I was involved in a car accident that was quite severe many years ago, so I can sympathize. I was in a 1984 Buick Skylark, driving westbound on Springfield Street, close to where the Yorktown Apartment complex is now. I forgot that my wife (still married, by the way) asked me to pick up some fixings for a meatloaf, so I turned north onto Glendale. The roads were very slick on this particular day on account of snow that had fallen earlier in the week. Another car, a Dodge Daytona, was turning left onto Glendale northbound. His car slid into mine and totaled my driver's side headlight fixture. We decided not to call the township police on account of his insurance agent driving out, so no formal report was filed. His insurance company made things right, but I can't remember for the life of me who he was with. It may have been Hartford. I'm afraid I can't help you find the female driver you're looking for, though. Perhaps you could check with neighbors. You'd be surprised what a few knocks on doors can do.