And big Christianity doesnt get taxed


It makes me unreasonably angry that they dont. Especially since they get my tax dollars. While I understand we all pay for things we dont like, at least make it be for something that's a part of the system.


Especially since they obviously have much political power and influence


Christianity, after centuries of demonizing their enemy, has become insanely jealous of Islam. Islam gets to rule with religion. They control women's bodies. They do ALL the things Christians want to do, just with a different figurehead. Christians hate this. How can their enemy win in their countries but Christians can't win here in the US? So their goal is, and has been for a long time, to impose their own religious law. They are no different from the people they claim to hate. They paint a pretty picture, but the canvas is the same, as well as the blood used to create the image. Edit: a letter or two.


as an added kicker, they worship the same god too... Its one of the bazillion splits where in the spirit of peace? they decided coercion must be the answer, though I think any of their figure heads said pretty much the exact opposite.


It’ll be an authoritarian state before its a theocracy. People like trump play the religious card to move the masses, but what they’re really after is unchecked power for themselves. The supreme court picks were a trade off for power, not an actual effort to put religion in control of the state.


Religion is great for keeping enough of the population on side though. It won't be truly religious from the top, probably, but it absolutely will abuse that kind of power structure.


Exactly, like China’s leaders aren’t actually Communists


Just anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-conservative authoritarian/totalitarian. I think there is another term for that...


You think the CCP is ‘anti-conservative’?


I don't think it's really possible a serious actor believes the CCP is anti-conservative.


I may just have a different understanding of conservative principles being that I'm American? The only thing the CCP seems to wish to conserve is their own power. Regardless of personal liberties, regardless of limited government, regardless of democratic values.


Seeing as we both are American, you should pay a little closer attention. Conservatives in America have made it obvious that, just like the CCP they want to end personal liberties as the authoritarian government. The Republicans hate liberty. The CCP hates liberty. The only thing our conservatives would disagree with the CCP on is that in China, there are non-white people at the top. Edited, because I was typing with one thumb and spelled America wrong.


I would also argue that modern Republicans are not conservatives but are Christian fascists using the veil of conservatism. (Edit; similarly Hitler used the veil/cachet of national socialism to push his fascist/Nazi ideology) For example, Reagan and Thatcher were neoliberals. Conservatives definitionally wish to preserve the institutions of the nation, which is antithetical to the modern Republicanism of Trump/Q.


Neoliberalism is very much a conservative economic policy. It doesn’t align with what most Americans think the word ‘liberal’ means. As for the christofascists, not all conservatives are fascist, but all fascists are conservative.


Yeah, that’s pretty much how theocracies have always worked… A theocracy is by definition an authoritarian state. They’ve been telegraphing it for decades… placing the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse as to represent the foundation of law… First Commandment: “I am the lord thy God, you shall have no other gods before me.”


Either way, we need to take action. Protest, civil disobedience, organize. If there’s a way to get them to back off, we need to find it. This sets a dangerous precedent if they are able to enforce their religious beliefs over the entire population. It won’t stop here.


Nothing less than a punch in the mouth will get them to back off. They're zealots.


Vote in every election that you can and vote liberals into every office of the land. Even one Evangelical, republican, fascist, or right wingnut communist is a threat to our freedom and way of life. The Republic is under threat and, short of outright rebellion, our greatest weapon is the right to vote.


Our greatest weapon is direct action, not voting. Also, "right wingnut communist?" You are aware that communism is far left, right?


I was referring to their form of communism, which is really just fascism by another name., so, in truth, I was repeating myself. Direct action would be preferable than just voting - if we could do it without giving them the opportunity to start the civil war they have wet dreams about. What direct action do you propose? As much as they get attention, protests aren't going to change diddly shit to change the minds of these social setbacks. Protest until you're blue in the face but you aren't going to change an iota of Alita's opinion on Roe v Wade. Cut off their financial inlets if you can and then you might make a difference. Embarrassing them publicly might help but even that's unlikely. After all, in their minds, those gay love affairs are sinful for others, but when you expose them to the public for committing the 'sin' they are so against, well, all have fallen short of the glory of God. They asked God for forgiveness and it was given because that's what God does, you see. If you need an example, just look at Trump. He's had three wives and has cheated on every one of them. He's lied so many times that he believes the lies he's told. Yet, still, he is a, nay, THE man that God chose to lead America out of the evil, sinful nature that the demonic democrats had dragged it down to. He asked God for forgiveness and God raised him up like a second son. So,when it comes down to taking action, there's just not much you can do.


