Friendship with Aegislash has ended. Ceruledge is now best friend.


This looks more like a Mega Man battle network character.


I still keep [this](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/835536792048238685/1017112057201557624/20220907_093938.jpg) around from when they were first teased.


I [heard](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H1uWMRrv7w) that image.


Ceruledge even has flame swords like the Swordy viruses.


Yes! Thank you!


The other one is literally torchman I love it


Aegislash, Ceruledge, Absol, Samurott (Hisui), Hydreigon, and Basculegion The ultimate edge team


This is Bisharp erasure


I almost included Kingambit but the fish powered by its dead school and dragon that evolves via conjoined sibling cannibalism won out


i wanted a haunted suit of armor pokemon for a while, love me some ghost types, wish it was steel type instead of fire, but we can't take everything away from aegislash. man o man i wish they'd do regional variants of aegislash/ let it combine with one of these guys for a sick knight and shield mode.


They did actually add a new steel/ghost type pokemon in Scarlet/violet.


true, personally it's not my favorite. though the new primape ghost is fantastic looking.


Reminder that Primeape's Pokedex entry in Sun says straight up that it gets so mad that it *dies*, like I guess it just malds so hard it has an aneurysm and keels over. Then in the ghost Primeape evo's entry it says that "When its anger rose beyond a critical point, this Pokémon gained power that is unfettered by the limits of its physical body." It's just an entire species of monkey Asuras at this point. They are too angry to stay dead.


That turns a hilariously stupid entry into something incredibly badass I love it


The evolution-requirement is also pretty funny.


The new steel/ghost just make me think of cheestrings.


i like it's pre-evolution. just need to think of a gouda cheesy pun to nickname it related to cheese and gold. i guess chedder works as a type of one and a slang term for the other. fretau maybe? combining fret, AU and the overall feta sound so the ghost aspect is included too.


Honestly I was just going to name mine Cheestrings.


[Judas Iscariot Silver Surfer.](https://d.newsweek.com/en/full/2152730/pokemon-scarlet-violet-gholdengo.png)


And a Steel/Poison that the dex says is a poison-type ghost possessing some steel.


Scizor's Vergil.


They actually work together great. Scizor is 4x weak to fire and Ceruledge has Flash Fire and is outright immune.


In return, Scizor covers Ceruledge's weaknesses to Rock and Dark, plus having a decent matchup vs. a lot of Ceruledge's other counters, like Ground and Water.


"Child friendly edginess", is a good description.


Poke Protoman lets gooooooo


The designs of a lot of Gen 9 are top tier. There a Kamen Rider Grasshopper named Lokix, and Primape gets an evolution that adds Ghost type because he's too angry to die.


I think my favorite so far is Greavyard. It's simple but I love it because it looks like Muttly from Wacky Races.


That Primeape evo looks like a Tekken Character and I both love and fear it.


It looks like Akuma from Street Fighter lol


Named mine Akuma cause his signature move looks like a gohadoken, then changed it to Oni cause I already have a 'Mon named Akuma.


meanwhile aren't these some of the only version exclusives this time around? I saw the list and it looked real short Edit: to be clear, I appreciate the change a lot. Learning about these new paradox-mons is very interesting as well, I think I like the idea of unique, version exclusive pokemon as a late/post game reward that have no bearing on pokedex completion.


Scarlet and Violet are more about version-exclusive evolutions and paradox forms than whole families of version exclusives.


If you're in co-op with someone playing the other version you can also catch the version exclusives yourself, so version exclusives are at their least significant. Only the cover legendary actually requires trading. Unfortunately, that kinda fucks me over a little if I ever want to complete my living dex as I'll have to do two full playthroughs to get a second Miraidon so I can trade for a Koraidon.


All of the exclusives save for the post game ones are in raids too and they're open to players of both games. Even trade locked Pokemon like Scizor or Gengar can be caught fairly easily through raiding.


Post game spoilers but, >!you can catch a second version of your game's legendary in the crater!<.


