Not ugly. You look a bit tired though. Either that or you've just hit a fat dab. :D But nah, you good. Your smile in pic 2 lightens up your face in the best way. So keep that up.


After the next fat dab, grab a friend and go to Sephora or something. They’ll help you buy some easy products and show you how to apply concealer where. Maybe a little mascara and lipgloss and that’s all you need.


fat dab? what's that?


Nevermind. Stupid comment. Would you say you get enough sleep at night?


Lmaoooo fat dab


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I typically have some discoloration under my eyes.


Is it allergies? Not that it's any of my business, but I get like that around certain plants. If you take the focus off your eyes, there's very little else I could fault. You are quite pretty.


Just for your own education; https://www.cigna.com/individuals-families/health-wellness/bags-dark-circles-under-eyes > Fatigue and exhaustion can make your eyes look dark > Salt/sodium in your diet can also affect dark circles > Alcohol and tobacco use can contribute, as well > Your family history could also make you prone to dark circles and another source https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/dark-circles-under-eyes/basics/causes/sym-20050624 > Allergies > Atopic dermatitis (eczema) > Contact dermatitis > Fatigue > Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) > Heredity > Skin color irregularities > Rubbing or scratching your eyes > Sun exposure, which prompts your body to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color > Skin changes that happen with aging Yea sometimes it's just life and some people will have circles regardless of how much sleep they get.


OK. Thanks, I guess. But we aren't here to help me.




Oh, I also said "allergies". Is that a form of sleep I'm unaware of?


Everyone's saying sleep. I also said, "fat dab". Take your high-horse elsewhere friend. Its not necessary here.






It means you smoked a big piece of concentrated THC and got extremely stoned.


Someone should hire you to translate zoomer speak to boomers.


Gen Y to the rescue lol


Oh you sweet summer child.


strong ass weed


Not ugly but you do kind of blend in


I don’t think that you are ugly. For my taste you are extremely average and plain looking.


yikes. thanks.


why do people take such offense to "average"? more than half the popular is average looking. hell, i actually wanna commend you for posting unfiltered pictures. you didn't put in some Instagram/Snapchat filter to make your skin look nice. you didn't shine a line right up next to your face to hide imperfects. they are natural pictures. you have a nice figure. no one would be ashamed to be out with you.


Being average is also far better than being ugly, which a lot of people are


I'm actually pretty happy when people call me average. Yay, there's nothing wrong with me!


I’ve thought about what you said. And I understand the “no one would be ashamed to be out with you”- but I guess I want someone who is actually * excited* about me and not just like “eh, you’ll do.” Thanks for the honesty. So many of my friends are absolutely beautiful and I just wish I could transform myself to be that, since that is what so many men want.


> And I understand the “no one would be ashamed to be out with you”- You probably misunderstood. I meant that you are not ugly where I would want to hide you in a dark corner of the restaurant. Or want to walk ahead or behind you so people don't think we're together or something negative like that. > I guess I want someone who is actually * excited* about me and not just like “eh, you’ll do.” The looks "excited" is superficial. Do you want to be with someone that shallow? Deep down we all want that, don't we? We all want to find a person that's excited to be with us. But there's more to that vs just looks. Is my partner caring/loving/nurturing? Do they hug me when they see me? > So many of my friends are absolutely beautiful and I just wish I could transform myself to be that, since that is what so many men want. Okay. But how many of them have that kind of relationship? What happens as she gets old? Or gets pregnant? "Ehhh she's not hot anymore, let me go find someone else." I get what your saying that we don't want to settle, but what's wrong with settling? A gold digger wants to marry the richest guy in the world, but she settles for someone not as rich? You swipe right on 100 people on Tinder, if your top choice doesn't swipe right on you, then aren't you settling? If the person I dream off doesn't manifest, but someone gives me a chance, aren't they settling? If you aren't head over heels from day 0 with the person you are with, aren't you settling? If your partner likes to do X, but you don't, aren't you settling? Your person might not be excited about your average look, but that doesn't mean they can't be excited to be with you as a whole because you are more than just your looks aren't you?


because people want to date someone hot, not average.


The thing is a lot of average people done up can be hot


Most men want an average girl.


But isn’t that simply because they feel they can’t “get” the hot women they really want? I really could be wrong but from what I’ve heard a lot of men have very low standards because that’s all they think they can get.