Christian Nationalism is a clear and present danger to democracy. Relevant sources: * Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States (Andrew L. Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry) * The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American (Andrew L. Seidel) * Enchanted America: How Intuition and Reason Divide Our Politics (Eric Oliver) * Amerikas Gotteskrieger. Wie die christliche Rechte die Demokratie gefährdet. ("America's Holy Warriors. How the Christian Right Endangers Democracy", Annika Brockschmidt) * https://www.jericoliver.com/uploads/1/1/8/9/118973414/oliver-riseofthetrumpenvolk.pdf * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_theology * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_nationalism * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism#Umberto_Eco


It can be both as long as the authority, the corporatist right, is willing to accede faith based issues to one of the bigger sects. Did that sound familiar.


They are just the Taliban but white…


Y'all Queda


People from Afghanistan aren't as dark as most Americans think. Could easily pass for being white American.


It’s been a push for years, if and when they become successful they’ll focus on anything and everything else they can while the train keeps moving in their favor. There’s going to be a lot of bad shit coming and by the end of this year or next it’ll get even worse.


Before the ink on the Supreme Court leak was even dry they already started shifting their sights at outlawing contraception. Absolute monsters that care about nothing more than imposing their mental illness on the rest of us.


Exactly, it’s the “we finally did this and it worked so let’s impose other stuff so long as we have momentum” mentality. Pretty soon we’ll end up being a religious deep state and who knows how bold they’re willing to be will they start hunting us next?


In danger of sounding like a tin-foil hat boi, there is already a religious deepstate. They're called 'The Family' or 'The Fellowship', Netflix did a documentary on them.


Hahaha I saw “the family” documentary awhile back on Netflix, pretty interesting.


Right? It's over a decade old now, but I'd also highly recommend Jesus Camp, that documentary is fucking wild.


Cool I’ll check it out thanks for the recommendation


**pack your bags, kids. We’re moving to canada.**


I left the Republican Party over the Iraq War. I still have friends who support the party for lower taxes and less regulation. And I ask them “at what point is a couple points on your tax rate no longer worth it?” They literally believe none of this shit will ever affect them.


they don't even lower taxes, they raise them on the poor and hand that money to corporations


True. My Republican friends are far from poor. The truth is that trickle down/horse and sparrow is a dog shit economic theory and has proven over the last 80+ years to simply not work for 95% of Americans. And that’s why we have a new culture war every 10 minutes. They have nothing of value to offer their base. The rich will give their mouth-breathing base Roe on a silver platter because the rich have the wherewithal to get their abortions however they like.


there's a LOT of poor Republicans but they can't be convinced of anything


True. The biggest group of entitlement recipients is likely poor white conservatives. And they constantly vote for people who literally want them dead. But those same pols give them all the social red meat their toothless mouths can handle.


Don't forget that at the end of this path there are concentration camps. I'm so sorry and worried for the USA.


Yes. Ask a Christian if they would like to see "God with us" on the belt buckles of the us army. Then you will really recognise who you are dealing with.


Blech, it is depressing to think about our political future and what it might hold. I seriously hope the Trumpsters and religious idiots dwindle enough before 2024 to prevent the worst from happening. If we can just get young-ish people out in large enough numbers to keep them from winning the next one or two election cycles then they will definitely be dead in large enough numbers by 2028/2032 to make for a brighter future. At this point it's totally just a generational issue because our older generations are clearly stupid, shortsighted, and incredibly selfish bastards. Even my own aunts/uncles who I love are all a bunch of total idiots who are even worse than the generation they like to think they were so rebellious against back during the hippie era.


Sadly it's not a generational problem, propaganda and indoctrination work BETTER on kids and young people. There are a lot of young nazis, sadly. Let's hope anyway.


Yeah but I think the religious numbers are consistently falling even with indoctrination taking place, and young people are more likely to fall away from religion these days due to the strong secular presence in our society - and because of influences like the Internet, which largely provide a huge amount of evidence against any kind of religious belief (or maybe it's better to say they demonstrate the lack of evidence for any given religious belief). That's why I perceive this as something of a battle against time. If we don't end up as a fascist theocracy or whatever in the next ten or fifteen years I think the older, more religious crowd will pretty much die out. Of course we'll still be vulnerable as a species to secular authoritarians/demagogues, but unfortunately that's because we have a foolish tendency towards propping up unnecessary hierarchies. Yay tribalism. Helped us get out of the evolutionary mud but it sure as hell is one nasty vestigial evolutionary trait to carry around once you hit the "sentient" level, eh?


