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“so do the wise Beauties”, creepy as ever.


Probably referring to his own dipshit daughter


Who got covid while partying with Tate before passing it on to Jorden who was already in extremely frail health after vomiting into his lungs while medically sedated and contracting double pneumonia. Tate is a major component in the chain of events that left Peterson with brain damage.


And thus Tate has proven to Jordy that he is the ultimate Alpha male. So basically Jordy has accepted his inferiority and sees his chaotic daughter of steps ahead, which shows that females have an internal a priori radar for hierarchies. Therefore, hierarchies must be natural for the human existence and biology.


Yeah that's sounds like something a smart person would say.


Those low IQs wouldnt get it because the government poisons our water


Tate almost accidentally did something good by killing JP. Unfortunately it didn't happen.


Maybe referring to himself as well. How would he know that "wise beauties" think like him, unless he sees himself as one? There's a lot of weird crypto-homo vibes in the fascination with masculinity.


He’s giving himself an out here in the likely event his dipshit daughter got knocked up by Tate.


Just when I thought it couldn't get creepier


Reminds me of the "budding breasts" take.


Daily reminder that JP is into underage girls.


I'm not overly surprised to hear this, but where does it come from?


I believe it was his Telegraph screed about gender affirming surgery.


seriously. just look at the almost visceral hatred with which he describes the doctors who do gender affirming surgery. it's nuts how angry and hostile he gets the only time i've seen him angrier is when he talks about grown women in positions of influence/authority. It's obvious at this point that he likes them young, like Jared Fogle/Josh Duggar young


He recently cried about how his pal Janice Fiamengo gets unjustly targeted by activists on Twitter. So, so terribly unfair to poor innocent Janice. Fiamengo’s Twitter makes Peterson look progressive in comparison. One of the recent pearls of wisdom included support for Bill Cosby.


I work in a factory, our workforce is almost 50% women, including management. Some of the guys can’t handle having a woman as a co-worker, let alone one that is above them. They get so angry, and their lame arguments as to why it shouldn’t be that way are so transparently fueled by irrationality. I see this anger directed at the foreign workers too. Just outright sneering and barely in control of themselves. Obviously any kind of racism is wrong, but this is a volatile strain, some of these guys are on the verge of self-immolating at the thought of the “natural hierarchy” being usurped.


Given his most recent outfit, I'm starting to think he might be one.


This is a guy who wrote in his book that one of his patients was not taking appropriate personal responsibility for a sexual encounter which she beleived to be rape, now saying that it is wise for a beauty to consider a known rapist and abuser to be redeemable. Because JBP, as I know you're going to wriggle out of this in a Kanye-esque appeal to Christianity, Beauty and the Beast doesn't end with the beauty saying "Jesus loves you" and leaving. It's an allagory for a young women accepting an arranged marriage to, and sexual advances from, an adult stranger.


I believe a lot of people who commit horrible crimes are capable of being redeemed. That said, someone who engages in human trafficking for nearly a decade, has committed uncountable rapes, beatings, strangulations, has openly bragged about his crimes and has a cult of personality reinforcing his worst instincts and millions of dollars at his disposal is almost certainly never going to improve his behavior by a margin great enough to warrant him ever being allowed to reenter society.


Yeah, he's gotta stop with the whole "beauties" thing. I wonder if he knows how creepy that is. And really, it speaks volumes that he's not concerned at all about the human trafficking part of this. P.s. is that Volta, as in The Mars Volta?


It’s an ironic username relating to my least favourite Björk album called Volta. (but I also know and respect The Mars Volta). Also, I don’t think he sees that he’s a creepy deranged bully and predatory snake oil salesmen no. I think if he fully comprehended it then he’d stop being one lol, but instead he will fully justify anything for the money and attention it brings.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I like Bjork too. Have you seen her? I got to see her at Coachella like fifteen or so years ago when Rage first made a comeback. And SHE DIDN'T MISS A SINGLE NOTE. It was seriously impressive. Side note, Cedric, the singer for the Mars Volta lists Bjork as a top influence for his vocals.


I saw her in late 2019 and it was pretty life-changing. I think it’s the most excited I’ll ever be to see an artist live. Interesting that he lists her as a vocal influence, will check out more from them now, thanks!


I'm so glad you got to see her! She's pretty incredible.


You too! Her art has meant a lot to me 🙏


I dont think he knows enough about beauty and the beast to know that Belle isnt called beauty. Despite having a weird taken on women and men loosley based on it on his insane show.


That seems to be his MO. Read a summarised version of the cliff notes of something, then base his idea of morality around it.


I thought it was like some Shakespearean reference or something. Is it just his own creepiness???


