I find sometime you just have to barge your way in and just keep talking over other ppl who are also trying to get a word in


Honestly, this is mostly it. I tend to step away from groups as it does seem like a contest at times. Work usually is easier. When it’s a few coworkers standing around, one talks, another talks, another talks and generally there is a second long pause giving anyone who wants the Batton a chance to speak instead. As for friend groups, everyone is excited and it’s a lot harder to get that key edge in. I tend to stay away from groups as a lot of the time and the bigger it gets, the more the competition is, and then it doesn’t feel right with what I’d like to state to someone individually or in a group of 2.


Rather than trying to barge in with your thoughts, try to ask an intelligent question relevant to what one of speaker is talking about. Then when the chance comes you could share your stories. When you ask questions it shows that you're interested in them and consequently they'll be interested in what you have to say as well.