Honestly, I don't feel like religious numbers are falling as much as we think they are, or I think people are just switching or playing around with labels (i.e spiritual Christian or I'm in a relationship with God, Christ Believer/God Believer rather than Christian. If I'm incorrect with that, the places where religious numbers are falling are not in areas where evangelicism is still very high, which is partially a reason why for the polarization. There are still conferences and youth groups that encourage Christianity for younger people who are moving into evangelicism as well. Secondly, there are folks in marginalized groups moving to be more Republican. They may have the same views but for the economy or just the distrust of the Democratic party, it ends up uplifting these things that include evangelicism. Democrats and other left-leaning coalitions/humanist coalitions need to organize. This isn't something that happened overnight, and you can even go back to Reagan to see the true or one of the big starts of this. People thought electing Obama meant that no more work had to be done, in fact organizing will always be important.


No words can describe just how terrified I am for the 2022 midterm elections and especially the 2024 presidential election. If you thought 2020 was bad buckle up because these next few elections are going to be the biggest rollercoaster ever.


Probably, but it's really hard to tell what things will be like at this point. Trump is also in a weird place since his good buddy Putin is currently making a total mess of everything. I semi-recently saw a poll stating that 70% of Americans now view Russia as a major enemy, which is encouraging. If Putin continues to fuck up as badly as he has and our institutions become more serious about cracking down on Russian manipulation, we'll be in a far better position to prevent the same thing that happened in 2016 from happening again in 2024. Also, I'd say there's at least a decent possibility that Trump doesn't really intend to run at all and he's just gaslighting his base to get more money. His businesses suck and he's banking millions just by sucking in campaign dollars from the stupid folk.


Yeah true but if Trump does not run again or if his influence collapses the GOP is already eyeing DeSantis as a candidate and he is just as dangerous as Trump.


I'd argue he's more dangerous because he's less of a dopey guy.


Read Octavia Butler. She knew where we’d end up.


I've read everything she's ever written, she's one of my favorite authors and yes, she knew.


Should be required reading for all Americans! But probably too late now.


As an Athiest, that's where I'm headed if we get a Christian Reich established here in the US...


Everyone needs to make sure they are registered to vote and be sure to vote in midterms.


The best part is, voting for libs doesn't fix anything, it just slows the descent into insanity.


Agreed - the Dems are awful. But the Republicans are significantly worse -


Democrats are controlled opposition. Republicans come across as "significantly worse" because that's their role in this.


I am alive for a fixed amount of time. I’ll take that over the alternative.


Or, you know, maybe tell them to piss off directly?


I support that, too. It is generally not worth by time though because they don’t understand.


The Handmaids Tale.


Yea, this is so scary it reminds me of THT too. I can watch horror/gory movies and shows and not be as freaked out as I was watching that.


The scariest movie I have ever seen is Jesus Camp.


Yeah, I saw this as well. Little indoctrination programs. Just a happy clappy version of the Muslim madrassas of rote brainwashing.


Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.




The Handmaids Prophecy. More like.


Just like Idiocracy.


The talibangelicals are doing what they always accuse Muslims: imposing christosharia laws.


Can we let Christian extremists and Muslim extremists have a pay per view battle royale? Then all the normal folks can go on with a peaceful life side by side? Most people that have beliefs/lackof don't weaponize their religion/ideology or constantly lust for war/destruction/suffering.


Christian Conservative Republicans and MAGAmorons are everywhere and they've fully-embraced Fascism. #Cult45


Yup agreed...and they have IQs of 2...Fascism all wrapped up in the flag and carrying a cross and the POS bible...slowly taking away rights and civil liberties...voting, abortion, banning books, squashing freedom of speech, right to assemble, shoving their BS theocracy and authoritarianism up out asses!


*click clack* Getting real tired of those bible thumpers thinking they have a monopoly on arms


I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I got complacent during the Obama years. We had the reason rally in DC. Civil liberties seemed to be heading in the right direction. When Trump took office I knew there would be potential problems but I never anticipated it going as bad as it is. Outrage fatigue hit me hard so by the time I realized there was an issue it was to late. I had to go from prevention to triage.


I personally knew America was lost once Ginsburg died.


