If it's the first time you have flown at all, it can help to know what to expect going into it. First time flyers usually don't expect some of these things which can be scary if you don't know they're normal 1. the plane tilts to turn, like a bike, it's not very noticeable when you're up high but can be very noticeable during takeoffs and landings if they're making a big turn. Normal and safe 2. Big flaps open and close on the wings to change wing shape for various reasons especially when landing, but also at other times. It doesn't mean the wings are coming apart. Normal and safe 3. It's a giant bus, it'll make mechanical noises and clunks and shit especially on takeoff and landing. Normal and safe 4. When it hits a bump you don't have to worry, it's just running over a sky possum. Very normal and safe. Sometimes there are more of them up there.


What if the sky possum ends up in the turbine????? 😱😱😱


Modern airliners can continue to fly with just 1 engine.


What if the sky possums end up in all the turbines?


They can glide for quite some time and land safely: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider


Thanks for the info. Do you just keep skipping over every time I type “sky possums”?


>Thanks for the info No worries!




It’s a legal requirement for aircraft to be able to sustain flight on one engine. Depending on the stage of flight and present level of the aircraft will determine Pilot action.


They are actually required to be able to complete a takeoff if they lose an engine halfway down a runway. Smaller planes typically can't do much more than come back around for a landing. But bigger jets like the A320 usually have enough power on the remaining engine to climb out and complete the entire fight.


Once past a certain air speed.. Yes


The wings have a huge amount of flex. This is by design.


Download a podcast to listen to. Flight is over before you know it.


driving to the airport was more risky than ur flight


I’ve flown a lot in my life. I get mild anxiety with turbulence. Then I think that the flight attendants do this all the time and they stride around the cabin confidently so I’ll be okay too. It makes me feel better.


Thanks 😊




Totally a bus in the sky - and you know when you are in a car and there is a steep hollow and your stomach comes up to your throat - that's maybe a few meters drop on an incline. Get the same feeling in a plane, and it's a similar drop - bugger all in the scheme of things. Just a wee sky pothole.


I’m a pilot who flies into Wellington. It’s really not that bad. We know it’s going to be bumpy, we know where the bumps are likely to be and how bad, we do it alllll the time and it’s not a huge deal. If it’s no good, we just go around and try again or go somewhere else. Nothing to worry about. I had a look at the weather tomorrow and it’s pretty windy from the north so it is going to be bumpy, but like I said it’s totally normal for us going into Wellington.


Is it ever not bumpy into Wellington? Well, I happened to be at Wellington airport once when there was heavy fog. No flights landed, I watched (or more listened to) a few planes attempt a landing and then abort. On flightradar24, you could see all the international flights waiting in high-altitude holding patterns for hours, before finally redirecting to Christchurch or Auckland. I'm guessing there weren't many bumps around the airport that day.


It happens occasionally but yeah the bumps are more the rule than the exception. A southerly that isn’t too strong is usually pretty smooth.


I think this is key! It’s likely going to be bumpier than usual tomorrow … but if they are flying it’s well within acceptable parameters.


It's all worth it for the views flying in. It is a bit rough flying into Wellington, especially given the weather at the moment (they won't fly when it's inclement), but take solace that flying is by far the safest mode of transport and New Zealand is one of the safest places to fly commercially in the world


Air New Zealand is the safest airline of 2022. Source. https://www.airlineratings.com/news/air-new-zealand-worlds-safest-airline-2022/ Qantas who owns Jetstar is also consistently voted one of the safest airlines in the world.


Ha! Safest doesn’t mean you won’t perish. AirNZ have had some very public but not very publicised near misses over the past couple of years… check out some of the TAIC investigations inc the near miss into Wellington.


Seriously mate. Read the room.


Yes they do. So too does every other airline who chooses to land there. They report the incident to the CAA who investigates and they keep learning. I'd be more worried about an airline who somehow managed a perfect run every time.


Bro... not the time or place


You must be fun at parties.




This. But getting a prescription in less than 24 hours? OP needs to be a bit more organized.


It can still be done, show up to any office that’s available. Nobody wants a panic attack in the air, including doctors.


