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If you don't want to then don't do it. Some guys are into it. Some guys aren't. I'm in the "no way in hell" category. But hey man whatever you like.


Similarly in the “No way in hell or heaven” category




Yeah you're but the first and final solution is not to break up ffs. You guys jump to this conclusion for quite literally anything. He chews funny? Break up. Her farts smell bad? Break up. I understand compatibility is practically number 1 but whatever happened to talking things out and working around them? Yall are too damn quick to give up.


Probably the same tbh although I am a little curious


Similary “no way in hell, ever” category. No. God no.


this. im female but im no way in hell to ever peg someone 😅 its a major turn off for me.


It doesn't matter if she wants to do it if you don't. If you don't want to do it, don't. Make sure you tell her how the thought makes you feel.


Alright I’ll let her know, thank you👑


Honest question, do you do anal or ask to do anal on her? If so than maybe she wants to on you for a reason. Even if not you need to ask her why she wants to. Have an actual consultation to see what she is talking about.


If she continues to bug after you stated no, then that is a red flag. However, it sounds like you two need to have an honest conversation


I appreciate the advice. Im lucky enough to have a gf that respects me. So even if we have our fantasies none of us ‘make’ each other do anything


Mate, I’d let her fuck me in the ass. Ask her if she wants to lol. Never been fucked in the ass, she can pop my cherry lmao.




What’s your point? Do you make a habit of stalking people’s comment sections?




I wasn’t trolling. I was joking about the comment about being pegged. I do intend to save myself for marriage.




This isn’t an advice subreddit. And it wasn’t advice I was giving.


I don’t desire to simply slut around like a man-whore, I want my marriage to work out when I marry. It is that simple. You are painting my choice to stay a virgin as a bad thing, what’s the bad thing is having sex without a serious commitment.


If you aren’t into that.. let her know it’s a no for you!!!


Whenever a guy asked to do anal I always said "you first" that usually shut it down real quick.


Well and good until they're into it


She would quickly realize that her childish response is stupid.


It’s not childish. It’s pretty damn equal really. “Do unto want others what you would have done onto you.” That’s why i lick the booty. Because jesus would.


Damn right he would, he'd be all up in that shit!


It's childish and pointless. People have preferences that don't neatly align 1:1 with those of their partner. If I'm a sadist, and my partner a masochist, must she still be the one dominating me up 50% of the time for the sake of some magical "equality"? Nonsense. The only important thing is that you satisfy each other, no matter what form that takes, no matter if you do completely different things to each other.


Seems like this response hurts you a bit. Need anal to keep your boring sex life “exciting?” Defensive of dudes who love being pegged? Chill out.


>Seems like this response hurts you a bit. Need anal to keep your boring sex life “exciting?” Defensive of dudes who love being pegged? Are you done making assumptions about my person? now prove me wrong. >Chill out. Pretty ironic seeing this coming from the one who is discussing people rather than ideas. I addressed her response. You are addressing my person, in the form of baseless assumptions too.


And I go welp strap on it is.


literally what i told my partner lol


I mean, if you don’t want anal sex, just say “no”. Why the immature response if the guy doesn’t force it? Frankly, this sounds toxic af. And what if the guy is actually into getting pegged and doing anal, and you’re not a fan of either after saying that?


Sound stupid to me. Either you are into receiving anal sex, or you're not. If you are, you should not require reciprocity from someone perhaps not being into it himself. Certainly not to "punish" him for his kink. If you are not, just say "no".


What a pain in the ass.


OP this is your chance to get a ps5


Fr fr😭😭😭😭


As general palpatine once said. Dew it.


It's a yes or no. Make a decision. I'm a woman and I don't find pegging a thing I would want to do. However, some past anal play with my ex had really good results. Just be sure to communicate completely either way so everyone understands where they stand


Do you do anal to her? It might be tit for tat kind of thing.


That is what I was thinking


Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. It goes both ways she wouldn’t be comfortable with something you would want for example anal, a lot of women do not like it and they will say no. If she continues to ask stand your ground and say no or break it off.


My general rule is I’m open to try anything before shutting things down. If you’re very adamant you don’t want to, communicate that with her. But if it’s something you’re willing to think about, let it stew for a bit.


Everyyyyyyyy guy wants anal… until it’s his turn


False. I hate it. Giving or receiving.


That's....not the same thing though, at all.