More specifically it died when McConnell refused to give Merrick Garland even a vote.


Citizens United*


Another good point


Ronald Reagan started the descent. It was baby steps for a while after that. Sadly, giant steps now fueled by Trump and the death of RBG.


I've been telling my wife this for a while and she just thinks I'm worried over nothing. I explained there could easily be a day when I'm not going to be welcome in my own country or have to lie about my beliefs.


Be ready, because this is the real deal guys. We have to do all we can to ensure human rights.


Under His Eye


Over my dead body. Husband and I are very liberal and own guns and other weapons. They can try, but many will wind up dead in that attempt.


We have to keep reminding them that, according to their bible, getting divorced and remarried counts as adultery. You also can't be forgiven for something you continue to do. Every Christian who is remarried is going to hell.


The stupid thing is that gods were invented by man so by extention, so are gods' laws.


Religion is a problem. Government oversight is a problem. Don’t fall for the left vs right games.


It's not a case for vigilence. It's a case for taking action. You're just saying "stay vigilant" because you don't know what action to take, and staying vigilant keeps away the scary thought that you don't know an action you can take.


If you’ve seen the docuseries The Family- then you realize Americans have been fighting theocracy for years, it’s a war of attrition. However, we are not losing. Attendance to churches has been in decline for decades. More and more “Christians” are non-practicing or what I like to call “Lottery Christians” (you can’t win if you don’t play) which means they may claim to be religious and may even occasionally pray, but their politics are more left leaning socially. The truth is that this isn’t permanent. I have no doubt we will see some major changes for the better in the coming years.


Delightfully optimistic. However, I will wait and see how mid-term elections, and 2024 elections turn out, before being that optimistic.


Exactly. They have been working to undermine your democracy for decades. Your last presidential election there was only one person (Brad Raffensperger) separating you from a full constitutional crisis and three or four (Mike Pence, a handful of other governors) separating you from no democracy at all. That is how close you came to loosing your democracy. The Republican party took steps to fix that for next time - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Integrity_Act_of_2021


RIGHT. Those "major changes for the better" coming aren't in as much of a hurry as the "total authoritarian/theocratic state" movement. Declining church attendance isn't really correlated. Moderate christians slowly moving to the left were never the ones pushing this shit.


True, but the GOP knows the best way to get their Christian Nationalism to take hold is to do so slowly. Which they were making great progress at until Trump came along. Now they are brazen and to keep that momentum, they will have to be violent. The real question will be--will the police and military back them up?


This is the death rattle, albeit a drawn out rattle. But this death rattle can do a lot of damage because our very poorly constructed system of government is perfectly set up for tyranny of the minority. Americans love to deify “the founding fathers”, but they were incredibly short-sighted, and some of their compromises (especially to slave states) have done real damage to our representative democracy.


I tend to agree with you. This really feels desperate, like the final lashing out of the fatally wounded snake, striking blindly in all directions in impotent rage. I feel confident saying this because if it were really the will of the people to live in the theocracy the doom and gloom crowd predicts, the narrative and tone would be different. Church attendance has never been lower. The number of a-religious has never been higher, with the number of non christians increasing seemingly daily. We're seeing all kinds of protections for LGBTQ+ put into law. Without delving too far into politics, what was supposed to be the savior of the right ended up ineffectual and left after one term. I hope this response stays, despite having to get somewhat political. This move is Alito trying to unite an increasingly irrelevant Religious Right and the traditional small federal government states rights republicans. Two groups who have historically been at odds with each other. The GOP, as we recognize it today, is dying. The world is changing too fast and too far for them to survive as they are now. This isn't an attack on women as much as it is a desperate ploy towards uniting as many conservatives as possible. Women and doctors happen to be caught in the middle of it, their war is being fought on our front lawn. To focus solely on court decisions is to be so focused on tip of the iceberg that the dangerous ship killing part still out of view, and all the more dangerous because of it. The worst thing of the sky is falling narrative is it removes any and all hope. That is more dangerous to thinking people than anything the USSC can decide. It's not over. They unleashed some powerful and devastating artillery, but it's not the game ending nuclear option they hope and we fear. It's now up to us. The final battles of this war will be won or lost at the ballot box. Mid terms, state and local as well as federal. It'll take us all working together, the way Alito hopes the tattered and divided right will. It'll take atheists and progressive christians, establishment and more radical elements, all freedom loving people to look beyond our differences and work together to right the wrongs and solidify the rights. As long as we can come together for the greater good, scant hope will be better than fatalistic determinism.


