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Yeah, the people you are warning won't be reading this.


Agreed; should be crossposted to r/AskAnAustralian which is full of foreigners asking stuff about Australia


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Idk, a few US/UK based people around from what I've seen


It's bad here, but it's definitely not as bad as what the UK is going to become. Ol' Truss is deciding to cut taxes for the rich while the entire country is worrying about a "cost of living crisis". People have been leaving the UK in droves to come here for a decade now.


We are also cutting taxes for the rich


The UK is borrowing money to pay for the tax cuts in a period of high inflation. The markets reacted so badly they almost started a new GFC.




People in the highest bracket will pay less tax even though their marginal rate over 180(?)k won't be changing


They announced a backflip on the tax but yeah, shits bad there.




A few hours ago


Oh I misunderstood I thought you meant the stage 3 tax cuts were cancelled


If Truss is reversing course after seeing the damage even the thought of them did to the UK. I have to assume Albo is just waiting for the right time to say they are gone. The media is beating him up on not doing it, but will beat him up about doing it. Lose lose for him tbh.


I think Truss is reversing course now.


She is. She's decided that she's going to hack the welfare state to shreds instead. More in-keeping with the Tory fanbase. We already have probably the meanest disability benefits on the planet. I'm an autist and I don't want to stay in a country which has decided that it hates people like me - but where the fuck do I go...? I'm female too which doesn't help (because there's still a big perception that only boys are autistic). I have nothing to offer the world, I've been told that I don't have a bad singing voice - but what fucking use is that...? Not sure I believe it, either, self-esteem is nonexistent, I've been told I've been good at things in the past and it's turned out that people are just being dicks. I don't feel British anymore (and, to be honest, I'm not sure that I ever have done). Now I'm locked away in a 'care' home for people with severe learning disabilities, complex needs and severe behavioural issues - I hope that it would be obvious to anyone who has contact with me that's not me. I also have hyperacusis and the level of noise here has destroyed my physical health (my mental health has been fucked for years). But I'm trapped here - this place, this country - because society has ensured that I can't leave. I'm a square peg, society is a round hole (actually, I sometimes wonder if I'm actually a round peg and society is square because society could become 'round' (ie more accepting by losing its 'corners') but it's impossible for me to develop corners so that I can fit in - sorry, that probably makes fuck all sense to someone who's neurotypical). Point is, I don't belong here, society has rejected me, that's why I'm stuck in this shitehole, being spoken to and treated like I'm brain-dead. I have to rely on staff for everything, because that's what happens here (that and the fact that staff have destroyed my phone). I know my Reddit posts are being monitored (yes, that sounds paranoid, but I have been told this) because I'm being held under the Mental Capacity Act, despite never having undergone any form of mental capacity assessment, such is the prejudice and stigma surrounding autists. Decisions are being made about me, about my life by people who don't have the first fucking clue what it's like to be neurodiverse, and have zero interest in developing any form of understanding. I have quite in-depth knowledge of the Human Rights, Mental Capacity, Mental Health, Equality and Care Acts - more so than 99% of staff here, and I'm fully aware that how I'm being treated is illegal. I'm not only physically imprisoned, but mentally too.


I am sorry for what you're going through. How can someone help?


we won't be far behind UK in proping the rich up while the middle class bleed


At least the SDP is infinitely more generous than my 'Enhanced' Employment Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. What's the basic rate of SDP these days...? I ***STILL*** want to move down there, but a) I can't work (and why would you want someone who's basically just going to filch off your welfare state) and b) I can't afford it. I would do ***ANYTHING*** to get the fuck out of the UK. Been having a recurring dream that I've been kipping rough on a bench inside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne (except as I don't know what Flinders St looks like, my subconscious replaced it with Liverpool Lime Street for some reason). In my subconscious, I'm already down there... Then I wake up and I'm back in my cell in a 'care' home in Leicester. Just the fact that I have to live in this country is adding to my CPTSD; my physical health is down the fucking dunny, my mental health has been for decades (I'm autistic and have CPTSD due to lifelong victimisation and abuse). Please, no Reddit Cares bull. I know those who send it mean well, but it isn't helpful.


