dried semen... 😰


Have you ever smelled drying semen? I promise you what Anna smelled is his stinky dick.


100% - semen smell is the worst even when fresh because you can smell the putrid undertone laying in wait.


Mine smells like bleach, that's normal right?


All of these people should cease to be in your life immediately. Fuck all of them, especially stanky-dick. Friends don’t blame their lack of hygiene on people who were nice enough to do them a service no matter how embarrassed they are about receiving the another girl’s comments. And friends don’t fucking talk about it in group chats especially when said person is IN THE GROUP CHAT?! This guy is gross get away from him immediately. And as for the group chat- I would definitely respond like other commenters have said about him being dirty AF for not cleaning up in between.. How this group chat conversation is not about his lack of washing up is blowing my mind. You weren’t exposed… he was.


FFS! Maybe go back to the group chat and point out that it wasn't your saliva she smelled it was his dried up semen. Then drag him for being a dirty pig for not cleaning himself before getting sucked off for the second time. Then drop his loser ass and find new friends.


Ew. Your friends suck (no pun intended).








Nobody is questioning why he didn’t clean his dick??? He definitely has a filthy dick and trying to swing it onto you


I think that this user is a dude getting off to his own personal fanfic.


Why on earth wouldn't he clean his dick after you gave him dead, you did nothing wrong and its gross they're all shaming you when he didn't keep up with basic hygiene


You suck the dick of someone who has such poor hygiene he doesn't clean up after a blow job before getting sucked by another woman. Hygiene first. Gross!


Just answer that the smell is because basically he never washes his d. And then say to everyone in that chat to go f themselves. You deserve better friends than those.


What a classy group of ppl you all are


Right. It is blowing my mind that they’re just passing him around like it is nothing and probably without condoms 😬


even OP is more offended that her spit smells more than the fact that her and her friend are sucking off the same dude within hours.


And, there's absolutely zero mention of him reciprocating any of it. I know it ain't the world I grew up in, but at least back then women had some respect for themselves.


Respect is lost when she immediately was bragging about how sloppy a job she did.


Wtf is wrong with ppl?


Given the account and post history, I’m calling bullshit on this whole story


I hope you stopped sucking him off after this


Why the fuck are you giving some loser head and not getting anything in return? Even at 22, I wasn't this dumb. Reciprocity is the name of the game. Also y'all nasty as hell talking about smelly dick spit on a group chat. Eww


dude for real went in to a new hookup with his unwashed dick from the previous hookup and tried to make it seem like you were the gross one?! That dude is dirty, not you


Ghost friends who say this stuff. You’re young. Choose your lanes carefully. The people who say this stuff at 22 don’t end up having very good lives.


So wait, he didn’t wash his dick before going to see the other girl? Eww


Good and fast way to get herpes


Text back that he should try washing his dick once in a while, and that could help. Also that needs to be that last sexual favor he receives from you.


What the fuck is wrong with everybody?


PLEASE SAY SIKE RN, also rule for FWB you don’t become FWB if they’re FWB with your other friends Also why tf is he not cleaning his dick after thats rancid OF HIM bro😭


Sometimes, I wish I couldn’t read.


Real question is why didn’t he wash his dick before meeting the new girl?! You realize how nasty this dude is? And you’ve been sucking his dick thinking it’s such a prize?! Girl get some standards!!!! Stop suckin dick like they’re lollipops one of these days you’re gonna get burned.


Dude isn’t cleaning his dick. That smell was his dick. Tell him to learn to clean his dick, specially if he is going to have multiple partners. Then I would stay away from him. FWB should be a two way street with you both getting pleasured. Not you being used for his sexual fantasy and not getting anything in return. Stay away before his dirty dick catches and starts dishing out STDs. Your friends aren’t real friends. Those are catchy two faced AHs who don’t have your back. Cut those girls free and find real friends as well as a new FWB


he’s blaming you because he didn’t wash his dick after?? 💀


The problems kids have these days lol


I need to see what this guy looks like to get away with this. Must be a Hemsworth or something


It was the smell of his semen I guarantee you. Put those assholes on blast. Her for sucking an unwashed dick and them blaming you and him for not having the common decency to wash.


