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Best non Dominos pizza I can get cost twice as much. I just do my own at home these days.


I want to know where OP lives where he's buying pizza for the same price as Dominos


Same. $5 for a value range at dominos. I haven't seen anywhere independent sell a pizza big enough for a meal for a fiver for as long as I've taken any notice of prices - probably 20 years. Places around here (not a super touristy regional area) all ask around $20 for a pizza these days. Most of them aren't anything special, either. I much prefer making my own at home for ultimate enjoyment, but sometimes $5 for a fast feed is just unbeatable in any way.


5 buck pepperoni is fucking awesome. For 5 bucks (Must be thin and crispy)




Not an Aussie but the NZ stores stopped doing their own thin a few years ago. Switched to pre made tortilla type things. Given their link I’d assume Aus is the same. Source: Ex employee.


Yeah I miss old thin and crispy, but I don't hate the new stuff.


Yeah, we have them here. Hated making and sheeting the thin dough, but it seemed pretty divisive between customers, some love it, some hate it. I quite liked it, it has a biscuit-y texture that I like, vs what was more like a cracker with the fresh dough.


Thanks for confirming. Used to work there and make the dough by hand but noticed the last couple times that the thins now taste more like puff pastry that didn't puff.


This is my go to. Sometimes it’s ok, however more than once I have checked to see if I was actually eating part of the box because that’s what it tasted like.


Unfortunately my Domonos is so stingy with the pepperoni that at least two out of the 8 slices have no pepperoni on them at all.


Not as good value but you can get double pepperoni for $8


At that point just go $2 more and get two pizzas lol


Then stack them on top of each other like an sandwich. Hopefully the pepperoni will average out.


A man of my heart, pizza sambos ftw


Back to the original concern, the ratio of pepperoni to other shit doesn't change with a second pizza from the same stingy branch.


It’s either thin and crispy or you can go fuck your momma


Momma must like getting fucked cunt cause cheesey crust pizza is the best.


Yeah she a hoe


A hoe for cheesy crust


Honestly difficult to make your own for 5 bucks these days


Shoutout to Coles $2 pizza dough balls - if you can't be arsed making your own dough. You don't need a ton of toppings for a pizza, so even if you're buying a block of cheese, like four mushrooms (you slice them thin), a bit of offcut meat and some pizza sauce (mums sauce is often on sale) you can make a pretty decent number of pizzas. Plus you'll have a ton of cheese left to make a Margherita (just fry some garlic, stir garlic and oil into the pizza sauce). Any leftover chicken gets turned into pizza pretty regularly. EDIT: I've just been informed there's a Woolies version that's just as good.


If you have a favorite independently owned local pizza joint near your house, ask them if they will sell you some dough balls. I've known a fair few that will sell them for dirt cheap and still make a profit. Same with dumpling joints, a lot of them will sell you yesterday's dumplings frozen for a fraction of the cost that it would be to buy from the supermarket.


Whoah is this really a thing? I thought it would be rude to go into a place and be all "yo, I know you charge fifteen bucks a pizza, but could I just buy the dough for a buck?"


I'd argue it's almost impossible at a consumer level, unless you are buying bulk ingredients and making a dozen at a time. You can get close, and the price:quality ratio is orders of magnitude better, but you need both the time and energy to make them.


If you don't use the promo codes domino's is very expensive..... But like, who orders domino's and doesn't track down a $12.95 large/$7 2 sides coupon or what ever it is? I feel lucky I've found a great local pizza at $17


If you’re buying Dominos without a promo code there’s just no helping ya.


Google Domino's, then Pizza hut, there will be an ad for a fresh coupon for Domino's that appears.


You don't even need to do that, just google 'cheap pizza' and the first result is always a dominos promo discount. Only reason to go there haha


Yea, but if you factor in the coupons (that are *ALWAYS* available) then don't get to stir up r/Australia for those juicy upvotes. Mm. Tastes like outrage.