Pretty normal for people to check out a sub before moving there


I actually am moving here for education. This sub has helped a great deal in making me realise I'm gonna have to cut costs everywhere


It’s really not that bad outside of capital city’s and the big mining towns but I get if your coming for education your probably going to a capital. In saying that I have plenty of mates that study and work in café’s and they are fine


Nah as someone who lives rurally its gotten really bad here as well. There are no rentals and locals are having to live in tents and because of lack of rentals rent prices have skyrocketed.


So true. Could say the same thing about every post on r/Australia


I’m used to the high cost of living, it’s the housing shortage that seems scary. It seems bizarre that such a developed country has no protections really for its renters and the landlords just say “supply and demand”. Thankfully where I’ll be moving is pretty far out there and seems like it has very reasonable, compared to what I’m used to, housing prices and availability.


>and the landlords just say “supply and demand”. Until it flips against them, then they squeal and cry about how hard it is and demand tax payer handouts rather than liquidating their, y'know, business assets. Typical "competitive free market" losers, they hate it when it swings the other way. Risk doesn't exist for landcunts. And if you push back, they use the law or cops to stomp you and punish you forever after (good luck renting once you have a rep for being "difficult" i.e. Standing up for your rights).


Many landlords also say the system is rigged to give renters all the power and landlords are the real victims. It’s astonishing to see.


There should simply be more supply. The system is broken af. I wish people would protest actual important shit such as housing affordability than this.


I feel blessed that my landlord (Melbourne) hasn't raised rent in 2.5 years. I gather this ain't normal...


Your landlord may be and angel or a saint 🙏


I think she must be. She's younger (not a boomer) and seems very chill. Anyway could it be because I live in one of those cheaper terrace 2-storey apartment blocks? Is it all kinds of homes going up in price? The apartments next door are empty so it makes me wonder.


It's definitely something to consider. I often see people saying they have no trouble in parts of Melbourne like the CBD...but then if you're a family looking for a house it might be impossible. I have no idea what the actual story is but yeah, it could be not all rentals are going up in price.


A shithouse (average) landlord would definitely be putting the rent up even if the place you’re living is dilapidated hovel. Your landlord sounds a little better than average.


Hmmm... maybe I should thank her or send her wine. But then that might be really awkward because she might be about to raise the rent tomorrow. Probably best to thank her only if/when I leave.... ?


>my landlord (Melbourne) hasn't raised rent in 2.5 years. I gather this ain't normal... Nope not normal, tho, a good landlord knows when they have a great tenet. Great tenets are hard to find... sounds like your landlord wants you to stay there. edit: comma


Ain't normal, yeah. I've seen a rise of $70 in the past few months. About 70% of my pay goes to rent


Yeah we're lucky ours only raised ours by $20 a week. Mate of ours in the same building had his raised by $90


Friend from Canada moved to Brisbane. They have been living in an Airbnb for 4 wks now. Ridiculous rent situation squeeze right now...


And the guy who owns the airbnb is rubbing their hands together like a proper twat


I've lived in airbnb for >18months


Fucking hell....




Toronto is a fine mess. Lived there most my life. Great city with consistent housing supply issues. There is a lot of condos going up though... Can't say they aren't trying to build more.


Totally irrelevant but how do Toronto and Melb compare? I’m considering moving to Canada (for non-housing-related reasons).


Literally happened to me and my partner the other week (from UK). We went completely unaware of the situation and had to stay in airbnbs for a few weeks. Because it was too expensive to remain in airbnbs, we moved on elsewhere


> we moved on elsewhere You left Australia? Where did you go?


We moved elsewhere in Aus, not staying much longer though as we've decided to backpack for longer in SEA.




> I tell them price of cigarettes, beer I mean, those two are expensive because of consumption taxes to disincentivise them though, rather than the usual CoL shenanigans.


Yes but countries like Argentina or South Africa have dirt cheap cigarettes and alcohol, so it becomes more of a norm than what we have here. So when you are comparing the cost of living between countries, you definitely mention commodity items like that. I understand the highlighted point of the conversation is CoL but this would be apart of these peoples lives.


> Yes but countries like Argentina or South Africa have dirt cheap cigarettes and alcohol, so it becomes more of a norm than what we have here. > > So when you are comparing the cost of living between countries, you definitely mention commodity items like that. I've just come back from a few years living in Japan, they were always so shocked to hear the price of ciggs and alcohol.


