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I check my phone and it's 4:05 am... Another sleepless night, I walk downstairs maybe a nice hot cup of tea might put me to sleep. I clumsily fumble down the stairs not fully awake. The man behind the kitchen counter asks me what I'm having, I order chamomile straight up. The man opens my cupboard and his tentacle grabs the jar of loose-leaf chamomile tea as the man set's the kettle to boil. While we wait he asks me what's worrying me, I spin some yarn about stress at work. I'm not even sure why I can't sleep, he pours scalding hot water over the leaves. We talk about dreams and memories. The tea is ready, my eyes are heavy... Tomorrow I'll ask him, how his day went.


The skinny legs of the shadowed spiders danced across the wall in peripheral. Yet when focusing closer they vanished into the darkness they spawned from. She glanced at the kitchen counter lit dimly by the orange glow of street lamps outside. Why was everything so quiet while these creatures could not stop crawling just beyond her sight? The freshly brewed tea in her mug was keeping her spirits warm at least. Back in bed, each sip of the warm drink sent her spiraling further down, back towards relaxing sleep. The last sip that warmed her tongue slid down yet felt strangely silky sliding down her throat. A small burp came up and brought a caterpillar like string of fur writhing inside her mouth. Immediately trying to spit it out proved to be of no use, as it clawed and took refuge by her the back of her gums with each attempt. Running towards the bathroom she tripped in the darkness and felt the creature disturbed crawling back into the throat. It scurried itself up and behind her nose with one final pinch as if daring for its own removal. Examining her mouth in the bathroom mirror brought no answers however. The sensation of movement had since passed and all that was left was a small tuft of fur stuck between her teeth.