Does the Republican base prefer tax hikes on the wealthy to Social Security and Medicare cuts?

One of the things that’s been said by Trump-aligned politicians like Hawley and Vance is that entitlement reform is bad politics because the base isn’t really interested in it. But you cannot address the deficit without addressing Social Security and Medicare, which some people have said that the Republican base, which tends to lean older, relies on more than ever, and that people feel that these are benefits they have worked for for many years.

When it becomes unambiguously clear that the costs of Social Security and Medicare need to be addressed, would the average Republican voter prefer taxes on the wealthy to Social Security cuts?


The US has ran a deficit for nearly 30 years now. If you're gonna handle this, then cutting the deficit won't be enough, you need to start running a surplus. Honestly raising taxes and making budget cuts might need to be done in combination to solve this issue. Anyway, I think Republican voters will get more and more open towards raising taxes on wealthy people (and corporations), as the GOP is turning more and more into the party of the working class.


A balanced budget amendment would basically require huge tax increases across the board. Either that or we get rid of a branch of the military, kill every government worker's pension, and repeal Social Security.


Do you think the Democrats will embrace tax cuts?


I think a lot of Democratic voters already do Biden always talks about not raising taxes on anyone making less than 400k a year, which is over 95% of the population. So it's already viewed as controversial to raise taxes


Tax cuts for the wealthy specifically, are still widely embraced by Dems. That means that Republican and Democratic voters would be in consensus in terms of taxes on the wealthy.


Ofc tax the rich