It’s also much more accessible over there too. Hell servo’s open at 6/7, you walk in and grab a pack of durries, a 1lt bottle of cheap bourbon and a few porn mags and you are set to pass some time waiting for everyone else to get up. I joke, I’m just emphasising how cheap and easy it was.


It's both tbh, excise has been getting hiked at obscene levels due to the CoL stuff


Telling them rent should be the scariest thing.


Fuel in Argentina isn't much cheaper, it's currently the equivalent of $1.50 AUD a litre


Must be nice


Is that with or without the blue rate?


How difficult was it to migrate to Argentina?


Lol thinking the same !


Why not compare the price of potatoes and pasta against the minimum wage? Way more fair in Australia. Or barbecue beef - which last time I did the math was like 50% cheaper while salaries are like 10 fold. I'm completely out of touch with Argentina's salaries now, but is it more like minimum salary is like $2000 AUD per year?


Aussies have the highest minimum wage in the world when adjusted for pp, so no need to know the other salary.


Found this https://livingcost.org/cost/argentina/australia


I think about this any time I read a post about someone considering moving here. Please look in to the situation first. You may not find anywhere to live.


Well it’s not you have many options if you’re a monolingual English speaker and you want to live in a sane country, actually you don’t really have any


That's an interesting point. Which predominantly english speaking country doesn't have insane housing costs? Probably some less popular state in the USA?


Regional United States LMAO. Insanely difficult decision


Rather live on the streets here in Aus lmao


It's not THAT bad, but yes, it's bad.


Got to disagree with that but yeah it would be hard convincing me to go there


Rent's cheap when you only have to pay 6 months. Because you've been shot.


A lot of the previously less popular states (eg Utah, Idaho) have become pretty popular, at least in places. A two bedroom apartment in Salt Lake, which is a pretty ordinary town, goes for about the same as a two bedroom apartment in Melbourne once you've figured out the exchange rate.


can vouch, utah is insane. have wanted to move to AU for the past couple years now, but definitely doing research before i make an insane decision like that.


I've also been considering moving from the US to AU, but the housing situation seems dire in both countries.




Relative to average salaries, many parts of Australia will be way more insane than Utah.


Uh, not sure I understand Salaries in Utah are not high.


You can live in most countries in Europe with English. Immigrants from tough countries do it without speaking neither English or local language.


But if I move to another country I actually want to integrate into the culture and not be shut out of job opportunities because I don't speak the same language as everyone else. There's exceptions but only if you're earning like 6 figures


Depends on the city. Sydney is a nightmare but wollongong is okay. Melbourne is cooked but Perth is okay apparently. Just be careful and do your research before committing


Perth rental is a shitstorm as well, especially as a foreigner / newcomer. Scary af to be alone in a country with no network or family and literally being thrown out of your rental and having to find a new one in 4 weeks.


Ha. Perth is NOT okay. We've been essentially 'homeless' living 2 people and 2 cats in a spare bedroom with family for the last 4 months. We both work, we have almost $40k for a house deposit too but nothing is suitable and what is, is out of our budget or its snapped up so quick I'm sick of using nepotism as the excuse every time. Shits cooked.


>Perth is okay apparently No.


And the increasingly high cost and increasingly low availability of rental properties in regional areas .


Rent crisis is getting so bad


Me and my partner arrived in Brisbane with the plan to work for a while to get 2nd year visa days. What we found was eye watering rent prices (worse than back in the UK for sure), stupidly expensive air bnbs, no hostel availability and room shares that only wanted students, explicitly no couples. Most cities we've been around in Aus in recent months seem really full and the sense that there is barely anywhere to stay. We've been staying in mostly hostels and even those are ridiculously full everywhere.


Brisbane is full of flood and lockdown refugees, had a huge shift the past couple of years. Same with the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.


Worse than in the UK? I just moved to London and I’m paying more than double than I was in Melbourne for a significantly older house in disrepair.


Yep, London is an obvious exception. But if you know what's good for you, you'd get your arse to another city pronto.