3 for $33 delivered plus $3 20 min guarantee which they always miss by 3 minutes, so I always have a free pizza voucher means I can get 4 dominos pizzas for as cheap as $33 delivered. Can't get anything delivered cheaper than that. The mistake people make is calling it pizza. It's not pizza, it's circular bread with cheese.


We got 3 pizzas and a garlic bread from the local place and it is now 60 dollars. That's not even with a fancy pizza (chicken or seafood on it whoch i cry about cause reef n beef with a hollandaise swirl is in my dreams constantly). And I shudder. But two things for me - this is easily 3 meals for 3 people, and domino's sauce is mysteriously spicy and they're topping stingy. I wish someone would do me a stuffed crust though.... fuck it I can make it at home.


I don’t normally watch free to air TV but my parents do so one night when I was visiting I was forced to watch a rerun of The Living Room. That Miguel fella was doing a cooking lesson and what he did was actually pretty clever, he made his own pizza dough and when he got to the crust he wrapped it around a cheese stringer. It melted in the oven and voila, homemade stuffed crust. Maybe give that a go.


Since Pizza Capers left town they’re also the only takeaway pizza place that has a dairy free cheese option, and even with that surcharge they’re still less than half the price of the other options. And honestly the other options pizza bases taste like a woolies frozen pizza.


Yep I’ve got a pizza capers near me, they are my go to for pizza, wings and salads, they are absolutely baller pizzas, there toppings are better quality than most restaurant dishes, and it’s no cheaper getting dominoes Pizza capers takes the crown any day


Same. It takes planning to make a good pizza though. Letting the dough prove/ferment over the day (at least), but it's so worth it. It ain't fast food, NGL. I get it: sometimes peeps be like, "I feel like pizza now".


Dunno if it's changed in the last \~10 years since I worked at one, but Pizza Hut at least does let the dough prove. Mix and water added to a giant in-house mixing machine which beats it into dough. This is started around 4pm or so? Since it takes like 2 hours. Then that dough is cut up into balls that are separated out into pans and flattened out into the various depth crusts (Deep/thin/stuffed/etc.). This takes like 3-4 hours. These are left to prove overnight/throughout the next day in the walk-in fridge. When an order comes in, the correct base is taken out, toppings added, in the oven, then the box, then the customer. Maybe there's another mix run done in the morning for the evening rush, but then I can hardly think that there's enough people desperate for pizza in the morning to go through that many pizzas except for the busiest stores. Each doughball might not get the best of love and affection as if you made it at home, but I can't think of any other way you'd really do it in a commercial setting, and I'm pretty sure that most restaurants that offer pizza prep their dough the exact same way, if not to the same scale.


Domino's is the exact same, worked there for 6 years in total and that's how it always was


Thanks for the insight. I always find it really fascinating hearing the intricacies of industries I haven't worked in!


Some bloke ordered a Mexicana when I was working at Pizza Hut and told us he'd bring it back if it wasn't spicy enough so we put a full shaker of flaked chili and about half a catering tin of jalapenos on it. Pizza looked like an extremely upset frog but the dude never came back, so. Also, on a few occasions we'd finish off a night out by bringing everyone back to the store and firing up the oven. Cops showed up one time and they were onto us despite our apparently watertight cover story of testing new recipes at four in the morning, so we made them a pizza as well and they made us promise to lock up the store and go home. Used to do beer swaps with local pubs, two large for a slab.


He ded.


I worked at Pizza Hut when I was 17-18. One of my managers got bored one night and decided to see what it’d be like to fuck the dough. We all like to believe that batch was thrown out afterwards.


That's identical to the dominos process too.


When I can't be bothered to make my own base I find [this brand from woolies is pretty good](https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/000000000000867246)


Yes! Those are a favourite in my household, plus they sell a pack of 9 bruschetta bases that we use to make small individual pizzas if everyone wants different toppings


I use Lebanese bread for the base.


When I make pizza it just ferments for an hour.


For me, you have to go gourmet, Dominos, Pizza hut, crust even they're all just processed shit.


I normally wouldn’t defend crust but it’s nowhere near as bad as the other two taste wise. That said, it costs as much as better pizza, so it’s hardly worth it.


