Potato on toast

When I was a kid, we had mashed potato on Vegemite toast topped with a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce. It’s weird and no one I know has ever heard of it. Reddit, tell me someone’s family is as weird as mine and tried this random toast treato!


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No one else had that. You had that because one night your parents had no money, and nothing in the house but a potato, half a loaf of bread and a couple of random condiments. Luckily, it tasted good and you guys liked it, so it became a treat/povo night meal that your parents never told you the origins of. My partner had mash with tinned spaghetti. My mum did some curried sausages thing. Some pretty cool stuff gets invented that way.


I think you nailed it. I've had something similar (HP sauce instead of Worchester) to what the OP describes and it was because those were the only things we had in the house. I might add that the 'mashed potato' was from a packet and the bread was Wheet-bix. It tasted as bad as it sounds.


I remember Deb as a dehydrated mash-potato thing. It really failed to represent the real thing - same as those no-name/frills etc. brand non-cordial orange juice concentrates you added water to. Our personal goto was a can of braised steak and onions done in a non-electrical jaffel-iron. It was a massive improvement over Deb. We were fortunate to move onto better alternatives as we aged.


Lol yeah the weetbix just kills it for me


Ackshully, more likely, mum and Dad probs had a few cones and this was the resultant munchies. Speaking from experience with my own kids............. They both eat deep fried bananas dipped in yoghurt because we were stoned and needed sweet things.


Pretty cool stuff invented that way too 🀣🀣


A bowl of mashed potato with homemade gravy drizzled all over it is pretty rad


Curried sausages is relatively widespread I believe, it’s a family recipe for me and have seen it brought up a few times on r/aus over the years


The concept is, yes. But ours was literally a day before payday throw together that stuck


We had a similar non pov thing for my kids when they were younger, "Christmas potatoes". Which were mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables mixed throughout them. We'd eat them year round and the little ones loved them. They'd refuse to eat vegetables though


Haha great way of tricking them into eating veggies. "It's not veggies, it's Christmas food and you are getting a special treat"


Peas bearnaise and boiled eggs for me


Onion& 2mato sauce Swiches without marg. Bcame so norm, I often requested them 4school lunch 🀷


> My mum did some curried sausages thing. Mine did "chow mein" with cabbage, lowest-tier beef mince and various past-their-prime vegetables, seasoned with only the finest herbs and spices from the dessicated jars at the bottom of the pantry. The colour still haunts my nightmares.


Poor but fed. Your folks were good people.


My povo meal was baked beans on toast with cheese and it was fucking elite.


I remember a boyfriend who made the same concoction except he also stirred an egg into the baked beans when they were fully heated and then put it on toast and added the cheese.




Yeah to me it just sounds like something dad made for dinner when mum was having a girls night or at some function. "Here ya go, ya liddle maggot, get that up ya"


Do you always overreact so massively or is it just on reddit?


Yup, we had that when I was a kid - we weren't bone-poor, but we weren't rich by any means. For something different, we'd either toast the whole thing under the grill until the tips of the potato turned crispy-brown, or sprinkle finely-shredded corned beef on top. For *really* special occasions, we'd do both... πŸ˜‰


Ok, that is weird, but I'd eat it I guess. Carbs on carbs.


I've never had it but that sounds amazing. I want to take this one step further and make Vegemite and parm compound butter and serve a baked potato with the compound butter, sour cream and spring onion.


I would eat that no worries


I had something similar but not as a kid, I thought it might taste good and it did. I got the idea due to chip sandwiches. Diced and cooked potatoes with butter, seasoning and a pinch of garlic on bread, toast a little.


Yep, sounds like it'd work. Oddly the weird thing for me isn't the vegemite but the Worcestershire sauce.


My wife like mashed potato on toast with season all salt. It's gross though


My Mum regularly has mash potato mixed with random veges on toast for breakfast to eat up any left overs. My family usually put tomato sauce ontop.


We'd cop the leftover shepherds pie on toast the following morning for breakfast.


My mum used to make 'mince'. Mince with frozen mixed vegetables. Chuck it on buttered white toast. "What's for tea, Mum?" "Mince."


I used to hate just straight up mash potato so I'd make a sandwich with it if it was part of dinner, with buttered bread. No sauce, sometimes cut up meat. I also liked boiled potato sandwiches, same deal just buttered bread and boiled potato cut into smaller slices. I had a lot of weird food issues as a kid though, and it was my own strange choice to do that, not what was made for dinner by my parents haha.


What's wrong with everyone? Anything that seems out of the stereotypical ordinary, you call weird. Some of the things that you might think are good, others in different jurisdictions will call weird. Take Vegemite as an example. Lots of Aussies love it but most Americans think it's gross. People stick with what they know and those traditions get passed down. Most people think breakfast is toast, bacon and eggs, cereal, fruit and yoghurt or perhaps a smoothie. In other countries, breakfast could be rice or seafood. The only reason it's weird to you is because it's outside of what you know. It's how discrimination starts, when you attack the unknown. Most of you don't experiment and stick to the 'safe' food combinations you know. You'd be surprised what you can find when you delve in. I've had savoury oats when most would put milk in their porridge. Not too long ago, I had curried cornflakes. I've had fish fingers and vegetables for breakfast and cereal for dinner. I've had peanut butter and Vegemite together. There's lots of different cuisines and these developed from mixing different ingredients and flavours. You don't have to like everything but a food combination that you might not like is going to be delicious to someone else. Just as you don't need to be homophobic if you are heterosexual, accept food combos as standard, even if it's not to your taste buds. Potato on toast is delicious, by the way. Not much different than a chip or potato scallop sandwich. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ *(If you disagree and downvote, that simply shows your intolerance.)*


Isn't that the definition of weird? Something out of the ordinary?


I'm downvoting just for calling a potato fritter a scallop. You had a great (if long winded) point and undermined it completely buy using a stupidly incorrect term! (*I didn't actually downvote*)


Every milk bar and fish n chip shop I've ever been to has all called them *potato scallops*, over *x* decades.


Yeah, but they are wrong. Probably something to do with being convict states, can't tell the difference between potato and seafood 🀷


It's called a scallop because of the way it's cut. Got nothing to do with seafood.


Which would make it a scalloped potato, not a potato scallop. Two very different concepts. The fact it's battered and fried, though, undeniably makes it a fritter.


I hope we can at least agree, it's not a cake 🀣


Wholeheartedly. *Insert Predator armwrestling meme here.*


It’s a potato *cake*. Fight me


I call a potato on toast a Dutton sanga


Never heard of that was it good?


Certified weird dude.


I’ve had mashed potato on toast with cheese melted on top, maybe bbq sauce, but never really had Worcestershire in the house.


That sounds really good, I want to try it.


I liked eating baked potatoes on toast when we'd have leftovers from a Roast Dinner.


No, but I want to try it. When I was a kid, we had jam and cream on fresh, soft white bread and ate it with a knife and fork. Bloody delicious!


Boiled rice sandwiches is my go to for carbs and gluing my mouth shut


Buttery Vegemite toast dipped in milky tea