The options available for "carapace" mounted weapons will be on the datasheet of the particular knight you build. Check your codex. While I cannot vouch for the Chaos Knight kits specifically, I know the Imperial Knight kits have specific carapace mounted weapon options that are all available to be built in the kit, itself. A heavy stubber and havoc launcher are NOT options for said carapace weapon (though heavy stubbers are options for mounting elsewhere on the Knight).


The whole is for the different rocket pod/turrets on there. I am not sure a desecrator/abominant can have one so check the datasheet for this. And painting has 0 effects on what rules you are allowed to use. But! Some tournaments do have the rule "if its painted as xmayor subfaction and x mayor subfaction has rules you gotta use those rules". And of course there are always random people that make a fuss about pretty much anything they can.


The knight abominant can NOT use a havoc multilauncher but it does get a heavy stubber.


>cher but it does get a heavy stubber It has a heavy stubber but not on the hard point on the top of its carapce


The abominant, desecrator and rampager can not use the harpoint on the carapace. Those three are locked their loadouts


You want to magnetize that bitch. You want to make sure there's a magnet in the spot so someday you might be able to turn into a despoiler. This tutorials on the internet on how to magnetize a knight. Magnetize it as much as you can. This way you can have it be any of the abhorrent class variants and when they nerf the abominant in the next edition or whenever they do it you can still make a dispoiler or desecrator with the right bits. I don't have the abominant but I have a heavily magnetized the desecrator that I can run as a dispoiler. If I buy the upgrade sprue off eBay for the abominant then I can run that one too


First and foremost. Do not fully construct your knight. Leave the armor plates off. This will make painting A LOT easier. It’s called sub assembly if you want to search for it. Secondly, magnetize. I magnetized arms, waist, top mounted guns, head, helmet/mask, and arm weapons. This is so I can easily change the load out while still keeping WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This also makes any transportation or storage issues much much easier. As for painting. Painters tape will go far if you want to do two-tone, stripes, or any other interesting color combinations. Painting tutorials for knights are a plenty (chaos and imperial are similar in theory so any tutorial for either of those will work.)


In the 9th edition *Codex: Chaos Knights*, the havoc missile pod is only an option for the Knight Despoiler. (The havoc multi-launcher, by the way, is a smaller weapon option used by War Dogs.) Knights Abominant have no wargear options at all currently, and can only be built with: diabolus heavy stubber (shoulder-mounted), volkite combustor (arm-mounted), balemace (tail-mounted), electroscourge (arm-mounted), titanic feet (um... leg-mounted).


Filling in that hole turns it into a different kind of knight, can’t remember the specific name of it but it still works, just not as the knight it would be without the weapon on top