Men like looking at "hot" women and for sure they want to be attracted to their partner but most men want an "approachable" and "natural" woman to be in a relationship with. Lots of men would even rather watch porn of more "normal" looking women than plastic bimbos. It's much more the case with men that they'll find about 60% of women attractive enough to be attracted to them; while with women it's 15-20% of men they find "attractive enough" (though if you tell them the profession of the person, whether true or not, it has an affect on their perception which suggests they are easily swayed by who can or can't "provide" in their minds). Fact is men are obviously sexually attracted to "hot chicks" but most want a "normal girl" to be in a committed relationship with where they know the woman loves them for them and wouldn't hurt them by cheating on them or leaving them. Most men with a large disparity between the attraction quotient of them and their partner have a sense of paranoid jealousy about it and worry constantly about their partner leaving them because they feel unworthy or out of balance with their partner. There are people who make these relationships work, but they're the exception that proves the rule.


I don’t think most people can get someone hot, including me lol


Not ugly. Just look exhausted.


You’re not ugly. I would do two things. First, quit spending so much time in the sun with sunglasses on. You actually have a kind of inverse raccoon thing going on. Second, you might want to try a haircut that does a little less forehead. Other than that, looking good.


It looks like op might have vitiligo around the eyes which is a skin condition that can’t be helped. Op sorry if this is wrong. My best friend has vitiligo and her eyes look a lot like yours.


Everyone’s saying you look tired or your eyes or whatever but literally every woman without makeup has something imperfect or similar if not worse, dark circles, skin discoloration, etc, and especially people with lighter complexion is more noticeable. all you guys are only noticing because she’s showing her natural complexion which is actually really nice and natural lighting shows all that a lot more in my experience. and you’re used to seeing women covering that up a lot of the time.she’s naturally very pretty. Almost no one has a perfect complexion without makeup and most pictures online are edited or filtered etc too all of that isn’t something that necessarily can or needs to be worked on.


Thank you. I hate being asked “do you feel ok? You look so pale!” When I’m always pale and I rarely paint my face.


I agree with the above comment. Honestly if I saw you in real life, I would think you are really pretty. But anyone not filtered and edited online is going to look average comparatively.


I think the baggie eye look is pretty cute. You're not ugly at all, personally for me I would say you are above average, six out of 10, but I feel like most of the general population would put you 5/10 I think you got what it takes, plus you got a good body shape. There's nothing wrong with being invisible.


Yeah, I’ve heard that dark circles are “in” now, and I’ve realized I like the way I look more without under-eye concealer


I think people are maybe not used to seeing women without makeup? It's actually pretty brave of you to post pictures of your natural self without any makeup, filters or special lighting. You have beautiful eyes, clear skin and lovely long hair. With an updated hair style, natural makeup (light foundation, a bit of blush and a little eyeliner and mascara) you would definitely be considered hot.


You're not ugly, quite the opposite. I think youre attractive.


I actually think you're super pretty.. like kind of my type for women. Younique. Theres someone for everyone and no you arent average. 7/10 on my scope (:


Makeup would take those eyes a long way! Very nice body 😊


No offense meant but you look like you don't sleep well.


Wear sunscreen everyday


You look cute, certainly not ugly. You do look tired though, like a few early nights might be in order


You're not ugly. Not exactly smoking hot, either, so many people might opt to say nothing instead of "not hot", which could be interpreted as "ugly" Around average. Perfectly fine.


Any advice for becoming hot?


it starts with learning to love yourself I’m afraid. makeup and experimenting with looks helps though!


Hahaha self love makes you hot does it? I can testify, it doesn't!


I don't know why you're getting downvoted for this (lol), I am a straight woman but in my opinion you have a pretty face but natural makeup will take you where you want to go in "hotness" lol


You look fine. I think the redness around the eyes makes you look a bit tired, but other than that you're good.


5/10. Bang down the middle


Your so pretty and fn hot to


Your skin has some discoloration but with some makeup you would look absolutely look beautiful. I like your eye color especially.


Youre not ugly. You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. Lean into that.


Your very pretty and I love your blue eyes 😍


Idk I think you're very attractive, definetly my type.


You are super cute! Maybe you just need a little bit self confidence




Average. I personally think your chin is too small. This makes it feel, like your cheek area is drooping, even though there is nothing wrong with it. Also, it results in your face being a little too round. 5/10 face-only. Body in good shape for the present decade, so 6/10. But if you can cook well, don't have 100 bodycount, or gentle, then you're a catch.


You are absolutely beautiful


You’re gorgeous! Very attractive, love your blue eyes


really cute and nice shape.


You are are really attractive and your smile is breathtaking


Not ugly at all.


Hot 🔥 🥵


Your not ugly at all your quite beautiful actually


I think you're beautiful don't let noone tell you you aren't


Tbh, I didn't see anything ugly. Infact you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes...you are blessed :)


You just seem haunted. Something in your eyes screams pain.


Gorge tbh. Natural beauty for sure. But, a little makeup would go a very long way.