Kegland now sell pizza ingredients. You can get this special Italian flour and it's awesome. You have to leave it for at least 24 hours. And then you have the stickiest, stretchiest dough you've ever seen. Now I know that twirling a pizza base like in the cartoons is actually possible. This shit is seriously stretchy.


They sell San Marzano I.e. god tier tomatoes as well.


Woolies near me has started selling San Marzano tomatoes too.


Woolies pizzas are like $3 and still taste better.


They're cheap, they deliver and they're everywhere. They're not great though.


This is it for me... my partner won't eat it, but if I'm home alone and watching the footy having a quiet beer or 5 I'll have it Good variety of pizza's, while none are particularly good... lots of sides but most of all they are relatively cheap and you know what you are getting. Uber is to unreliable and to expensive... im hungry and want it in 30 minutes, not an hour and 30 after its been cooked


Find the right combination of things you like, dominoes satisfies just fine. They're ten times better than pizza haven ever was.


Get your partner to try the thin & crispy vego maybe. That’s the only one my wife and mother in law will do, but they actually say it’s pretty decent (again for the price)


I know this doesn’t really apply to your situation, and probably won’t apply to OP’s situation, but since we’re talking about Thin Crusts: If all you order from Dominos is Thin & Crispy, don’t order at all! I don’t know if y’all ever noticed this, but a Thin & Crispy is literally just a tortilla base. Unless you *really* like the Dominos pizza sauce, you should just buy yourself some thick tortillas (and a supply of Dominos garlic & herb dips if that’s a dealbreaker for you), and make your own at home. I make pizzas and if your cheese and veg is prepared, most people could sauce and top a TC pizza in less time than it would take you to place an order to Dominos. Obviously, you’d have to buy your own toppings, but the total cost would probably not exceed what you would pay for your pizza order…and you’d have enough (higher quality) ingredients to make ~10 pizzas for the price of one. You could even spend 10 minutes to prep the whole batch, and just pull one out of the fridge/freezer whenever you want one. Thin & Crispy pizzas are one of the biggest rip-offs in Dominos so you should really only spend your hard earned money on them if you’re absolutely minted, absolutely bone-idle, absolutely desperate, or absolutely dedicated to Dominos Sauce.


I get where you are coming from, but we mostly get domino’s delivered when we absolutely, positively couldn’t be fucked doing anything but answer the front door.




Full time working parent, and Friday nights are for delivery. However the town I live in has exactly one food place that delivers and that would be domino's. Currently waiting for an order now, because the daycare Gods blessed me with gastro and like hell I'm cooking


May the daycare gods suffer gastro for eternity in hell. Hope you’re better soon. (I had gastro for 8 days earlier this year and at times I wondered if I was dying.)


I keep reminding myself only 4 more months and my last one is out of the germ hell that is daycare, and into the cesspool that is primary school


Ahh, lice!


All good, my man! Just hose them off with the pets after a long day. Life hack to save some money: use the same shampoo (dish soap) on pets and the kids.


Pressure washer for maximum efficacy!!


Ive always held the belief daycares are a front for a bio weapons facility.


My gastro left me so dehydrated, sleep deprived, and with such a huge electrolyte imbalance that both my legs cramped to the point that I cried and then I started hallucinating. Fun times. Fun times.


I currently live in a town of around 40,000 people and the only places that truly deliver are the pizza places. McDonalds and KFC apparently deliver too via Menulog but a) fuck Menulog and b) they literally only deliver to homes within a 1.5km radius of the store (basically out of a town of 40,000 people, their delivery radius only serves about 6,000 people. Like why even fucking bother)


I too ordered pizza thanks to the daycare gods. They kindly gifted my newborn bronchiolitis via my 3yo so she got an all expenses paid trip to the paediatric ward for a week.


Independent joints same price? Do tell


I know right? Our go to joint is way better than domino's for quality, but it's also $30 for a family size, 1 garlic bread and a drink. Plus I have to phone them and then go pick it up like a Neanderthal. Some nights we just wanna push some buttons on the app and have 3 pizzas and 3 sides delivered to our door for the same price.