Good luck getting an appointment on short notice!


I live in Wellington. Can be exciting sometimes. Several years ago, suddenly developed a fear of flying that lasted about 5 years. I needed to fly for work and had to figure out some strategies. 1. Basic four count breathing helps a bit. Partly because it gives something to focus on (4 in, hold 4, 4 out, hold 4) 2. Know when the bumps are coming. Most of the flight will be smooth. Passing through cloud layers there may be a bit of turbulence. If it’s a Southerly it gets bumpy for 5-6 mins once you drop through the cloud layer on approach to land. If it’s a northerly, it gets bumpy out over Cook straight because you fly across at right angles then turn in. 3. I sometimes would grade a bump out of ten as a way of distracting myself. 4. Planes are like boats. Bumpy air is just like waves. You’re doing jumps off the waves. Planes are safe. 5. I’ve got pilots in the family. They’re professional AF. Always remember that if it was unsafe, they wouldn’t try the flight or landing themselves. They have authority to tell airline to go jump. 6. Aisle seat maybe better. It gets weird if you can see horizon moving a lot. If you stare straight ahead it feels more like driving over bumpy ground. 7. It may be a calm day and no issue.


Husband is an aeronautical engineer and he said "they will be fine, we have the best planes and pilots in the world".


Do we really have great planes? I've got this idea stuck in my head that they're all old and falling to bits. I don't know why but I've made some subconscious association between our dated and crumbling infrastructure and planes!


Planes might be old but generally aren't falling to bits. They're very well maintained.


Air NZ has quite a young fleet


So did Epstein


Ok but maybe we could get some new ones?


Why though? It'd be a huge cost and they're a for profit company.




Planes are *incredibly* well maintained for safety above all else. Our planes would literally probably be the safest vehicles in the country. Why do you think a flight changes plane/gets cancelled even if there's the tiniest mechanical issue.


Good to know. Well I got 95% of the way to WLG once and the pilot said we had to go back...no idea why


He left his leftovers in the staff room fridge


That's usually something wrong with the airport, likely fog or winds for wellington


Most likely weather. Wellington airport is built in both a crappy place and also the only place in Wellington to build one, so regularly gets weather related disruptions. Better to turn around early than make your passengers endure a white knuckle approach you weren’t going to safely land off of anyway.


Boeing 737 Max’s are new - proof newer isn’t always safer.


Air NZ has been slowly buying new planes to replace the oldest ones in their fleet. It’s an expensive process! And when our fleet is relatively young in comparison to most airlines it is not necessarily the most urgent thing to do. E.g Air NZ has taken delivery of 2 A320neo Jets, and one ATR72 turboprop in the last year. And that is light in comparison to their plans which has been deferred due to covid.


The average age for the Air NZ domestic Jet fleet (A320) is around 8 years. This is quite young in comparison to some airlines where their average age would be in the decades


We’ve got a young fleet for sure. There’s American operators still running around in 757s and 767s. Suppose our turboprops are a little oldish (Q300s especially) but they are really well maintained.


That's probably the air force you're thinking of


Yeah, I think so.


Good old Kiwi parochialism


Yells in mount Erebus


Not sure about that


I make that trip atleast once a month and hated flying before. Now it's like taking the bus.


I was nervous until this year when I had to fly for work and then a vacation with my partner. I learned on the flight back that during take off I'd just look at the flight attendants, if they were calm then I assured myself I would be too. Has worked fine since then. Last flight back to NZ I was busy focused on getting stuff out from under my nails even though there wasn't anything there 🙃


I always thing, they have around 100,000 planes a year. How many planes have you heard of crashing at wellington airport? The rate of flights to accidents is so dramatically low that the likelihood of you being in any kind of incident is almost 0. They trained for *years* on smaller planes than you'll be in to even be allowed to fly with passengers then they were good enough at it to get a job in one of the safest airlines statistically worldwide (presuming airNZ) or even any airline. You trust a doctor with your health, a teller with your finances, you can trust a pilot with your safety.


Go to the doctor and get lorazepam. I always pop one of those before take off and landing.