I'm aware of that but >!the first one isn't transferable as it's your ride Pokemon. You can't put it in the box so it won't be transferable to another game or tradeable. The second one exists specifically to allow you to have one you can transfer to another game, put in the box, add to battle teams, etc. !<


I think they held off this time around because of the end-game paradox exclusives are a bit different than normal and aren't going to flood the random trade network as much.


Yup, barely any this time around. I'm still having fun with Violet but I'll be the first to admit there's massive problems with it.


You are not the "first" to admit it, let me assure you.


I don't care that he looks like a Megaman character, because it's a genuinely fucking rad design and all complaints about him shall be ignored on my part. Armorogue can absolutely be dunked on though, nowhere near as cool.


>I don't care that he looks like a Megaman character *But that's the best part* Weirdly Ceruledge is part of the reason I got Violet over Scarlet but I never ended up actually using it. I didn't even add it to the dex until post-game. Probably because I picked the croc. Having Ceruledge share its typing with a starter was questionable, especially seeing as we just had Hisuian Typhlosian all of 8-9 months ago. I do like all three Pokemon though so I can't complain too much, I guess.


I wanted Ceruledge on my team so bad that I picked Sprigatito even though I was planning on Fuecoco for a while. I do plan on using Skeledirge for competitive once we can get the hidden abilities of the starters.


Apparently Ability Patches are available through 6 star raids so hidden ability Skeledirge is already obtainable.


The 6* raids are absolute menaces though, holy shit.


Even the 5 star ones can be tough. I've managed to get some cracked people with Iron Hands while I use Koraidon. Their abilities sync with each other and belly drum, heal cheer, close combat is at least a 2 turn play.


Is it possible now? I read you can get ability patches through Tera raids


I also heard that but they have an abysmally low chance in the hardest raids and if SwSh taught me anything, it’s that you can trust the random pokemon player. Those Mewtwo raids were BRUTAL


Mewtwo/Shiny Zeraora raids with randoms gave me flashbacks to doing Behemoth with randoms in MHW.


Yeah it’s makes me realize why some games don’t do group finder for raids. If you don’t have an easy communication built in it’s near impossible. I would even bring dual screens grimmsnarl and you would have to guess which one to use if there happened to be another or switch super fast to a different pokemon and hope they were support


Dang, so they're available*


[Flashes back....](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7S4IRWU4w8)


Great video and love seeing weedletwineedle. My favorite pokemon creator.


Man, same. I was *so* bummed when I found out Ceruledge had the exact same typing as Skeledirge. A lot of my favorites this gen had overlapping types so it was hard to have a good team comp this time. Even in the end I still had some overlaps.


You take that back Armarouge is absolutely as cool as Ceruledge it's got a transforming arm cannon for Arceus' sake




>Armorogue can absolutely be dunked on Sorry, but you are incorrect


Armarouge fucking rules tho. He has a gun


I was about to say he looks like something from MegaMan Zero. But I think that's a good thing.


I literally named my Charcadet Zero


Fuckin' excellent.


Literally came here to say "*That* is an edgelord Cyber Elf".


The best kind of Cyber Elf.


Naw the best ones hold energy drinks for zero


Edgy Cyber Elfs are not above holding energy drinks.


Tell you what—looking like a Megaman character is certainly not a bad thing in my book.


[Brain-guy, you mean like this](https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatemaverickx/art/Megaman-and-Roll-Armarouge-and-Ceruledge-Armor-928794781) Edit: fixed link


[Both of them are megamans.](https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:SV_Prerelease_Armor_Cannon.png)


Naw, the other one is more like [Transmetal Cheetor](https://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/c/c5/Agenda1_Cheetor_with_tail_club.jpg/300px-Agenda1_Cheetor_with_tail_club.jpg), able to stick his face-hands together to turn them into a big dumb face-cannon.


Armarouge is rad too and is even more megaman then Ceruledge. He uses his armor to get a literal cannon.


Its signature move "Bitter Blade" makes it even better. The description is "The user focuses its bitter feelings toward the world of the living into a slashing attack. The user's HP is restored by up to half the damage taken by the target"


What a fucking cool signature move. The Japanese name for it I think translates directly as "Sword of Regret" which is equally as strong.


Regret, frustration, or no thoughts, undistracted.