They're cheap. I can't take my family to Maccas for the price I can get domino's. Anything more expensive isn't a possibility in this ridiculous country.


Where I am I can get 3 pizzas for the price of a large double qtr pounder meal...


Huh, this baffles me. I know with different countries there's different pressures affecting price and availability, and everything else, but a Domino's here in Ireland is astoundingly expensive, and bad value. The idea of it being cheap is mad to me, because it was always the overpriced stuff richer people bought to subtly flex when I was a kid.


Looking at the Domino's deal history on ozbargain, it looks like pizzas go as low as $5 each for pickup. For comparison, a Big Mac is $6.40.


If you're a light eater, that $5 pizza gets you dinner and then breakfast/lunch the next day. Hard to beat value like that sometimes.


For the pizza deals you can get with multiple pizzas you can legit feed a family of people over multiple days (spread out with other food of course) without skimping especially if you enjoy a bit of cold pizza for brekkie


Absolutely. Some days I’m feeling lazy I’ll nab a godfather for $10 and eat it for 2 meals.


Yes it’s very cheap. I work at a school, quite a few children bring cold pizza each day for lunch. It’s just so cheap, & I guess it’s mostly bread.


I don't know if this is the same over the whole country, but where I live there's a large Italian migrant community and as a result, we've got several small/medium pizza joints that do good quality pizza. Dominoes has several stores here too because they've basically dominated their specific niche, which is pizza that isn't as good as the other places, but is also a lot cheaper. If they weren't cheap, they'd be out of business because it's the one reason a lot of people pick them over the proper pizza places.


Some Large pizza at Dominos is $5. It’s enough to fill you up, and for $5, it’s tempting for a huge amount of people.


idk I can smash down a $5 pepperoni any day of the week


Thin crust pepperoni, is there anything better for only $5?


Same, you can't complain at $5. Nearest independent pizza places near me, you're looking at $15-20 for the same thing.


Double pepperoni, I treat myself to a lil extra


They are the only pizza shop in my town so we kind of have to. Also $5 pizzas....


They don't have a crazy following, they have $6 pizzas This sub "why does everything cost so much Also why is extremely cheap food popular"


This is weird to me, in the UK domino's are the most expensive brand of pizza, and they're fucking delicious. Once a month treat though


Pro tip don’t pay full price for Dominos. For under $10 one can feed two adults easily. Try that at a local shop and you’ll be spending $30 at least.


This. I have a family of 6 can feed all of us for $25 and that’s usually leaving some for left overs the next day. Compared to maccas, red rooster, kfc hungry jacks I’m looking at at least double that. Fish and chips is even worse. Last time I bought fish and chips it was well over $60. It’s not a purchase we make often, but with belts tightened, it’s a treat for the kids they would otherwise miss out on.


Also if you Google Pizza Hut you’ll get served an ad from Dominos for 30% off


They are $5. That's why.




Domino's is not a pizza company, they are a technology company (as they will tell you themselves). Their aim isn't to create good food, but to min/max the price vs ingredients vs ease of ordering and distribution. Their main aim is to minimise the time and friction it takes to get their (terrible) food to your house for as cheap as viably possible. And yeah, their food is awful, but that cost/benefit analysis is hard for many to look past and it's ultimately classist to shit on them for filling that need - as cynically as they do fill it. ^(Source: I used to work with Domino's as a client, and have taken meetings with Don Meij)


Their tech is pretty cool. I can click a button and watch my pizza assembled cooked and driven to my house all in 15 minutes. And with vouchers, I can feed a shit tonne of people in a short time for low cost


Actually they're a franchisee company. They value stores based on gross sales x 26 and sell them to unsuspecting people they expect to run the store as slaves. Then when it inevitably all turns to shit they take the store back after a few failed inspections and resell. Rinse and repeat.


Don't forget that also includes exploiting people by underpaying them, typically Indians


I will admit their PWA web booking system is absolutely first class!! On par with apps like Uber and Didi.... but its not an app it's a fricking website.


