Nope. Contact Doordash again. That’s not okay behavior and doordash needs to address it.


Jeez people, the comments are especially toxic today. Anyway, as a driver, I'm sorry they were so ratchet, that's fucked up.


I don’t believe half these people work as drivers. No way. DD will be out of business.


Have you met... Humanity? It thrives on this toxic shit.


Lol right? They rely on humans being this petty and awful. It's how they fucked everyone out of employee benefits. This is a feature.


I drive Lyft as well as DD & I picked up so many DD Drivers that admit to eating people's food! Their are just as bad as passengers who lie to get free food


I can assure you nobody is pretending to be a doordash driver


People will get on Reddit and lie so far as to say their job is to literally eat the worst poop imaginable for minimum wage just for the chance to be contrary and start an argument


Once, while doing doordash... This person called me every 5 seconds screaming over and over "WHERES MAH FEWD AT, MOTHER FUCKER!???? MAKE SURE MY FOOD STILL HOT!!! ILL NEVER PAY $3 FOR YOU TO DRIVE AN HOUR TO MY HOUSE ANYMORE!!!! AND I TIPPED A DOLLAR!!! ILL POST THIS ON REDDIT AND GET YOU FIRED!!!" so, i ate his cookie and left the wrapper in the bag.


Is this your first day on the internet? People will lie about anything.


Sometimes I wonder how DoorDash stays in business. If Uber Eats scaled up their efforts to get more restaurants and other businesses to partner with them, they would put DoorDash out of business.


Nah pretty normal levels of toxic by DoorDash sub standards


Fair enough lmfao it is the internet


This is the most toxic subreddit I've ever been on. Drivers hate their lives and bash any customer that comes here with a legitimate complaint as it's their fault somehow, someway


I mean, are you somewhat surprised?


Dashers that claim OP needs to tip more so they won’t mess with their food, you do realize this is a form of blackmail/extortion right? If proven food was stolen the dasher should be blacklisted from ever doing delivery again.


Its like... don't that the order if there's no tip. Easy. If it were a dash by time thing you don't know there's no tip till after delivery. But honestly let's be real..there are some ghetto dashers out there who shouldn't be working.


I still remember the one order I tipped well on. Dude took the confirmation picture on the stairs of my apartment complex and then took the order and left. Aw jeez I guess a 10$ tip for less than a mile and a 15$ order wasn't enough. Since then I literally will not tip more than the middle auto grat


Dispute this order with your credit card and be prepared to never order DD again. They’ll blacklist you, but you’ll be the one who wins in that scenario.


Exactly: on the bright side, use this to break the DD habit once and for all. It’s expensive af


I really need to do that. Almost all of my paycheck goes to Door Dashing due to telecommuting.


Same. I live on the road, (truck driver) and it’s hard to get in a whole lot of places to eat healthy. I got tired of being broke last week and set a budget. Turns out DD is costing me about 700 a week. Give or take…


Holy shit I thought I was bad with doordash that’s just financially irresponsible


I agree! But I’ve found out that 4 years of almost exclusively fast food has taken a serious toll on my health. So in a attempt to eat better, I did the DD/UE route. There are hardly any healthy options for truck drivers, and 99% of the healthier food options don’t have a parking lot accessible to truck drivers. When you look at truck stops, it’s always McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes, or Arby’s. A cab/Uber back and forth aren’t any cheaper. My only saving grace is I make about 2200-2800 a week.


That makes a lot of sense I hope u find a solution we work to hard for money to be spending it like that


I have many customers that I deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same day. I'm not complaining but I can't justify spending 30 bucks for a $7 meal 🤣


Jesus Christ, these comments made me lose faith in this whole community. You guys do realize nobody forced you to take the job right?


No group has turned me off tipping more then the delivery service subs lol. The Instacart one spends most of the time insulting people who don’t tip at least $30 on an order of 20 things


Tbf instacarters do a lot more than door dashers but I agree lol always people complaining about the way the payout is when you’re not obligated to take the order!


It’s true. I find myself giving less, knowing they’re not going to be happy with anything I give. I have never tried Instacart because I know how much tip drivers expect.


No one forced them to take that order. If you don’t like the order don’t take it.


