Profits never go to the workers, profits are the stolen value of labor.


> Profits never go to the workers If they went to workers, they wouldn't be profits. They'd be cost of goods (labor). Are you arguing that workers don't get paychecks?


I believe he's arguing that workers aren't getting fair paychecks, living on stagnanted wages, meanwhile the company is getting richer and richer with each passing year - All thanks to the workers they never thank properly with the one thing they really need, money.


Profit share is a thing.


Usually it's only those workers with a union that get a profit sharing from the company. I say usually, but I'm betting it's exclusively only union workers.


I work in a Texas grocery store with no unions; we get a profit share. I have stock in the company, and my company matches my contributions to my retirement account. I'm technically considered part-time, but even averaging 28 hours a week qualifies employees for certain benefits.


Corporations screwed up by spending 2 and a 1/2 years calling us essential workers and then expecting us to go right back to being treated like expendable workers. Sorry, but the cat's out of the bag.


Centuries ago it was Kings and Queens that governed its people before they relinquished power. Now come today's government which is barely holding on-standing a few sticks of matches whom will eventually fall. The future is Oligarchs where society will be governed by corporations and government bodies are just "figureheads" and even they too shall fall in the end. History just tells us that any form of consolidated power given to the top few is only temporary due to the corrosiveness of their rule, while a few still stand today, only as a monolith, to show the people that no one person can stay at the top for long and by show of humility can they continue to be relevant.


So what to do?




Were due for another one.


Unite and incite reformation, but that won't happen until everyone's on board and remove themselves from social hierarchy and trivial squabbles. So far the top has done it's best at keeping us divided and money driven.


This is both already happening and will continue to happen unless something radically changes, and is also "double plus ungood", if you catch my drift.


narrator: *”they didn’t”*


Spoiler we won't. This is a country where the media calls it "moderate centrism" to do whatever corporate lobbyists and billionaires want. Manchin was a "moderate" like moderate weather for gutting the child tax credit and increasing child poverty on millions of Americans because he was worried that single mothers wouldn't work enough if they were given $300 a month. Corporate media lauded him for "being in the middle". This is a country where Biden can refuse to use his executive power to help grant rail workers sick leave. Or use march in rights to lower prescription drug prices. Assuming you still believe in the Democratic party to do something to help you just remember at no point in modern history has a president regained Congress after losing it. Odds Democrats even have to find a scapegoat again like Manchin are slim to none. Likely it will be only after 1 or 2 terms of a Republican president that Dems find themselves with a majority large enough to bother blaming their "moderate" members for blocking every reform the current Dem president ran on.


Well the government is learning to make certain strikes illegal…


A friendly reminder that teacher strikes are already illegal in 38/50 states.


My favorite thing this sub does is blame Democrats every time for what Republicans do, and give Republicans a pass. Seriously. You are better at campaigning for Trump and DeSantis than literally any right wing entity.


But it was Biden who turned his back on the rail workers. The republicans were already facing away. Saying Democrats deserve to win for labour's sake while they undermine labour, is just as convincing an argument to vote Trump or Desantis. In fact it's more convincing. Trump and Desantis don't pretend to support labour -- well, Trump kinda pretended for a minute. The point is, how many right wing voters are voting is based on what they believe are outsiders vs insiders. Insiders are sneaky, slippery, professional politicians: liars. Outsiders are willing to tell the truth, tell it straight, and want to "drain the swamp." When Biden turned his back on rail workers, what camp does it look like he goes in (to the people who are voting with the above mentioned qualifications)? Calling a spade a spade instead, doesn't give any reason to vote for either party's heads. It's just more honest.


Biden saved the American working class from a railroad strike which would have ground the economy to a halt and made millions of people unemployed. I don't understand this "We should throw the entire American work force under the bus to get rail employees 7 days off that they previously traded away so they could get raises". And Dems still voted for the days off. Republicans blocked it, not Democrats. This is clearly an attempt to just smear the people trying to help. But what I guess you are saying is that Dems should stop supporting labor completely and constantly fuck them over like Republicans do - then you'll start giving Dems a pass and begin attacking Bernie or whoever else you claim "didn't do enough" because they didn't want to start a worldwide recession.


> Biden saved the American working class from a railroad strike which would have ground the economy to a halt and made millions of people unemployed. Hold up there buddy. You're referring to H.J.Res. 100 which 80 senators voted yes to. I think what you meant to say is 44 Democrat senators, Joe Biden _and 36 Republican senators_ saved the American working class from a railroad strike. The bill could not have passed without their help. https://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_votes/vote1172/vote_117_2_00372.htm#position P.S. This is the part where you realize that if 36 Republican senators voted for it that it _wasn't_ supporting labor. 36 Republican senators, 44 Democrat senators and Joe Biden all _fucked over labor_ by blocking a strike. Blocking a strike cannot be pro-labor. You are spreading blatant misinformation.


So you side with Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Got it.


Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are grifters. They're pretending to be pro labor. I live in Texas, I know Ted Cruz is not pro labor. If Biden wanted to help workers across America, he would show them that he is willing to go against the bosses by supporting the rail workers. He fell on the side of the bosses, and workers across America can see that. A strike can be avoided by caving to the workers instead of the other way around -- Biden wouldn't have that, and frankly, I didn't see Cruz calling for it either until it was helpful to his grift.


Wouldn't hold my fuckin breath.


This year did NOT teach us that strikes work. This year taught us the opposite of that.


Counter argument: Starbucks unionization success


Counter-counter-argument: Starbucks closing down stores that have unionised.


Tarnishing their brand and cutting profits seems like a bad company getting what they deserve


Indeed. But this is only true so long as they are actually losing business. The problem is that far too many members of Joe Public still go get their banana flavoured coffee from Starbucks every day.




\#5 depends on if you're a Rail Union or not and if the politicians ALLOW you to strike


Lead us in the fourth Reich...umm wait a minute...


I love Robert Reich. Dude is really out there fighting for us.


don't hold ur breath


Robert Reichwas secretary of labor for Clinton and is a professor at Berkeley. His son is Sam Reich, who runs college humor: https://youtu.be/JzFuJDLd3cg


1.) The United States has been bought out by corporations that have their best interests first and they don't belong to the people.


Here’s a lesson: Always question what you’re doing in your life, look past the deception, and realize humanity is a joke.