Classist as all hell because the proles (and I grew up as one) have been fed low gi bread and fucking jam and other high energy low nutrition shit from birth and we become to accept this as normal. Now at my kids school the wonderful charity 'foodbank' or equivalent is dropping off tonnes of white bread every morning so kids can have a 'school breakfast program'.... but 75% of these kids wouldniot be food insecure...but hey here you go kids have some fucking white bread and jam and oh boy it's universal! Absolute scandalous stuff from the industrial food complex!


Honestly I'm kinda high right now i wasn't expecting marxists ideas discussed on Australia subreddit inside a thread on dominoes pizza. I wonder if i will be as amazed tomorrow sober as i am high now. edit: I was sober, took a shit and showered. Went to work fine but then the high kicked in again. Edibles are wild. This convo is still fucking weird the next day.


Eat the rich...cheesy, saucy, pizza


I am also high eight now and am very much agreeing with you


Processed carbs are cheap so they will keep doing it cause people keep buying it... They have no reason to change that. At the hospital diabetics are fed sandwiches made with white bread cause its cheap as fuck even though it will screw up their blood sugar. Such is the way we live.


Dominoes won the great pizza wars of the noughties. They out priced the competition, dominating the market for affordable takeaway pizza. They weren't horrible then, but have gotten worse to the point I find them to be absolutely horrible, small, poorly made pizzas. I miss the days when you could get a relatively awesome pizza from Pizza hut for 5 bucks.


They're cheap and easy. Probably good for parents with kids. I can't eat the shit. Though I am a pizza snob


They are also extremely efficient and open late. The only time I tend to go for Domino's is if I've forgotten or been too busy to eat and it's late at night. But legit, I live 800m from a store and I ordered a pizza that got delivered in 13 minutes. That combined with the fact they deliver for $15.


I was telling my partner the other day how when I lived in the UK Dominos’s was expensive (I was a student and everything was expensive to me but still). Remember then I came here to do my exchange year and Domino’s was cheap(but everything else was super expensive)? I was so confused. We used to treat ourselves with Domino’s in Manchester lol. Similarly, Maccas growing up in Eastern Europe was expensive and a treat for the kids/family once in a while (we have much better and cheaper local alternatives).


I had the opposite experience living in the UK with Nandos.


Wait. Nando's is a budget option in the UK?


Dominos tastes way better in the UK though. I was amazed when I had it there at how different it was to Australian Domino's.


They're actually totally different companies is why


This is 100% it. I hate the stuff but it was one of the only cheat/take away meals I could afford back when my kids were younger and we had a very limited budget. I won’t touch the stuff these days but it served a purpose back then.


Because there is no better value fast food and if you are lucky enough to have a store that does a good job the food is good too! When I was younger, $5 of chips would feed the family. Not anymore! I can get 2x pizzas and a Garlic bread for $13.95. That is enough to feed two adults and a couple of small children. At Mcdonalds, that is a meal for one...A kebab for one is the same price. The CEO has built an impressive business and customer satisfaction is very important. If you get a meal you aren't satisfied with they refund your money no questions asked... I once complained to McDonalds after a shocking meal and I didn't even get a response.


They cost $5, and when I be stoned, they get the job done


My go to is a Hawaiian with the deep pan. Not because the deep pan tastes as good as thin, but my stoned body wants the most volume of pizza it can get in it.


I don't think Dominos has a cult following. Its just cheap trash thats convenient for a lot of people, including myself. As a Coles night filler, I'm usually not home for dinner most nights, meaning I have to resort to ordering Dominos after work. For that, Dominos is good; but if I'm in the mood for real pizza I either make it myself or I go to the local wood fired pizza place down the road.


did a dominos pizza kill one of your parents or something?


*both of them* (I'm a grain of wheat).


It's a simple game even kids can play.


Because it's affordable for most people. Not everyone can afford a $20+/ pizza for the whole family.


