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what in the fuck is that wardrobe? and what is going on with all those old ass appliances?


The old appliances are because he's nostalgic for the days you could feel up a woman in broad daylight without reprecussions. As for the suit, he's signalling that he's turned into a third-rate Batman villain **from the 1960s**.


>because he's nostalgic for the days you could feel up a woman in broad daylight without reprecussions. you're not even exaggerating because this absolutely was commonplace back in those days. just watch an old episode of Star Trek lol and without a doubt Peterson is nostalgic for the times he could molest women at will. the dude barely hides his open hatred of women these days lol


Hard to imagine Star Trek was a progressive show for its time. I did this years ago when Netflix became a thing. There are definitely a lot of cringeworthy moments.


I'm a big Star Trek fan. The Original Series was definitely progressive for its time, it's just that people quite frankly back then were INSANELY ass-backwards about a lot of things. I mean for goodness sake, they fucking ate jello salads and TV dinners for starters... But i couldn't agree more. Holy shit some of the stuff in that show has aged super poorly, and it isn't just the special effects or hammy acting Honestly, for all the fans who applaud it for its optimistic worldview and exploration of post-Cold War humanity...there's a lot of shit in TNG that has also aged extremely poorly. it isn't just relegated to the Original Series haha


As a major trek nerd: Almost every star trek series has both broken new ground in progressive ideals on television, and gone back to 1950's sensibilities. TOS has Uhura, who's constantly on the bridge, and in the (badly made but dubiously canon) Animated Series takes control of the ship. She's not stupid, she's a African woman who is competent and treated the same as any other bridge member. That shit was groundbreaking in 1966. There's also Daystrom, a leading scientist in the federation who's work was so far ahead of anyone else, they named the federation headquarters of technology and engineering after him. He was black. That shit is cool. Hell while Roddenberry was at first a tad homophobic, he later learned better and was asked by Takei "We have everyone on this ship of different races and cultures, but no gay people. Can we change that?" And Roddenberry said with full heart "I'd love to George, but I have constant pressure from having a black woman on the bridge. I want to, but the show will get canceled or even banned if I do." But TOS also had all the women in short skirts. And there's an episode I'm the 3rd season that implied women can't be captains of starships, for some reason? And then we have TNG. There's an episode that *at the time* was meant as a metaphor for being gay. However due to the aliens being socially agender and anyone who feels more "masculine" or "feminine" is ostracized. And then the alien who feels this way is put in conversion therapy to cure them of this "disorder". And Frakes, who plays the leading character of it, pushed for the actor to be masculine to help hammer home that sexuality and gender doesn't matter. The censors and higher-ups refused. There's also that in early TNG, men also wore the short skirts of the women in TOS, just updated for modern starfleet. And there's the fact that Roddenberry wanted an episode talking about AIDS and gay rights, but the company denied him. And there's the really racist episode Code of Honor, which is basically white man's burden to help a white women who was kidnapped by a tribe of African styled black people in space. It's as bad as it sounds. It really spits in the face of not only what star trek was trying to do, but every black person ever. Gene tried to stop it once he learned it was going to happen, but it was too late and the company said "we've spent so much money already on this episode, we're putting out" But there's also the recurring issue of the motherfucker that is Rick Burman. The guy really wanted sex appeal and generally sexist to crew members. In TNG he made Demise Crosby leave, he made Terry Farrell leave DS9, and he pushed Jennifer Lien to leave Voyager. He then made Enterprise have needless softcore porn scenes which alienated people who came into the show due to their love of star trek, to never want to attend conventions again. Not to mention he really didn't like the idea of gay people in Trek. There's a lot to love and praise of star trek. I think we should really accept the good and both condemn and laugh at the really bad parts. Maybe I'm biased due to star trek making me a much better person than I was before watching it, but I think Star Trek is pretty good, despite it's many flaws.


>but I think Star Trek is pretty good, despite it's many flaws. dude for sure. Despite all of its major problems, I will never give up on Trek. Watching all things Trek for the first time beginning in 2019 was one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life lmao. Obviously without knowing it, Trek got me through the two worst years of my life in 2020 and 2021. I counted on it during some of the absolute worst days of things like the pandemic or personal issues or Trump's bullshit and January 6th etc. but I think it is just as important for Trek fans to acknowledge that it has some major red flags and horribly aged things. A lot of things do!