I be surprised if it was. He tends to not reference authors that are more difficult to consciously misinterpret as part of a right wing narrative for the uninformed.


I'm pretty sure that lobster god would support a mass child murderer as long as the murderer in question is anti-woke and anti-neo-marxist. As if supporting a human trafficer piece of shit wasn't enough. Pop more benzos, jorp, we want you to become a blank rag so the world can finally have one less asshole sullying the discourse online.


>would support a mass child murderer Just glance at some of his videos. You'll see he uses art a lot, probably to appear deep. Next to the art though, he sometimes includes some really questionable shit: images of dead people, serial killers, murder-suicide victims, Nazis, mass graves,... *(in one of his videos he shares a picture of a person who hanged himself from a tree, the dead bodies of the Columbine killers, etc... and of course never a trigger warning in sight. It's possible that this was a video addressing suicide, but I'm not 100% sure about that.)* I think he sees it also as art, but your mileage may vary. I said it before, but I'll say it again. One common characteristic of the serial killers/rapists he discussed in his lectures *(and sometimes praised for their intelligence or empathised with because they had a 'rough life'*) is that they had child victims. I'll mention Carl Panzram (*photo used for his Rule 6*), Ken of the Ken and Barbie murders *(whose victims were as young as 14 years old; he raped, tortured and killed them; he was praised by Petez for being intelligent when interrogated by the cops*), the Columbine killers (*victims were highschoolers*),... Combined with his book *ABC of Childhood Trauma* I'd say Jordo Peterson is beyond mere creepy.


>he was praised by Petez for being intelligent when interrogated by the cops > >), My father is a psychopathic narcissist, not a serial killer, but he has a long trail of people he has destroyed in the corporate world, for gain and for pleasure. He's the type of apex-predator Jordie seems to dream of fellating. I can tell you two things: 1/It is extremely easy to appear intelligent and manipulate when you have no emotional empathy. 2/Having no emotional empathy actually makes you extremely dumb. This is a good indication that Jordan is a dumb and troubled kid. Spend enough time with these people he calls "intelligent", and you will see them own themselves spectacularly and repeatedly. The reason you never hear about these failures is because they are cowards, and will run for the hills the moment they understand that you have figured out what's going on.


I agree. Narcissists have a major blindspot. They just cannot fathom that they are not as great/intelligent as they themselves think they are. They tend to look down on others and this is often the cause of their demise. ​ Case in point: Ken the killer from my earlier comment: Peterson misinterpreted that video. The cops pandered to Ken, so he kept talking. It's giving the criminal a rope to hang himself with. It's a great tactic. Case in point: Andrew Tate. In his videos where he talks about his 'business', he has provided enough evidence that can be used against him. We'll see how it turns out. Case in point: Jordan Peterson. Most people don't realize that he's bullshitting until he starts talking about their own field. And then it becomes obvious very quick what a charlatan he is. In some of the early debates he's done, he comes off as a clown because he was outmanouvered by his opponent (eg: Matt Dillahunty, Zizek, even Sam Harris...) ​ Makes me think of Bob Marley: *"You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people, all of the time."* Peterson tried though. :)


Yeah the Hollywood trope of the intelligent serial killer or Jordan Belfort from wolf of Wall Street is a myth. Usually people who commit fraud, or are murders, or serial killers have severe learning difficulties. The tough guy act is a mask for extreme insecurity. Fraudsters fail up cause they got a huge loan or had a rich dad and then play it off like they are self made.


Ayn Rand, the source for much of Jorpy's "philosophy" (he cribs Objectivist Stephen Hicks' misreadings constantly), upheld mass murderers & rapists as pinnacles of self actualization. https://slate.com/culture/2009/11/two-biographies-of-ayn-rand.html


> I'm pretty sure that lobster god would support a mass child murderer as long as the murderer in question is anti-woke and anti-neo-marxist. And male. The mass murderer that ran over people with his vehicle in Toronto was just a victim of a lack of *checks notes* enforced monogamy


Yep. It’s the chaos dragon women we need to be concerned about!


> “I'm pretty sure that lobster god would support a mass child murderer as long as the murderer in question is anti-woke and anti-neo-marxist.” He’s basically pro-Putin at this point, so I guess you’re right.


Don't forget he openly supports his good buddy benjamin netanyahu, so yeah.


>I'm pretty sure that lobster god would support a mass child murderer as long as the murderer in question is anti-woke and anti-neo-marxist. You need to measure their skulls once they are out, to make sure they are a pure aryan with 700 IQ. When that's done, we kill of the non-aryan babies to make sure the mother goes back to being fertile again right away, it's just facts and logic!!!!!!


Ironic seeing as Tate has an extremely weird head.


Poor fella must have misplaced his jawline :(


Are we sure he doesn't already?