$5 pepperoni pizza? $7 extra large? It’s literally the cheapest and most filling fast food BY A LOT. Go dominos, they almost single handedly destroyed every other competitor back in the 2010s and now they reign supreme. Go dominos, don’t go this post


Here from r/all, wondering if dominos are different everywhere, always hear people complain about them, but they're actually decent here in Ireland as far as I'm aware. But fucking hell, $5 for a small pizza, $7 for large, what the fuck, seriously?? Here it's €13.50 (20 aud) for a small and €24 (36 aud) for a large.


Here in Aus, [this](https://imgur.com/a/mpkMxTk) cost me $14.95 AUD. Albeit I’m a sad fuck who knows the deals and how to get the most bang for your buck but still, it’s impressive huh. Those prices in Ireland sound outrageous.


They're actually totally different companies


Cost less than $10 to feed 2 people, costs like 2.50/head to cater a gathering. You know roughly what you'll get and roughly what time frame you'll get it in. Very easy to plan, basically everyone has something they'll eat, no fuss, they're everywhere and they deliver if you want. Noone is expecting a quality meal, but it's real easy and all the grease and carbs fill you up.


I used to love domino’s pizza back in the day, now every time I purchase it I usually regret my decision and just doesn’t taste how it used to.


If you are too good for Domino's, why tell everyone about it? Just don't get it. It is popular by demand from hungry eaters like me. It's something I love pigging out on once in a while.


Idk but I saw a domino’s employee being attacked by plovers whilst he was on his bike delivering pizza like 30 to 40 minutes ago


Easy when a slightly better but still trash pizza costs 28$


Pizza is so overdone that barely anywhere does them right. At least Dominos are consistently a bit shit.


The only places that actually make like quality pizzas are sit in Italian restaurants not pizza delivery places and it’s a totally different pizza experience Unless you’ve got a cracking woodfire pizza joint near you maybe but all the good ones I used to know seemed to disappear


It depends what dominos you use. Some are dogshit, some are really good. If you want to hit up one of the best pizza places in Brisbane, head to Arrivederci in Milton. It's pricey for pizza, but it's amazing. They do pasta as well.


Agree some are better than others. Terrigal NSW is A+


Extra large Pepperoni $8, extra large Pepperoni at my local pizza place, $27. That's why


How can something make you so angry OP? Let people enjoy their Domino’s. You don’t have to. But you don’t have to castigate others who do.


OP doesn't understand the significance of the word **FAST** being before **FOOD**. No shit it's not as good as a full course meal at a 5 star restaurant, but its cheap, they deliver, and perfect if your in uni and up late studying. If you want good pizza, you have to pay more and wait longer


As a foreigner in Aus, because they're fucking open (Looking at you literally everywhere outside of Melbs and most of Melbs)


I miss Eagle Boys and Pizza Hut (none around me) also I'm assuming they can't do free dessert in this economy?


Eagle Boys was good pizza.


Apparently Pizza Hut bought Eagle Boys and then merged with them and converted any shops into Pizza Huts.


This happened in my town but truth be told our domino's was/is light years ahead of them on quality.


This whole "processed=bad" thing is one of the stupidest pseudoscience rhetorics that's made it to the mainstream.


Everyone that drinks water ends up dead


Seriously. I love me some processed cheese slices.


But the chemicals! /s


Di-hydrogen monoxide has killed everyone that's consumed it. Wake up sheeple!


Well that can't be right, it hasn't killed me. I have developed a pretty severe dependency, though.


When people say "processed" they're usually talking about foods that are very high in refined carbs and fats (also salt, preservatives and other additives) and low in fibre. These foods are very easy too eat too much of and are the primary reason one third of Australians are obese and another third are overweight. So yeah, they're pretty "bad".


Yes, when people say "processed," they're usually talking about "unhealthy foods." That's why u/wumbology95 is saying "this whole 'processed=bad' thing" is problematic. People have always processed foods, and many foods are inedible for humans *unless* they're processed. There are also many processed foods that are good for you. You can eat a healthy diet and keep your weight within a healthy weight range eating some processed foods.