Benzos are terrible for you


They’re fine to take in one off situations. I fly on benzos every time. They’re only a problem if taken regularly.


so is sugar, if it helps it helps.


I'm not sure that's a good comparison lol.


it's not a comparison, I'm saying lots of things we consume daily are bad for us, alcohol, sugar, too many carbs. If it helps then consuming a mildly harmful substance to actually help rather than just for pleasure is well worth it.


Yea, fair enough. My feeling is benzos are quite considerably worse for you than health professionals would tend to suggest. There seems to be permanent effects for some people, and the correlation with Alzheimer's is extraordinary.


Yeah, for habitual users sure. Nobody should be taking these drugs with any regularity. But a one-off dose every now and then is unlikely to cause lasting harm.


I've been prescribing benzodiazepines to nervous dental patients for 27 years now. Never had any long-term issues.


>Never had any long-term issues. You're quite the dentist to be running long-term studies on cognition on people who've only come in for dentistry. What a saint you are.


Fantastic contribution. Nothing wrong with something at the right place at the right time ya dork


What a load of bullocks.


Tell that to the millions addicted overseas…


OP only needs to take 1 tablet. You don't get addicted from 1 tablet. Please keep your comments relevant to the context of the thread you're commenting in.


Haha sorry mum. Carry on playing your video games kid


Yeah watch the benzos... bad news if taken too often.


Good headphones with good music. Something that will occupy you if the anxiety gets to you like a movie or video game.. Herbal remedies. Someone supportive


Use the air vents to blow cold air on you and just do whatever makes you feel like you’re okay. White knuckle holding the armrest? Go for it. It’s a valid reaction, I fly frequently and still get nervous any time turbulence comes along but as others have mentioned: - We have the safest airlines in the world - We have some of the best pilots. If a pilot can land in Wellington reliably then they are extremely good. - They don’t wanna risk themselves or yourself. Your safety is paramount - They prioritise comfort over whether they can technically land. I’ve had a couple of top tier experiences and they’ve abandoned one landing, revisit a bit later when winds calmed and it was successful. They didn’t bother with another but that was the baggage handlers who were unsafe - notice that it wasn’t cancelled because of the airlines None of this may make you more comfortable flying but you will be safe. Wellingtonians know that flying means potentially ending up at Palmerston North and jumping on a bus which does happen or they may just cart you back to Auckland.


You alright there BA?


I find having favourite music playing in my headphones is a great distraction from what it happening around me. Had a really bumpy landing a while back, concentrating on the music helped a lot. Kept dinner in my stomach although I’m told I looked pretty green on landing! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Two things that helped me: immerse yourself in some kind of content. Watch TV episodes or movies, anything you can focus on completely. Second thing I did, although only when it was uncomfortably bumpy, was imagining myself riding on one of those lazy river things at a swimming pool, and the bumps were just me passing jets or feeling waves.


I also hate flying! My tactic is to get a seat that is not next to the window and pretend it’s a train lol. If you are out in a seat by the window try to swap with others next to you, I have found a lot of the time people want to sit by the window so often jump at the offer (cabin crew also accommodating if you tell them why you are switching) Another trick is don’t sleep the night before and try sleep on the plane. Pretty shit advice sorry but has worked for me


Pop into a chemist and explain the situation, they'll probably have a mild chill pill/drops/patch that'll take the edge off. Take a book or something you can get engrossed in, it's just a quick flight and it'll be over before you know it


Flying on a commerical aircraft is by far the safest mode of travel, followed by buses, trains, boats and then cars in that order Domestic flights are even safer


Just remember planes have a far higher safety rating than cars. You're FAR more likely to crash on the way to the airport than in the plane. Planes are like cars if you had to spend thousands of hours learning to drive under professionals and then your car got routine WOF checks and services every single week. Not to mention the air is very consistent unlike driving on roads.


propranolol 10 mg tablet. Great off-label use for this type of anxiety




You wanna know the secret to surviving air travel? After you get where you're going, take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes.


Just remember that the flight WILL be ok. They won’t fly in any kind of turbulence bad enough to crash a flight in NZ. Turbulence in the air is just like a car going over bumps in the road. And then go get donuts at Sixes and Sevens on Taranaki St to congratulate yourself!




