I have this!!!! I dont know if its nystagmus or what but have been having this issue since months ago! What other symptoms are you having? Its like having something vibrate inside that moves all the way up to the eyelids. So annoying!!


What a relief to know I’m not alone! At the same time, I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing this too. It’s so peculiar. Some of my other issues have been dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, pre-syncope (feel like I will faint), nerve pain, internal vibrations, and external muscle spasms, burning sensation in veins at times. I’ve had vision issues too, but those seem to be under control right now. The symptoms come and go but some have really persisted the whole time: chest pain, sob, dizziness, pre-syncope. Yourself?


Ive never heard someone saying this! I guess a lot of longhaulers have it and doesnt even know how to describe it! Im 9 months into this hell. Have had all kind of symptoms but a lot of them disappeared. I currently deal with dizziness, visual issues, internal vibrations, tinnitus, insomnia and fatigue that come and go. Constant nausea, anxiety, depression. I honestly have no clue of what is this symptom that you describe! I had appointments with lots of doctors but never really focus on this symptom. I had other ones that were worse so I didnt even mention it. Will try to see someone this week and see what he says. Are you currently on any meds or supplements? I also found out I am low in ferritin so for now i will focus on that. Maybe it is related? Who knows. Im so tired of running my own experiments 😭.


I had the burning sensation in my veins (on top of hands) just a month ago on my way to NYC for a test. Pravastatin helped a lot with this where I haven’t had it in a good two weeks. I also think there’s a histamine component so antihistamines are paramount. When I take Natto, this is exasperated which leads me to believe it’s histamine as well as I aforementioned.


Also, I am 5 months into this insanity. I got infected in early October 2022. How about you?


This happened to me in the right eye for a good year. It went away for me and it will for you in time. As another person mentioned, magnesium glycinate will help calm this down. Also, deep breathing (specifically 4,7,8) to calm your sympathetic tone. When I would do the breathing, it’d almost help immediately.


I had it before any other symptoms started then randomly went away now I am getting attacked by everything else..


Had this but subsided early on. Had to wear an eye mask at night to keep my eyelids closed.


I have this as well! Some days it’s mild, others it’s worse. Usually if I’m overstimulated or stressed.


This happens to me when I’m low on potassium and/or magnesium.


I've not encountered anyone else with this symptom before and was starting to doubt my sanity xD For me, it began last September with my left eyelid occasionally twitching. Thought it was just strain from -gestures at everything-. Then it became left eye and left jaw. Then left eye **every second of the day**. My left eye has continued to twitch every day, for every hour of that day, since October. Which makes it hard to sleep or not feel exhausted xD Though, the twitching in the jaw has become painful, and my left elbow (????) has begun to twitch alongside my left foot. Causes migraines too which is a blast. PCP says its stress. lol.