They are exaggerating London is a global mega tech and finance city it’s way more expensive than anywhere in Australia


Is it housing rental that is a problem or apartments as well? In Melbourne I do see quite a few empty apartments in the CBD and docklands. In the outer burbs we have a few leased houses I have seen when taking the dog for a walk. I guess 45km is a little too far from the CBD for some.


You won’t be fighting with 30 other applicants for a rental, for many it will just be you or a few others inspecting. But they aren’t super cheap.


Given the way our Visa system works, people coming here have money and will be earning some money. My biggest concerns lie with people on fixed incomes from the government (welfare payements), and how they are handling the increased cost of living.


I'm sure the engineer from India living in a 4 bedroom house with 16 other engineers that delivered my ubereats the other night has lots of money.


Trust me it is only temporary. Me included we did this so that we can save up a ton of cash for our 20\~30% deposit ASAP since we aren't citizens and will not qualify for 5% deposit house purchase. Most mates I lived with they ended up buying their own house 3\~5 years after migrated. The 7 days x 3 meals curry rice and share house life do pay off.


It's a bit harder now depending on the industry they're in. I know in transport the industry is moving away from hiring those who recently arrived and are still on visas because of lots of cultural issues (not to mention the language barrier that upsets customers). These days lots of them are working for other Indians who arrived before them and are more than willing to rip off their younger, more desperate countrymen. Those sharehouses will take a bit longer to get out of in that case.


Probably sending a bit back to India. Its not uncommon.


There's also plenty of people who don't care about that living arrangement. He's likely doing uber eats, because it's time outside the house. Meanwhile he's probably saving a bunch living in a 4 bedroom house with that many people. If you're someone who isn't a homebody and is just going to use your home to shit, shave and sleep. Then living with a lot of people isn't a big deal. If you are a homebody who wants to sit and watch a movie etc then you probably don't want to live in a place with that many people coming and going.


Doubt it. The wage floor for a “skilled” migration visa is only $53,900 and median wage for visa holders is below the overall median.


Not always, the cost of relocating here is pretty high and if their assets are mostly tied up at home, they may not be able to sell them fast enough from here.


How do you get kicked out after 6 months? Was their rental agreement not one year?


Most aren't anymore


My parents keep reading me articles that say things like this, but I am moving from San Francisco, CA, which has some of the highest living cost in the US. My (Australian) partner was able to find a house to rent in Melbourne within a week of looking, and the cost is 2/3 what I was paying for my apartment. I am sure my experience is not common, but goddamn am I excited for the lower cost of living.


Sigh, you know this is happening almost everywhere.


Right? I'm looking at moving to the pacific Islands and they all say the same thing. Maybe the whole world is just fucked ey.


It's really a form of wealth transfer. You can think of basic living costs rising as the same as wages going down. Most of the new money being generated is funneling into ever fewer hands. There are duopolies that dominate corporate spaces, then there are investor class citizens who own a shit load of property which is a kind of class monopoly in a sense. Families that have wealth create families that have more wealth by hoovering up all the land and putting children into AAA schools. It's a huge policy failure which I think is the result of politicians having way too much faith in the free market. The sad thing is we're living in an age of abundance and high education/skills. We have resources too. We've just completely fucked up the way we exchange these things.


More people, and rising income inequality, compounded by factors like unregulated Airbnb and taxes that don’t take into account any of the above.


The market’s been due for an enormous crash that COVID was supposed to cause, but I think it’s still coming


Isn't there a lot of debate about when it will crash though? Some say it's overdue, some say within the next two years, but an overwhelming amount say that the crash won't come for a long time and prices will just continue to rise.


"They" have been saying the crash will come soon, for the past 30 years now.


Yep - over and over - it's about to happen... no really this time it will....any day now... Bit of a joke really.


Banks are faltering now. 2008 wasn't harsh enough apparently.




This is it. There isn’t a problem with massive speculation in Australia. Just a large number of people going after a small number of houses.


I don’t know about the rent it situation but I was in Europe a month ago and the prices there have skyrocketed. France had the same prices for eg groceries(or higher) but in euros, there are countries in Europe with 20% annual inflation. And their average salaries are nowhere as high as the Australian ones. On top of that winter is coming, gas situation was quite uncertain, prices only going to go up and basically I don’t think warnings about cost of living in Australia can scare too many people off. The renting situation is mind boggling though.


