Ohh….these people on facebook

No "various creams" lol.

I'll tell you. Nothing plagues modern day like all of our creams. Just too many creams man.....


No "various creams" lol. I'll tell you. Nothing plagues modern day like all of our creams. Just *too* many creams man.....


I remember when kids would play outside, and families actually talked to eachother at meals. Now everyone's too busy applying their creams.


Speak up, I can’t hear you over the sound of this excessive lathering.


OMG your skin is so moist let me try some of your creams


Cream seller, I'm going into battle and I need your most powerful creams.


You can't handle my creams, traveller, they're too strong for you


I cannot hear your screams over the sound of my creams


Cream seller I DEMAND your finest creams


Don't have various creams though, 1 or 2 is just fine


Baskin Robbins has entered the chat


People can’t do any hard work anymore as their hands are too slippery from applying all of that hand cream.


Sorry, you're not moisturized enough for me to respond.


Lumberjacks can’t even hold their axes anymore :(


They can't do much lumberin' these days, but jacking however...Pheeew!


It puts the lotion on its skin.....


Or else it gets the tumor again.


Now it places the lotion in the beach bag.


hot chips and cream


Lying in the sun.


i miss the old days. just vibes and skin cancer 😌


Yeah because skin cancer is so yummy and crunchy


This is the best sunscreen thread I’ve ever read


Where were you when the creams took over?


Developing skin cancer of course. The new generation will never remember...


I was sitting on my couch and my friend calls me "Cream is take over" "No"


I rose to the top


Charging cell phone


I'd take skin cancer over endless options of creams any day


All-natural God-given skin cancer > soyboy sciencezoid spf gaycreams 💪


>I'll tell you. Nothing plagues modern day like all of our creams. Just too many creams man..... Why did I read this in Strong Bad's voice?


Damn you brought me back haha "TROGDOR!!" forgot that site even existed


never forget


[the creams](https://youtu.be/0UgiJPnwtQU)


You know....I think I actually WOULD duplicate a kestrel!


i was thinking the same thing. why wouldn't i want two kestrels


All the skin cancer was WORTH IT, I tell you. WORTH IT!!!!


Easy now


Stuff it! You cream peddling schill!


Lol we used to baste ourselves in baby oil and lay on the roof so we’d get more tan before the beach. Now I’m an old lady covered in moles. So many moles. I wish we’d had creams back then…


My Gran said that she used to use olive oil and lemon juice. Didn't realise she was dressing a salad.


Oh my god. Citrus and UV rays can give you a chemical burn. It can be bad.


The express purpose was an attempt to accelerate the tanning process.


70's here. Beaches, sunglasses, umbrellas, lotion but if you were badass you fried yourself with baby oil OH and beer. Lots of beer. What in hell are squiggly lines in the sky please? If there hadn't been so much beer might have seen them.


Google chemtrails. That is what he is talking about.


oh, you mean the shit that turns the friggin frogs gay?


Yes, and apparently can be countered by vinegar.


Thank god, we’re saved


But what if it's gay vinegar?


Fuck 🙂


Sir yes sir.


Best kind of vinegar


Just apple cider vinegar, not that other stuff (it is full of chemicals)... /s


Apple cider vinegar is no longer effective. The gov forced the manufacturers to filter out the Ph Blockchain making it useless.


I got what they were talking about but that was a weird one because jets existed in 1970 as well.


They used to small planes pulling huge advertising banners at the beach in the 70s, too. And why does this person like skin cancer and wrinkles?


The Chemtrail people believe that there weren't contrails coming from aircraft, until recently. i met someone that believed this, and i googled somethihng that lead to a wikipedia page with a picture of a WWII fighter plane with a vapor trail. They weren't convinced. I'm older than most Redditors and i can tell you there were contrails coming from aircraft in the 1970s. It's not new and there's a basic science based reason for them - (water vapor in the exhaust + cold temp at high altitude = contrails/vaopr traisls)


I don’t have a lot of patience right now. Anyone care to give me a TL:DR of why exhaust from a jet is some kinda crazy conspiracy?


TL:DR: People are idiots. Slightly longer. They think that the government is putting chemicals in jets that disperse them across the country. What these chemicals do, anyone's guess, changes based on what crackpot you're talking to. If you try to explain it's water vapor and basic physics, they just think you're too stupid to see what's really happening and that the shadow governments propaganda has worked on you!