I’ve honestly never touched anyone’s food good tip or not


Same. I would occasionally do DoorDash for some extra cash. Not once was I tempted to eat other people’s food, no matter how they tipped. I ate dinner before I dashed, and I brought a snack like fruit or something in case I got hungry. Mentally, I didn’t even treat my orders like they were food, but a care package. Dashers who eat the food should be blacklisted.


Like, never. Never considered it. That shit is SO weird


It gives off ratchet vibes


I made a post about this the other day and all the toxic mfs came out the woodworks… I see they are on this post too. What a damn shame




Good looks!


They can’t get another job because they’re such losers




And this is why delivery people do not like you. We are all humans... When you treat another human being as garbage because you look down on them and judge them as less than you... Consequences happen. I understand you are mad about your order... But when you label all dashers as garbage losers who can't get real jobs... Are you expecting all dashers to kiss your ass and agree that they are all garbage?


Act like garbage, get called garbage.🤷‍♂️


Go check the instacart sub. It’s the same. Humans are garbage overall lol there’s no being nice about it anymore


Y'all have convinced me to NEVER order through DD. What a toxic community.




I'm a dd driver and I'm appalled by these stories of sleazy drivers who do this kind of crap. Honestly, I would never order from DD because of the horror stories I read about on here. Sorry you had such an awful experience.


I also decided not to use these apps as a customer thanks to the posts online by drivers. And I mostly wanted to do it just to get a feel every so often with what the customer sees. But after reading so many posts, I'd probably see the experience, but toss out the food delivered to be safe. And the sad part is I bet the majority of deliveries are perfectly fine. Most the drivers I run into are normal people. Often very nice. Running into a driver that sounds like what is represented here is rare. And I usually give the restaurant staff a look like "I'm sorry you have to deal with this. We aren't all that way."


I really hate some of the over the top posters too. Hopefully, some are just joking around and the text doesn't convey it wasn't to be taken seriously. But I don't know what kind of idiot you have to be to belittle your customers on a public forum. It sucks that it has customers coming here only to leave thinking "F these drivers." Some questions can be asked to make sure the customer didn't make a common mistake, but it should be to actually help. Not trash talk.


Dashers do not get paid for being nice to rude people on public forums. Lots of over the top hate towards all delivery people here... We are garbage losers who can't get real jobs, etc etc... I'm a disabled veteran and the only way i can force myself out the house to get around is these delivery apps... And I've seen the same thing happen again and again here. Most delivery people here start out apologizing for other people's behavior, and promises not all drivers are like that... And we are still cussed out like we were the asshole that ate half your cookie in your order lol... Especially if people already have pre judged all service workers as homeless junkies who can't get real jobs ... I've had people call and text me screaming repeatedly that I'm an asshole stealing their food and i better hurry up and get home to my crack house (all while the restaurant was backed up and didn't make their order yet) ... There's only so much shit a normal person can take... IRL or online... I really believe that most complaints on here are people who yelled at the delivery person like they were hot garbage... So their order was conveniently cancelled. The beauty of this subreddit, is a lot of delivery drivers recognize BS... and will stick up for each other. (But usually if OP is authentic, we will break our back trying to help you get a refund, or fix your problem) My family raised me to not treat service people messed up... These people can spit in your food, wipe their ass with a napkin and use the napkin to wipe the inside of your drinking glass. We are all humans. If you treat people with respect... You'll usually get treated with respect... I've known people who have been robbed by a black man, and afterwards their opinion is EVERY BLACK PERSON ON THE EARTH is a dirty criminal... Lots of people do this to middle easterners after 9-11, or treat all Asians fucked up because of COVID... White people bc school shootings... Be mad at the individual, not the group lol


Ordinarily, I would agree with you wholeheartedly, but OP posted totally reasonably about something outrageous. Probably looking for reassurance here that this was not at all the norm. Maybe also some help from door dashes on how to best recover his funds. What mostly followed was a flood of really ugly comments as though OP was either making it up or was a horrible person somehow for getting his food stolen and then having to pay for that stupidity. I get that DD can be somewhat of a thankless job, but the constant, fuck-the-customer attitude on this sub is a pretty compelling reason to avoid the service. Having worked in customer service jobs, I've seen firsthand that some customers can be total assholes, but this guy doesn't sound like one of them.


I agree... It comes from all sides sometimes.