I wish I could be as optimistic as you. Even though we have the ballot box it would take huge majorities of Democrats to expand the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court stays at 9 seats we are stuck with these justices until they either retire, get impeached and convicted (which is unlikely unless you have a huge Democratic majority), or pass away. Once Ketanji Brown-Jackson takes her seat I don't expect the composition of the Supreme Court to change for a long time. Trump's appointees for sure will serve for at least the next 25-30 years. Alito and Thomas will most likely serve for at least a good 10 more years. And you mention LGBTQ+ protections being passed, but as a gay man I see the opposite right now except in progressive states like California. But in Florida you're seeing crazy laws such as "Don't say Gay" being passed. And on the Supreme Court right now there are at least two justices that for sure would overturn LGBTQ+ rights (Alito and Thomas). Even though Roberts dissented in Obergefell he wants to keep the courts reputation in good standing and plus he is a different justice than he was back then and also he upholds precedent even if he didn't agree with the initial decision so he would probably join the 3 liberals (Sotomayor, Kagan, and KBJ) to uphold Obergefell and other LGBTQ+ rights so that's 4 votes to uphold LGBTQ+ rights. Trump's appointees are the hard ones to predict one of them would be the decisive vote to uphold LGBTQ+ rights and right now I don't see them doing it. I sure hope though that everything will be okay in the end.


Nah, you're focusing too much on the Supreme Court. Congress can find ways to protect Roe. Honestly, I really wish they would have in one of the five different times the Dems had both houses and the White House. They could have written a law protecting Roe then, but they figured they didn't have to. Tie it into funding, much like they did the National Speed Limit back in the mid to late 70s. So like Medicaid funding or another sneaky backdoor way. You don't need the USSC for that, you just need enough legislators to ram it through. Remember how ACA went through? Sneaky backdoors and legal tricks. As far as SSM, it's already in the federal system. Not the stuff "being passed" but the stuff already passed. Think federal benefits, military, insurances, etc. Abortion is a one and done procedure, legally binding marriage is a bit different. Much much messier to put that toothpaste back in the tube. Government required divorces? But, to be honest, I don't know how it works for one state to recognize a marriage from another state. Either way, we're focusing entirely too much on the federal government. We're ascribing way too much power than they have, or deserve. No, these rights in this climate will come from states. Your state legislation, judges, attorneys general is where we should be focusing our efforts. That's what should be driving us to vote. That's where we should be volunteering for campaigns and talking to friends and neighbors about. Edit: If you do want to throw in the towel, I understand. If you listen to too much of the narrative, it looks bleak. It looks like we've lost already. If you want to buy all that and give up, I understand. I'm sad, you sound like a good guy and just the kind we could use though.


Thanks for your reply and yeah it is true that realistically the state government has more influence on our lives than the federal government. Like you said with SSM if it were to be overturned I imagine it would create a mess throughout the entire nation. I’m trying not to give up, but honestly it’s really hard. I guess one reason I feel really hopeless as well is because I live in Florida which is a very conservative state.


It is hard. But I'm taking the approach that this is my country/ state as well. I'm not ready to give my home up to these people yet. What does they teach my children? Best of luck to you!


I sure hope that everything will be okay. Thank you so much and good luck to you too!!


It's "funny" because "gods law" in this case is really just "mans law" with a serious authoritarian asshole twist of regressive policy, serious detriment to human livelihood, and ruinous intellectual dysmorphia.


They claim to be constitutionalists, but completely ignore the concept of separation of church and state


I saw chart today that described voter enthusiasm for the upcoming midterms. Gotta say ladies, your rights face existential threat and you are going to sit this one out? As with my LGBT brothers and sisters, don't expect anyone to come to your rescue if you fail to show up.


It is going to come down to a shooting war. The sooner everyone accepts that and begins drawing lines, the better.


And yet the right loves to claim they're the party of freedom and liberty.


I'm genuinely willing to take up arms against the religious radicalization of the US. I will blow motherfuckers away before I'm forced adhere to religious law of any kind, let alone that of deranged cultists who worship a zombie prophet and a malicious god


Vote out anybody who's for the overturning of Roe v Wade. Speak with your vote it's the only way to ensure living in a sane society.


The US already doesn't run a democracy.


The Religious Right are a disease that should be eradicated.




Open an abortion clinic on a remote Pacific island...


