“He’s just a mass murderer? OH THANK GOD!”




Ya every time I read his recantation out loud to people the most common reaction has been “wow that kid never stood a fucking chance huh?”




Major Sling Blade vibes from this guy. The difference, of course, is that Carl had a heart.


Well this guy is intoxicated, has wet brain, or just mentally disabled (incredibly low IQ). That's not an average functioning guy and those are the 3 best guesses. Not only is his reaction weird but his speech is scattered and processing is slow. And what did his porn career have anything to do with this?


> Well this guy's is intoxicated, has wet brain, or just mentally disabled (incredibly low IQ). That's not an average functioning guy and those are the 3 best guesses. So we can expect the GOP to run him as a senate candidate?


Nothing more American than being a random mass shooter! Thank goodness for all our guns!


>Nothing more American than being a random mass shooter! What about being a random mass shooter who's dad is an out of work meth addict / porn actor / reality tv failure?


Sure, skip past the embarrassing part of the family tree: California State Assemblyman Randy Voepel, a supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump. https://www.snopes.com/news/2022/11/21/colorado-shooter-randy-voepel/


Typical old MAGA moron there and that town that Gramps was once the mayor of -- Santee, CA -- has been nicknamed 'Klan-tee' and 'Santucky' due to its population of west coast redneck wingnuts who voted the Jan. 6th supporting geezer into political office.


Santucky is a new one for me. I live a couple towns over and I've been hearing it referred to as Klan-tee for over about 30 years. As much as I don't like gentrification I've been enjoying watching it happen to them.


Klantee has been called Klantee all the way back to the eighities. I learned that name when I was in elementary school in the 80s. Fuck I dont think I learned its real name until I started to drive.


"...a supporter of ^disgraced and ^treasonous former U.S. President Donald Trump." ftfy


I don't want the government to take away my guns! I need them in order to protect myself from the people I won't let the government prevent from getting guns!


The fastest way to have the government pass widespread gun reforms is to arm minorities


That’s what I always find hilarious. You want guns to protect yourself……from guns


it's literally an addiction. it's a shame more people don't grasp this idea


To protect myself from all those immoral gays!


Okay, so I know from [The Book of Mormon](https://youtu.be/5KSBEChzpMM) that "being gay's bad, but lying is worse." Thanks to this new information and the transitive property I can now say in Mormon theology the ranking of sin goes: 1. Lying 2. Man lovin 3. Mass Murder


This fucker deserved maggots in his scrotum.


Wow. As a bi guy, just wow. I just don't get it. What the fuck did we do that people hate us so much?


As a straight guy… nothing, you did nothing


nothing. they’ve just been told to hate you and don’t even consider why because they eat up propaganda like candy on halloween


This was also in the article: MMA-fighter-turned-porn-actor Aaron Franklin Brink had an immediate reaction when he learned his 22-year-old son had been accused of slaughtering five people and injuring 18 others last weekend in a mass shooting at a Colorado Springs nightspot catering to the LGBTQ community. A defense attorney called Sunday night and told Brink, who lives in Southern California, that Anderson Lee Aldrich was under arrest for the massacre at Club Q. “They started telling me about the incident, a shooting involving multiple people,” Brink said Tuesday in an interview outside his San Diego home with CBS 8. “And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I said, ‘God, is he gay?’ I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, ‘Phhhewww…’” Brink, who has appeared in such films as My MILF Boss 8, I Wanna Get Titty Fucked, and Latina Slut Academy, told CBS 8, “You know Mormons don’t do gay. We don’t do gay. There’s no gays in the Mormon church. We don’t do gay.” (The Mormon Church has confirmed that Aldrich was a member but had not been active in some time.)


They didn't mention you can also see him on Intervention where he is at the pivotal point in his Mormon life of doing meth and then masturbating for 10-12 hours.


Shit is it that guy? I remember that episode!


Literally there’s a [title card in the show](https://youtu.be/db9JhBRYQj0) that just reads “After injecting meth, Aaron masturbates for 10-12 hours.” Lol you can’t make this Shit up.


And Jesus said, "Let he who hasn't tweaked some gak before boxing the Bishop from dusk 'til dawn cast the first stone."


>boxing the bishop How have I survived this long and not heard this magnificent euphemism.


Because it came from the before times


The long, long ago.


Oh, pre-9/11?