Tbf this is a small sample size of drivers. And their toxicity has driven off most of the normal drivers that would participate.


Some people in here seem like they're an extension of the antiwork sub. Like, they're only doing DD because they're otherwise unemployable because of their terrible attitudes.


There is an antiwork vibe here that I don’t remember before. What’s pretty clear is a lot if these people claiming to be drivers have never used Doordash as a customer once.


It seems like a lot of people posting on here are not being offered compensation for messed up orders. Is door dash not offering as many refunds lately?


All the apps refuse refunds now, once you get to a couple requests regardless if those issues were legitimate.


I would more expect it to limit based on how many in a time frame and/or per number of orders to prevent fraud or abuse. But I have no proof.


Food tampering is morally wrong and I would never do it. Most restaurants seal the bag. This restaurant should have as well. If the tip is not acceptable just don’t accept the order, that’s what I do. Never ever mess with someone’s food, it’s wrong on so many levels and I believe in karma. Treat people with common decency. It’s simple.


Totally agree with you. In fact, since the pandemic started, I started carrying a stapler and Scotch tape with me at all times and seal bags MYSELF and tape across the openings of drinks also inside the restaurant if THEY haven't done it. I've had a few occasions in the past where customers felt that their food had been tampered with and commented that it appeared that some of the fries or onions were missing, or even a slice of pizza was missing, etc. So I tie, tape, or staple stuff to DEATH before deliveries now. And if there are any complaints, it will be because of TRYING TO GET IT OPEN!! LOL


Good on you I’m going to start doing this. I’m new but as soon as 1 place Carl’s Jr decided not to tape the bag I got a 1* review.


I have a small red stapler with me. Staples/Office Depot will get plenty of business from me.


Yep, from me too!! :)


If I get someone who says I stole their food twice I will duck tape it shut put it in a safe and not give them the key to it.


LOL - That'll learn 'em !!


Shits hilarious lol


I’ve have some restaurants that regularly give me an open bag and disappear into the kitchen before I can say a word. I just take some stickers and keep them in my car. I’m not about to deliver an unsealed bag and any dasher knows better. It grosses me out there has to be some dashers that just take it open and blame the restaurant.


People need to seriously boycott these delivery apps till better ones come about. They’re too expensive for consumers and they pay their drivers next to nothing. Takes care of not getting tipped and having to tip $15 on top of your $20 in fees for a $5 burrito.


I agree completely. People are too lazy to though, they want the easy, fast solutions. They don't want to deal with being inconvenienced, they have no spine.


That's messed up they messed with your food. Its even more Outrageous that DoorDash isn't willing to give you a refund. Curious what kinda cookie it was tho?


it was chocolate chip :/


Probably a snickertoodaloo.


my car was blocked in last weekend, so i spent $30 on a DD order from two shops that were 10 min away. after half an hour, i call the restaurant and they said he picked it up 15 min ago. i saw him driving in literal circles across the map until he finally got to me nearly 2 hours later, (with a helper in the car). he was stoned AF, which is fine…but he drank my boba tea! and my dumplings were so hard that it would keep its shape had i thrown it at a wall. in the end, i got $20 back. but initially they only offered $4.95 haha. texted support - 15 min conversation. if you really want, you can keep calling until they send you to escalation department. i used to be a dasher, until my account got hacked. so sadly i’m familiar with them. they’re cool and they’ll give you your damn cookie!


You do not drink someone's Boba tea. That is a crime.


I tip 10 bucks every order but you guys make it hard to want tip you ever again. Probably won't use door dash ever again. You guys should be paid more but you guys are such entitled babies


I honestly don't use door dash or any delivery type service. I'd rather just drive because it costs less for me to get in the car myself, I understand though that not everyone has that option. But yeah I stopped when I noticed a lot of my orders were about 15-30 dollars more than just driving myself. And also the amount of people in this sub that willingly admit to tampering with food or just being assholes to people who order


Oh man DD is the biggest ripoff ever. You can literally pick up the food for half the price yourself while getting it virtually instantaneously if you schedule a pickup time online from wherever you’re ordering. If anyone has transportation there’s no reason to regularly get ripped off like this barring some sort of emergency. People should always tip fairly but by the same token a lot of drivers on here have absurd expectations for what is fair.