Thank you


Agree. She has this shiny beauty over her.


I think you look nice, you have pretty eyes and hair. I wouldn't worry about being invisible!


I'm gonna say your cute you got potential. I'd say your definitely not hot but you can be maybe going to the gym, dressing up a little better, have some confidence, get your hair dye. But if that's not you than stay the way you are I like seems like your down to earth. Your the wife type not the FWB if you understand. So yea you could definitely get it. I see can see shy quiet but a freak on the low.


You're pretty conventionally attractive. For better or worse, your eyes are the first thing I noticed on your pics. Maybe try getting better sleep?


You are in fact hot.


35M here. Surprised at the comments saying average or plain. I think you're beautiful!


thank you


I think you are above average as far as attractiveness goes however it doesn’t seem that you are doing anything to enhance your looks. A flattering haircut, tinted moisturizer and a bit of eyeliner and mascara would make a huge difference.


You look great! Those blue eyes are amazing 🤩


Thank you


You have an intense stare


You're not ugly From the few visits I've paid to amIhot it's mostly thirsty guys looking for young girls to creep over on Reddit, your post probably just got buried


You are very good looking to me. I'm a sucker for eyes and your body isn't bad at all. 8/10 for sure


You have really striking eyes - I *really* mean that, very nice. You're certainly not ugly, so don't worry about that - naturally as you say you've got some discolouration around the eyes but that's really not a negative thing, it's only different so don't take that badly. Your skin is really great as well! dig the piercing, you're pretty - easy 8/10.


I personally think you are a very beautiful woman. To me it would be ludacris for anyone to think your are not.




Thank you


So reading through some of these comments is sad. You are definitely not ugly. You are a beautiful women and have a pretty smile!


Not ugly, just looking tired and a bit of a sickly type of pale. I’d suggest adding some colour to your face such as a pinky/reddish lipstick and maybe some blush to the cheeks to look a bit more youthful and less tired. Maybe a dab of concealer too would help


I see you, you are NOT ugly!! Far from it...


Definitely not ugly I'd say your attractive and you have lovely eyes


Very beautiful


Definitely not ugly. You are cute and beautiful the way you are.


Thank you


Your hot




Not that ugly but age is catching up.


nothing wrong with aging. EVER.


you're talking about age like she's turning 50


Ofcourse. I sincerely apologize. She's beautiful like snow white, doesnt age and forever looks 18. A goddess among mere mortals. How dare we - insects - have the audacity to say a 30 year old looks her age. How dare we.


anything I could do to be "less ugly"?


Better skincare. Aging does not = ugly


That's a conversation for you, time travellers and God.


You look tired but very good looking. Great body


You’re not ugly


Not bad!


you’re pretty average but have the potential to be super pretty! if you’re lookin for advice i’d say a bit of concealer and cream blush, and stop plucking your brows if you are!


i think you are pretty! you have a bright smile!


You look like that girl who is an absolute stunner with just a touch of makeup. Not that you need it though.. . I'd say just a bit of a tan and you'd be hot for sure.


Not at all


Definitely not invisible. Naturally beautiful with a wonderful smile.


(24m) you're really cute! you look sincere and approachable


33 m here I wouldn’t say you were hot but I think your pretty


I think you're pretty . iv seen seen women on TikTok go from one look to not thinking it's the same person . But it seems time consuming and expensive for the makeup the use


Not ugly. Cute (5.5/10)


You're pretty and definitely not ugly. Fuck being a supermodel. I prefer real people.


Not ugly at all.


I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder but personally, I’d say cute as hell and the type of girl I’d normally try to date. I’ve been told I have a type but still lol


Very pretty and you look great in that Bikini


Definitely not ugly. Id say you’re quite attractive from the first two images especially.


not ugly! You are beautiful! indeed. I would however suggest on using a CC cream to help disguise the skin discoloration.That’s what I use ! It works . Also, I pair it with a little bit of concealer. Happy Holidays Gorgeous!!


You look great, don’t worry about looks


no you’re pretty imo


I think you are very pretty. You are beautiful ❤


Nah your unique in your way. Very pretty if you ask me.


def average, but the pics you posted are not flattering, just very raw - that is not a bad thing at all though, I myself look like a sewer rat in random photos… You have nice big eyes which is always a plus and your smile looks adorable. I’d think you could amp up your looks and get rid of the average vibe (even tho that is not a bad thing at all) with a different hairstyle, layers would really make your nice long hair look more fierce. Also, take advantage of those eyes, some mascara would totally bring them out. Not ugly in the slightest. have some faith in yourself!