Scarlet has the hot lady professor and some cool fighting types. Violet is my favorite color, and the dashing guy professor is there, and there’s all the cool ghost types. Bugs aside, I think I gotta get back into Pokémon for real with this generation


While the bugs are there and it's immersion breaking, nothing is game breaking. And while acknowledging that, the gameplay loop and open world make it the best core Pokemon game. I've been playing this series since Blue came out when I was 12. Outside of the trash performance, there's so much good in the game. I'm not excusing the trash. It's bad and should not have shipped the way it did. Everything else is top notch, though.


Seconding this. It's such a shame that they were released in this state because they're genuinely good games aside from the terrible performance. Doesn't help that 99% of all discussion around these games is dominated by people relentlessly shitting on them for the poor optimization. That's not to say that they don't deserve to be shit on, but the internet is in such a hate frenzy about the performance/visuals that any praise of their good aspects gets mostly buried in the hate.


Yeah. im less harsh because i havn't encountered any big bugs and the bugs are most just funny to see. I will say the world feels a tad empty? and i wish the pokemon werea bit bigger and shinies where a bit more obvious like in older gens. BUT i will say so the new ideas are great. the tm crafting, letting your pokemon go on a killing spree by itself.....


Without spoilers, I beat the game just a couple of days ago and underneath the performance issues and what I think are some very questionable game design decisions, it's easily one of my favorite pokemon games. The sense of exploration, the characters, and the story climax are some of the best it's ever been. It also might have my favorite legendary, if only because you get to hang out with him for the whole game and be bros instead of just randomly catching it at the end.


Game breaking is relative. I've had mine crash suddenly, seemingly because rain started in the overworld. I love it though, which either says something about the game or Pokemon as a whole, despite a lot of frustration from performance issues. I really believe that getting the memory leak patched would make it significantly more palatable.


It really feels like YMMV bug wise. Through my playthrough I had some serious frame dips in the earlier sections (especially with the grass gym village) but Im at the endgame and have barely had any issues whatsoever.


I was listening to a podcast yesterday where they were talking about how its the best pokemon game they've played since 5th gen (their previous favorite), if not the franchise. But its also a hot mess, tech wise. But they seem to be having a blast. (Just make sure auto-save is on)


I guess the positive thing is that the performance can be fixed in patches and that would leave the game great, whereas if it ran fine but had issues with the open world or story being dull, there wouldn't really be much they could do about it.


Yeah that's what I'd say. It's so fun to play, just with some unfortunate frame issues. I haven't run into any bugs myself and just one kinda random crash.


I am seriously considering buying the other version for a replay and to get all the mons and I've never had this thought in my head with a Pokemon before. It's a wonderful amount of fun to play. I haven't played one of these since Gen3 and this is the first one I've ever actually engaged with to roll credits on.


Plague...keep your hands off this one!




It's funny how Ceruledge is just so much cooler than Armarouge. And honestly? I would have loved Armarouge if his armor weren't bright yellow, I'd prefer orange or a darker red.


Ehhh let’s not discredit Armarouge now. Lil guy is cool on his own too. He’s on my team and I love him


The worst part for me is despite being way fucking cooler, Ceruledge has a type that is both getting pretty common *and* the exact same type as the freaking fire starter. Meanwhile, Armarouge is probably one of my favorite type combinations.


Is ceruledge not steel fire? Seems like a missed opportunity


Fire/Ghost and Fire/Psychic




No, they're right. Ceruledge is fire/ghost, same as Skeledirge. Meanwhile Armarouge is fire/psychic


I've shown my whole ass, ugh.


I figured maybe the shiny version would look better but nope, literally only his eye color changes lololol. THAT ARMOR IS STAYING ON!


Man, I hate shiny versions that are almost indistinguishable. Least its not the lime green tint though I guess.


Armarouge is just as cool, unfortunately it's signature move isn't nearly as useful. I would've happily sacrificed a bit of power for some utility, it hits hard enough as it is.


Ah fuck, I just looked this guy up and he’s ghost fire, so I’m gonna have to choose between him and my starter. Guess I gotta kick out the croc, sad.


