>I mean some of you voted for John Calhoun and Ben Tillman over the guy Yeah I remember back in the day voting for Ben Tillman over DeSantis to own the cons


Hating him is completely rational, he's the worst of Trumpism, The Tea Party and Neocons all rolled into one greasy meatball.


That’s somewhat racist but since it’s DeSantis I’ll accept it




I'd probably vote Bolton over him but for sure not the other 2.


You want war with Iran?


>some of you voted for John Calhoun and Ben Tillman over the guy That's just South Carolina being better, tbh.


Because he sucks ass


Liberal mfers on their way to vote for Don black bc he’s not desantis who “sucks ass” ![gif](giphy|u1SH63gOjMPpS)


What was that autocorrect supposed to be?


At this point, William Joseph Simmons, John Brown Gordon, Theodore Bilbo, James Vardaman, Coleman Blease, James Thomas Hefin, M. Hoke Smith, Rufus C. Holman, Gerald Winrod, Gerald L. K. Smith, John Tyler Morgan, Alfred Waddell, Charles Aycock, Walter Kitchin, Furnifold Simmons, Rebecca Felton, Eugene Talmadge, Preston Brooks, John Rankin, Jim Eastland, Ellison D. Smith, John G. Schmitz, Sidney Johnson Catts, William Luther Pierce, Alma White, Charles Lindbergh, and Charles Coughlin could get votes from this sub because they're not evil meatball DeSatan.


How did you get so many names of infamous white supremacists, anti-semites, and other far-right figures?




I have been interested in the history of racism in the US, so I know a lot of these names already. (Though Hefin, Aycock, Kitchin, and Ellison were added after I found them out last night.). I had to look for the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection before I could find Waddell (I forget his name, and I did pick up a few names from a list of perpetrators).


Ok but what about Yockey? Didn’t see him mentioned.


[Insert TNO copypasta here]


User flair checks out


Unflaired scum


This isn’t PCM no need for that


Still better than a Desimp


Not even saying he’s a great governor just wanna know why y’all despise him more than Calhoun and ultra hawks who would end the world


Idk much about those guys but I can tell you why I despise DeSantis (I don't even identify as woke, mainly because its such a vague term it's meaningless). He has quite conservative social policies but the damaging part is that he uses his authority so much to an unreasonably intrusive extent. Defaulting all books to be banned until they are reviewed and verified as "not woke." Woke is such a broad term that teachers just cover up all of the books they have for fear of losing their jobs. That means history teachers are especially on a tightrope when it comes to showing anything that could be deemed as woke. Even a [math question](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxOZuRhLMjlr8nguinS9RRAOv-2HmwZ54h) that just mentions kindness was flagged. His law forcing college students and staff to answer political polls while he suggests that those found to be "indoctrinating" could lose funding is not only intrusive, but also authoritarian. Somehow, he still has the balls to walk on a stage and call himself and his state a "bastion of freedom." Has he never read anything he's signed? He's also willing to pull of stunts like sending immigrants elsewhere instead of meeting them where they're at. It's also suspicious that this is all happened starting in 2021 even though he won in 2018, suggesting this is just a play for the base. In other words, he's willing to play peacock to the base at the expense of peoples' freedoms.


>why y’all despise him more than Calhoun and ultra hawks who would end the world Cause he would probably do the same ig..


Who says I don’t hate all of them?


Unfamiliarity with the other person.


Asking people if they'd rather Trump/DeSantis or some obscure fascist Balkan politician from the 1930s that no one has heard of isn't as much of an own-the-libs move as you think


just an overall dimwit of a politician


Honestly I think that people have an anti desantis knee-jerk and vote for the other person without thinking. Either that or an insane Case of TDS (Desantis edition)