Very apt TL:DR. I suppose those people doing that are immune to the chemicals or whatever? Like, let’s poison the well we all drink from but the poison will only affect those that I want it to I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Think of every rational reason why the chemtrail thing is absolute guff and I guarantee they have a counter arguement that is 100x more stupid than the last. I spent more time than I care to admit arguing with chemtrail believers in the internet during a strange time in my life and the are by far one of the looniest bunches I have come across. One of my personal favs was that there was infected blood in the "chemtrails".


Thank you for your service.


Oh no, you see, they know a guy, who knows a guy, who listens to a secret podcast (that just so happens to be online and sells merchandise and buys ad slots on YouTube), the sells him the cure, or let's them know what concoction of household chemicals or spices and essential oils to chug down every day which will keep them immune to these mystery chemicals.


Why is it that the fucking morons with IQs under 80 think they know more than everyone else? Used to be a time dumb people knew they were dumb and didnt think they were on the cutting edge of gay frog research.


Oil! So much oil. Most of my friends used a bunch of tanning oil -- even in the late 80s, when Slip Slop Slap anti-sunburn programs were really getting into swing. Baby oil. Dye oil. Delicious fragrances and absolute hell on the skin. And sunglasses? Hell *yes*. Oakley sunglasses were the absolute shit, and people wore them to, from and at the beach. No umbrellas, because the point was to swim and get tanned. Plenty of sunscreen lotion, but your friends will laugh at you for using it. This guy is writing a 70s that exists largely in his imagination. He didn't even include the bit where you bring your own sandwiches and get to savour your first bite of sandy peanut butter. It's memorable.




Growing up (90's/00's) I used to watch my mom slather herself in Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tan Oil and roast herself like that when we went to the beach. She's been doing it since she was younger and still does, despite the current knowledge of how terrible it is for you. When my sister got to be a teenager she started doing it too. They have medium olive skin and tan easily. I, on the other hand, inherited my father's Norwegian traits and am quite pale, so not wearing sunscreen was never an option. It's quite funny seeing photos of us together from those days. Mom and my older sister with their dark, tanned skin glistening with oil basking to absorb the sun's rays, and me with a little umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen slathered on and bucket hat, looking like someone else's kid joined their family photo 😂


Thing is you will not look nearly as shriveled as they will at the same age, so you go king/queen.


From my parents stories, he also left out the littering and cutting the shit out of your feet on discarded can pull tabs.


I'm down with lots of beer. What sucks is the fact that the pop tops didn't stay on the can and littered the sand as little caltrops waiting to slice and dice any wandering feet.


It’s the 70’s… maybe no white lines in the sky but i guarantee there were white lines somewhere!


That’s why everyone’s so skinny!


Of all the stupid conspiracies, sunglasses and sun lotion is weird as hell. Like I kinda understand how weirdos get scared of chem-trails and shit, but how the hell do you get radicalized against sunglasses?


I feel like those are more so jabs at younger generation being soft, as if people in the 70’s didn’t wear SPF and those who didn’t are now making regular visits to the doctor to have skin cancer cut out of their faces




Yea in my experience every single old person EVER has always told me beware the powers of the sun. And I’m from the midwestern US, so you’re 10x more acquainted with the sun than I am


Do they also warn you of the dangers of the cold? You really ought to be wearing a scarf.


And a hat. As a kid I was lead to believe that most of my body’s heat was lost through my feet and head so I could technically run around in only a beanie and wool socks and I’d be fine.


Slip, slop, slap


Even in your 30-40s you will look so much older... the people in my childhood that spent every summer sunbathing until they looked like a gingerbread cookie now could pass for 50+ if you only looked at their skin, its insane.


I was 11 in 1970 and was the little pale kid swathed in towels, clothes and/or covered in zinc oxide at the beach. Thank god for more modern sunscreens. And my relatives who tanned are all missing pieces of noses, ears, foreheads, shoulders, etc. because of multiple skin cancers. These folks posting this stuff either weren't alive then or have a really ahistorical view of the time period. Things are SO MUCH better now, in so many ways.


Or it's survivorship bias. *They* didn't die from a lack of self-care, so it must be overblown


Like the ones who are all, "we didn't wear bike helmets and we were fine!" 🙄 Tell that to the 9 year old in my husband's 4th grade class who died from head trauma from a bike accident. Not sure why keeping people alive and healthy is so triggering to some people.


If you're too stupid to ride a bike properly and you fall and hit your head and die, YOU'RE WEAK and your death only makes the gene pool stronger. If you wear a helmet and you survive, you're a WUSS. /s for me, but you know that's their sentiment


Tell it to my parent's friend's (adult) kid who went from being a scientist to brain damage and can not walk or speak.