Good point.


Greta Thunberg, climate activist = evil, antihuman Andrew Tate, pimp = redeemable beast Okay JP


My fascist, peterson-worshipping ex boss called Greta 'the white devil' on twitter... which i thought was an interesting choice.


imagine having a teenage girl live in your head rent-free because she wants serious climate change reform some people really need to get a life


Remember, these people think climate change is a Jewish conspiracy/plot to basically take down the ruling order, and institute Marxism and communism. Which is funny, because they'll do that, then they'll simultaneously claim that the Jews run everything, and are in charge of every facet of our economy and banking. Which is it? Do they want to take down the economy, or do they have the economy in an absolute stranglehold and own literally everybody and everything?


it's the exact same way these idiots describe feminists/leftists/"Social Justice Warriors" and the new moniker "wokeness" on one hand, they're weak losers with no jobs who have been spoiled and pampered their entire life. on the other hand, they control the media, corporations, and are going to destroy your livelihoods every time you get a red cup from Starbucks during Christmas season it's so fucking stupid. I've been accused of being a "leftist" multiple times because i've called out this right wing illogical idiocy. Nah man, i just never want to side with a group that cannot figure out what it wants to fucking do besides "trolling" and "owning the libs." What are we, in 7th grade???


Describing these people's emotional worlds as being equivalent to seventh grade is being extremely, extremely generous. I think they're more like five or six year olds. Like something just froze in their emotional conception of the world at that age. The first time their parents asked them to share a toy with their brother or sister, they just shut down. 'That's it, I'm not growing from this point forward.'


The most clever responses these people come up with can be boiled down to "I know you are but what am I?" Seriously, if you see a conservative response to any criticism, you won't be surprised how often this comes up.


They really are just rotten people. There's no point in engaging with them at this stage.


nah man, i've had some positive experiences working with kindergarteners and 1st graders the only reason middle school exists in the U.S. is because all those kids would get their asses kicked by 15-16 year olds. Middle school kids are basically Satan incarnate lol. South Park is more accurate than any bullshit Beverly Cleary book


Glad he/she's not your boss anymore.


Me too.


'Nice guys' think they're The Beast when they're really Gaston


Andrew Tate is shockingly similar to Gaston, I had to read the tweet like 3 times until it finally clicked that he thought Andrew was the Beast.


i'm honestly surprised that he recognizes Gaston as the villain


Me too but he does mention in Daily Wire show that Gaston is a caricature of masculinity. Basically that the woke creators of Beauty and the Beast are negatively portraying what he considers positive masculine traits. I don't understand how he reconciles that opinion with his preference of the recently beast.


i just listened to that interview on Behind the Bastards it was seriously one of the weirdest things i've ever heard in my life. big fucking surprise so many weirdos and doofuses think JP is a god


Perfect example of WOKE Disney hating on masculine REAL men. All Gaston wanted was a traditional patriarchal family, pursue his manly hobbies (hunting), and actually had CONFIDENCE, unlike that low-T beta male beast who just sulks in his castle all day. If Beauty and the Beast were released in theaters today, there is no way JP wouldn't have something similar to say.


"Wise beauties"? Yikes, dude.....


Right?? Not like he has many female followers, he's just telling his that think they are the Beast that only else beauties will love them. Any ladies that reject them are either unwise or "not attractive".


He means the underage girls that got pregnant. After all, they are too stupid to know what they want, and they will regret not having kids in the future.


"The massive audiences gained by toxic gurus such as Andrew Tate point to a deeper problem in society" Oh the Irony.


My guy. He raped women. He holds them against their will to do porn shows. He’s the worst of the worst. What is redeemable about him!!!!????


god he's so fuckin weird


Its so funny because just days ago on a greentext sub there was a post were comparing Rogan, Tate, and Peterson and calling them the "trinity of virginity". It was flooded with Peterson defenders going "how can you possibly compare him to Tate, he's a respectable man" blah blah.


Jorpo sides with the bullies. Every. Single. Time.


The JP sub tries so hard to distance Peterson from Tate and now they're going to have to reconcile this.


They'll find it super easy. Barely an inconvenience.


That looks like a hair transplant hairline. Why do that and then still go for a bald look?


Makes it seem like baldness was a choice instead of an inevitability, and makes the guy in question still seem “strong”


Y'all are just haters. Jordan is right. He has the pulse of the wise Beauties, it's well known - [https://www.theonion.com/jordan-peterson-comforted-by-knowledge-his-fanbase-95-1849377718](https://www.theonion.com/jordan-peterson-comforted-by-knowledge-his-fanbase-95-1849377718)


Tate is literally a Gaston though... Anyways, yes, young men are in crisis. High suicide rates, not doing as well in school or in the workforce, extremism, etc. But listening to knobs like Jorpy or Tate isnt going to help.


