Instead, he got the Dad haircut... for shame, Bort's dad.


I don't understand why so many Naruto characters got shitty hairstyles as adults. It's not even a case of "welp I'm not in high school anymore so I gotta go with the dead inside salaryman haircut". And before anyone asks no, a character doesn't *have* to have the same hairstyle from teen to adult but it doesn't mean they all have to look like they lost a bet.


The worst part is that they *all* look so much better in the Blank Period (I don't like Naruto's haircut much, but the outfit makes the design a positive for me). Almost every Boruto design is a massive step down from those.


Everyone looked so fucking good in The Last. By the time it came out I had lost interest in Naruto for the most part, but even I was feeling teary-eyed seeing all my favorite characters all grown up and looking cool as hell as acomploshed young adults. How they managed to fuck up the designs in Boruto is a mystery.


gaara got it the worst


Gaara went from "respectable Kage of the village" to "I work 9 to 5 in a job that I hate, give me a haircut that represents it the best".




Gaara with that haircut and that outfit looks like anime hitler


The Konoha barber has a lot of axes to grind with people.


I'll never understand why both Naruto and Ichigo went for the Dad haircut in their respective series


Ichigo at least wears it better


True. Naruto looks like he got into a fight with a pair of scissors and lost.


Naruto looks like he has a receding hairline


Sometimes you just choose to live with your new hairline.


Receding hairline


Naruto just starts wearing hats one day


Because they're dads lol


So much better... but I always thought he should have gone with a Jiraiya haircut


I'm not lying when I say the top left picture looked like a young Jiraiya with Naruto's hair


I always liked the mash up of Minatos with Jiraiya


Man, I genuinely hate so many of the "mature adult" designs for the characters in the timeskip, but Naruto specially is so bad. Bleach did make their characters somewhat less interesting in their own similar timeskip, but at least they still managed to maintain a lot of the original appeal. In Naruto the adults just felt like they passed through a "boring" design filter, not only in haircuts but their features and outfits.


It helps in Bleach that like 95% of the cast doesn't really physically age, at least not in the span of 12 years. Most of the Shinigami have already gotten haircuts or changed their outfits at some point in the series, so it doesn't feel alien to see them with different designs at the end of the series. Same can't be said about Naruto's cast. The most they change throughout the main series is mostly that they get taller and some get different outfits. And that's just the kids, the adults basically don't change *at all* throughout the series. But overall, nobody looks radically different after the 3 year timeskip. So you get most of the cast not looking right during Boruto and the final chapters of Naruto. All Bleach had to do was not make the human characters look super off in their late 20s.


And if Kubo can do one thing, it's design a good lookin character


Amen to that. I thought I was done with Bleach but I am so excited to see the dead Gotei 13 in action and learn their sword abilities and quirks.


Haircut Rangiku looks so goddamn good


Indeed. ​ Lot of babes in that show/manga.


I dislike most of the boring-ass Bort designs for the original Naruto cast, but I really like Sakura's design, I think she looks incredible.


I dunno who this “Naruto” guy is, but he kinda looks like Boruto’s dad.




Naruto's shitty buzzcut felt like the design version of "they guessed my ending so i changed it"


He wasn't ready for the Balding no Jutsu


i wish that were what they went for


This design is so infinitely better than that fucking buzzcut. Like over time I've come to kind of appreciate the buzzcut but holy shit what could've been.


I might be in the minority but I don't like this naruto design. It feels like its trying way to hard to be cool. I don't like timeskip naruto's hair either but this one isn't much better. I'd much prefer if he had something similar to Minato's hair.


No because we didn’t need a minato clone. But having slightly longer hair like this made sense


Everyone imagines they'll be cooler in their 20s or 30s they are actually end up being.


He imagined he'd look like his own dad that he had never met? What a crazy coincidence.


They're both just adult ninjas with spiky yellow hair wearing the Hidden Leaf outfit, it's not like this is a drastic change from his current appearance. Plus, [the hairstyles are fairly different](https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2022/07/a3300-16582302931133.png)


I'm guessing he went through this before his office as the Hokage.


Ngl this design does not work for Boruto era Naruto dude is in his early 30s with a wife and kids and this haircut is nice for someone in his early 20s. The current cut is fine and would look better if he slightly grew it out


Yeah naruto hair was clearly used to visually represent his spunky and in your face personality it would have just contrasted akwardly with Bort naruto being a workaholic that neglects his family.


I prefer [Adult Naruto’s hair cut](https://i.redd.it/gkdxgovh3il71.jpg) over this. It doesn’t always look great but most of the time it does I don’t think that hair style in the day dream fits Naruto imo


Man, Kishimoto really dropped the ball with that shitty adult haircut. Sure, you want it to not look too much like his dad's but why take away the identifiable spikes? Edit: Looking at some pics, I can see that a lot of spiky haired ninja were given flattened hairstyles as adults. Kishimoto must have been tired of drawing spikes.


Seriously, wtf was kishi on when he designed all the adult versions? I remember we were so hyped about the time skip, there were tons of fan art and every single one of them turned out better than the pile of crap kishi ended up drawing.


That uniform is just the ninja equivalent of generic soldier man and I'm still pissed that Kishimoto decided to downgrade almost all the character designs to that by the end


That Jonin Vest Drip changes you!


The voice change was so good too


Reminds me why I hate Naruto's adult look losing his spikes and Sasuke losing his signature chicken hair and went instead with a Madara budget hair.