Close your eyes and pretend it's a train.


Not sure if you've seen it but this tiktok may help.. https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSRkmRkcL/ Welly can be a tough landing, but it's only the last couple minutes, just focus on the jello :)


Imagine the plane is a piece of tissue in the middle of a bowl of jelly. There's pressure all around, like air pressure, and even if it jiggles around the tissue stays where it is in the bowl bc of all the pressure holding it in place, just like the plane is held in place by air pressure. Just keep telling yourself you're tissue in jelly.


Wtf… tissue is literally the weakest material in the world. This doesn’t make me feel any safer at all.


Sometimes it's worth telling the person(s) next to you or the flight attendant. Lots of people are nervous when flying. I fly a lot and I've had neighboring passengers ask to hold my hand, break wind, let out little shrieks AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE. On every flight there are nervous flyers - so you're in good company. You're gonna be sweaty. That's OK. And people understand... they get it. While flying doesn't make me nervous, there are other things that do! One last thing I'll say... if you're on a windy landing don't worry when people give an excited 'whoa' or 'wahey' if you hit a bit of bumpiness. It's a very normal bit of excited relief and has zero reflection on any sort of danger or jeopardy. You are safe as houses.


After your ”ask to break wind” statement, it makes me wonder what exactly a windy landing actually means to you..


Ask yourself how many people do you know that have been involved in a car accident. Now, ask yourself how many people you know have been involved in a plane accident.


This is not good logic, but I understand what you’re trying to do.


Don’t know about the flight but when you’re there, go to the new world near Te Papa Museum and get the salted caramel Oreo brownie. I would genuinely take the flight to welly and back just for that!


I may even be on your flight if it’s in the morning. NZ is very very safe. You are more likely to get into an accident on the road to the airport than on the plane. Further advise: get the chips for your snack. And accept the water, flying can be dehydrating.


I hate flying too, and last time I let a flight attendant know in case I disturbed the person next to me. She sat me up front with her and chatted with me the whole way, completely forgot about being in the sky after a bit! Air NZ is really accommodating with things like this, you'll be okay :)


Statistically speaking, it’s safer for you to fly than to drive, you’ll be fine


Couple of stiff whiskies at the bar before take off.


Planes hardly ever crash. Statistically you’re more likely to crash your car driving to the shop.


My dude you have not picked a good day for it I'll say that much




if you feel a bump coming along breath IN, and then deeply breath OUT after the bump. if you breathing in you don’t get the sick butterfly feeling in your stomach, helped me a lot :)


Gin....a double or two


It's common for landing in Wellington to be quite turbulent and bumpy because of the strong winds around the airport, which sits exposed to Cook Strait. Just keep this in mind if it does end up being turbulent, and that the pilots are (to my knowledge and experience) highly capable. Deep breaths and keep in mind that the pilots are fully aware of the weather conditions and are going to take every step necessary to get you there safely! All the best!


Valium my man.


I have a phobia of flying too, so I feel you. I fly long haul with lorazepam, so see your doctor before you go next time. I can’t focus on a book or puzzles because I’m too rattled, so for short haul, and if I need to drive after landing, I rely on my countdown. The flight will only be a set amount of time. Set your phone to a countdown and focus on the numbers decreasing. Every second passed is another you don’t have to repeat. I focus on my countdown and it keeps me from freaking out too much. You got this. You’ll be fine.


Have a drink or two prior and ask for a window seat- close your eyes and think you're in a car on a bumpy road and try to sleep/doze... trust me..this helps xx Also statistically you have WAY (a technical term) Haha.. .. more chance of getting hit by a car or winning lotto than being in a plane crash..


The landing will be rough. It always is coming into Welly. Just be ready for it.


Southerly winds are constant and stable so an approach over the city and Evans Bay is easy. Northerly or Northwesterly’s are more erratic and bumpy coming into Welly from the South coast, this is normal.


Look out towards the horizon and enjoy the view. You’ll either get fab views of Wellington harbour or the Marlborough Sounds (from a distance). The horizon always looks stable so it might calm you down.