>The religious right will bring in the death penalty for adultery, Probably not given most of their leadership have been/are adulterers, often serial adulterers. But the other items, sure.


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3382990/ISIS-throw-15-year-old-teenager-roof-gay-terror-chief-raped-let-off.html >ISIS throw 15-year-old boy off a roof for being gay... but the terror chief who raped him is let off  Rules for thee but not for the elites.


We have that shit here in Egypt too, although in Islam both the top and the bottom should be punished by death, we only think the ones getting fucked are gay and are subject to huge homophobia. The top don't face half the shit.


Implying laws apply to the upper class


The harsh reality is that laws are only for poor/disenfrachised people, mate.


They'll just kill adulterous women. The men will be allowed to "repent" unless they're less powerful than the wronged husband.


When did the gop stop being hypocritical?


Rules for thee but not for me applies here.


If push comes to shove we revolt


They yell about sharia law being bad, yet the same rules apply to what they want.


When ever these people say this in public that have to be asked directly “ what is God’s Law and where is posted?” They MUST be specific. Too many times they are allowed to spew this rhetoric with the assumption everyone knows what they are talking about.


Theocracies are by nature unstable since religion is unstable, if one gets too big it will fall apart from people interpreting a vaguely worded mistranslated book differently. Christianity has already broken itself up dozens of times, protestants, methodists, catholics. How can you even consider it possible for such a disorganized, discordant religion too run a country the size of America. Especially in a time where """heretical""' knowledge is so easy to access thanks to technology. Saudi Arabia is only still a theocracy since its fairly small, and because to my knowledge barely anyone it actually trying to change it.


Here I think it would look less like an Islamic caliphate, and more like Nazi Germany. See [Positive Christianity](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Christianity) and [German Christians](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Christians_(movement)). The fascists weren't necessarily all Christians, and the Christians weren't necessarily all fascists, but each was willing to use the other in an attempt to gain and consolidate power. In the end it failed, in part due to what you predict, the Nazi Christians were unable to actually gain control of all the various sects, but also because the Nazi state was completely unwilling to share any power with anyone once they had it.


Looks like its time to stock up on scientific knowledge books,


Time to stock up on guns and ammo


Little did we realize they would take the Handmaids tale as inspirational and attempt to start working on Gilead...


And yet i see people push back against that comparison. Yes, they aren't committing the same atrocities that ISIS was committing but, they are often flat out saying they want to. Each church leader advocating for these types of things being dismissed as a fringe element has a congregation behind them...


Yall Qaeda


Based of a quick google search, about 65% of America are Christians. The actual percentage of people who are very very strict with that idk but let’s just say around 45% are. Yea we’re fucked. The amendments specifically the first amendment that states,” Free religion”, will probably just get looked over with how many Christians there are. Not even to mention discrimination on all people at some point or another. Women lgbtq, any other race aside from white. Kkk were mainly Christians and I feel people just fly right over that.


Or Hulu is really stepping up the AR marketing of the handmaide's tale.


God’s law is man’s law. Just shittier men.


I think the dissolution of the USA is a path to be considered.


The Republic of Cascadia would work for me.


Not just for us, for the world. When they're done with the US population they'll have the world's largest arsenal and they'll use it to make every knee bend.


>Not just for us, for the world. When they're done with the US population they'll have the world's largest arsenal **and they'll use it to make every knee bend.** .. and every tongue confess..


Oh no, Shakira law!


All I can say is if you believe this is true you better stay in the country and help fight. Don’t be a coward. There is absolutely no way I am bowing down to any of this shit. In spite of what some woke ass people think this country is still a democracy. The Constitution must be defended. Especially now.


We have to get the fuck out of this country ASAP. I fear having to pretend to be a theist just to be able to get out if I wait too long This country is fucked, make no mistake, get out ASAP


I already have plans for when I get my Bachelor's degree in two years to get a work visa in Canada, the UK, or Sweden, or some other country that isn't crazy and get hired by a foreign company there then get my residency and citizenship eventually.


Nice. I have a plan as well. Every smart atheist should because this country is fucked


Nice. And yeah exactly America is lost at this point.


They yell about sharia law being bad, yet the same rules apply to what they want.


Don’t know what they expect to happen if they impose ever-harsher biblical law on a population that is growing more and more agnostic each year.


I see the possibility that people will end up moving based on the way the states tend to run things, since they keep talking of giving decision making over abortion rights etc to the states, instead of having the same rules for everyone.