These people do not work for DD. I would never do half the nonsense they write in here. Only thing I do is reject $2 orders.


I agree that the people commenting are being entitled babies but seriously there are a lot of honest and hardworking people out there delivering. It just seems that all the ridiculous people comment here. If they accept the damn order they have no reason to complain about it. I tip the minimum amount up front to be decent and have the instructions set to “hand it to me.” I give extra cash if the driver isn’t a total asshat and that seems to be working out. I’ve had some good deliveries lately.


I hear you bro, just let me be the one to take your last order and tip bro will provide best customer service in honor of all you contributed 🫡


I'll still order door dash but these people here are the worst.


I wish I could deliver to you 😔 I treat everyone's orders with the utmost respect.. you're just a foul person if you steal or mess with someone's food, I don't get it.


Yup, I hate the people here. Gotta realize though that these aren't even close to the majority of drivers, these are just redditors that ALSO do DoorDash. Redditors are already pretty shitty and well known for bad takes overall, so add onto the fact that they have a job that is known to attract people that are unemployable/entitled/lazy/need instant gratification and you get these people.


The people saying "tip more and this won't happen" bitch, be worth the tip. With yalls attitude towards this, I wouldn't tip you a single penny. I'd ask if you even cared about the reputation this would give other dashers who are doing a good job but yall already shown you don't have any morals.


The problem, IMO, is you need to tip in order to get a reasonable dashers attention. If you don’t tip, your food is getting delivered by the trashy dasher who is only there until they get enough complaints. No one is suggesting that a big tip would have changed the behavior of the, clearly mentally unstable, dasher. We are saying a big tip would have put this order in the hands of a competent dasher. Not that I support the system as it is, but it’s the truth.


>The problem, IMO, is you need to tip in order to get a reasonable dashers attention. If "grab food, transport food, leave food" is too hard this isn't the career for them. It's not a complicated process that requires a 40% tip.


It’s not too hard, but some orders literally lose dashers money so they won’t take them. If you aren’t earning ~$1/mile, you are losing money. People dumb enough to take orders that are costing them more than they are earning are typically also people who will steal food and such.


Homie ripped open the bag and are the cookie. This wasn’t a confused dasher, he is straight up crazy. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a door dash order but DD doesn’t do anything to prevent it. The only way to get him out is to wait until he gets reported enough. No amount of tip could make a person this crazy, deliver well. He is the one who delivers your food when you don’t tip. I’m not saying it’s good, I’m saying it’s what happens.


That’s true, but dd sends larger orders to experienced drivers with high ratings. So, the point isn’t that if you tip more this guy wouldn’t do that, it’s that you wouldn’t get him as a driver. DoorDash is such a rip off though.


>He is the one who delivers your food when you don’t tip. Nice boogieman but it's basically random who gets your order and delivers it. There's not some upper-echelon of talented dashers getting special access to high tip orders while a caste of social dregs are specifically given no-tippers.


There is actually an upper-echelon of dashers who get special access to high tip orders. They get more offers in general, so they get to pick and choose the offers with a high tip.


What he means is your order is refused by veteran dashers who take their job seriously and likely provide better service and eventually taken by a rando who may or may not give a crap and eat your cookie


Isn’t there though? Doesn’t DoorDash have a rating system and top dashers that get sent “better” offers first? At least that’s what I’ve learned from other posts in this sun.


Nobody asks for a 40% tip big homie. Standard 10-20% like a normal server is completely acceptable. What the person is saying is that doordash base pay is absolutely dogshit and that if you want a competent driver you basically pay the premium for it by leaving the tip.


I don't care about % tip, I care about the $/mile ratio. That's the metric *Drivers* care about. I don't care if you ordered a single $10 meal from BK and tipped $10. If i have to drive 15 miles to get to you then it's a shit tip. Pay up for the service you're unwilling to do yourself.


>If i have to drive 15 miles to get to you then it's a shit tip. Pay up for the service you're unwilling to do yourself. If the customer orders a mile from home but you pick an order you have to drive 20mi for how exactly is that their fault? They may have tipped extremely well for that distance but it looks like a bad deal to you. Tell DD to pay up. Maybe more per-mile. Stop demonizing the customer. Without them you'd have literally nothing at all.


