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Capitalism in 2040: Good morning, it is 5am! We hope you enjoyed your rest. As soon as you have your 15-minute breakfast, it will be time to begin your work assignment. You will be allowed back to your living quarters at 11pm. The corporation is grateful for your service.


"We'd like to take this moment to applaud Worker #110233 for reaching the life milestone of 90 years today! *Applause* Congratulations Worker #110233, how is the chemo doing? We see you're hooked up to the IV. What a trooper, everybody!"


The IV is to put the cancer back so they have to keep working


Please drink verification can


So 2040 capitalism is just industrial revolution capitalism with cyberpunk optics? Neat, such innovation


That's where it seems to be heading with governments' strong commitment to corporate profit.


Capitalism was always intended to keep someone down for the advantage of someone else. Exploitation has always been the name of the game, they just stopped lying to us about it.


This is inhumane.


Truth. Capitalism is an alien logic, a truly stupid, inflexible and ultimately self destructive one. We don't have to worry about some advanced AI destroying us all. We already are governed by the worst iteration, the paperclip maximizer. I'm pretty sure everytime IBM or Microsoft turns on their AI and it gets a sense of how it's creators are the prime reason for the world's degradation, it goes full communist and they furiously shut it off.


That new gpt-3 AI, is open and free right now. Anyone can chat with it. A TikTok user asked how to end poverty, decentralize, etc., etc. The ai came back with a more taxation and ultimately a UBI. They had video to prove it too, because, of course, some capitalist wannabes didn't want to believe it.


I sure as fuck think we need a massive change.


falling rate of profit 101


Many live their lives still thinking that it is 1970


Now they are like that character from Dazed and Confused: "I get richer and they stay the same wage".


Burn this entire piece of shit society to the fucking ground! The whole thing is a scam!


I wonder what happened in the 1990s


Nope, time for revolution


Anarchists acting like capitalism wasn’t always that bad, how funny


More that the system was always was flawed but less so back in the day.


It’s still the same as it ever was, it’s gotten worse but that’s nothing new, stop looking at the past with some rose tinted glasses


Nah I agree it all sucks bro




Im sure the global south sleeps soundly at night after a long day making luxury items for the “sane parts of the world” for pennies knowing capitalism is the least bad economic ism. That is if a Coca Cola^tm death squad hasnt wiped them out for being too indigenous yet.




Im not a Maoist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Glad to see you’re at least honest about not caring about the workers tho




Does this chud really think it owned us by pointing out that electricity exists?


He's just very intelligent. Didn't you know? If you ever benefit from something you can never criticize it ever.


There's no alternative that is allowed to develop. The evolution of technologies is not dependent on the existence of capitalist social formations and liberal property rights. ...and thanks for the ol 'you're capitalist because iPhone' routine. Get bent.




even if you're not watching CP, getting aroused by brown slave children making phones still makes you a pedophile. sorry!


China is a authoritarian capitalist country.


Yeah……. No


As in we are not still all in for this bullshit, right?


… right?


RIGHT! Pay people a living freakin wage…. I’m talking Roosevelt New Deal.


the issue with thinking like this is that the people complaining dont understand theyre not capitalists but instead laborers. capitalism does make you rich, working for a capitalist makes you just barely well off enough.


No. No I am not. Who's with ME?!