Cooking meat or chopping vegetables is "processing", but no one is talking about roast chicken or steamed veggies when they use the term "processed food". They're talking about fast food and packaged food made in a factory. >You can eat a healthy diet and keep your weight within a healthy weight range eating some processed foods. Of course, but that doesn't change that overconsumption of processed foods is the main reason Australians are fat.


But that’s every pizza




It’s cheap, available (lots of locations), and fast. Crust etc is superior…it’s also 2-3x the price.


I would simply say that it’s your personal opinion. I like their pizza and the value/size/availability/convenience is to my liking. Additionally, I can pre-order it and it’s hot when I get it. Any issues I’ve had have never been questioned. Once I got an extra pizza because it wasn’t cut properly.


A lot of days I can barely get out of bed let alone work up an appetite. Domino’s is open late and is cheapest and tastes alright. I’m not defending it, it’s garbage food and their branding and stores are ugly but I don’t care. I just want to eat, get it over with and go back to bed.


It’s popular because it is cheap, accessible and, although not the best quality as you say, it is satisfying for exactly that reason.


>I don't get how that company has such a cult following. They don't have a cult following. They have a mainstream following, and it's because they're cheap and they're everywhere.


lmao wtf is wrong with you people. $5 pizza that fills me and tastes amazing with double cheese. You pizza snubs can suck my balls


You say they have a cult following but I find its the opposite, they have a cult of haters. That might be why you think there is a cult following. I see all too often people hate on it for xyz and yea I won't be buying their pizzas any longer as the last one I got was smaller than my hand and that is too small for a regular pizza, but re read your post and tell me do you really think you have a regular dislike of their pizzas or are you emotionally charged like in a cult like fever.


Definitely cant get a pizza at a local restaurant for $5


The way they cut their pizzas has any fan of abstract art and cubism hooked.


You get what you pay for. It's cheap. Pizzas for povos. If you can afford better, good for you.


I can't imagine Domino's having a 'cult' following, saying that I haven't had takeaway pizza in years, especially since I don't trust Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza shop hygiene. Years ago my neighbour had a Domino's franchise closed due to failing a health inspection and more recently the [Chatswood Domino's](https://www.9news.com.au/national/dominos-in-chatswood-sydney-closed-after-food-safety-hygiene-breaches/955b9fec-9a5c-491c-ad71-eaf01795844a) store closed due to a roach infestation. I love making my own yet wouldn't bother making my own dough as they are a range of really nice bases are Woolies or Coles. I use normally use Tiptop 2 pack pizza bases (formerly Bazaar) which are pretty big bases, they go nice and crispy when baked. Alternatively, for a smaller base I either go Toscano or Turkish Bakeries Stone Baked Pizza Bases. Then it's pizza sauce, Italian herbs, shredded tasty cheese and toppings (black olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini, onion, garlic).


Very simple. They’re cheap. May be shit pizza but it’s cheap so people don’t care


I was all set to buy myself a Crust pizza for my birthday lunch this year, then I find out they all open at 5. I had to settle for dominos, i shat through the eye of a needle afterwards.


Because sometimes I don’t want real pizza or like good quality pizza I want junk food pizza. Like how sometimes you don’t want a real good quality burger you just want Maccas. Sometimes you just have a craving for shit you know isn’t good for you even if there is superior stuff out there. Also where I live right now the other local places I tried were really disappointing for how much more expensive they were especially considering I can customise my Dominos order. IDK maybe they’ve improved or there are more places worth checking out now but like since I can’t get the quality pizzas I used to get in Sydney here it’s like fuck might as well just have Dominos


Had domino's in Canada this year and the quality is night and day, me and my partner were stunned. Big pizzas, fresh ingredients and still cheap. Fast food in general over there is better though, so I would imagine to compete they wouldn't be able serve the trash they do here. In saying that we still get it here occasionally because its cheap, easy, and they deliver quickly.


Convenience, at home at 11:30 drunk and watching a Livestream. I'll throw 18 bucks at a mega meatlovers and enjoy my night.