I hate flying too, I find that gaming on my phone distracts me and makes it a bit easier, less time to focus on how high up I am...


Wellington airport, I've been told, is one of the airports that all licenced commercial pilots practice landing at during training (simulated, but still counts) - because it is a tricky one in comparison to others. But that means that these pilots have flown in to the airport, in VR and in reality, in all sorts of conditions, and they've proved they're able to land safely and well!


Wtf are you talking about?


Reckon 🤣 I am sure the pilots are fine wherever they fly.


Honestly just don’t bother, Wellington is like Southampton but way windier. Just go somewhere nice instead.




Tomorrow? Bro, have you seen the forecast? Good luck and god speed


Don’t wear jeans. To hard to swim in if you ditch in the ocean.


It’s more frightening being in a car here. Trust me.




Silly question but there aren’t Covid tests or requirements required when flying domestically right? I lost track of the rules a long time ago and flyingto to Wellington next week.


There are no tests - just wear a mask. They have an airport bus again; it's $3.75 with a Snapper card to the city or $4.50 cash.


Don't do it! You know you're gonna die! Why the hell would you take that flight?!?


The life jacket has a whistle that no one will hear


Like it’s raining crashing aeroplanes? Where?


Don’t be scared. If the plane crashes, chances are you will be killed almost instantly. The pain although extreme will be over in a blink of an eye.


There are courses that you can go to - but too late for it now. Maybe look into this if you're still having problems.


Don't Google air NZ maintenance budget 2022


The seat belts are just there to keep your corpse in it’s allocated place for identification purposes after the crash


Remember there's a small chance, but planes do crash with no chance of survival. You will turn into mince.




What are these people like when they’re in a car being driven by somebody else? An airliner has a couple of professionals up the front who have usually gots loads of experience and training, and really want to get home to their families. In a car, you’ve got someone who has a 50% chance of having a below average IQ, and received f*ck all training in how to handle a car properly. Nevermind all of the other f*uckwits on the road trying to kill you…


Bunch of betas is what they are.


A fun thing I’ve learnt is that the most dangerous part of flying, is the drive TO the airport. I also learnt that I’m bad at giving comforting advice.


If you survive the drive to the airport, statistics show that you’ve gotten past the most dangerous part of the flight :)


Lol just crank a few drinks before the flight and get a complimentary beer if u fly airnz. 1 drink in the air = 3 drinks in the air


Take a bus.


Take some kind of sedative if you have one, otherwise, alcohol or kava (some dairies sell it). I always just think, in the unlikely event of a crash on a plane that size, it's instant death, no pain and if your time is up, your time is up. I guess it helps that I think there is an afterlife though. The bottom line is, you're far more likely to die in a car, not a plane, so it's the car ride to the airport that is the thing to have a phobia about, if you were going to have one. To me, the only scary planes, are the tiny private ones as the pilots aren't as experienced and those planes are the ones that crash, but still not as often as cars do obviously. I know a guy in Auckland that used to invite women onto a plane on weekends that he was piloting (as a way of trying to get them into bed - that weekend) and none of these women knew that he was likely still drunk from the night before while flying and had only had a maximum of about 3 hours sleep. That guy is dangerous, an Air NZ pilot, is not.


Enjoy : )


I’ve done it countless times. It can be a little bumpy landing in Wellington but the pilots and planes are amazing and the pilots pay more attention when it’s bumpy. But if you’re scared of flying then logic won’t help. But it’s very safe. Much safer than your drive to the airport. A guy I know is a hypnotist who deals with fears and phobias. He’s very good. Your solution to your fear of flying could be that simple.


Just flown down and back to Wellington over past couple days. Watched downloaded Netflix show for the duration. As others have said, it'll be over before you know it.


Lots of gin, you’ll be fine. I read a good book. My happy place.


Its safer than walking down the street?


Take off and landing are the worst - things get better once at cruising altitude. The Auckland Wellington route is quite short. Try to get a seat in the middle of the plane on the wings which apparently is less bumpy.


Look to see what the flight crew are doing. If there is turbulence and they're chill then things are fine.


Smoke some weed bro. You'll be flying in every sense of the word.