Yeah cause guys have a prostate so they have a far higher chance of it feeling good. Obvi no one should do shit they don't want tho


Not? stuffing something up your ass is the same if you are a woman or a man.....


Its exactly the same tho. Physicaly.


It’s a no for me, dawg.


Its just at fair to want to ram stuff up you butt as hers. Its not to everybodys liking and thats fair too. If she doesnt already love getting anal herself, dont ask for it from her if you are unwilling to try being the receiver yourself once.


That's a bullshit answer. If she is a either or, he doesn't also have to be a yes because she said yes.


He doest have to want it up his butt or even wanting to try it - thats vonplealty valid. But if he doest wanna try it himself he should not try to talk her into getting it up hers if she dont feel like trying too (fair is treating both equal) - if she alrady like it up hers, np. So no, not a Bull shit answer.


She approached him about it. That's how I read the op. What is this whataboutism you are working on here.


Im saying it fine him not wanting a dildo up his behind. Its not to every1 liking. Its just a lot of guys i have experienced and heard about dont want to try it but can be very adamant about how natural it is to ram his Willy up other ppls (mainly girls) butt, so my point is if hes not willing to even try it himself (wich is fine and valid) then he should remember it and not push for her (or anyone els he might want to sleep with) to do/try it too. Its the golden rule: show the same respect for other pps bounderies as you would want them to respect your no-nos.


I’m not really sure why people are so confused by what you’re trying to say here. Literally your entire point boils down to “if he does it, i’ll do it”, which seems fair for something since both sides have an ass and are equally capable of receiving anal.


Thank you. I know my english spellig isnt what I want it to be, but I was starting to doubt if what I wrote was even comprehensive english...


I'm confused why you are confused. Where is there any mention of op asking for anal? This is all about his gf asking.


I agree with your first sentence. >Its just a lot of guys i have experienced and heard about dont want to try it but can be very adamant about how natural it is to ram his Willy up other ppls (mainly girls) butt, so my point is if hes not willing to even try it himself (wich is fine and valid) then he should remember it and not push for her (or anyone els he might want to sleep with) to do/try it too. Its the golden rule: show the same respect for other pps bounderies as you would want them to respect your no-nos. This however is all whataboutism and has nothing to do with op or his situation in the post. That is all just your bias.


No, the point is realy: its ok for op to have bounderies and no-nos and not wanting a dildo up his behind, just remember it and show the same respect for her boundaries. Its not whataboutism, its solid advise. 1 he can say no. 2 its an important lesson in why its so important to respect the others boundaries and no-nos, because you want them to respect your too.


2 what lesson, if a man gets consent you want to make it some kind of life lesson? Are you respecting op's boundaries when you start jumping to conclusions about his experiences with anal? If a woman says no, that's it, end of discussion. Why is this different?


Op gets consent regardless of what his girlfriend likes.


Dude. A prostate orgasm is LIFE CHANGING.


Don’t do it if you don’t want to


Consent is not just for women, it’s for everyone. You said no and it’s the end of that discussion.


If you're not into it, no worries, she should respect that. But for the love of God, you don't just jump right into something like pegging. However you do it, if you decide to, start small and start slow. Some folks have the best orgasm of their life, and you don't need to destroy your asshole to do it. Additionally, many folks abide by the rule "if I have to do it, you have to do it". If you were asking for a sign on whether you should experiment in anal... This is It.


Of course she does. Don’t mean ya gotta.


Then say no you dont want to and if she continues to bring it up you know she aint the one for you


Just the tip


You first bro😭😭


Better tape your butthole at night.


I will say... men's prostate are in their assholes and the cum is way better for them. You can always work up to it if you're nervous. However, respect and communication are vital in a relationship and if it's a hard no, ensure you have that conversation with her. She should respect the boundaries you put in place.


I can definitely agree! My best orgasms have come from my prostate played with/fucked! Pegging or fucking a woman in with something in my ass too has made my orgasms so strong and it’s always a huge load


As a woman into pegging, I wouldn't want a guy to go with just cause I want it. But I also probably wouldn't stay with someone who doesn't want to. We'd just be sexually incompatible 🤷🏻


If you want to try it, work on some ground rules that both of you must adhere to. Also agree on a safe word.


You might like it.


They should start with a finger first but yeah probably they would enjoy a tickle to their prostate


All of these comments telling you to compromise and just try it- don’t listen. If it’s not your thing, don’t do it! Plain and simple. Your body, your choice.


