Nah I have to complete EVERYTHING before going to Embers!


*before [head canon] earning Rogue’s respect to get her help and while waiting for the Arasaka parade to start always liked the point better for free roam because it felt like it was more open with less urgency


Look Hanako, I hear ya okay? But I’m well on my way to being the NCPD’s top sub-con.


Or just quickly complete all endings possible and collect any rare iconic items and afterwards leave her rotting


That’s what I did but then I couldn’t get a couple of the endings because I didn’t do a couple of crucial things lmao


Johnny's "never fear the reaper"?


I didn’t realize you could actually go back up into the apartment after the floor collapsed… so, “the devil” achievement is what I’m working on rn lol


??? I meant the one where you gotta had high % with Johnny and wait 5 minutes at the decide scene and do it yourself. What you're saying is just saving takomura from the building which I didn't knew aswell.


I thought we were comparing notes on the achievements we missed lmaoo


Bruh lmfao.


In a game with a brain eating virus that most be address ASAP!


The artificial and forced "time sensitive" drama foisted on players in this game was a design flaw for me. CDPR created this big world that players want to enjoy exploring and taking their time to soak up... and that is hampered by constant reminders (through blackouts and feinting episodes) that your character is rapidly dying. I wholeheartedly believe it would have been a better game if Johnny had just been a semi-intrusive side-kick, and not a parasite.


At best...Keanu shouldn't have been in the game. Or introduced very late ala Arthur Morgan's climax. At worst...it should've been resolved in the middle of the game. I really lean towards the game revolving around, Alt vs The Voodoo Boyz vs Arasaka. Maybe have them chase you down after Alt helps you fix the Johnnie situation and it be like the key to eternal life. The game has 1000 stories begging to be told but we have to make friends with an self absorbed, abusive, asshole, washed up terrorist.


Someone didn't do the side missions


Washed up? The man literally nuked the single most secure building in the city (and possibly the world) from the inside while also rescuing his girlfriend who was locked in a virtual prison within said building's intranet. He then helps the player hone their merc skills by slowly taking over his/her mind and then has them do a solo run they saka tower, during which they cut thru Arasaka elite security forces and kill Adam Smasher himself.


He's been dead 50 yrs and one character remembers his music.


He was an underground rocker who played low level gigs and his albums still sell 50 years later (did you not play the ending where you let Johnny keep your body?


What are you suggesting? I beat the game, twice. This mission suggests that Johnny basically "failed." https://www.ign.com/wikis/cyberpunk-2077/The_Ballad_of_Buck_Ravers


You missed a good 90% of the game and 100% of the point.


Don't patronize me.


Keanu can follow me around, providing commentary to my daily life, anytime. 😁


I was literally telling a friend this yesterday. Like, Johnny being in the game even feels kinda weird, like they wanted to shoehorn in one of the classic iconic characters despite the 50 year time gap. But the artificial clock (which doesn't even matter, despite its implied urgency) not only goes nowhere, but actively makes playing the game difficult for brief periods of time when the screen goes funny. There are a relatively few points where it's used well, mostly as a deus ex machina for a brief depowering of V, but really the clock should have been less obtrusive at an absolute minimum, and even better would be to move the hook elsewhere more or less entirely. After all, even without the Relic you have a VERY good reason to want to watch Arasaka go splat: you know things that they will absolutely kill you to keep silent. You're a threat to them. You know what they do to threats. In fact, to that point, a much better "clock" would be having Arakasa jump you now and then, forcing a fight or flight, knowing you are in for a tough battle if you can't sneak or run out of it. You could even keep Johnny in the initial score but as an AI assistant or something, still modeled after the original and everything. Holding onto that, with or without it literally slowly killing you, is yet another reason for Arasaka to be hunting for you after all, but also a potentially powerful ally even if it can't touch anything directly.


Just did. Just went for the first time. Listening to Never Fade Away right now.


*Takemura waiting at the diner


*Dex waiting 24/7 in his car while V is cleaning the gigs in Watson


I feel this in my bones but it's actually Vic waiting for me. I clear Watson so I can pay my man for the optics.


Does the dialogue change at all if you pay him back pre-heist compared to post-heist?


Yeah. V says they gotta fork up the eddies for the cyberware as nothing can go wrong on this gig.


Not much if at all, honestly I've done it so many times I forget the usual dialogue


Vics dialogue changes a little, he arches his eyebrows when you say you have the money, but V's hardly does. She balks at the generosity of the offered Kiroshis, and the quest log still admonishes you in Jackie's voice to pay the man back his eddies.


My brother in Satan, this is Cyberpunk 2077 we're talking about here. Of course it does. Literally nothing else changes at all, but the guy says stuff.