Ya, good luck to them, they can't murder me five times over.


I need to renew my passport for real.


That's what it means to live in a country where the President swears ans oath on the bible. the US are not a secular country, of course they will use religion to get their ways. Like in every country where hardcore religious are in power. (I'm looking at India, Pakistan, ect..) You're juste like them...


Yes, a theocracy would be bad. But we all know it won't be a theocracy. It will be a bunch of murderous criminals who make up whatever rules solidify their power, then lie and steal and kill and oppress and occasionally toss off a comment about god for appearance's sake.


Time to use that 2nd amendment right to protect the others. Rebulicans wet dream, too bad they are on the wrong side of it.


Serious question, what can the people in America do to stop this happening?


>If the religious right get their way in America, ... IDK about the rest of you but it certainly seems like the religious right IS getting their way. All the words, shame, finger pointing, explanations, etc. doesn't seem to have much of an effect. I'm not sure what to do other than direct, in their face responses


Unpopular opinion, especially here, but here goes: MMW Roe v Wade will not be over turned. Roberts and 2 other judges will cross over Also the religious right only makes up about a third of GOP voters. Many GOP voters are solidly pro-choice. Do not cede power to the religious right that they have yet to earn.


I'm gonna go die in the woods if we get to a theocracy.


Unless something drastic is done soon, this country will be unrecognizable in a decade.


Margaret Atwood wrote the template when she thought she was just writing a novel.


One of the Justices that established Roe was a Catholic judge. When you say "under god's law", it's actually different from person to person what "god's law" even is.


Saudi seems to have More sensible abortion laws than what the Christian Right want… From [Wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_Saudi_Arabia): > Abortion in Saudi Arabia is legal only in cases of risk to a woman’s life, fetal impairment, or to protect her physical and mental health. Pregnancy arising from incest or rape also qualify for a legal abortion under the mental health exemption. The fetus must be less than four months old, and if longer, requires a panel of approved specialists to declare that the pregnancy will result in the death of the woman or serious damage to her health


Christianity has been used for centuries for segregation & war! They use pro-life, but vote pro-death policies. And, yes this is just the beginning. A good read is the "Christianity and the Holocaust" by the holocaust museum and available on the internet. There is a reason white supremacists deny the holocaust, they believe that they didn't finish the job. Ever notice that 'Christians" are the most judgmental, hateful, lying hypocrites? BTW there are a number of references of abortion in the old testament and even a recipe. These Politicians and TEvangelicals know this, but they also know that their flock doesn't read or know the bible. We all need to stay informed, and stick together because that is what they are afraid of.


I’m actually very scared of what this country will become. I’m trying to finish school and considering moving


Fun fact, many of America's new abortion laws will be more strict than Muslim Sharia law!


At what point do we break into two and let them just screw themselves and their supporters?


Christianity and religion in general is on a decline but yeah sure, if you wanna think that America could magically become a theocracy at any moment then go right ahead lol.




And if that happens, the rest of the world can’t liberate the US either because they have a stupid big useless military


if i recall america is already a far right Christan nation i mean they force you to swear on a bible in law and presidency


It doesn't have to be a Bible, but we've never had a non-Christian president.


Yea dude Saudi Arabian women used to dress like us now look at them. Gon be us


The US can reach a level that is beyond crazy Bible-literal-interpretation. In the Bible they just don't care about abortion. That is such a common practice in every human group since the beginning of mankind that even in the Bible (a book where you get stoned to death for "gathering wood on sabbath") they only refer to abortion as a minor offense when it's inflicted by accident on a third party: they say "if two man are fighting and one hits another man's wife causing an abortion they have to pay an amount of money to the husband". So the Bible doesn't consider abortion as a murder but the fanatics in your Supreme Court, Senate and every other institution do.


That would be a new country. If we are already in a new country, posing as the last one; we already had a hostile takeover and that would be the proof.


I'm looking at this as people freaking out like the Republicans saying if we allow gay marriage it will lead to pedophiles being able to marry children. Or, gun laws are going to lead to them taking away everyone's guns. This is just normal shit to separate people so we fight and won't ever be powerful enough to actually own the government. Just my two cents


bro that age is over. did you miss the entire crusades and protestant reformation?


