They definitely don't need CrossFit HQ or the brand, but one unifying body, when done correctly, offers some major advantages.


You are right. Mixed modal fitness. MMF? 🤔


Just call it functional fitness, no need to make it any more complicated.


And we can call ourselves “FunFitters”


How about Crosstraining? Isn't that where CrossFit originally got their idea from?


That’s another good option! I personally feel like Functional Fitness is more descriptive.


It really doesn't make a big difference, but I fear "functional fitness" will just create a new circlejerk about what that really is. That term has also been washed out into being basically meaningless.


My only fear about the de-affiliations is the loss of consistency. I’ve been to other functional fitness places and the coaching, warm ups, etc are not on par with even the most mediocre CrossFit Box. There should be some sort of standards organization that need to take place of CrossFit HQ to ensure that coaches and programming do not decent into low quality.


Are you joking? HQ has never ensured quality of coaching and programming. That’s part of the affiliate model and GG’s libertarian viewpoint: let the people run their own business and the best will survive. And I’d argue there is no consistency between gyms because everybody is allowed to run to their own standards. It’s not a franchise model like Orange Theory or similar. If your gym has crappy community, crappy programming, and crappy coaching, it shouldn’t succeed as a business. If you want standards, go with another organization besides CF. That affiliate fee is purely for the use of the brand name, very little else comes with it.


That’s crazy that you would have a lack of programming just from a name change.


This will happen. Many gyms will fail.


I think the one unifying body was the important part though because all of the athletes through sponsored by other brands all competed at this one event. I think this gives different companies/past-affiliates the opportunity create their own form of the games and it will be hard to get all of these athletes on the same completion floor, it will be whoever gives them the most money to get them to compete in their competition. I do think this is a good opportunity for Rogue though, since they seem to be the last unifying body for all these athletes.


I don't think HQ has done much good in recent years, and I don't care for the official comps or anything, but putting crossfit into a yelp search when moving to a new city was convenient. Just takes a little more work to find with renamed gyms now. There will still be some gyms that keep their affiliation -- until they go out of business or it becomes too costly for them to do so. Hopefully most people patronize the gyms who took the initiative to back out right away.


Call it Central Fitness


I bet some sponsors are happy to see this so now they can create their own thing similar to CrossFit. Or buy it out and fire Glassman, I’d imagine it’s worth has gone down a lot.


Glassman will probably go down with the ship. If he has the controlling share of the company, he won't sell. He'll probably pivot and open Crossfit-branded gyms from scratch instead of the affiliate business model. It will cost him a bunch of money, but I think his ego is stronger than his greed.


That’s kind of what I’m gathering. I obviously don’t know him, to make a dumb statement like that at this time for someone in the public eye like him is just plain stupid.


[USAFF](https://usafunctionalfitness.org) has been around for four years now. I highly encourage you to check it out- they’ve been serving as a unifying body with a standard rule book dedicated to the sport. The goal is the Olympics- but the organization is so much more. Feel free to DM and/check out the website and [social media](https://instagram.com/usafunctionalfitness?igshid=1v0g48o6jxqn7) if you have any questions.


When I started at my local gym, I thought it odd how little they used the crossfit name (classes called strength and conditioning, etc.) It makes a lot of sense now.


The problem is more in new gyms without track records and coaches whose only experience is CrossFit level 1