Five words: Target Analysis Rare Cybermod Blueprint... :) And good on ya, for paying back Vic.


Two words. Sandevistan Kerenzikov


Not familiar with the profit for those. The Target Analysis blueprint can be had for about 2250~ Eddies, as soon as you leave your apartment and obtain said 2250 Eddies, and costs very little to craft, and each one sells for 781, or 871, or something. Anyway, ends up being about 800 in profit, versus what it costs to craft, so curious what the margin is on the two above examples, and when you can obtain the blueprint and craft them, what level of Tech you need, etc?


I've not crafted for profit before, I just keep my weapons and armor in top shape and roll around with 70+ sticky frags. Mostly it's the component cost and the fact that money is never an issue. I'm level 30+ again with 50 cred and still have about half the NCPD jobs and gigs open if I need any more money, but I've got all the chrome I can sport and my legendary blades so... Yeah, money is not a problem, it's components. Even with the craft perks and buying out all the component stock everytime I see them.


Ahh, ok. I was thinking about very early-game cash generation, without grinding too much, reason I mentioned that particular blueprint.


Early game cash for me is just the NCPD jobs and gigs, that gives you something near 70k alone


Jackie waiting at the food stand eating noodle box after noodle box


\*Panam waiting while V does all the Japantown gigs.


Never make Panam wait... Too much hotness to let it sizzle alone in the desert sun. 😉


Lmao Takemura waited for irl 30 hours while I did literally nothing but roam around and did the odd police gig lmao


Omg. He waited longer than Hanako! I did all the ncpd calls and available gigs (on the entire map) before going to see him. Other gigs open up as the story progresses of course, but when I finally went to the diner, most of it was clear…then I left him waiting at the docks while I finished the rest once I remembered I needed the diner to kick things off with Johnny.


Thats how im keeping it in my 2nd playthrough


Honestly I wish there were more side stories in the third act. The ones they have just aren't enough. I almost didn't want to complete the Kerry quest lines because there wasn't much to do in the waiting periods.


I really don’t understand why you have to complete the entire Johnny/ Kerry storyline before finally getting the Bes Isis side mission. And it’s barely even worth waiting that long.


I don't. But the side stories that are there vs the 2nd act, there is a measurable drop in quality and longevity. Most of the content is in the 2nd act.


I don't know, the ending to that one made me bust out laughing pretty hard


I've been doing a run with the sole purpose of completing Don't Fear the Reaper, and I was planning on saving most of the side missions for post game. Got bitch slapped at Arasaka twice now, and by the time I get through it there will be literally nothing for me to do afterwards. We need new gigs, or at least some randomly generated missions to keep us busy afterwards. All I really have to do is farm shit and level crafting so I can perfect my outfit and guns, and that's pretty boring.


I got fully leveled, and eventually had to use a mod to go god mode to get that ending. This was with all legendary, fully leveled, fully modded gear.


Yeah honestly I think this meme is a little dumb because there wasn’t much left for me to do 3rd act. 2nd act is where everything is


Eh, I disagree, but I guess it depends how much content you did before getting here in the main story. I'm actually in my first playthrough at this exact spot. I got to Embers and the "point of no return" message, then realized I had so much left to still do. I'm cleaning up a ton of missions and content before going back, my plan is to exhaustively complete the as much of the game's content that I can before starting the end game.


Tbf it’s been about year since I played so I could be a little fuzzy. But I recall mainly just having all the “gigs” that just felt repetitive to me. I thought the game shined with story arcs. The gameplay was fine at all, but wasn’t necessarily want kept me playing I remember telling my girlfriend it felt like I was cheating on her since the relationship with Panam felt so real lol very rarely is a game able to do story’s and characters so well. RD2 is the only other I can really think of atm


I actually like leaving the NCPD scanners active, since it gives some life to the city to drive around and hear the dulcet tones of sweet, sweet gunfire all over. It also makes the odd moment you stumble across one of those hot zones that much more tense and memorable.


Of course after you beat the game it returns you to just before the point of no return with a few reward items.


Same here... I have almost my third character in the mid-20s, up to meeting Hanako, because I don't want the game to end. ;_; Lol. I'm going to actually finish the game, on this character though, after I do about 90+% of the gigs and side missions, anyway. Also, Panam is glorious. o.o


I screwed up and did almost all the remaining quests before Kerry's so yeah didn't really have anything for the waits. Was literally walking up to embers when I got the call for the blue moon side quest.


The game is short and linear af. Even the side quests are short.


Well yes, if you only follow the main quests... but there's at least 50-60 hours of side quests and set pieces to do, and that's not even counting exploration, collecting, achievements, and easter eggs. I'm over 469 hours (400x nice!) and several playthroughs deep, and I'm still finding new stuff. I've long ago done every story line, but there's still secrets, lore, and the like to find. None of this is even counting mods! Edit: It's okay man, you're not required to like the game. You're wrong about it, but you're not required to like it.