You sound like you're not into the idea which is perfectly valid, no is a complete answer. She should NOT insist or try to convince you otherwise or guilt you. Consent is sexy folks


If you're curious, try it. The post kinda makes it seem like you're not so just tell her it's not something you're into.


I remember getting a 2 hour lecture on "why it wasn't gay" and then she lost interest in me when I still said no. My booty is not for sale lady.


“It’s not gay” “To… shoved a simulated dick up my ass?”


I think the main difference in anal and pegging is the role swapping aspect of it. I can understand that many men are not into it. There is a plethora of other things you can do if you are just into anal play. Maybe talk to her what her reasoning is in wanting to peg you. If it's just anal play explore rimming or fingering etc first . Is it more of a Powerplay Dom sub humiliation fetish, decide if you are comfortable with that going further.


Why not compromise and try some digital insertion, if that does work end the idea. If that works for you then consider going further


If you don’t want to, then that’s that, you both have to be ok with it. That’s assuming you extend her the same courtesy and don’t ask for things she doesn’t want either.


Look if a girl wants me to put something in her butt I’m fine with that , but I don’t want anything put in mine


Theres no point not to 🤷‍♂️ give it a good honest try imo.




Would you tell a lesbian that about dick?


A strap on is not the same as a person with a penis lol. Ass play is not a gay thing.


A person insering anything inside you is exactly the same. Rape if you don't consent. I have never tried a dog shit sandwich but I'm 100% sure I won't like it.


Oh I’m absolutely not saying to do it without consent! I was just saying “it’s not comparable to telling a lesbian that about dick” Some people don’t want anything up their ass which is completely fine obviously. Just wanted to point out it shouldn’t be because it’s “a gay thing”


It's exactly the same, it's telling someone they should have a conversation about sex and their body when they don't want to. It isn't for you to tell anyone why or why not they should have those conversations. Just like it's not my place to tell a lesbian to have a conversation about dock it's not your place to tell op to have this conversation.


I’m not talking about OP at all I was just responding to the comment equating a man getting pegged to a lesbian doing anything with dick. They should not do anything they’re comfortable with. But they should definitely have a conversation about it still. And tell them a firm no and set a boundary of them not bringing it up again if it makes them uncomfortable


Honestly if he's said no it's exactly the same. Forcing a conversation someone doesn't want about what should or should not enter their body is not right.


Somebody sticking a simulated dick up a guy’s ass is definitely gay.


Let her know I have dibs


There's a give and take in relationships. There's probably something that you want to try, so say that you will try pegging so that you can try your thing. If you haven't tried it, who knows, you may like it.


Give it a try. Unless you really are 100% against it, what’s wrong with it?




I'm a firm believer women only want to peg men cause they have issues with men. Or wanna dominate or something. It definitely does not come from a place of love.


Are you just saying that because you've never respected any woman who has let you put it in their bum? If the shoe fits wear it.


Believe or not I don't do anal. Mostly for cleanliness reasons, cause even with a condom that's dirty.


Someone doesn’t know how to prepare


Your whole comment is SUS AF lol


Be brave. Don’t run. It’s either loosing her or loosing your butt virginity.


It took years for me to enjoy anal/anal play. Had to be patient with the process




So I’m here to ask….why?


You tell me, everyone has their kinks I guess


But no explanation 😕? I would have to hear some pretty persuasive arguments and/or hear about what I get in return.


I know, I’m glad she loves me enough to respect my standpoint, so if one of us don’t wanna try something we wont keep pressing the other for it


My wife has told me she’s “ gonna get that ass” for literal years. Ain’t gonna happen.


Don’t do that to yourself


There are somethings you compromise on when sex is a thing and other things you don't. If this is a hard no for you put your foot down and say hey I'm not asking you to let me do something you're extremely uncomfortable with and this is something I'm extremely uncomfortable with. If this is something she really needs sexually then you two just don't fit well together unless you're going to let her live out her fantasies with other men.


Do it


You don't need to give no reasoning or excuse to dump her op this a red flag nd you should leave immediately. Did I mention you don't have to give any explanation why just up and leave without saying anything op in so proud of you for being strong op.


you count as a broken man ones you’ve been pegged


Well you have a few options, first off explain you are not interested and why. Second if this isn’t working try bargaining ask for somthing way way out of her comfort zone as a trade, many may want somthing but far far fewer are willing to pay for it, make sure you price it sky high.


Honestly bro let her. Definetly not talking from personal experience