Turbulence doesn’t make the plane fall out of the sky. It’s akin to an ocean current affecting a boat. The only difference is you can’t see it coming - but have faith that the pilots know what they’re doing :-) If regular flying/travel is in your future, I’d personally recommend taking a trial flight in a small plane. Most small airports offer these for about $150. Trial by fire, but It will build your confidence like nothing else.


Clench your butt cheeks and think about your first time!


Don’t worry your flight will be cancelled


Get to the airport early, so you’re not also stressed about being late or having to hurry etc. if your flight is at 11am, aim to be there just after 9. Sit down, have a coffee or a cup of tea and grab a book to read.


Turn into a cat and claw up the armrests.


Hey OP, if you've ever been sailing before, try to imagine the plane as a boat, just floating along air currents. You feel the same waviness in boats rolling over waves as aircraft flying over disturbed airflow. The aircraft is at no point 'out of control' just flying through disturbed air currents. Wellington airport sits in an area of very disturbed air currents, hence it's always bumpy into there, but be rest assured the pilots that fly in, fly in often and they've got you! All the way to the ground. If it's unsafe to land for whatever reason, they'll go somewhere else that is safe. Also let the flight attendents know you're nervous. They'll do their best to look after you and check on you during the flight. Remember, just a big boat in the sky with 2 excellent people up the front and 4-5 excellent people in the back keeping you safe. You got this!


Rescue remedy may help? Visualise yourself landing safely and walking through to baggage claim. Distract yourself by thinking about tasks you have to do at work or home in the upcoming week, really focus on the small details. Have an affirmation to repeat to yourself (probably in your head or you may get some strange looks), something like "I am safe, this is an everyday activity, I will be fine." Perhaps some deep breathing and a mindfulness video on the plane or just some distracting videos. Best of luck : )


If it makes you feel better, my sister has been a flight attendant for Qantas for years and she's still alive. She goes to LA, south Africa, Japan, e.t.c. while you're only going to another location in the same country which should take less than 2 or 3 hours (Apologies if the estimates are off)


It’s an hour or less to Wellington


I fly twice a week at least. Basically there is nothing you can do about it once you are in the plane so there is no point stressing. Just sit back enjoy the bumps. Listen to standup comedy is a great one as it keeps you in a happy space.


Noise cancelling headphones. Lifesaver.


Wellington is a jam. They don't send shit shit there


When you land - don’t look out the window. Trust me


Remember turbulence doesn’t bring down planes besides the other fact that flying is much safer than you driving down. It’s can bit quite nerve racking if it’s bad until you understand the physics of it then it actually makes sense. Basically it’s the plane hitting different pressure zones


Toughen up buttercup, it’s just a bloody aeroplane.


Only time to panic is if the pilot walks past your wearing a parachute…




If the plane goes through a little bit of turbulence, go limp and go with the plane, don't go rigid in your seat otherwise you maximize the affect of any turbulence and worsen the affect upon yourself. If possible, have a couple of beers before boarding.


I went to my Dr to get anti anxiety pills when I fly which helped


I'm fine with flying now but was really nervous the first couple times... I found the following helped : focus on the aisle and rows of seats and tell yourself that you're on a bus or train. Not looking at the window helps too.


Don't crash


I get nervous during turbulence these days, just because I don’t fly that often anymore. I have an “airplane” playlist of chilled out Pink Floyd songs, and I shut my eyes, focus on the music, and slow my breathing down. Slowing your breathing will also slow your heart rate and help keep the anxiety at bay. Remember that flying is SO much safer than driving, it’s just unfamiliar feelings.


I have a small squishy silicone stress toy which I fiddled with to give my nervous hands something to do. It really helped my nerves in the airport and on the plane, and Noone looked at it twice. 🙃 Also headphones were helpful, but the flight attendants do get you to remove them when they are talking to you at the beginning and end of the flight.


Ask your doctor for lorazepam. Take a 1/2 and you’ll be ok riding a rocket.