Can confirm, my retired cousin is missing a piece of his ear cartilage due to skin cancer (not melanoma luckily)


Yeah, nothing says being tough like getting melanoma... unlike these pussies who wear sunscreen today


And cataracts and glaucoma


Because back then men were men and we got SKIN CANCER like grown adults /s


I’ve heard guys on job sites call sunscreen “gay” Interesting take to say the least


Same dudes who think regular lotion is "gay" and that wearing respirators around dangerous dust/chemicals is "pussy shit" and hate OSHA. Definitely beliefs that never come back to bite these dudes in the ass. I remember a book I read that had an account from an inspection dude who visited some factory. There was something dangerous and acidic in the air, and this guy wore a respirator. The bosses asked him if he would remove it because it might "freak out the guys working", and this dude refused. He said all those guys teased him for wearing it, but he could visually tell how long those guys had been working there because of how the acid wore down their teeth.


Not a surprise at all. The oil refineries I’ve been in seem to be full of that mentality. Luckily most if not all are zero tolerance for safety violations nowadays though I doubt the mentality of “that’s pussy shit” has left at all


Yeah, in the book I read, the author went to Louisiana and focused on the numerous petrochemical plants there as well as the oil sector. The whole point was to try and understand the mindset of a lot of the people there. They hated the government and regulations, but lived near waterways so polluted that people couldn't swim, and some of them were personally affected by serious industrial accidents to the point where people were getting cancer and having to move out of their homes. It can be a very toxic and self-destructive mentality.


I live in Southeast Texas, right in the heart of the industry you just described. The mindset here is, make as much money as you can and buy the biggest truck you can before you get cancer and die. Making as much money as you can means working in the plants 80+ hours a week around the worst chemicals imaginable. It’s this weird mindset of “well we were born here so the damage is already done” and because of that nobody really takes precautions to protect themselves. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.


This sounds interesting - what was the book?


Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlie Hothschild “With the clear-headed empathy Arlie Russell Hochschild is famous for, she explored the central paradox of the political activists in the heart of ‘cancer alley’: they understand that the chemical and oil companies have destroyed their environment and sometimes their lives, but they remain ardent defenders of free market capitalism. There could not be a more important topic in current American politics, nor a better person to dissect it. Every page—every story and individual—is fascinating, and the emerging analysis is revelatory.” —Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed and Living with a Wild God https://thenewpress.com/books/strangers-their-own-land


Man this reminds me of the autobody shop I worked at, where after 2 days of having paint dust everywhere it could be (especially nose and eyes), I decided to wear a mask and safety glasses. I was the only one in the shop who wore them and I'd still have shit all in my nose and eyes and beard afterwards.. Just makes me worried for the health of the other guys there that have been doing it way longer without masks and shit. Thankfully they were all cool about it, even encouraged me to stay safe, but damn I can't imagine doing that everyday for years would be healthy, especially without a mask/glasses


Yeah, I think modern car paint, being water based rather than solvent based, is much less noxious than it used to be... but still, it certainly can't be great for the eyes and lungs. Best to mitigate damage, especially when doing so is as simple as wearing a mask and safety glasses.


Looking like a beat up catcher's mitt by 35 is clearly the way to live


Maybe they get aroused by other men who smell like sunscreen and it is confusing for them.


Lord knows it’s enticing


Ok Darry. Darry, ok. Banana Boat is *not* cologne. Wish you weren't so fuckin' awkward, bud.


I went camping once with some friends, all on the conservative side. There ended up being basically no shade where we ended up, and we were gonna be there for 3 days. I had a big bottle of sunscreen, and left it on the table, and told everyone “There’s sunscreen here for everyone”. All of them refused. By the 3rd day, they were all lobsters, and basically miserable. I truly don’t get it.


getting melanoma to own the libs


"We're goin' campin' with Uncle Mel!" "Uncle Mel?" "Yeah. Uncle Melanoma."


Fellas, is it gay to not get skin cancer? Because I’d rather die of something perfectly preventable than catch teh gay.


My Uncle lived in Las Vegas and never wore a shirt in the 70’s. He died in his 50’s with skin cancer. I’ll look like a dipshit in my bucket hat and sunglasses instead of dying, thanks.


There’s a group of crazies that believe sunscreen causes cancer, and that Sun gazing will open their consciousness. Yes they stare at the sun. I met a lady at the zoo and she rebuffed me for applying sunscreen and told me I should consider long sleeved sun garments. Her daughter was mortified. I get that some people are sketched out by more recent chemical sunscreens but she was even scared of zinc and other mineral sunscreens. It was sad cause skin cancer can be deadly.