Lol this isn’t just happening in Aus, it’s happening EVERYWHERE


The university in Bristol in the UK accepted students requesting student housing who turned up and the university told them their rooms were in Wales 30 miles away. Small affordable apartments are getting harder to find in a lot of places, agreed.


It was hell a few years ago, not just getting worse. Thanks for the FIRE guides that make people think properties are the chicken that can lay golden eggs, and turned out the hype makes it somewhat coming true, but with a risk of being a bubble. However, it is still a heaven for some immigrants as their home countries are much worse. But Australia is indeed walking on the same path as those countries in terms of housing due to extremely lack of regulations.


A lot changed since I arrived in australia (2017). My wife is retraining to be a gp (used to be a retrieval doctor) and I'm retraining from management to software development. This change decision we made now is costing a lot, mainly because of rent + first child and me not working to take care of the child. But we are happy still and feels safe.


Why did you switch from management to software development? I've been writing code for most of my working life and it seems everyone in my age group are wanting to move to management


I've spent the last 25years as a business executive (owner), too much travel, too much stress on my back, I think I want to be in the other side and CS is something that I studied (and dropped for team management) in 2000. I like the challenge, creative and problem solving side. If for some reason when I start working on the field I move to team management/project management I will enjoy, the field is what matters.


God I'd love a project manager that has actually studied the work being done below them You sound like a dream manager lol


It's not uncommon in business to move people to management (business or project) based on seniority or sometimes just because you have seen ambition on that person. In many cases this is a VERY BAD decision, the skill set for management is extremely social and demands high awareness of the environment and working dynamics. I have a couple of friends on the tech industry here, talking with them I could notice the same opinion that you having, management lacking healthy relationships or building ZERO rapport. I was lucky, when I was 20 in uni I was mentored by an executive who moved me from test to management. Let's see if I'm lucky when I apply for jobs and see if they respect or value my past experience, despite not having Dev experience.


1. Gov: the problem is we need more skilled workers from overseas 2. Reddit: Dont come. Too expensive 3. Gov: censor the internet 4. ...profit?


Gov: privacy is important Optus: don't worry, we got this!


Canberra here. Rental had mould, couldn't move property b/c would have to go up $150 p/w in week for comparable property and $200 p/w for something better. Turned out 'cheaper' (with savings and deposit) to just purchase an apartment which I've done. Insane.


It's actually cheaper to live on a cruise ship just keep buying the ten day cruises. Works out to be the same price at least you have food and drinks paid for.


And remember no tipping


Maybe saying "Fuck off we're full" is going to be meant in good will this time.


Yep because protectionism and decreased competition always leads to better prices /s


That’s not what they were saying at all. They’re saying that people might advise potential immigrants not to come out of kindness, rather than racism.


It's bad everywhere. Even in Singapore the property market is in a heavy crunch. Property prices are quick to rise but slow as hell to fall unless people start defaulting.


No… I plan to move to Canberra early next year. I got the job and contract. It’s that hard to rent property? I am looking for 1-2 bedroom apartment (around 400-600/week in allhomes). How much do you think it will increase next year? Edit: Oh wow, get some downvotes. Sorry for my stupid question, lol Edit2: Wow, a lot of nice people here, thanks!


You’ll be paying closer to $600 than $400, especially for a second bedroom. Canberra has very low rental vacancies and most rental properties get many applications so landlords can be super picky. Be prepared to be flexible on location and to spend many weeks/months looking for a rental


Thanks, it seems I need to tone down my expectation, lol.. probably much harder for foreigner to get a place then.


These are just the challenges for anyone getting a rental in Australia atm, not specifically foreigners. You'll have extra to contend against. If your employer can help with securing a rental I'd look into that.


>probably much harder for foreigner to get a place then I wouldn't say that, tho it really depends. If your contract is public service you might be fine but if the real estate feels in any way you are a risk someone else will be less of a risk


I would be looking into share housing if it’s just you moving, that will give you more time to look for something. But people are correct, the rental market is so competitive that you will need to look for a while. When I moved to Canberra I went through a 3rd party who sourced and inspected properties for us.


Thank you for the info!