Yep, I remember. That episode was wild. The poor wife had to go back to porn because he was spending all of their money on meth.


Now that's some republican family values!


Which side of the family has the father who is a Republican congressman lmao


The Colorado shooters grandfather is a sitting MAGA congressman in CA, got the last time when he tried to kill his mother with a bomb buried without prosecution.


I feel like if you try to kill someone you are immediately and forever banned from buy a gun.


I would absolutely vote for that rule.


Porn ok, but gay is bad.


Porn ok, homicidal maniac ok, gay bad mmmmkay


I'm thinking the odds him doing gay porn in his past are very high.


So one of the parents, is the child of the Maga politician Grandpa?


Yep, the shooter's grandfather is CA Assemblyman Randy Voepel (R-Santee). Huge MAGA piece of shit. Praised Jan 6th as "our Lexington and Concord"


is MAGA politician the father's father or is he on the shooter's mother's side? not that it really matters, just curious


Mother's side


This can’t be real


I can’t believe this thread wtf


According to his Wikipedia, he played a Spider-Man villain in one of his adult films. This is all bonkers.


Doctor Cock-to-puss?


Wilson Fist? Knobgoblin? Kraven the Cunter? ... J. Jenna Jameson?


>J. Jenna Jameson? This one is fucking gold.


Get me nudes of Spider-Man!


I assumed all of this was some The Onion satire and felt it was really dark content given the tragedy. Finding out it is all real, well...


Right now a writer at the onion is cursing like a sailor and throwing another 3 hours of writing work in the trash. Screaming "damn republicans! How is a satire writer supposed to put food on the table if you keep doing this shit!"


It’s really really hard to feel sorry for someone who just killed people but after reading this thread I’m a bit like “damn, guy never even had a chance”.


Holy fuck! There’s something I didn’t think would become relevant again. And he’s a Mormon? What the fuck? Edit: watched the video, that dude is still on meth. I’ve seen it time and time again. He’s tweeting.


I’ve always thought a lot of people active in twitter are also in meth


Damnit… leaving it.


Are you saying this is a Mormon porn star? I would have thought mormons don't do porn (there are plenty of examples of Mormon people being gay). It just sound made up


There's a fascinating documentary about the Mormon porn arena. It's called *Orgasmo*. I highly recommend. ​ Edit: I kept reading and saw someone made the same reference like three hours ago on another thread. Oh well.


At least he ain’t gay. Phewww!!


Mormon don't do gay. Unless it's for pay. Or for meth. EDIT: He's done masturbation porn marketted to gay men once, and there's likely been a bunch of dicks touching in the double penetration genre. 326 films in total listed via imdb.


Mormon? More like More Men.


Now Playing! **The Book of More Men**! The new X-rated Musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone


Being gay and or being a murderer is bad but being a gay murderer is... oh God the horrors. His dad is criminally stupid.


At least his son isn’t criminally gay and stupid. Phew. Dodged a cock there!


“Rather be a mass murdering psychopath than be gay” wat


>doing meth Injecting. He *injected meth.*


Is that … worse?


Yes. Much yes.


I actually can't believe this is real. This is like a more fucked up version of a South park skit. How in the fuck are we still dealing with people this fucking degenerate? I literally cannot understand how somebody's brain can "function" this way. Combined with all the ridiculous porn films this is like a fever dream.


I was hearing Randy's voice while reading it.


Theres a reason South Park went downhill, it was never meant to be the voice of reason.


[The whole interview is nuts,](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f6TXdNXcWk) the man doesn't seem all there... at one point he claims to have believed his son was already dead by suicide.


Omg that's hard to watch. Meanwhile we're making laws to ensure that every single pregnant person becomes a parent.




Is this real?


Yes. Here's a link to the interview on YouTube. https://youtu.be/0f6TXdNXcWk


This guy does not seem all there


He's brain damaged from years of drug use on top of being actively smacked out of his mind during the interview. Not to mention he's a fucking piece of shit homophobe who, "praised him for violence early on", referring to his son.


Yeah, dude's strung out. The telltale thing where his lips barely move and his words aren't coherent. He's a goner.


Being a MMA fighter probably took its toll on his brain also.


Do you have to watch the first 7 My MILF Boss films to understand the plot?


The character arcs really fell apart when they got to MILF Boss 4. The rest they just phoned in.


It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. People from oppressive cultures think there are no gays in their culture, totally blind to the idea that some hide due to the oppression.