I mean, she’s crazy, but partially right. SPF rated clothes will usually be more effective than equivalent sunscreen. Not that that should stop you from wearing sunscreen of course. But when you have the choice, and the activity is conducive, just covering your skin is better


Those long sleeve UV shirts are great. The underarmor type ones. I wore those in the summer going out for long walks, as well as a hat and sunglasses. Didn't really need sunscreen because of that, and the shirt helped keep me cool when walking for miles because it held the sweat in. Before that, I was just walking in a t-shirt and the UV shirt made a noticeable difference where I'd get less tired and fatigued out there in 80-90+ degree weather.


Right I have some uv clothing but I’m a sunscreen nerd so I still apply sunscreen to my neck, face, hands and other exposed areas. She was basically saying don’t use sunscreen at all. There were whole patches of her neck and face uncovered.


The same people who are afraid of sun lotion are also afraid of microwaves, wifi, and holding cell phones up to their heads because of "radiation".


Lol I had a friend back in highschool (who was super normal), but his house didn't have a microwave because his mom believed all this crazy stuff about microwaves being bad and radiating the food or something. She was actually super nice and always very pleasant to be around when I stopped over, but she definitely had some weird quirks like that.


Better not tell her about smoke detectors then


What smoke detector companies don't want you to know is that all human beings already are smoke detectors. If I'm in a room full of smoke, I can detect it. I certainly don't need a beepy thingy to tell me that.


"I'll know if there is carbon monoxide because I'll pass out!"


Like I'd want a device that spoils the best sleep I'll ever get


Ya that chem trail shit is so weird. Not sure what those people think. It is enough that the world is obviously flat. Why do these nuts need to make other shit up?


Flat Earth is actually a government psyop to distract you from the hollow Earth. You gotta get with the times, man.


Go back in time even further, and there were no clothes, language or laws either. What a time.


Back in those days, a good time was watching a T-Rex try to apply sunscreen. That was entertainment


No white lines in the sky? Is that a chemtrail reference?


Sky cocaine


It's ruining our youth! My little Johnny does lines of it in his imagination and can't pay attention in school!


That's what I got from that reference.


Just the fact that they are often referred to as chemtrails and not contrails is a bloody conspiracy win.




Back in the day there weren't clouds in the sky but those gash nabbit kids these days ruined that as well


This looks like Brazil.


Agreed, Ipanema Beach?


There is a song about a girl from there.


I think it's called "The Girl from the Beach in Brazil"


I feel like it may have been "Girls From Brazil", also made into a movie.


No, no. It was "Girls with Brazilians". No plot or story to speak of but great film.


100% the OP on Facebook is trying to sell this as cali or Florida. Where as Brazil is different story as far as health and fitness went in the 70s


100% I just saw it and knew it


Yep I saw this post in a different sub and someone was saying this is Brazil trying to appeal to whit people in America.


Lol, people were getting tattooed in the 70s


Yeah but we didn’t allow them on the beach, back then we could do that


They also didn't allow fat people either. From what I understand you could just publicly shame anyone different.


No fat people and sunglasses were invented in the 90s duh.


True, you had to remove them and give them to the tattoo chaffer where he’d put them in the tattoo closet until you left. You were expected to tip them too


And some of them expected $0.25. A day at the beach could bankrupt you.




Damn Millennials and their "various creams"!




It’s very telling that many of these “good old days” type posts use imaging from advertisements and not actual photos from whenever they select as their “golden age”.


I grew up in the 70's. People were much thinner then. It's multi factorial. Food, eating habits, physical activity. Obesity rate was 14% in 1975. Today it's 42%. That 3x higher!! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/shapiro/files/obesity.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjPx5m3i7H9AhXQLkQIHUNxD6IQFnoECBUQBQ&usg=AOvVaw1aDy5uCQRagc44W2k12yvm But we also had smog, lots of drunks driving, and people getting themselves to get skin cancer. Leaded gas was making people violent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead%E2%80%93crime_hypothesis No thanks. A thinner population is about the only positive thing I'd take from the 70's.




Non of those things, sure. But there was lead in the gas, lead in the paint, uranium in the glass, and asbestos in the everything.


I am also a fan of them posting pictures of scantily clad Brazilians


Little known fact that Flaperston Bumbershoot III patented the umbrella in 1893 but refused to bring to market until 1980 just to screw with us and ruin our lives.




When everyone smoked like chimneys, no one wore seatbelts, ramped racism, shitty women’s rights, and political upheaval.