I haven’t heard a single thing that’s in this arrangement for you.


Nah it's his own hygiene and he's pushing it off on you. Woman to woman here don't give him the blessings of your blow jobs and leave that friend group. And if your feeling petty say "you weren't complaining everytime I made you cum" and go


Uhhh isn't it common sense to clean up after a bj? Thats DISGUSTING on his part. And it's also common sense that ANYONE'S spit will start smelling after it has been left to dry. Especially in his fucking groin where it's going to mix with sweat and bacteria 🤮🤮 if anyone should be Shamed for being nasty it's him coz he didn't even care about "Anna" enough to wash his fucking dick before she sucked him off. What a douche seriously


👆 This 👆


Now it's clear that he's not using condoms with anyone for these activities. Get an STI check ASAP!! Sexually transmitted diseases and infections ARE passed on orally too.


I shall be blocking this user to avoid this or anything like this from ever coming across my feed again


Karma farming fake account


I need to shower after reading this.


He didn't even wash it in-between. And people tell ke sex and dating isn't fuck now


Don't waste yourself on such "people". Stay away.


One, this dude’s not your friend and you should rethink your involvement with him. I understand hook up culture and I’m not hating on it, but OP…. **IF HE ISNT CLEANING HIS DICK BEFORE GETTING INVOLVED WITH SOMEONE ELSE… HE PROBABLY ISNT CLEANING IT BEFORE GETTING INVOLVED WITH YOU** and that is how a hook up turns into a doctors visit for any number of things. As for your friends… the fact they’re throwing shade at you for this dude not cleaning his dick…. Please rethink your friendship with them too. If they’re going to be disgusted with someone, it should be him. In this kind of situation I would be petty and say something in the group chat like… > I wouldn’t blame me for the smell of his dick, he’s the one who can’t even be bothered to wash it. Who’s to say there wasn’t someone else between us?


What in the white trash toothless hillbilly bullshit did I just read?


Do people not clean their pubes before expecting oral from someone?! Like wtf dude?


This guys a total prick. Why are girls lining up to suck his unwashed penis.


All y'all nasty! I caught an STI just reading this...lol


Is this guy shooting off ice cream? Why are you girls all desperate over this guy?


#Does this dude deserve BJ’s from two different girls?


I regret reading this post, eewww not what I expected and get tested for STDs. Just gross!


I don’t know Rick seems fake to me!


It more likely smells like dried cum or pre cum. Not your spit. He didn't wash that's yucky for her.


Considering the fact that he went from one booty call to another WITHOUT SHOWERING, how do they know it was not his dick that smelled?? Like I get it, spit can smell but.... HE DOESN'T SHOWER BETWEEN SEX PARTNERS!!


Why this guy getting so many blowjobs?


What 😂😂😂 These are no friends. This is wild. Get new friends and give men who deserve BJs - BJs.. not this clown. How’s he snagging two BJs a day with a stinky dick. Wild.


I'm not saying that this doesn't sound "true" but the fact that you wrote the same thing on like 10 subreddits makes me wonder.


?! HIS DICK SMELLED BAD SO HE BLAMED YOUR HEAD FROM HOURS AGO??! men rlly are wild w this “I don’t wash my duck and expect it to smell like roses and lavender bs”. It’s a sweaty meat stick that has: -been in a mouth -been in an a$$crack -been in a man’s underwear (disgusting) -and not been washed It will. Smell. Rancid. He was wrong asf for blaming u for not washing his di&k


PLEASE DO NOT respond to this post. It is FAKE. It is a KINK post. OP has cross-posted this on erotica subs.