Well said. ^^


I agree with you. I had more than 100 hours in on just my first playthrough. It's not just quests and gigs. You can wander the nasty streets of Night City and run into all sorts of nasties, and break up assaults or other crimes. I loved coming across a gang doing mayhem and hiding just out of sight and systematically Overheating each one. I am in my second playthrough and still love doing that, although this early in the game my cyberdeck is too low-powered to have much success except against Rats and some Tyger Claws. And I second Dash Effect's assessment of Panam...she IS glorious.


It's a consequence of giving you the freedom to choose when you do a lot of the content. If you choose the not to all the Gigs ASAP, you have more left later for instance.


What is considered the third act?


When you have the quest where you have to go to Embers. That’s how it’s categorised on the wiki




Us waiting for the new DLC 😮‍💨


Until next year :(


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra


Silverhand, when the walls fell.


Adam Smasher, his arms open.


I've graduated to Jackie waiting at All Foods


All Foods. Hmmm, Yummy.


Jackie waiting at Maelstroms hideout


Good to see you, General Reposti.


The funny thing about this being reposted every now and then is the fact that the comments are almost the exact same too. Annoying as fuck.


So you expect every user to have already seen every post? I just saw this for the first time and it gave me a good giggle. Loosen up. It’s just memes.


I pray to god every time I load CP that they will have released a patch that allows players to select no active quests.




Spoiler: It's an endless loop. After the wait is before the wait.


Ok I'm at this part of the game, so should I do all the other side jobs and gigs before talking to hanako? Or do they remain even after the main story is complete?


"Hanako at Embers" is the classical "point of no return" and the game warns you as such. You can clear everything first if you so choose, or you can come back after playing the ending(s) and mop up any thing you may have missed after your save is reverted to just before entering Embers.


[Here's a summary of what you should do first if you want all the endings.](https://www.ign.com/wikis/cyberpunk-2077/How_to_Unlock_All_5_Endings_in_Cyberpunk_2077) So long as you don't click past the "spoilers" warnings throughout, it will only tell you what the ending paths are and what missions/dialogue choices you need to choose to unlock them. I'm actually in the same part of the game as you and I'm making sure I clean up all the quests for the endings.


you can go ahead but if you don't complete some side quests there's a few endings that you can't get. after finishing the game it will send you back to before that mission and u get some rewards. I got some juicy legendary gorilla arms and a decent gun i cant remember that helped me through another ending


Do everything first


Completing the game has rewards that you get when you go back to before embers, so I would argue that it isn't really necessary to do it all before the end.


Jackie waiting at the food stand in front of v’s apartment while he does every available gig, ncpd and side quest.


You guys realize you can beat the game and it just spits you back out to before you talk to Hanako at Embers right? And it keeps all your progress? You can literally beat it as many times as you want and see all the endings you have unlocked. The game explicitly tells you this. Idk why this is a thing.


Doesn’t matter she waits there after the end again and again and again and again 😂


The Matrix.


Such an irritating way to suspend the game on


me waiting for the secret ending to trigger after failing it the first time


I don’t really get this but mine is the same, I don’t know why but I am just doing every side quest before talking to her. I hope it doesn’t lock me out of stuff when I talk to her


It won't. Embers is the endgame "point of no return". If anything, completing at least the character quests changes some of the VMs you can hear as the credits roll.


... and die? Thank you, but nope!


NO! It comes way too soon


The Arasakas have immortality tech, she’ll be fine


How can I turn that damn quest off??


Lol I'm literally doing this as we speak. Doing every single side quest so my V can be as "complete" as possible. By the time we get there she's just gonna be a skeleton lol


She can afford the 100 Martinis she drank the whole time while waiting


i still havent finished 😂


Reminds me of myself. Checking the reddit daily for a CP2077 update that ads activity or other cool stuff. ='(


NO. I must do all side missions. Hanako can wait.


Ok, this made me laugh.


She's always gonna be waiting. Even after you finish the quest the game won't recognize that you did if you continue playing. I think it's really fucking stupid that you get a few cool weapons for killing Adam Smasher but there is no possible way for you to use them in the game. Makes me wonder what the point was for giving them to you in the first place.


You can get Smasher's weapons, go on his boat after finishing the game, there's a door you can open with his iconic shootgun + a bunch of legendary weapons


That's not what I meant. I've beaten him 3 times and each he he dropped (among other items) at least 1 legendary weapon, it was different each time. Whatever it was you never get to use it because after smasher the game ends. You can start from your previous save before you meet with hanako but thst dave is before the smasher fight. There is no new game + option like in elden ring where after you beat the final boss you can start the game over with everything you've acquired and the game will be slightly more difficult each time you beat it and start over. I was saying what's the point of having smasher drop anything if you can't use it in the game after you get it. Also, I'm aware of the room on the boat.