The models in this posed photograph aren't fat, therefore there were no fat people in the 70s. Are people actually this stupid?


There were no old people either, by the same logic. Also no children.


There were actually no people at all in the 70s


No POC either 💀


All of the other bullshit aside, I do sometimes miss the days before cell phones.


> All of the other bullshit aside, I do sometimes miss the days before cell phones. Hell, even the days before the internet was ubiquitous on PCs, I have a fondness for. There's something to be said for life having a bit of mystery now and then.


Damn i dont, i remember being a kid thinking how cool it would be to have a mini computer in my hand and now we have them! Honestly though i get what you mean, as I got older and phones/social media started to kick off, my friends all stopped hanging out outside and i would be the only one biking around town, was kinda sad lol


I mean, I don’t disagree that people on average are waaaay fatter than they used to be, and the number of people covering themselves in tatts and getting work done is getting pretty crazy, but *sunscreen* and *sunglasses*??


And planes.


Sorry, I'm an 80's kid, I don't want to talk to strangers IRL.


No white lines in the sky because they're lined up on a table somewhere


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No plastic but this generation left steel beercans in the sand that would rust slice open the feet of children for decades as the were swallowed by the beach and later regurgitated. They gifted us with tetanus!


I think they mean plastic surgery with how it's grouped


Oh yay, I get to have skin cancer and squint all afternoon because apparently sunglasses aren't a thing!


That *does* explain the bushy eyebrow trend though.


Ah yes, there were no planes in 1970.


No cell phones?! How come? Oh wait..


Why are they anti sunglasses


I love the “No cellphones” part because I’m 100% picturing a boomer sitting in a beach chair on their phone posting this to their Facebook page.


Yeah skin cancer is sooo nostalgic


Plethora of future cancer patients. The Vietnam War was ongoing and a bunch of students got gunned down at Kent State University by their nation's own military. Ahh, 1970.


why would there be a sunbed in the first place lol


You don't bring your sunbed to the beach? Ok boomer


*sobbing* your words are hurtful and I will be speaking to your manager


Haven't people been getting tattooed since like, the dawn of humanity?


No lines in the sky because they were in everyone's nose


No fat people in the 70s, yet being big has been a sign of wealth for decades, did everyone just do cocaine in this period?


Diets were better. They are real un processed food. There were also a lot more labour intensive jobs. Being fat is a sign of wealth in some cultures, not modern western culture though.


They all contributed to the production and or normalization of said things.


People were definitely thinner, I’ll give them that, but it’s allll downhill from there.


I’m a Florida man going beach fishing tomorrow, definitely will have an umbrella and have sunglasses. These people looked almost 40 in their 20’s from frying their skin, guessing lots of skin cancer.


Wow, I didn't know that fat people were invented in the 80s


Can't believe sunbeds, umbrellas and sunglasses didn't exist in the 70s


so the 70's didn't have airplanes? What is this moron doing?


Oh yeah no fat people in the '70s. Breakfast of cornflakes in lard.


And they all wrote in cursive!


Of all the dumb things I never even expected chem trails to make an appearance


Why do people care so much about other people’s fashion choices and weight? How does that affect any one else (unless they’re wearing/ or have tattoos that are offensive)? And if cell phones existed back then everyone in that photo would be using them - they’re a technological miracle!


The irony is this is an advertisement from the era that arguably ushered in the unhealthy societal expectation of skinny women (did someone say heroin chic??).


The creams and oils are in those bags so they don’t get all sandy. Duh. People who didn’t wear sunglasses regret it when they get old because they get cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases that can cause vision loss. I’m 45, and I grew up at the beach. Before my parents moved us permanently to the beach, they would go every year at least a couple times. My dad’s mom had a florist there, my mom’s aunt and uncle had a place, and my bio grandma had a trailer there (my parents were my bio mom’s Sunday school leaders so they knew the family and kept in touch throughout my childhood). I have tons of photos of them at the beach and saw them as they were older doing their sun rituals when we went to the beach together. Everyone used suntan oil and sunblock. A lot of people wore sunglasses unless they were tanning their faces while napping. My mom had me use sunblock since I was little since I am a ginger and just burned for the most part. Thanks to her I don’t have many wrinkles or a lot of sim damage. I knew quite a few people who could double as leather sofas or luggage. This photo looks staged because everyone is wearing similar swimsuits and are looking in similar directions with the guys all facing the opposite direction instead of looking at the girls in bikinis. It’s hard to get good candid photos of the beach because everyone is looking in different directions and are different ages and body types.