Only the most stupid believe there are no gay people around them. The rest, which is most because that level of stupid is less common, know that some people around them are probably gay but are relieved to know that the culture they have created oppressed them into the closet. When people on the left point out that their bigotry doesn’t actually stop people from homosexual feelings and think that that is some kind of defeater to their world view, they aren’t surprised by that. When they say “there are no gays in my town” what they really mean is “no one comes out as gay in my town or they face serious consequences” and they all fucking know it. They are pieces of shit and don’t deserve to have their manufactured, hateful opinions heard by anyone.


My mom once explained it to me like this: ppl attracted to the same sex should treat it like alcoholics treat their alcoholism. Acknowledge the desire but don’t act on it. Of course the idea that my mom would force herself to be with a woman or be celibate the rest of her life is ridiculous to her. She can recognize the error in that choice but not in the choice to stay closeted.


People with bad opinions like your mom should really treat their bad opinions like alcoholism…


Yea cuz the Mormon church is full of ufc fighting pornstars, those people won’t even drink a coke. Unfortunately all too common religious hypocrisy used as a shield for personal prejudice


Dude. There is a documentary about a martial artist porn star mormon. It's called " Orgasmo"


Oh yea I think I’ve seen that one. The same filmmakers also made a documentary about a new sport which combines basketball and baseball


And one about a famous cannibal.


And one about a *small* military force saving the world with the help of an actor


Fuck yeah!




Stunt cock!


I feel like I’m having deja vu… wasn’t another mass shooter related to a d list celebrity/porn star recently?


the fact you gotta ask that is so fucked up


Well that’s it. The most American sentence ever written.


Doing porn and being a mass murderer is OK. Butt sex with men? You're crossing the line, buddy.


Don't forget about the intervention for his "former" meth addiction, even though he's clearly tweaked out of his mind in the interview


This is the same attorney that's now telling people the shooter is also nonbinary?


No wonder his son ended up a violent bigot.


He has an episode of “Intervention” and they literally show this guy smoking meth, curling up in a blanket and watching porn and jerking off for something like 12 straight hours.


He’s the meth-jerk guy??


He's a fucking meme https://www.reddit.com/r/meirl/comments/6s9mzv/meirl


Holy shit thats the guy! I remember this meme! What a fucking world




Holy fucking shit. Unreal.


The dad or shooter?


The dad.




Someone linked it here but yeah, I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole and sure enough, the dad is a former MMA fighter who then got into porn, then got into drugs, then was on intervention, and now his estranged son is a mass shooter. Wild ride


But thank god he’s not gay! Shew!!


This is just...wow!


He's a porn actor yet I have a hunch he sees gay people as sexually degenerated




So the little kid they’re showing, he’s the shooter?


Yeah but he's not gay


I should get my dad a blanket for Christmas…. Or some meth


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was either


You’re kidding me. Was that really his dad? Holy shit.






She told him he killed himself in 2016. 6 months ago he found out his son was still alive. From the CBS article someone linked: >Until six months ago, [Aaron Brink](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Brink) thought his son died by suicide. >Brink said his ex-wife called him from Colorado in 2016 to tell him their son, Nicholas Brink, had changed his name to Anderson Aldrich, and had killed himself.


How much you wanna bet he wasn't told his son died of suicide, just that he changed his name, and in his mentally addled state he thought something like, "well he's dead to me then!" and then just totally forgot his son wasn't actually dead?


Oxford and Highland Park shooters both had MAGA scum parents. An alarming trend.


Think of all the maga homeschooling that happened during quarantines. Impressionable kids isolated from reality and any sort of diversity.


People at r/conservative are saying he's non-binary....like that even matters if it's true. Seems like an obvious troll/defense tacit to me.


Defend the indefensible. It’s the conservative way.


He’s voting He votes in every single election, even the boring uninteresting midterms and local elections Do you?


Yeah, thank fuck he's only a murderer, not a damn gay! /s Fucking disgusting family


Terrorist pieces of shit


His mom and dad have both proven to be a pair of shit-shows and his MAGA crazed maternal grand-dad is also a few bulbs short of a chandelier. This kid was probably doomed from the beginning. Had his mom aborted him, several people might still be alive today.


...Just like the school killer in Michigan. Parents were shits, so they went to the ATM, pulled everything, and plotted an escape to Canada.