Having a job and a contract does not guarantee you a house. When you have 100+ people applying for ONE house, you aren’t guaranteed jack. Actual Australians are homeless at alarming rates because there’s no houses or rent is too high.


Thanks for the info, need to discuss about this with my employer then.


Especially Canberra or ACT and you have a need for something more then 2 bedroom. We’ve got employees flying in and out from around the country because there isn’t anything long term for the past 8 months.


Seem to be a lot of rentals of that type in Canberra at the moment. I don't think you'll have a problem finding something, but better to try in December before the annual influx of people come in January.


Hit me up when you get to Canberra! Cant get you a place to live but we can drink some tea sometime.


My shared flat (5people) and the 3x2 bedroom costs me fu*king $160. Most of my money goes on rent. Even my uni is cheaper than the sh*thole im living in. Edit: I actually did the math, my tuition is unfortunately much higher than my rent. Everything here is soo much better than in my home country but it all comes with a price.🥲


I plan on coming over to Perth and working for a few months then making our way around by driving to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and up to Darwin for a year working holiday. Working in construction, hospitality, retail whatever we can get to keep us going for the year. Will plan to take short term rental accommodation for all these cities. Is this now a pipe dream? After Perth we plan to buy a van for about 15k and drive that around the whole country. We have lots of savings so won’t be totally fucked if shit hits the fan but the plan is to fully support ourselves for the year on picking up work and the initial 15k for the van. Is it extremely difficult to get accommodation now, especially short term? We don’t care about saving much for the year just to keep ourselves afloat. The idea of the van is to keep us ticking over for a few days between city travel and if we can get somewhere to stay straight away, as well as storage


I’m in Perth now on a working holiday, getting a rental house is a fucking nightmare and all the hostels are booked up. Plenty of work but accommodation is a huge problem


Van living is not unusual, just use WikiCamps app to check out the freecamps around your target areas. Some cities and towns push the camps too far out to necessarily be useful for a commute, others (usually smaller) are more likely to have free camps available within around an average 20 minute drive. Also look up the various rules on the state/national parks/forests/reserves in each state, because there are usually time limits for camping, but for some it is as much as 28 days. Tourist areas attract free camps, and tourist areas also have a lack of accommodation, but there is also a lot of hospo work if you can solve your accommodation issue.


Cool thanks mate. I’ll screenshot this info. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to full time van life. I’ll have to make an instagram page and pretend like we’re living the dream if that’s the case


Also worth getting a plain white van, for stealthier camping in urban environments. Some highly visited locations are quite anti to the poptop / wicked camper style crowd


I'm in Perth living with 3 mates and we are all struggling, tomato sauce on rice is my main meal. I don't know what the fascination with Perth is for all you overseas crew, it's overpriced as fuck and isolated as hell.


Finding a short term rental may be difficult. You might be better off living in a van down by the river.


If that's what it takes to leave hell, then I'll take this hardship. (Hopefully this will pay off someday)


That’s a good point you have OP. My two cents is that there’s insane privilege going on in this thread and most people who grew up in Australia don’t realise just how damn lucky they are. As an immigrant myself, I can tell you that as much as I miss my home, family, and culture, I’d happily give all of that up again for a chance of a future in Australia. The crisis we’re experiencing is hard no question about that, but we know it’s temporary and it’s not as bad as having your house flooded 10x a year, or being at risk of a hold up every day you commute, or not having any form of healthcare, or whatever. That’s why people move to Australia. As bad as things are now, our country has the resources to be resilient and provide a good quality of life for most citizens.


Truer words never spoken. I won the lottery by being born in Oz. I've traveled a heap & as much as I love adventuring around Asia, India etc, it's depressing to see the extreme poverty, inequality, corruption, pollution.. & so lovely to come home. Aussies have no idea how good we have it, & fucked as some things are (real estate), many of our complaints are completely trivial in a global setting


No only apply for visitors or migrants but for locals also. Sinking reality Four Corners tonight :( https://youtu.be/yk4eWjYVNYg


I was set to come and do a phd in Canberra on a stipend and the prospect of making min. wage to live in an equiv small midwestern city with London rental prices tanked that concept. Big fan of Australia and think you’re a real bright spot in the Anglosphere will make it out there one day.


Yeah, you need to provide proof that you can afford to be in the country before Visa is granted in most cases. Including health insurance and return flight etc. But there are always exceptions.