I mean to me you look really attractive. Maybe just a bit tired.


nah u fine. as in good looking fine


I think you're pretty cute




You look fine to me, and I don’t mean to be a creep or anything but you have a pretty good-looking body! I would smile more, that might make you more attractive to others. You have the looks, you just have to be confident in yourself! I know it can be hard, and I’m younger than you (24M).


Your very beautiful


I think you’re stunning, you’re eyes are absolutely gorgeous, you’re definitely not invisible but I could see how you’d leave a person speechless 😉😊


Not ugly


You are definitely hot


You are so beautiful


You are not ugly. I think you’re cute. Beautiful eyes nice hair. I think your hair could look even better if you keep it combed out and maybe put a little more body in it. But it looks nice. I like pics 2 & 4. I really like the last one the fourth one because your hair is pulled back so you can see the nice bone structure of your face.


What's up with your eyelids? Your eyes are beautiful and so are your nose and mouth. Don't think you're ugly.


Your eyes are looking like mine right now. A bit burnt out, tired. You're not ugly. You actually look like my type so Im a bit biased there.


Not ugly. Nice body. Cute smile. I would say to focus on maybe evening out your skin tone and smile and that will go a good ways in confidence and maybe landing a few more looks. Honestly if I was on a dating app I'd swipe if we had things in common and you we were a match


I think you look very pretty but it looks like your really emotionally tired and stressed but that does make you any less pretty


Juz exercise bruh and a new hairstyle might help.The current hairstyle makes your forehead looks big and your eye brows are very thin and doesn't go well with your facial structure and you might want to consider using oils and moisture for your skin to help it rejuvenate your beauty and most important thing exercise if you can add it in your schedule. And You is not ugly but you do look like the bogeymen has been haunting you for 10 years.


You are pretty but also so sad looking.


You are pretty cute, have beautiful eyes and a great smile.


You are cute! Stunning eyess


Nice smile. You’re in good shape.


Not ugly


in my opinion, she isnt ugly. She has a nice figure and I love her colorful eyes! I also like her nice smile. She is cute in my opinion :)


You're very pretty. My wife actually has a very similar facial features and bone structure shape as You do with the only difference she's a natural redhead and has plenty of freckles, but definitely this is spot on what I think most beautiful women in the world look like in my eyes! :)


you are gorgeous!


Very pretty


Nah you have beautiful eyes, not ugly by a long shot.


I love your eyes! The discoloration around your eyes really gives you a special look, it makes you extra pretty! :)


Definitely not ugly. A pleasant face, a decent body. Bit of puffiness around the eyes make you look a bit like you were crying, but you have a pretty smile.


You're first pic got my attention, and then not only is your face pretty, your body looks like it rocks too


You just need a bit of " I don't care what you think, I am hot and I know it"


Not ugly, I find you cute


1: I feel like pampering you . I don't know about others but that's how I think and feel . 2: 6 more days to complete no nut November and I might have failed the no nut November if I knew you . Peace .


Tbh I find you so beautiful. Your eyes are such a nice blue and you have good symmetry and face structure. Great body too! Speaking as a woman who also doesn't wear too much makeup, I can recognise women as pretty or beautiful even without it on. This is a bit harder for this who may be accustomed to seeing made up faces everywhere, it's quite a contrast. But yeah you do have a natural beauty about you. If you did wanna have a little glow up moment I'd say maybe do something with your hair. It's already so long and beautiful you could try some hairstyles out? Also dress sense could bring your whole look up a notch. Just little manageable changes could make a difference And I can't stress this enough! If you feel confident in yourself and learn to love yourself and your journey instead of being miserable the whole time until you get to your goal, then your beauty will radiate and you won't need not be asking if you're hot or ugly.


You’re so cute and pretty!


Very cute


Beautiful 🥰


Youre hot for sure !


Very nice looking with a lot of charme 🙂 The others are just blind or foolish.


You look beautiful


Absolutely beautiful 10/10


NGL, below average for me.




Thank you


I’m a 23 yo dude and I gotta say I think you’re pretty hot lol


Thank you


Not ugly.


definitely not. Your smile definitely brightens your face.


Your in no way ugly or unattractive, in fact your pretty without much make up on which is something to be proud of. Like others say you just look a bit tired but your a good looking women.


thank you


Not ugly at all p cute ima say something weird but u look like my highschool art teacher and everyone had a crush on her.


Beautiful and big eyes! First thing I noticed in your pictures, you're not ugly, no, you're cute.




Id say you're hot


You are very attractive! If I knew you in person I'd probably ask you out!


I happen to think you're cute. And your eyes are STRIKING.


You're not ugly at all. I thought you were younger than 31. You look great.


Thank you


You're hot.


Thank you


you are deffenitaly hot.


Thank you


My God no, you're beautiful absolutely beautiful