Yeah my family is like that. They’d rather pretend I’m dead (left out of my step dads obituary) than acknowledge they have a queer daughter. Ridiculous. I tell my daughters everyday as long as you are a good person I’m ok with whoever you want to be, want to love, or want to do. Just be a good person and think of others. Some people are just so bigoted.


I'm sorry about your parents. Thank you a million times for being a wonderful loving parent to your daughter.


My little girls are my world. I just want them to know they are loved no matter what.


Grooming your children to be loving, tolerant adults. Just who Ted Cruz warned the usa about.


I'm so sorry your family is so awful too you, ya seem to have it in a pretty good perspective, but that's awful, I'm sorry


I appreciate that. I’ve made my peace with it. I just want my daughters to grow up happy and healthy.


Can't abort them tho. Pre-birth they're still special little angels.


The autism grooming starts later. Get with reality. /s But more seriously, this just reminds me of kinda messing with little kids. Telling them things that aren't true, but they believe it, and it's funny to the adults for a few minutes. But in these cases, the little kids are adults that can be seriously dangerous people, and the goal isn't a few minutes of fun.


Over on r/Conservative, which I'm about to get banned from for insulting Herschel Walker's so-called "intelligence," all 300 active members are gloating that the killer identified as non-binary and used a they/them pronoun. Edit: and there's my ban.


That came from the shit's defense team. 99% chance it's a legal tactic and ploy to avoid hate crime charges.


He's going to spend life in prison regardless of the hate crime charge. There's no incentive to avoid it. He's just trolling people.


This is probably true.. fuck these people. It hurts my heart just knowing there are people this overflowing with hate apparently all around.


I think you are correct which is odd to me because he will still be in prison for the rest of his life regardless right?


And let me guess - they are also claiming he was a registered Democrat like they always do.


Just throw the dad in there with him. Society is better off without all these hateful people.




Does anyone know where I can turn in my membership card in humanity?




My friend’s mom wept and screamed “I can’t have a gay son! My son can’t be gay!!” when they dropped him off at college. Made a huge scene. He had just come out to his parents. What a selfish bitch. Also, it wasn’t exactly a secret. Literally everybody knew for years. He was out to most of his good friends. And he pretty typically presented as a gay man. So she just stuck her head in the sand instead of preparing herself for this revelation, which she had LITERAL YEARS to wrap her head around.


Fucking hell…hope your friend is doing okay.


This is so random but I was watching some old Big Brother season and they show one of the gay guys talking then cut to the wholesome mom in confessional who’s like “I would be really disappointed if my son chose the gay lifestyle” like these ppl are still alive and well it has not been that long since we passed gay marriage. A lot of parents out there would choose a dead child over a gay child. Mine are like that and sometimes when ppl find out they have a hard time believing it. I’m like “really? With all the shit going on you can’t imagine a parent preferring a dead kid to a gay kid?”


FYI We actually never passed a gay marriage law. The court just ruled that banning it was illegal based on the 14th amendment. The current court has clearly signaled that it would reverse such a decision. In anticipation of the court's actions, the senate just passed the first law ever to recognize gay marriage federally last week with the _Respect for Marriage Act_ and it's likely to pass the house too. But the bill does not guarantee that states will allow gay marriages to occur in them. So I expect some state bans to kick in soon in the next few years. This is an ongoing struggle.


One time many years ago I was talking to one of my relatives about one of their grandkids going off to college and she said “Maybe he’ll finally get a girlfriend!” I and my mother shared a look while smiling and nodding because my aunt hadn’t picked up on it but that kid was theater major gay. He was out to my mom and a few others and if you saw him in a movie you’d instantly know that he was the gay character, but she remained oblivious.


*or* dead. They'd rather have them dead than gay. Same for autistic, better a dead child than a vaccinated one with autism amirite


People do not understand why i am offended when they say they would rather have a dead child then a child like mine


My grandson is on the autism spectrum. It really make me mad that people can be so damn stupid about children with autism.


Bullying is doing what they want it to. I was bullied throughout the entirety of my elementary school and high school and the school did not stop it even though my parents tried. Looking back Now I know why I was bullied because I was different but it still shouldn't have happened and been allowed to continue. The people who benefit from society being the way it is don't want it to change so bullying doesn't stop in hopes that they kill themselves.