You can have tons of money and still not find somewhere to rent


Agreed. I was just commenting on OP's comment about affordability.


Thanks for this. I’m still waiting (12mths now) for my visa. I’ve been looking at the housing market and it’s pretty much shot up like it has in the uk. The lack of rental properties is a concern, as we will obviously have to rent somewhere initially. But tbh, we can plan too much, since immigration seems to be taking such a very long time over granting us a visa, despite me having a job offer and being on the skills shortage list. *deep breaths*


Trouble is, another issue Australia only has a tiny fraction of the social housing percentage the UK does, so all those people who would be otherwise be housed if we had that here are instead forced into competing for vacancies in the private market.


Hope everything works out for ya


Melbourne is still the cheapest city in Australia to rent in. Forget Canberra and Sydney due to high cost of living and expensive rental market. Brisbane has a shortage due to the floods and also interstate migration. Average rent for a 4 br house 30km from the city is between $600-650 per week.....if you can find one.


And Perth?


Smiling fondly while rubbing the “fuck off we’re full” sticker on my rusty Holden Ute.


Im in Alaska and its more expensive here than anywhere in Aus. So im actually looking forward to Brisbane prices.


It’s not just the prices. It’s whether you can even get a place. The market is so fierce. You go to place after place, but there’s no guarantee that anyone will rent to you. My wife honestly thought we’d be homeless after months of looking. We got lucky when someone chose us as renters. Now we’ve finally moved into our own home, finished with renting, and it’s such an incredible relief.


Price isn't the issue, it's housing availability... Especially in regional centers


Just pass a law already where citizens get priority for renting. Sick of hearing families being homeless because we are importing more people.


Just build places to live lol, it's not that hard


Ban Airbnb & negative gearing - an even easier solution


Build them where? And who is paying for them? It actually is way harder than “just building more houses”


So the govt wants to bring in immigrants but they should not get their own housing even if they have the money?


The gov is bringing in immigrants as businesses demand cheap labour rather than pay proper wages


but we don't even have as many people as pre-pandemic. Businesses are lacking workers. So why the sudden increase in lack of supply? I still don't get it... (other than the increasing making it unaffordable)


I know alot of people living overseas came home and had been previously renting their homes out. As for how that interacts with jobs I'm unsure. I assume they were higher tier jobs and they don't want lower tier jobs. Could also explain why areas like software development are laying people.off.


People converting houses into short term rental like air bnb. Returning citizens. People moving out from share houses during Covid. Investors letting houses sit empty.


Lmao. What a fuck off we're full sounding post 😂


I was worried about this so we applied early and got accepted for on campus housing. My son is safe and has an affordable lease and I will do whatever I can to keep that spot til he graduates.


I don’t get it, where did all the houses go? In theory we have less people here due to everyone leaving after covid (temp visas etc). Makes no sense to me.


People returned during Covid and also air bnb


500,000 citizens returned during covid.


Too late bro, I'm already here!


You guys couldn’t believe my previous how much rental landlord rose. I used to live in an 2Bed2Bath apartment in Zetland Sydney, and the rental was 660/wk. I know it wasn’t cheap and it was reasonable. And June this year the agent told me the landlord wanna do 850/wk. Of course I couldn’t afford it so I moved out. But some international students are still willing to pay such a high rental.


These are problems in any western country


As someone graduating who probably will move out of home in the next couple of years, the rent situation is scaring the crap out of me. There's literally five places up to rent in my town (small town) and there all upwards of $650 (new bigger houses over priced) in crap areas on the outskirts of town. If I move, I have to completely leave town because even if I got roommates my age we wouldn't even get the place because landlords take one look at your proof of income and turn you down.


Omg please just don’t come into australia just yet, the influx of people entering australia is rising rent prices everywhere now and I can’t afford it to go up anymore


As an outsider lurking in a couple of australia and finance subs it looks like most of the problems stem from the fact that landlords are allowed to increase rent prices on a whim and that wealthy outsiders individuals/firms are allowed to buy multiple properties as investment and they are not penalized with taxes if the properties stay empty for long periods of time.


But that's the beauty of neoliberalism! /s Plus we have lax money laundering laws