Felt the same since I had COVID in March last year. After seeing 3 neurologists, they diagnosed me with Vestibular migraines + PPPD, then started migraine treatments (Botox, Ajovy). I also self medicated with Flunarazine (not available in the USA). MRIs of the brain came clear and the spine showed muscle tension but nothing alarming. After 4 months, the dizziness improved substantially, these days the head pressure remain but manageable, I am probably 60-70% recovered. Just out of curiosity, did you take the vaccine? How many, when and which brand?


This sounds like me! And I also suspect I am experiencing them. I also have oscillopsia and nausea. I feel you. Have been having this issue since 8 months ago. Fatigue came back after some months of not having any. Starting month 9 and im losing hope :(


Look into PPPD


Same here stupid headache never left since I tested positive 7 months ago tinnitus same time and the head pressure ! Sucks!!!