I had a (preschool aged) student who was very clearly undiagnosed with autism. When I asked the parents why they weren't getting him services, the dad point-blank responded, "I'd rather have my kid be the weird kid than the autistic kid." I think about that little boy a lot.


I have no respect for parents that put their pride ahead of their own child's wellbeing.


Absolutely appalling.


This is so sad. I had an autistic coworker explain how he would say it just like that to anti vaccine folks. “You would rather your child be dead than autistic, alive, and a functioning adult?”


A lot of people think they will be judged, pitied or shamed for their child being autistic. One of the things I'd do if I could go back in time is shut down that fucker that claimed vaccines caused autism a lot earlier than he already was. Our current understanding is it's genetic and hereditary, kind of like cystic fibrosis. It may not be passed down by a particular gene that both parents have to have, but autistic people do seem more likely to have autistic children


Yeah I have a buddy whose dad told him he'd rather have him kill himself than be gay.


Not just sons! When I came out as a lesbian, my dad said he wished I would get cancer or something bad would happen so that I would "come back to Jesus." That broke my heart. Now my parent wonder why I don't visit.


This is how you know which parents truly love their kids vs the parents that love the idea of their kids as perfect little clones of themselves.


What a family.


They’re Mormons **AND** MAGAts. Name a better duo.


His whole family is fucked. Mom was arrested for arson before.


Wasn't his grandfather a GOP politician?


Ah, yes. He tweeted "Thoughts and prayers". I guess he was praying for his grandson not to be gay.


When they value a mass murderer higher than someone being gay then you know your safety is threatened. Don’t rely on the system. Protect each other.


Left leaning people should buy guns for protection and form more friendships within their neighborhood. Solidarity against the right is critical right now.




I mean look at r/conservative the only thing they care about is proving the shooter isn’t one of them.


"Heroic 2A Advocate Defends Traditional Values" They know he's one of them, they just like to muddy the water at first and are absolutely going to be hero-memeing this killer within a week or two.


"He's not one of us even though he did what we all want to do."


So can this be used to point out the murderers lawyers attempt to claim the shooter as non-binary against them? I’m also thinking this is why they’re also fighting against using his social media accounts to not establish any pattern and to eliminate questioning his non-binary claims.




Did anyone else see that his defense team is claiming their client is nonbinary and asked the court to refer to the defendant as "Mx." and use they/their pronouns? It sure sounds like a family that wouldn't honor a pronoun change, but I really can't help but think it's a vile way to get him out of hate crime charges.


it's a transparent attempt to retraumatize the LGBTQ community. it gives the right fodder for a victim blaming news cycle, which is long enough to set the narrative for most of the public.


So this guy, who has appeared in such films as My MILF Boss 8, I Wanna Get Titty Fucked, and Latina Slut Academy is worried about the moral implications of his son being gay, and not that he murdered 5 people in cold, bigoted blood?


This party is beyond salvation. If you think that people being slaughtered is okay because they were gay, then no, you are objectively a horrible person and deserve nothing but pain in your life. And if you are a politician who does not take issue with an opinion like that of the dad (and many other red-pilled individuals), then you're a part of the problem as well.


This is a turning point for mass shootings because rather than condemn it there's been an increasing rise in rhetoric from Conservatives that these people deserved it for grooming kids. They're whipping people up into a frenzy because nothing gets people acting violent quicker than thinking kids are in danger.


They are dehumanizing them so that in the future, it will be easier to justify crimes committed against them.


Except actually killing kids. Then you go after the parents of the dead kids. (Sandy Hook)


Don’t let the Mormons off easy either. Someone posted a link that showed a Mormon leader giving a speech and saying that Mormons needed to “defend the institution of marriage with the musket”. They’ve spent millions maybe billions to fight against gay peoples rights. They have just as much blood on their hands as the republicans.


It really shows how some people have no empathy for people that are different then themselves.


That’s conservatism.


And THIS is why the gay bar got shot up… Ironically, more straight people got killed than gay people… That’s irrelevant though. Just ironic. Any loss of human life straight, gay, trans etc. is disgusting. This “father” is disgusting. He will get his…


Yeah I’m sure with a dad like that the kid is totally fucking nonbinary /s


That tracks


"Brink" sounds like the name of a character in a Judd Apatow movie who is doing burpees in the background of every scene where he doesn't have lines, and he's constantly trying to show other characters the number of literal notches on his belt that represent strippers he's fucked...