I'm talking about from the store to the customer. My point is that % tip doesn't matter. Also, you usually don't have to drive more than a few miles to get to the restaurant. The issue is people not even tipping what they should based on restaurant distance.


So when I order from a restaurant a mile away, a $1 tip would be good? Cuuuuz if that’s what you’re doing, I’m tipping too much.


Fuck you. I spend a shit ton of money on gas and car repairs. Just because the root job is super easy doesn’t mean costs don’t add up. This sub is CONSTANTLY finding excuses to not tip


This post has nothing to do with the tip, people are just ignorant and toxic. That being said if you doordash and dont leave a tip there is a higher chance that the same ignorant and toxic people will do the same to you so be careful what you wish for lol.


I second that. I get ticked off when I see a Dasher post a picture like a hot food order sitting in in front of the A/C vent bc it’s a low tip. I’m a Dasher and they give us a bad rep. I don’t care if it’s a low or high tip, I treat all orders the exact same. If I take a low tip order that was my choice to do so, and it doesn’t take any more effort to just put it in the warming bag. Plus bad ratings can lose your top dasher position or even put you out of a job. Yes, we depend on those. If you are that petty and immature you aren’t qualified for the job, period. Edit - and on another topic in a sort, half of my pay IS solely on tips. The base pay is very low, I average $2.50 per each Dash. It’s on the same principle of a server’s salary. People tip them because they know base pay isn’t even CLOSE to survive like Dashers. The “do a good job of you wanna get tipped” thing doesn’t really apply, they tipped before the Dasher was assigned. That’s how bad Dashers can affect everyone. Occasionally customers give me an extra cash tip when they know I did above and beyond or just a good job period. That makes my day!


Exactly. Even though fees are high, as a student I usually tip 10% of my order, order from places within 2km of my home and always meet outside to make it easier for them. This time the person just left the order at my door with the bag open. These delivery drivers have a disgusting attitude making me not want to tip or use the service again.


Oh these comments are crazy


I'm a dasher and I also order DD all the time. I'm suprised you weren't compensated. I had an issue once with the restaurant giving me the wrong number of items (about half the amount of food I paid for) and they literally refunded my entire order. It was suprised. It took no time at all either. I've had more issues as a dasher than a customer with compensation so they are absolutely NOT perfect when it comes to that. But I'm suprised you aren't getting your money back. That's crazy


If doordash is denying it there is probably a reason. Ive gotten redunds from DD several times for small things and same with friends, they give refunds for the smallest thing so something as egregious as this surely should as well. Did you have them hand it to you or leave it at your door? The app makes us take a picture when its left at the door so if it looks in good condition in the picture that could be why. Which i dont really see why you wouldn’t just screenshot it from that chat of the pic it sends you for proof to send to them or this reddit post. Not calling you a liar but if the evidence for them shows nothing was tampered with they have mo reason to believe you. Good news is this driver will likely be investigated and terminated quickly. The people commenting anything about the tip are absurd and ignorant, we have a choice to accept or deny orders so theres no reason for that type of behavior if you dont like it just don’t accept it. My advice would be just have them hand it directly to you or buy a a ring doorbell to record when they come up.


Yeah it’s really weird seeing stories like this where DD won’t offer compensation. I’m never shy about asking for money or credits when I’ve had issues and I’ve never had a problem receiving them.


Exactly what i was thinking as well. just too many holes in the story to be believable and so many ways to prevent it from happening.


If DD wont refund them it means they’ve done too many refunds in the past.


exactly which makes me even more so feel like its fake. whenever ive requested a refund it was resolved in minutes so if they went out their way to deny it than this person might just be abusing the system, especially if theyre as butthurt as to post on the reddit about it lol.


I think sometimes these finicky people who want a refund for a not so legit reason come on here to "backup" their story. Doesn't really make sense but I get that impression


I’m guessing this isn’t OP’s first rodeo but she didn’t know the last time was her last ride… 😂 She’s been blacklisted for a suspicious amount of complaints/refunds I’d reckon.


On the flip side, so many people abuse the system and attempt to get free food when nothing bad happened. It was and continues to be abused, and the drivers take the fall for it if/when something happens. It's happened to me three times now in my 3500 deliveries, and each time I've given support documentation via a timestamped with GPS coordinates along with mailing address on the photo. I use a third party app to take these, and when support sees this they always side with the driver because that's physical evidence. I take two for good measure. I'm still dashing today, no deactivations under my belt.


