Shit like that really pisses me off


??? Isn't this a single player game? Why can't they just abandon updates and let it become unplayable on modern hardware like every other mobile game, at least then it'll run on phone emulators.


Any word on Hitman Go and Tomb Raider Go?


I never asked for this.


[just leaving this here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUAX0gnZ3Nw)


Side note: but I'm literally playing deus ex human revolution for the first time pretty blind outside of memes like i didn't ask for this and safety dance because I just never paid attention to it. Its my first deus ex, i really like it tho it's really stupid how everyone just blurts out sensitive password info in emails and literally writing passwords on their desk. To be fair I'm no better but its hilarious how tech companies and police stations just aren't trying.


If I remember correctly there's a company email that literally says "for fucks sake please stop doing this i beg you."


loool yea I noticed that earlier , its still kind of a cop out tbh because there's so much info in those emails you can't find anywhere else. Atleast make me work for it beyond a simple hack


I'm afraid it's actually quite realistic


the least realistic part is how sometimes you actually have to go to some effort to find someone's password


The unrealistic part is that they write down their correct passwords and don't get one digit off then forget about it then try to get you to reset it even though you are not in IT whatsoever and your role is something else and you end up just making a call at work to try to get rid of it and then suddenly everyone thinks you are the IT guy and before you know it you have to quit your job and find a better one because you can't deal with the IT stuff anymore because you were hired as a dev goddamn it why can't they -


That's one of those things that is actually more common the higher up someone is. Cubicle floor with a hybrid model, where the same desk gets shared by multiple people? You won't see sensitive info. Guy with a private office? Yeah you better believe he's got a sticky note.


I'm playing through the recent Hitman trilogy and there's so much of this. NPCs talking like "Maybe the password/ passcode/ safe combination is _____ or over there written down." And also the whole "This might be dangerous if ______, someone could get hurt."


WoA felt generally pretty good about that type of thing until 3 had those damn keypads which they felt needed at least three "this is the combo" guys for each one, apart from the tower in chongqing, which to my knowledge is in one place and not talked about by anyone.


There was a keypad at one of my workplaces where the code for it was written on the door in permanent marker.


Passwords and credit card info kept on sticky notes in unlocked drawers is pretty much my experience with corporate america.


I just bought hitman and Tomb raider, fuck this


it was already pretty unplayable by now, i tried booting it up a little while ago and nothing would work, couldnt even get to a level.


Oh, weren't the devs of this recently shut down too? It must suck to not only lose your job, but also have your work just become lost like this.


This makes me mad as well because I enjoyed all the Square Enix Go games. I have Deus Ex Go loaded on BlueStacks and it seems to play fine right now even with my internet connection disconnected. Could this story be misreporting some of the facts? But I'm curious if this means I can't reinstall the game from Google Play if I have to reinstall BlueStacks? Jeez. They did the same thing on PC. This game used to be sold on the Windows Store but was pulled years ago. It was never available on Steam or Vita like the other Go titles. Why is this one treated like a big giant secret?


They’re is a Deus Ex mobile game