The worst time to fly, storms on there way, and flying into Wellington is bad to fly into even on a good day. Poor you as you are going to be dripping wet on arrival 👍


Also flying Auckland - Wellington tomorrow. 2pm flight. Will probably have a few before because I don’t like turbulence 🙈


Oh dear.... Flying conditions tomorrow are well let's say slightly challenging, particularly top end of the south island


Hi! I don't know what time you are flying but I highly recommend Brave Face products!! The quick spray helps regulate the nervous system and a few friends with flight anxiety have found a-lot of relief with the spray




Its normal for planes to shake a bit so remember to try relax if you can or force yourself to laugh when it happens.


You aren’t in control. The moment you yield that, the moment you are comfortable. Source: used to fly 100+ flights a year and was scared of flying until I had that realization.


I used to be a very anxious flyer. A counselor helped me use visualisation to combat my worst fears. I was scared of getting sucked out of the fuselage, so we came up with a visualisation where I was, but it was funny and non threatening. So I bounced around on the clouds and other imaginary obstacles like a ball in a pinball machine and found a fun landing. A bit like I was banishing a boggart. Riddikulus! If you have Spotify, look up the podcast 'do you f**king mind?' and have a listen to episode 152, the neuroscience of visualisation to get what you want. It's a really good scientific look at how we can decieve our brains with visualisation to feel calm in scary situations. And also, breathe. You can do this.


My partners dad is a very experienced pilot, in the time we’ve been together he has captained thousands of trips. The standards are so high that you are much safer in the air than your are in the car on the way to the airport. In fact he has just left on holiday and is not flying himself, so the fact that he trusts the other pilots and equipment to fly him and his wife half way across the world should give you an idea of how safe it is. I don’t know if that helps but I can assure you you’re in good hands.


Try to concentrate on taking the deepest and slowest breaths you can muster (it's a great technique dealing with anxiety many times in my life, 🤞 it may assist you ♥️)


Welly pilots land like a feather.


Wellington is notoriously windy. The landing will feel a bit like an earthquake. The plane will turn to the right and may feel like it’s dropping if it hits turbulence. Totally normal. You’ll hear the engine rev really high. Like it’s suddenly accelerating towards the ground. It’s not. Totally normal. Turbulence is pretty rare during the flight. The pilot will switch the seatbelt lights on. And the flight crew will put everything away in a. Hurry and sit down. That’s for safety because they can lose balance quickly. Not because the plane is falling out of the sky. Tips to get through. Headphones with music. Close your eyes. During take off and landing. Think of it like a roller coaster. A little nerve racking. But once your on you can’t get off anyway. So you might as well enjoy yourself. 😂.


if your flying Air New Zealand you will be fine.


Flying into Wellington is notoriously rough so don’t be discouraged if you get that. It’s due to how windy and foggy it can be here. But the pilots are super well trained and safe so you’ll be fine.


Watched this Netflix series ‘airplane crash investigations’. It’s one thing to see the crashes but it’s totally amazing the effort is put into increasing safety after each crash. Over the last decades this has led to a phenomenal safety standard.


Pilots who fly into NZ airports are very skilled. Maybe just Pilots are ... They may fly round a few times if it’s windy, just getting a good position. If it’s really too windy you will be dropped off (not dropped out) at Palmerston North and put on an actual terrestrial bus.


You need to focus on something. Music or a book that you can push all your attention into and force your self to ignore the raging emotions inside of you. Do not look inside yourself. Only focus on the book or music 100% If you lose this ability and the emotions take over, focus on your breath and push yourself to take long slow breaths again 100% focus on your breath and nothing else. You must learn to block out the raging emotions while you are in the depths of your terror flight. The more you feed it, the more it grows. Becareful what you feed. Ear phones listening to soothing music while reading something semi interesting to you.




Ok a couple of things. Breathe. Listen to the safety brief and talk to the stewards. Make eye contact with them and make small talk. It will help. Let them know you are nervous. If you are flying from AKL to WLG you will be on a “big plane” statistically they are far safer than the smaller regional planes (ATRs). Breathe. Take some headphones and download a mediation or some music. You will need to have your phone on airplane mode so have stuff downloaded before you go. Breathe. It’ll be a short flight (about an hour and a bit) so just try to breathe and get through it. Distract yourself as best you can. And breathe.