Drivers think it’s okay to fuck with the food if the tip isn’t sufficient? This sub shouldn’t promote that behavior. We don’t know what the tip was, what we know is the driver accepted the delivery then messed with the food. Go back to doordash, use stronger language, hope you get a call center who wants to listen, get yourself a refund abd file a complaint so the driver can’t do that again.


I posted about them not following delivery instructions and they all said “tip more” or “maybe you actually aren’t putting it in your instructions” after stating for the millionth time I had tipped and put my delivery instructions. They don’t care about listening to customers complaints, just wanna be entitled bitches when people don’t wanna tip them anymore


DoorDash will definitely refund if you make a big enough deal. I’ve been on a chat with an agent who wasn’t helping me so I call them at the same time. I’ve never not been given a refund.


The thing is that these delivery companies need to pay the drivers better. They charge the customer and they charge the restaurant 20 - 30%. It like they are forcing the customer to tip. But still, thats no excuse to fuck with someones food. If the order isn't paying enough, dont accept it in the first place. Im a delivery driver myself with close to 13,000 deliveries. If an order isn't paying enough up front, i don't accept it.


Gig workers are gonna gig work. The drivers in here condoning this shit are pathetic and will never be more than a dd driver


Lol I’m sorry that guys a thieving ass but seeing someone type in all caps THEY RIPPED MY BAG AND ATE MY COOKIE is just kinda funny.


Lmao, the trashy drivers in the comments ensures I will never order from DoorDash again. Wild stuff I’m reading


This is why I don’t use DoorDash any more. Too many snafus between placing the order and receiving it.


Doordash once refunded me an entire $50 order because they didn't give me an appetizer that I ordered. I have a hard time believing doordash wouldn't provide a resolution unless there are FREQUENT refunds on the account. I've known them to turn down refunds to two people and that's because they each had over $1,000 in credits issued because they'd complain about every single order if there was an issue or not. I've never failed to get help from them, in fact I'd say 90% of the time they give credit that is significantly more than I expected.


I love cookies 🍪 😋


Doordash since January has cracked down on refunds and partial compensation for both drivers and customers. They are now officially stingy AF. Is this your first issue with DoorDash support in regards to refunds?


This is satire, right?


At the place I work we’d send you a new cookie then call DoorDash and have the driver banned from picking up at our store and a refund for the remade order and the eaten order.


Tweet your concerns. It gets answered


Yea. If I have issues/questions for well known companies, I @ them on Twitter and they usually respond within an hour or two. But I’m reading a lot that people are saying DD responds immediately with a refund unless you’ve reported so many other orders so they just ignore you. So I don’t really know what to believe at this point.


Most of these doordash drivers are doing it for fast money. Which means they don't give a shit. Really shouldn't be surprised that an inexperienced driver/worker does a bad job. Just don't use doordash. There are other options.


Whether small or not no one deserves their food ordered messed with. I wouldn’t want to eat the rest my food either especially annoying with DD marking up menu item costs on top of delivery fees and a tip. For all that I expect my food to be sealed in the containers they were packed in a delivered untampered. It’s not that difficult. It’s the drivers job lol


True but there’s also only ONE way DD refuses to do a refund. And that’s if this customer has had a suspicious amount of refunds.


RIGHT!!!!??? Even the markup. When I tell you, they ripped the stickers of the bag open and the bag handle as well. It’s disgusting, no regard for food someone will eat and the fact people are backing up this behavior is appalling i have no hope for society,


This is why I don’t use DoorDash, any food delivery service, or even go to Starbucks anymore. If you don’t tip like massive then they mess with your food. I’ll stop going completely then because apparently I can’t afford it with the massive up charges and cash tips are not an option basically because it’s not up front money. Really makes you see how greedy and entitled people are.


Yeah doordash is a shit company.


I paid for Direct, tipped $10 on a 5 mile delivery just for my order to get multi app’d. An hour later my soggy food got here, opened. I’m done with DoorDash.


5 days ago a dasher stole my chicken sandwich out of the bag after they took the drop off photo. DoorDash gave me $2 in compensation. That was the final push for me to delete the app permanently.