He looks like a Battle Network Navi holy shit I love it


There's a bunch of pokemon that want to be hit by fire now, so it's nice that this thing has Lava Plume.


“Child friendly edginess” reminded me of the design of [Rokusho](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVulZrEWUAAGL4l?format=jpg&name=4096x4096) from Medabots.


You know how 40k characters all have massive ludicrous pauldrons? This reminds me of that, but with the greaves. He just has one armor piece that's way too big for some reason.


Blue Zero


That's literally Lord Blazer from Wild Arms 2.


That's just a Battle Network character.


Ceruledge looks like it would look at me emotionally during a fight and say "I'm sorry...but I cannot lose this now!" before going full power and defeating me in one blow, leaving it exhausted, but victorious.


Man, I used to love this transformation in MegaMan battle network.


Armarouge and Ceruledge are literally just Megaman bosses. I love them.


I see this pokemon and sonic forces infinite theme starts playing.


That is more of a Digimon than a Pokemon and I love him


A lot of the future Pokemon do, honestly.


So that's making me wanna get Violet if/when I grab the games (after I hear of *many* patches, suffice to say). Is there any big thing that would convince me to get Scarlet instead?


The ancient Pokemon in general look better in my opinion, though I think that is mainly because I think the future Pokemon all look like ultimate level Digimon. The uniform colors are also different if that matters at all I guess? You can also play online with someone that has the opposite game as you and catch all of the version specific Pokemon no problem. The game itself *really* isn't that bad in its current state. I am about 10 hours in, and the only problems I have had is the background NPCs are slow and the graphics get fuzzy sometimes. I haven't had any bugs that actually have an effect on gameplay.


My only beef with the future Pokemon is they're all very similar. They're all Iron (Something), and the aesthetic is always "the Pokemon, but cyber-fied". The prehistoric Pokemon have more unique names and designs, and some of them I actually like better than the originals.


He's the sole reason I'm getting violet. One of my favorite pokemon designs fr.


Amazing design


Armourage for life.


haven't watched any kamen rider but this looks like one of the suits there


In this gen, there is a grasshopper pokemon that evolves into a Kamen Rider Black RX inspired design. Its shiny color scheme is even based on Zero-One's colours.


It really looks like the rival character where your protag is red with only one sword arm


That's a Megamans and I love it


Good to see Nightmare and Soul Edge in Pokémon


Thats just megaman zero painted purple


megaman character (affectionate) what do we call this genre of pokemon like gallade, bisharp and scizor, its peak character design and i will not let anyone tell me otherwise


Isn't that just Omega from the ZX series?


Nice try, Gamefreak, I know a Medabot when I see one


It just looks like a MegaMan battle network .exe boss..


This is a Spiral Knights character and you cannot convince me otherwise


The Megaman looking Pokemon is cool.


He looks like a boss from Megaman Zero/ZX.


Literally a mega man zero design, love it


Big metabots/megamanzero vibes here and I love it.


It's sad, Ceruledge is the ONLY new pokemon I love. The rest are meh to I really hate. Like at least 8th gen I had 3 pokemon I loved and 2 I I still really liked. But this gen in pokemon designs SUCK. I actually gave up on my rule to only use new pokemon on my team for my first playthrough because there is literally no other new pokemon I like enough to catch.


Literally the one pokemon I saw in the lineup that made me go "THAT'S MY NEW MAIN" I don't get how anybody would want Scarlet, it's version looks absolutely stupid with the big beefy unproportioned pauldrons. On top of the motorcycle pokemon looking so much worse, Violet is the clear winner, but I've seen more people playing Scarlet. I don't get it.


It's almost as if people value different things from you and your opinions aren't objective Weird huh


The legendary is cooler and the primals have more winners... also the professor probably did some heavy lifting.


Version exclusives really don't mean dick anymore. You can literally go into other people's games now and catch anything exclusive and get the needed items. I'm playing Scarlet with Ceruledge rn.


Which is a shame because you can only get those exclusives if you pay again for Nintendo online. Due to that I will never even fill he Violet dex. It's really dumb that you have to pay second time just to play with others, I'm already connected to the internet, why can't I just play it like any other online game?