Glad, but I hope for something far more severe for whoever produced it in the first place


Feds if you ask me. Where do they get the tapes to basically entrap pedos.


Kinda conspiratorial ngl. Also a bit sus the way you phrased it.


That's my fault. I didn't mean how it sound. After I re read, I knew someone was going to slip on a metal dildo over how i phrased it....


Either way you sound bitter they’re entrapping pedos


Sure fucking do. *LYNCH HIIIIIMMM!!!*


Off to the gallows boiz


Lol there he is. You the dick rider I was waiting on.


Lmao what you gettin tight for?😅


Who said I was ?🥴 Why so easily offended?


bro you are projecting hard and it is not a good look


At the end of the day y'all white asses do that pedo shit😂. Only white ppl be in to that shit 🤣


I remember a documentary on the honeypot they did to trap paedos.. fbi set up a paedo ring but no fbi officers were arrested for it. They were tasked with obtaining the videos, distributing and selling them on their website . A similar concept to introducing drugs to people, so you can arrest em at a later date.. that one was by the CIA though. They also had a programme where they'd send an agent undercover to radicalize people, show em how to make bombs, and then they'd arrest em so they get more support from the public so they don't notice the multitude of other fuck ups their doing. Basically create an enemy, pretend to fight it.


I really doubt this. Would you care to share a link? International CSAM task forces have taken over existing dark web CSA sites and kept them running in order to identify as many contact offenders as possible. They put measures in place to stem the amount of new material created. They did not create any of their own


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Cathedral yeah they took over sites, but they also made some too. Prisons are big business, and the more products - criminals you create, the more money you make.


Yeah, I'm not shedding any tears over pedos. They aren't created like drug addicts.


They both come from childhood trauma or abuse.


No, they don't. And spreading that myth harms actual victims.


They call it a cycle of abuse for a reason.


The majority of child predators have NO history of abuse.


When society sexualized younger women and glalamourizes drug use, that Is the outcome. You can't make a b52 stealth bomber with lemons.


Nothing in that Wikipedia article backs up your claim that the FBI or any other governmental agency created pedophile rings to obtain and distribute child pornography.


I never said it did


He's serving 87 months but sell a kilo of crack over an indefinite period of time and you get 30 years.


Well yeah, that crack was untaxed!


Shit no lie, my cousin was serving life w/o for trafficking marijuana. It was roughly 10lbs but this was his 5th trip to prison for drug trafficking and this was in the 90s so after already having done a few small stretches, then a 15yr stretch, then life without but it all Marijuana. Also true story- when Obama was in office and he pardoned like 900-some-odd non-violent federal inmates, that same cousin was one of the pardoned inmates. So after thinking he would never see the free world again, he gets an unexpected pardon. It was fucking shocking to my whole fam, no one had any idea it he would be one of those inmates..


Moral is; you get more time for selling weed than fingerdoodling yung'ens but also all that is good and just and right and fair will always prevail.


Not always. Your story has a good ending, but not every story has a just ending. I mean, ask a palestinian if they know what justice is, for example. Or for an example closer to home, my friend got arrested for doing dope. They charged him with selling because of the empty bags he had after shooting up. He wasnt selling. They took his license. Tough to rebuild your life in the US without a license. You can only work within walking distance or around public transportation. So he was working at pizza shops and a small moving company. He relapsed, which was a violation of his probation. Couldnt go to rehab because he couldnt tell his probation officer that he needed help. He overdosed on fent on the subway. Im glad your cousin made it out, but for every story like your cousins, there are probably dozens where the world wasnt so favorable.


You'd think after being caught fucking FOUR TIMES doing the same crime he'd find another way to make money. What an actual dumbass.


In Baltimore, these guys ran from the police, crashed, and ended up killing a girl. Well the cops planted an ounce of heroin in the car and the guy got 15 years for the drugs, 10 for manslaughter. They considered that drug offense more serious than a life lost (https://abcnews.go.com/US/baltimore-police-sergeant-planted-drugs-suspects-car-federal/story?id=51492675)


They have a show on HBO right now about Jenkins and the BPD. Should check it out


Sound like the cop tried to do the right thing and get those assholes locked up for a decent stint.




Now get the individuals that made and sold said pornography.


Often times it’s probably produced in countries that have nonexistent enforcement of CSA legislation


Joshua Duggar of 19kids and Counting was convicted of doing exactly the same and will be sentenced Wednesday. Prosecutors are seeking 20 years. I hope he gets it.


> he gets an unexpected pardon. It was fucking shocking to my whole fam, no one had any idea it he would be one of those inmates. Did you see the letters his wife and mother wrote to the court for him asking for lenient sentencing? That fucker deserves more than what the court can give him tbh. Actual worst type of human, through and through.


Even worse if you ask me…Daisy’s Destruction has to be some of the worst content ever sold on the Internet.


Fuck yes! Pedos and fentanyl gotta go! Hang em by their toes behind horses through the square... that'll dampen the numbers.


lets just take all the fentanyl and feed it to all the pedophiles


200 IQ move


Finally them getting force fed. See how they like it… take that uncle Ricky


Fentanyl will be a very good way fro them to go cuz they won't feel anything ...they should be tortured and then killed by stoning...


As much as I'd like that, I don't wanna give our already powerful government the power to do shit like that. "it's just pedos" yeah, but then it will go to other people, then eventually low level criminals, etc. How it happens in every country. Just throw em in prison and let them get their asses kicked, prisoners can take care of em.


Man fuck that ODing on fent gotta be one of the most painless ways to die these mfs gotta suffer


My man knows what’s good




Good... Now find the people producing this shit


Infant pornography? There’s just some things in this world I’ll never understang


Should be sentenced to execution by torture in a Chinese death camp


Good but not locked up long enough


Oh, I sure hope nothing bad happens to him in prison. That would be fucking heartbreaking.


prisoners know how to take care of fucks like these!


Guys y'all have it all wrong he said it himself he was "just trying to help find missing children"


Why don't we just send pedos to Guantanamo bay?




There's still 37 people there and used to be hundreds.... We got room


ADX Florence is much worse than Gitmo.


Good riddance, hope they find the source and nab them too


So how did he get caught ? Good riddance to pedos but I’m more curious from an OpSec perspective while using Tor and what not where he slipped up


I can’t even believe that shits real


He should get the death sentance.




The good ending


Oh no. Anyway.


Who even thinks of that or looks for it? Your gonna get killed in prison when they hear you in jail for that like within the first month ther...