Maybe y’all should take time-stamped photos for evidence.


I’d rather be homeless than work for a corporate company like DD.


How much you tip tho?


This is the only question everyone should be asking! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)


Odd door dash story.... A Dasher left a HUGE order at my door. I didn't catch them before they drove off. The only reason I knew was I got a motion alert on my camera but they didn't even ring the doorbell. So I didn't order any food, it was not mine. So I called doordash and they couldn't give me any information on who it belonged to, I assumed it was someone in my area but I live down a gravel unlit dirt County road and this was at 10:00 p.m. very dark and wasn't about to go trying to find who it belonged to on foot. I called the restaurant and explained what had happened. They told me there was nothing they could do to connect me to the person who ordered the food and they told me to eat it. Bizarre.




Let's say all that's true... why wouldn't DD compensate you? They give thousands daily.


Where the pics at


I stopped ordering DD after a tampering experience… kind of?? I received the wrong order, which has happened before and if I ever try to contact the driver, they don’t respond or do anything about it. (I always tip well btw) So I didn’t bother that time and just reported the order and got it refunded. But I already had this food so I was like, “well, it’s not what I ordered but I guess I’ll eat this.” Then, to my surprise, about 10 min later the dasher called and said he wanted to fix the mixed orders. I felt bad but told him I couldn’t because I already opened the bag and ate a few wings. There may have been a language barrier? Because he came back over and tried to get me to give him the bag. I told him again that I had opened it and ate part of it. But he just wanted to take it to the right person. I ended up just telling him that I wouldn’t give it to him because that’s messed up, and they would definitely notice that food was missing and sauce was dipped into lol. Almost all other experiences with DD have been great but that one grossed me out too much. He was ready and willing to give someone else an order that had already been in my house for over 10 min. Whether he understood me about already opening it/ eating some or not, that’s still not ok.


Hey when you're only getting paid $2-$3 for deliveries and working for tips...shit happens. Chalk it up to the game. I blame DD for that shit.


Cookie was bussin. My bad 😂


I don't mean to be a dick, but I would stop usin DoorDash if that happened to me.


I had a buddy years ago that would say "want a cookie?" Whenever you would complain about something. I wish he was here right now.


This subreddit is exactly why I no longer order food and just pick it up myself lol cause hell naw…I see how some of the drivers speak on here and immediately think “why in the hell would people trust you with their food?” 😂




It all sounds real to me. Dasher fucks up. DoorDash doesn't take responsibility. Complaining on subreddit. There's no reason not to believe you


![gif](giphy|tyttpHjOqtR22WNjUyI|downsized) me the one time i told dasher support the customers mcdonalds drink spilled all over their cookies because i didnt want their no tip order but did want those 12 cookies




Nice thing about using a credit card, Dispute the transaction


You're obviously a scum non-tipper. And that's really fkn low.


Pics or it didn’t happen lol


I quit ordering DD a long time ago for similar reasons. Not gonna have my food fucked with because some pothead thinks they’re entitled to my money when the platform doesn’t pay them shit. One dude harassed me over not having an additional cash tip when I gave a 25% tip on a $50 order. Thought that since I have a nice car and house that I should give him more. When he saw me calling the cops, he finally left.


You did the right thing, I don’t even have a car and live on a fucked up place but still these drivers feel so entitled to a tip. A tip is for good behaviour and providing a great service, these idiots expect me to tip even when they eat my food???


There’s so many people doing jobs that are much more physically and mentally demanding, and get paid less than dashers. Yet a lot of dashers believe they’re entitled to a tip for driving, when like you said a tip is optional and should be for exceptional service. The entitlement of delivery drivers is insane to me.


exactly!!! it hurts my soul to see how many people thought I deserved blackmailing and my literal food tampered for the basis of a tip. Have people forgotten their morals? I feel like people on reddit just love to be sadistic and laugh at others suffering.


You should send them a tweet— iim betring they will respond


Contact BBB, and file a complaint they will refund you and likely give you a credit. Also request a chargeback with your bank account they will also refund you and possibly faster than DD will because it takes a few days to hash it out with BBB


BBB is boomer Yelp and does literally nothing. What are you talking about? Dispute the charge and move on. Your Dd account may be suspended, but it’s a shit service so who cares.