I could not agree more with all of this. This is just the beginning, and I don't know about any of you but I will NOT stand for this in our country. We need to revolt like the French did, I would rather fight tooth and nail against these extremists if it means fighting for what's right. The extremist republicans/conservatives are seriously now destroying this country and it's freedoms, trying to turn it into a theocracy and fascist government like you said OP. It's all coming to a head it seems, and I would honestly rather die fighting for what's right than live in a facist christian theocracy run by psychopaths that don't believe in equal rights for all people. Fuck this country.


Slippery slope much? This is similar to the old meme: Q: What will happen if homosexuals are allowed to get married? A: ~~pedophiles will demand acceptance too~~, ~~LGBT will take over and transexuals will try to chop your kids balls off~~, ~~America will implode~~, Homosexuals will get married. Q: What will happen if babies don't get killed in the womb? A: ~~death penalty for adultery~~, ~~religious fundamentalism will take over~~, ~~America will implode~~, Babies won't get killed in the womb.


Then you're not paying attention. In the leaked decision the precedents they specifically attack are the very same ones used for both gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) and interracial marriage (Loving v. Virginia). Furthermore, if we start taking apart the 14th amendment like the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is doing, it opens up the door for a large amount of rights to be attacked as it sets precedent for it


What? For the Loving v Virginia mention I'm seeing a critique that Casey relied on it as precedent inappropriately, this doesn't seem like an attack on it. Similar they're saying that obergefell has been used as precedent for Lawrence v Texas, again it seems like they are critiquing the use of these marriage cases as precedent for abortion cases, not critiquing the precedents themselves. In other words they seem to be saying you shouldn't use marriage cases to determine abortion rights. This is all from pages 31-32. Am I misunderstanding this somehow or is there another reference to these cases that more specifically is attacking them that I'm not seeing? Tl;Dr: they're saying you shouldn't use apples to evaluate oranges. This is in no way attacking apples.


Babies already don't get killed in the womb.


All of this "They are going to kill us, everyone panic!" stuff is a bit extreme. It's a lot like the extremist stuff the right wingers preach. You say Christian theocracies have been tried before? Sure, there are quite a few right now. Like England and Denmark and Norway. You don't mention those because they don't fit the Christian Taliban picture you're wanting to preach about.


Uhhhh pretty sure you're getting 'official religion' mixed up with 'theocracy'. Denmark is very much a secular democracy, it's not ruled by a centralized cabal of priests. Modern day theocracies are Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican.


The Queen of Denmark is the head of the church in Denmark. The government collects taxes that are given to the church. The clergy work for the government. That all sounds pretty tied together to me. They are not a secular country. But they are not out burning atheists in the streets. It doesn't make sense to assume that even if the extreme right wing was able to get control of the US (which seems unlikely to me) that the end result is the extreme "Taliban takes over america" nonsense that OP suggests. OP is being extremist himself, just like the far right preachers.


And that role, like the queen of England, is mostly symbolic. Denmark has freedom of religion constitutionally and is governed by a parliamentary system. It is NOT a theocracy at all. The monarch is constitutionally limited to requiring the advice of elected ministers and laws are passed by elected members of parliament. Actual theocracies are Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican. And yes the US is resembling them more and more.


Dude relax 😂


Nah, that's what they told women who panicked about them overturning Roe and look what happened there.


I disagree. It was Christians quoting Jesus “give unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God’s“ that is the origin of the separation of church and state. But it’s a free country and you’re entitled to your opinion. (That by the way is also a tenant of Western civilization that is rooted in the Bible.)


State and church separation comes from the bible? Freedom of opinion and freedom of thought comes from the bible?


You guys do know that the ultrareligious right are currently just a small and pretty much irrelevant part of the greater political right and that that the only thing that getting rid of Roe v. Wade will do is that it's going to be up to the individual states to decide weather or not to allow abortions, right? The majority of the proposed anti-abortion bills that you can read about in the news right now are being pushed by some complete nobody with no chances of success as an atempt to generate publicity and even if some of those bills do somehow get passed, there will be still at least 40 other states without any abortion bans. Or do you honestly believe that a draconian anti-abortion bill has any chances of getting passed in a state like California? What you're doing right now is a texbook example of pointless slipperly slope hysteria.


I'm athiest and am in favor of overturning Roe v Wade, and oppose abortion. Edit: why don't you folks talk instead of just silently downvoting? Were you all under the impression we all believe the same things? That sounds an awful lot like a religion.


I'm pretty sure the Taliban kills people who don't believe in their religion.


Christians would never do that /s