He thinks Elliot Page does more harm to women than Andrew Tate


Show this to the jorpster stans who bent over backwarts claiming he has nothing to do with Andrew Tate and he should not be compared to him.


"Beauty and the Beast" is a fairy tale someone made up. In real life, women ought to stay far away from violent/misogynistic men and shouldn't try to redeem them. It's a good way to end up being beaten or raped. In the fairy tale, Belle and the Beast lived "happily ever after" even though he imprisoned her. In reality, men who hold women prisoner in their castles (or basements) tend to be sadistic sociopaths, like Ariel Castro. Andrew Tate is not a redeemable beast. He just a beast. Sadistic beasts turning into princes is something that happens in fairy tales. You can't bet on it happening in real life. Women should avoid the beasts.


I’m so over the “No one cares about young men!!!!” Rhetoric when modern feminism/leftism has been pretty clear about what the problem is


Prediction: It will be "no one cares about men" as long as there is even just one single woman still present in the conversation. And probably even if there isn't.


I've recently seen a lot of these types complaining that they don't get compliments and extrapolating it to "men don't get compliments." There's always an implication that this is women's/feminism's fault somehow, and not the possibility that these particular men don't have anything going for them worth complimenting.


There's a subset who now bully artists on twitter telling them all that AI will replace them and that their lives are worthless now. It really is just a movement of people with zero skills, no knowledge about anything of consequence and the personality of wet cardboard centering their seething resentment against anyone whom them perceive as ever receiving praise as the core of their identity. As if it's everyone else's fault they never applied themselves or tried to understand other people's lived experiences. And they just keep getting scammed by grifters like Peterson and Tate and doubling down rather than admit that they are the cause of all their own problems.


He'd tell Beauty otherwise. He'd probably support the mob because fifty frenchmen can't be wrong.


Rapist and human trafficker = redeemable Trans man existing = demon


Yeah I'd have the softie with a mean facade over the shallow hyper masculiune and violent andrew tate- I mean gaston


He thinks the beast is the one that said reading is dumb and Gaston had the huge library.




Listen to me, the Beast AND Gaston BOTH suck that is the moral of the story the end.


Imagine hating women so much you would want to inflict this guy on your own daughter.


Well I guess you would hope that it's true, that everyone is redeemable. But Tate seems to have no interest in redemption because he'll tell you he has done nothing wrong.


Can you believe this guy's profesion is uncertain about him being accredited?


YOU are the crisis, you heel.


I hate that I know what this is referencing, Behind The Bastards is doing a Peterson TV show listen at the moment. Worth a listen if you like people pointing out how silly he is.


Listen to the latest Beyond the Bastards episodes on Jordy for a great takedown of his stupid fucking take on Beauty and the Beast.


Buddy is addicted to L's like he was addicted to Benzos


It’s kinda funny that no one on the Peterson subreddit has said a peep about this.


Ayy! Finally, Peterson admits he likes Tate but codes it as usual so he can go back and say,."no, no I was just talking about everyone deserving redemption"


But noone fucks like Gaston!


[No one twerks like Gaston](https://youtube.com/watch?v=T_Ldg6u_DiY)


He's so bloody stupid. The Beast had redeemable qualities of character, unlike this absolute shitforbrains


He really does put me off Disney movies. He's only saying this because he knows his daughter probably sucked Tate's cock.


Somebody needs to remind JP that Tate is not just a rapist and sex traffiker but also a Muslim.


I'm so sick of this narrative that if we don't pay attention to straight white men they will do something BAD. Is that the message you want us to attach to you, straight white men? That ignoring you is a threat to the rest of us? How do they not see this as bad messaging for straight white men?


I can see him saying this in his Kermit voice, weeping, shaking, with his giant, skeletal head bobbing around. Benzos coursing through his warped brain...dressed like a budget Dr. Who.


It's so funny that the closest thing the right now has to an "intellectual" is also a raging Disney Adult.




they way he can't express himself in any references beyond baby films is so damn funny


Nah, more like Cyrus the Virus.


Lol, dig up stupid!!


The telegraph, which pumps out reactionary content at an incredible rate, is ‘concerned’ about young men being radicalised. Absolutely scum paper.


I thought it said “wise beatles”


Imagine you're a dad, and you have a daughter. Now, your daughter makes some questionable decisions. For one, runs off and shacks up with this shady YouTube influencer. And then you find out he's unequivocally a criminal and a sex predator by his own admission! Most men would want this asshole's head on a damn platter. But not Jordan B. Peterson, Defender of Masculinity(TM)! No, defending him is what a real man would do!