You are not the problem, he’s as smeghead! Edit to add: he needs to wash his penis after wanking. I have mostly male friends and we kinda…. Talk about that stuff and if intrigued me so I inquired farther. If you have a foreskin and done pull it back to clean it… you get smet, knob cheese, as the English call it. More of a lumpy foul smelling residue after only a couple of hours of wanking or sex. (If left unattended) -wash ya knob boys!


so he didn’t take a shower… and she sucked him off knowing he just got head and didn’t shower???? im more embarrassed for her what😂😂😂


Ew. Do you have any pride? You're sucking a guy off, who doesn't even wash his dick and isn't your bf, and from your post, doesn't even do anything for you sexually.....He's literally just going from door to door getting his dick sucked and you're just a willing participant in that? ​ stop dating and fucking and just focus on your self esteem OP. This is beyond sad


Fine you might’ve had bad breath/stinky spit…but he basically just admitted that he didn’t wash your alleged stinky spit off of himself so who’s really the nasty one in this situation?


I’d be more grossed out that he didn’t wash it between BJs. Yucky


Your friend is gross and needs to have better hygiene. You should also stop fooling around with him after this, since he was so quick to throw blame on you instead of washing his dick.


Make sure that's the last head you ever give him. He's a right **nt to do you nasty like that. Also ... the hygiene problem here is his not washing his junk between partners. Get an STD test.


Listen to all these comments OP. You need to reclaim your dignity by exposing your ‘friend’ and after doing as others have suggested, leave the group.


Well now "let me smell yo dick" is gonna be stuck in my head all day


Sleeping around is fun


The problems kids have these days lol






who the fuck doesn't wash their dick in between blowjobs? I'm not saying you need to take a whole shower after but at least give it a rinse. the only time I didn't wash it was the time I fell asleep almost immediately after I got home.


This is insane


Is reddit the garbage can of the internet?


Lmao tell homeboy to clean his dick before encounters. It’s probably a combination of both ball sweat and saliva. Regardless, it ain’t hard to clean your dick


Your friend is disgusting, no shower after before meeting someone else?? Lmao that is absolutely foul..


I can’t unread this.


How is the fact that he didn't clean his dick at all, then expected another woman to suck it your problem. 1 the other girl should have had higher standards, i.e. tell him dude, at least put in effort to clean your dick since she made the effort to show up. 2 He has no hygiene, he doesn't deserve head if he can't even practice hygiene. Don't blame yourself, as others have said dicks stick especially after cumming even moreso with a foreskin.


Get a better group of friends. Male friends. FWB. Girl friends. Anna. All of them have to go.


Why isn’t he returning the favor? That fwb is one sided


JFC get some self respect. Wtf did I just read…


I didn't want to read this. My night is ruined.


Wish I hadn’t read this. 🤮


I'm not slut shaming I'm just slut-asking why


Obvious douche getting sucked off by multiple women at will. Ah what a world we live in lol.


Give smelly smegma man the ole heave ho.


it’s literally him his dick stinks and he’s too embarrassed to admit it 💀


I guess I'm old, but why is this group of "friends" even talking about this? That's disgusting and low class.


Spit on skin will almost always stink, especially when left on an unwashed dick with cum on it. The real question is why he didn't wash his fucking dick.


why is no one in the chat realizing he didn’t even wash his dick before the next person


That’s so nasty but not the you part. Girl I really doubt your spit smelled rancid I think Anna or the guy is lying or it’s simply him because he’s dirty. What’s nasty to me is this boy didn’t even have the decency to wash off. I’m about to turn 28 and when I was your age I remember there was an ongoing joke about cheating guys who would clean their Peter in the girls sink before heading to another one….. he didn’t even do that! He sounds so immature & dirty. Please don’t continue giving him head. Also imagine having sex with him and he just had sex with someone else he’s not washing in between partners either. How the group chat doesn’t put two and together baffles me.


Yuck everybody in this story are fucking ferals, op have some self respect


Why didn’t he wash it???


Why isn’t he washing his dick 😭😭😹


Y'all some nasty mfs in this friend group


Considering the boy clearly doesn't wash, I'd say this is more a him problem.


Kid didn’t wash his parts. Not the girls fault.