Maybe they intended for a NG+ mode, but it was scrapped during dev and they kept Smasher's loot (that said, if you're on PC you can somewhat emulate a NG+, or keeping your final mission loot)


Lol, I am exactly there right now


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no lies told


Still have yet to go meet him :)


Alrighty lads I only need to finish the gigs and buy the cars and I should have everything done or am I missing hidden content?


Is it just me that thinks the main story paces really poorly with the side content? Like I tried to do an even mix and go back n forth between main & side content but still ended up at the end of the main story with tonnes of side stories left. Couldn’t believe it when I got the point of no return message, literally left her waiting for about 20hrs in game lol. Doesn’t help that the nature of the main story puts a sense of urgency on everything too.


Me: about to go to Hanako Game: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS?! Me: Okay, no, I am not sure any more. Ooooh is that an illegal activity detected on NCPD scanner?


I’m not alone?


Don’t rush me


I see this Pablo Escobar meme a lot. Is it from a movie? Also anyone else think Pablo could totally pass off as Pakistani or north indian.


She’s been waiting for over a year now


Now I'm waiting for new patch, I wonder what it'll bring.


Yeah, sure... you got NewGame+ yet?


I just had Judy call me to take care of some business and I haven’t even met Kerry yet!


That's gold... 🪙 Right about 30 minutes before going to bed I think to myself : "damn man you need to finish that game, Hanako is waiting for you!"


This not having a post game world atleast for SOME of the endings is criminal


Yeah she waited for what 700+ hours ?


Me who keeps restarting in a different way before basically doing anything


"Not now Hanako, can't you see I'm hanging out with Rogue and Kerry?"


I've left her rotting for awhile lol


Sorry I'm late Hanako, I didn't really wanna come


For a dying man, V sure knows how to take his time.




*me who can never get the Nocturne quest because of too many bugs*


I love this lol


Meanwhile I just finished the parade after dicking around with a ton of side quests


Goddamn we get a post like this so many damn times. Soooo original 🙄


Maybe.. Just maybe the "virus" supposed to be like malaria in Far Cry 2. It can't be cured but we need the medicine to tempered it in some level. I mean.. After we got the Relic, I remember that the doctor gave us a medicine but when we freeroam we rarely drink the med... Only in occasional moment while talking with Johnny.




Am I the only one that wish we could’ve had a militech quest line with Meredith stout? I wanna take down Arasaka with the boys in green and be the next Morgan blackhand. Just felt like a huge missed opportunity.


I can find plenty to do. She can wait. I just discovered some NPC intrigue with a guy who set a car bomb. Far more interesting watching to see what happens.


me waiting for a patch so i could bang judy as a male V..


That won't happen. The sexuality of these characters are fixed. That adds to the uniqueness of some playthroughs. Romance would mean less if you can fuck everyone. I'm glad they went this route.


and a second round with Panam of course. 🤭


Have they got it so you can deactivate the quest yet?


sadly they haven't. one of the complaints I have about the game.


Wait and here I am expecting a new game + update.


Doing this to jackie at the moment


**NO!!!** Kill stealing rodent can rot and die of boredom and tedium in that shithole café until I'm ready to listen to what ever dribbles from the kill stealers lips... considering that its actually worse than just stealing ***MY*** kill is that he made it fast and painless he's going to get his though first his ninja friend **WILL** die and then i am going to leave his ass to die to the Arasaka hit squads....hell i may stay and listen to him die


Wait... Do you want me to finish this quest over and over again?


I’m just trying to check Rivers dick


I remember getting to that part and turning 180 and started heading towards Judy’s place(context: I was playing as female V and hadn’t done anything with Judy’s quest line)


Hanako has been waiting for me for about a month now. On my first playthrough and since it appears its the end game, I'm finishing everything I can find first. Every side gig is cleared, all the scanner hustles, NCPD gigs, EVERYTHING. Waiting for Nancy/Bes Isis to call, and farming loot to say to buy the last few cars I haven't bought yet. It seems to me that if the meet Hanako mission is the end, the main story is incredibly short.


Now she knows how we all felt with all the delays following the announcement lol


Lol I still haven’t played it 🤦🏻‍♂️ I have since deleted the game and will probably replay before I play that quest. I was addicted to drugs when I played this game and although it helped me get so much done and absolutely kill the game, I can not say it makes me very happy. Almost think playing it sober now will make it hit harder. Sorry, I know nobody asked for my life story from the past year plus. This meme is hilarious.