The first person to actually give me some good advice, I feel like i might cry.


The bbb is a private company that won’t be able to do anything I’m afraid. You may have to try a few times, but I would just go through doordash support , eventually you’ll get someone that will help you out.


oh i see now, that makes sense. I will try again, thank you.


If you are totally done with DD, call your bank and do a chargeback. It'll get your money back. It takes it back from DD *and* charges them a fee for a chargeback happening. I had to do one 6 years ago because DD fucked up my order and only offered a partial credit towards a future order. Trying to get DD to give me a refund took so much time and effort that a partial credit was insulting and I was put off enough with the food fuckup to never want to use the service again. I said that to my bank during the request. Got all my money back and haven't bothered using it since. Occasionally reddit gives me dd posts and I end up browsing here on the sub, though.


It’s not that people are blaming the victim, although I can see how it sounds that way. We’re saying that the best drivers only accept orders with higher tips; if you tip low amounts, we don’t take the orders. The result is that dumb, shitty drivers who’ll do anything for a buck end up picking up your order, and some of them fuck with it. It’s not blaming anyone, it’s an explanation as to why it happened and advice as to how to avoid the problem in the future. I think it sucks someone fucked with your food, and I’m surprised DD didn’t reimburse. I find that very odd, both as a customer and as a driver.


They should at least refund you for the cookie


the bag was torn open, food tampered,


Easiest thing what I do is contact support thru chat and explain what happened. A lot of times when you j say problem and select the things it’ll say we can’t do compensation at this time but as soon as you do chat and talk to someone they almost always do it as long as you send a pic and stuff. At least every time it happens to me it works


Its not working for them because theyve probably cried wolf too many times and doordash wont give them a refund anymore. I find it hilarious that i've had dd refund me several times for much smaller things, along with friends and everyone in these comments have never had a problem with it.


Call another support agent


That’s outta pocket ppl like that are the ones that ruin shit for us


If you’re using Door Dash as your main source of income then you have more problems than just eating peoples food. I used the app during the pandemic but now I go out and get my own food. I’ll put these insane people out of a job.


Was there a $0 tip included in order 😂😂😂😂


Fuck ‘em up partner!


They refund you automatically unless you request too many refunds and get flagged for fraud


that ain’t true because i only requested once


Told y'all the Cookie 🍪 Monster is Real


This is why I don’t do door dash. It’s a ripoff for restaurant employees and they steal.


Idk why this made me laugh... I guess because I imagine so many horrible experiences and I'm shocked people still use it. I watched a guy mark an order not ready once after they took the food and it just go into some abyss of run around support without any solution. They'll be 20 drivers getting that order and all marking it not ready so everyone gets screwed except the asshole who got the free $12 of Wendy's.


rereading my post it is kinda funny but i’m still sad about my money, i will do everything in my power to get my money back even if i get blacklisted.


I agree why would you.... but also people try and do fraud all the time I'm told. Sounds aggressive to be honest. If you can provide pictures they should compensate you. I mean they probably would without pictures. But it helps of course. But also that's just a crappy experience. 😕


Man you are definitely consistent. Your other posts are whining about the tiniest things.


I'm sorry, having food stolen is tiny?




Sorry sir I was hungry 🥹


Dang! There are drivers out here opening bags? That would make me turn violent


YES i was shocked


Half the time I'd order stuff, the order would be incomplete, so no, never again.


Not surprising that paying your drivers 2 dollars to deliver something is going to result in problems. Who could have seen that coming? LOL Tip culture is out of control, workers need to stop accepting jobs on the assumption that "there will be a tip" I don't pick up rides on uber based on the hope of a tip. I pick up on base pay alone. If it doesn't pay enough, you don't ride (and that's been a problem lately too). A company that depends on exploiting workers is a company that needs to die.


I went dashing with one of my friends and after about 30 minutes he said he was hungry so he picked up a random order and started to eat it…. I was like ????!??!!?!


I don't believe the OP is telling the truth, given a photo of the "torn open" bag would have settled things. Also, a lot of dashers appear to be lazy PoS.


Because people who eat junk food are not well-respected in society, even by the people who sell you the junk food.


Get owned tbh


I agree you made it up because the process to make these complaints are at first automated and they basically credit you immediately. Unless you’ve been flagged for fraud…