He's a conservative. Those appliances remember us of the good old days when everything was better (it wasn't).


The glory days when everyone was exposed to leaded petrol.


Yes it was! I grew up in a family where both my parents smoked in the car my entire childhood and teachers would beat me.....hang on, I need to rethink this..


It's a twitter suit, it is a crime against my eyes., the tie has Elon faces all over it and tweets on the inside.


i knew about the Twitter suit, but i had no idea it also came with pants that are way too fucking high, and socks that both look like and are worn like they would belong to a fat British schoolgirl


He rescued Pinnochio's father from the deep and was rewarded with a sweet puppet suit. He's a real proud boy, now!


I feel like he should have a giant swirly lollipop that he keeps in a little suitcase somewhere.


He is in the lowest caste of the natural Lollipop Guild hierarchy and boy is he pissed.


The people laughing on here are all postmodern neo-Marxists living in media bubbles such that they do not realize this outfit goes down great with the stromatolite crowd. Things were simpler in the precambrian before the premodern paleo-Marxists screwed up everything by inventing eyes.


I fucking love this.


Has he broken down again or something? It's the outfit of someone having psychotic break


It’s the “my mom dressed me for picture day” look imo


His grandma


There certainly seems to be a downward spiral in progress.


Forget the suit. He looks anorexic. He's getting to the point where you can see the outline of his skull. It's weird to see someone deteriorate in such a public way while being cheered on by so many people. I wonder why none of his "followers" will say anything? His twitter feed shows him to be a deeply angry, unstable person and physically, he looks awful. Even some of the stuff he promotes is out to lunch. A beef-only diet? Eh? That clearly isn't doing anything for his psychological problems and seems to be more due to some sort of eating disorder.


The all meat diet is not even about food... It's a cult of people so desperate to trigger the libs, that they will destroy their own health on the offchance it upsets 1 vegan. It would be funny if it wasn't so fuxking sad.


I think you are right about that. The ridiculous "all-beef" diet is probably due to his hatred of anything even vaguely associated with left-wing politics, like vegetarianism. Some environmentalists also recommend eating less (or no) meat. So, in response, he develops a bizarre eating disorder. It's weird. He posts stuff about ketogenic diets, but you can eat plant-based foods on such a diet. A keto diet isn't completely bonkers.


I just realized what's happening. He works for Vault-Tec! Somehow, I'm not really surprised.




The aftermath of when Mr. Rogers split into two beings, one of pure good, the other of pure evil


The archon and the demirogers


Sorry, not beautiful


What Ringwraiths wear on their days off.


Every time I see this outfit, I think of the meme where someone said it looks like a one-off Homestuck alchemizer suit joke.


He seems like the sort of risible Cabaret act replacement by a bunch of cunts from the past. You know, the ones who also saw 'Marxist plots' everywhere.


How the hell did this post turn into a discussion about Star Trek??🤣


Star Trek is always relevant. 🖖


“Many of you are wondering what happened to my pants” is all I can think of. https://youtu.be/Kmq9AkthgB0


The fit all together sucks but I gotta say, I love that shade of blue and the creme-beige color as well. If someone styled an outfit with those two colors that actually made sense, I would love it lmao.


Jordan: crisis of masculinity!!11!1! Also Jordan:...


His suits look like they were made out of carebears


Someone should get Jordie a Darkheart jumpsuit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hdDWui-Crc&ab\_channel=MamouApril


Willy Wanker has forgotten where he hid his golden tickets


Not Mr Rogers, but Peewee Herman


1950s man in 1950s house in 1950s clothes with 1950s attitude. Colorized. Picture taken in psychologist's office, so historians believe this to be a patient who has recently mastered tying shoelaces but still wears poorly fitted pants.


Why is dude dressed like Blippi if he was a boomer?


That fit is unhinged in the worst way.


Got that Smurf drip.


Looks like a smurf sized and color, santa clause themed suit...


I don't know why but it made me think of the grinch with Jim Carrey lol


Not his biggest issue nor the worst thing a person can do obviously, but of COURSE he drinks bottled water....


How dare you compare this creep to Mr Rogers


Willy Wonka’s fluffer


I'm all for making your own style, and despite how awful a person he is, I think most of that outfit is fine. But those pant legs look *absolutely* ridiculous.


Lobster god hierarchical uniforms are getting crazier and crazier.


Is this photoshopped or does he have baby feet in real life?


Baby feet IRL.