Girl it’s not your spit… it’s his nasty dick that he didn’t wash???? He has dried up spit and cum on it, and didn’t think to wash it. When the girl mentioned it he blamed it on you cause it’s too embarrassing to say he’s just got a nasty dick


it’s not your spit that smells, it’s the dried up cum, also for the love of god why doesn’t he clean himself


Only an absolute gross unhygienic pig would get a blow job, *not take a shower,* and then put his sloppy rancid dick in someone's mouth. Don't let this creep make *you* look like a fool. He's not only disgusting, he's a bad friend as well.


He's the nasty one for not taking a shower between girls


Please have a higher standard for yourself than some dude who openly tells you that he's going to get his dick sucked by another girl and isn't even going to wash it first. This man (and your friend group tbh) belongs in the trash can and you really shouldn't go dumpster diving unless you have to.


Why are these your friends?


Everything about this is gross


Nah he just has stinky dick.


That's less he "exposed" you and more he didn't clean himself up before getting a blowjob. That's just pre-sex 101, us dudes need to spend a few minutes cleaning up the funk. The fact that he left a wet dick in a hot place without cleaning off would also mean semen was probably there too, so that smell was mostly him. As an appreciator of the sloppy BJ, I can't comprehend how he could throw you under the bus like that just to save face instead of just going "Oh, hey, gimme two minutes and I'll fix that"


It's not your spit. Cum on a penis smells horrible after it has dried. He should've cleaned up before going to someone else, dude's nasty


your boy is disgusting asf bro. he didn't even do a quick courtesy rinse?


He’s hygiene is repulsive. How do you not wash yourself after getting oral sex? Did he really think it was going to smell clean after all of that. Makes you wonder if he did that with another person before you. Sick. You need to expose him like he exposed you.


First of all, everyone knows what “old” spit smells like. It does smell old and stinky. But then mix it with old jizz, ball sweat, and just the general smell of a dick. Your spit wasn’t stinky, his dick was, and their all too shitty to notice that. If he’s getting sucked off my several people in the friend group, he’s bound to be stinky anyway.


He probably has a cheesy dick and sweaty balls.


It doesn’t matter if the spit stink or not a dude should be washing his dick off when he gets head point blank period. he knew he was going to get head from someone else and didn’t wash it off?? that’s like a breeding ground for STD’s and infection for the male and both females. (regardless if you have one or not, it’s the principle and mans should be washing his genitals nmw) spit is filled with bacteria no matter how “clean” or “fresh” someone’s mouth is. i’m baffled this guy who doesn’t clean up after himself gets action from multiple partners at the same time.


How are they flaming you when he has an unwashed dick?


………….. well anyways


That's absolutely disgusting. None of your fault, but you should seriously stay far away from all of then. Don't waste yourself on such trashy "people".


Dried spit doesn't have a smell, honey. He threw you under the bus out of embarrassment because he was getting off on one girl going straight behind the other one, so he didn't wash his junk after he had ejaculated. His ejaculate was mixed in your spit, and after a little while, he stunk from not washing. I think the guy gets a charge out of demeaning women.


The guy didn't wash his dick and he blamed you for it. Gross AF and classy too.


The dude placed the blame on you. Dicks smell terrible after cumming, I guess he didn’t take a shower before this Anna girl arrived


That's the dude not washing his junk off. nothing to do with your spit.


Girl you sucked him and he’s a total pig. That’s disgusting. Raise your standards and drop his stinky dick


Not really your fault the guy doesn't wash his dick between encounters. How is a cum covered peen supposed to smell and taste? Not like a fresh one. I'm sorry you are being held responsible for this guy's lack of respect and personal hygiene.


girl.....please get tested....then suck only men who know to wash their dicks before giving it to someone else....and this guy is not your friend, he is a jerk, best he could have done is washed his dick or done the decent thing of not making you seem like a dirty person in front of peers....


It’s not your spit, it’s the smell of old semen and whatever else gross shit is on his dick. Even after orgasm some semen will still dribble out as the dick goes soft and if you don’t clean it, it smells bad. You should seriously take a long inventory of your life if this is the kind of man you’re going to willy nilly blow without at least getting an orgasm of your own.


He only exposed his own bad hygiene... You did nothing wrong