Commonsware is right, if you can't find it in another remote repository then forking is your best bet. ...or you can just build it yourself 🙄


Yuck to cross-posting SO questions to here.


you got a couple good answers there, WDYM when you say no one is giving you the answer? Those dependencies are hosted somewhere, and when you add them like that in your project via gradle, you are trying to pull them from that somewhere. Is like if you are trying to download a movie or any other type of file to your computer, if the site is down, then you will get a network error. So in this case you can either wait for jcenter to be back up and running or do what others are suggesting and add those libraries to your code after you download them.


I had today the exact same problem with other lib because jcenter is down. So I downloaded the code and added it to my project.


have you tried cloning the repository and then adding the source code into your project