I love dominoes! I find they don't skimp on the toppings at all, unlike the other "gourmet" places. I can't reconcile paying $20+ for like one pepperoni per slice.


My local one makes a pretty decent pizza. Although with franchises it shouldn’t be different, they are. Not the best pizza I’ve had, but value per dollar is fantastic. Independents charge twice as much and although better, certainly not twice as good.


Once had someone ask me whether I get Pizza from Domino's of Pizza Hut. They were kinda shocked when I told them neither. My local pizza place is a bit more expensive but the pizzas are like 10x better. Can't stand fast food pizza.


They have an overwhelming monopoly on cheap pizza in Australia unfortunately, so they're probably here to stay. Unfortunately it's the companies that make the most money that spread, not the one's that have the best service.


Easy: 5 dollar emergency meals


Well, I can only speak for my fairly specific use case, but where I live, they're pretty much the only option you've got if you want vegetarian take-out delivered without getting gouged out the asshole by UberEats I quite like their pizzas tbh 🤷‍♂️😂


Pizza Hut is so much better !!!!


Independent joints make a better product at the same price? Where? The Independent place near me makes a better product, sure, but at the same price? Nope. Not even close. Try 4x the price mate. Nowhere else makes $5 pizza's. That's why domino's is so popular.


when i worked there i got bullied by my managers


You're an entitled fuckwit. Gotta get the emotional knee-jerk response out first. Domino's are a cheap pizza. I'm more of a dirty new York style pizza guy or that shop on Elizabeth St opposite the tram stop and except for my local I know what I'll get if I order it. I have a similar attitude to you about traditional oven baked pizzas except at the other end of the price scale I find it a rip off for rocket on pepperoni for $30. That is insanity on what should be a cheap meal not some dolled up bread under the guise of a luxury. That's a con.


Domino's near me is pretty consistent. I always use a voucher so pizzas are $8 for supreme etc and the kids like the $5 pizzas. It's cheaper than making dinner for 5. Last time we got pizzas from a fancy pizza store the kids didn't like them


the pizas are 5.50 yea they are trash but they are cheap as hell and omg soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood when you want a 5.50 worth of chesse pizza base and pepperoni. i cant even buy that much peperoni at coles for that price. yyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm


It’s delicious, ridiculously cheap and has good vegan options.


I don't go to Domino's cus it's good I go because it's $5


Cheap and 'good enough'. Sometimes I don't want a gourmet pizza, sometimes I just want a basic bitch pizza, maybe with cheesy crust and dominos does that at a good price. I doubt I'm alone in thinking like this.


Price. Rock bottom prices. Some people don't care, nor can afford the better pizzas.


$5 pizza. Close thread.


Pizza for the kids, $12 at dominos or $20+ everywhere else. Hmmmmm.


They're fine. If you prefer something else, eat that. You don't need us to jump on your bandwagon so you can feel your opinions have been validated.


Look, they are both pretty bad but Pizza Hut easily defeats Domino's IMO


For us poor people 5 bucks a pizza is great when you want some junk


I don’t see any independent joints offering up $5 pizzas, so not sure where you’re getting the “same price” part from. But definitely agree that everywhere else the quality is better, dominoes tastes like cardboard


If it’s good it’s not going to be cheap, if it’s fast and cheap it’s definitely not going to be on the premium side. I haven’t been there in years and I don’t care, I go the local Italian joint. Don’t be such a pedantic princess about something no one’s making you eat.


Noone buys at full price? Their whole model is based on you using coupons, so that's not a fair comparison. And yes, the reason it still exists is price. $30 gets me 3 pizzas which is multiple meals vs the local (amazing!) single $30 pizza that's smaller than one dominos pie. Good for you that your $/calorie budget is that high but a lot of folks don't get that luxury.


Pizza Hut is trash but personally I love dominos. You have to be really picky to honestly hate the taste of dominos pizza. Plus, their cheesy garlic bread is amazing (not good for health tho). They have good vegan options which I appreciate.


I can get a large pizza for $5 in ten minutes.


Last time I tried the dough I could feel my immune system panicking