Thank you friend and congratulations 🙏


This is also when I started to feel improvement, now 15 months in and it's improving every months. First year was a downward slope


I feel that to an identical level, everyday felt grueling there were some very dark thoughts and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone… had chest pain every day never felt like myself.. and I’m 22 most times remembering when I was younger being sick you bounced back and were relatively base line after wards and you just blew it off.. after covid in January of 2022 I just one day woke up didn’t feel the same somthing was just always off couldn’t enjoy myself no matter what bad habits I changed sleep vitamins excersize everything. Bout just now 14 months passed ig sleep has improved and I’ve gotten better but still not 100% still have heart palpitations that’s scare the fuck out of me… and it’s difficult because I never ever had these issues before doctors litterly said healthy as an ox. This virus wiped me and has caused me so much health anxiety. And I’m in my early 20s I should be living it up yet I feel like I’m 40 I pray one day I feel like how I did before because this shit is tiring. And I feel for and pray those who are going thru it worse then I am get better and, I understand the dark thoughts I do. But please don’t give up someone needs you just as much as you need them and it can be the last person you would expect. Biggest advice I can say is. Take your time go slow this is a grueling process but a lot of us do get better. Celebrate little victories. Wish you all fast healing.


So happy for you. Random question, should I start counting from when I first starting feeling LC symptoms or when i got reinfected and I got worse?


I count from infection


How are you one month later?? better than this message? did you have pem?


Not sure as it is not linear, better I Guess ?


Symptons? any muscle pain?


Sob, unable to move arms or talk sometimes, muscle weakness, nerve pain


Vitamin b12 deficiency can cause permanent nerve damage, and the complex is important for energy metabolism. We know low D is a thing with covid, but D and iron and Bs all work together (D and iron are cofactors, low iron and B12 co-ocurr etc). I don't think it's a stretch to say the bs helped


Happy for your progress. What symptoms did you have?


how much nattokinase are you taking?


Nattokinase definitely helps most people who have tried it and stuck to it for longer than a couple weeks. It's proven to degrade the spike protein. But also many people are heavily deficient in vitamin D and magnesium. The only way to really know this is to have panels done before and after. But don't change what works for you!


Great news!


Love to hear it!! Congrats and happy continued healing!




This is so good to hear! I just hit a year in January and I’ve started to see significant improvement again to the point I’m starting to look for work again. I hope all the best for you!


So happy for you - that's amazing 🙏