Daniel Craig used to hide his own movies in Blockbuster. "If at least one person didn't see the movie, it would be a good thing"



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TIL Daniel Craig used to ruin my inventory counts back when I worked at blockbuster


Singlehandedly bankrupted the company


Founded Netflix in the process


That makes him a supervillain.


Dr. No Rewind


Never Say Late Fees Again


Return Another Day




Today I learned 007 is embarrassed by King In King Arthur’s court.




i create things for a living, i hate everything i did 1-2 years ago. As the wheel turns i will end up hating what im working on now.


Same! As I develop my skills and knowledge I am always embarrassed when I look back! I know this is the natural cycle in life, grow as we go, but still embarrassing


That’s good though. Means you’re not a narcissist.


Eventually it circles back around though. Like I hate things I created a few months/a year ago, but once in a while I see something I did years earlier and I'm like "why am I not this good anymore?" Being a creative is the gift that keeps on giving.


I’m embarrassed by all my work always. But it gots to be turned in.


I cringe every time I look at something I made. It’s really debilitating honestly.


In a band and always so hyped on my newest songs then years later hate them. I just accept it now lol


I think that’s pretty standard for creatives. We develop better skills, then go back and see what we did before and think “oh my god… no one should ever see this, least of all myself.” Then we go back and look at our idols and go “I should just quit, I’ll never been that good.”


But if the things you created 2 years ago made you famous and/or rich, would you still hate it? If so, then would you give money away that you earned from that? This is a serious question. Too many actors do this after they made it. The kid from 2.5 men found religion and started trash talking the series after it concluded, but I bet he didn't donate a the money he continued to earn from it. Without that series, he would have been a nobody.


>But if the things you created 2 years ago made you famous and/or rich, would you still hate it? Musicians routinely come to hate their most famous songs, why does it matter if they made money from it? Plenty of people hate their jobs but turn up to work every day and don't give the money back they earn, why would they?


I can vouch for that.


Alot of people think just cause you made money you should be indebted. Its weird. Like craig didnt sign contracts that made him obliged to do these things. Money/fame worship is such a low tier mindset.


That would be a "necessary evil" I think, you're completely allowed (and pretty much guaranteed) to feel embarrassed about your first gigs and stuff, it's parte of growing and changing as a person. We can't change what we did in the past, but we can try and use whatever we gained from it to do better in the future.


Yes? A lot of people hate their most popular work. It isn’t about the money or the fame, they just feel that the quality of work isn’t as high as they have more experience now. This is extremely common


Yes i would be. Definitely. I have made thing the company still uses and claims is " amazing and our favorite" i constantly try and replace it or not use it with assets. No i would not give away the money because one needs to eat. Its not about morality. When it comes to money thats survival. Have you not done anything you are embarrassed about in your past?


Sure I am, but nothing that I did because of money


I just made a song and I hate it.


I hate this personal essay I'm writing *right* *now*. I'm going to finish it, but I think it's awful. Guy above has no idea what he's talking about.


That’s just a sign you’ve continued to grow




People grow up and begin to facepalm over their past selves. This might not be the proper remedy, but at the very least, it’s a sign of self growth


It’s likely you just haven’t understood how creatives think.


It's pretty standard thing for artists be it musicians, game devs etc to abhor your early work I think for humans in general the opposite is true. It would be pretty silly/embarrassing that you grew so little as a person or as a professional that you can't reflect on the mistakes you've made in the past


I mean, it wouldn’t be unheard of for some actors to be embarrassed of work they did prior to becoming huge stars.


Kid in Kings Arthur’s Court


But without that work, they may not have become big stars. Out of desperation people will conflict with their own values, but one they are secure they can then all of a sudden have character and dignity? F that shiz.


You’re looking at it wrong. In most creative or performative arts, you naturally improve over time. You might produce something that you’re proud of(at the time). But as you continue to improve and time goes by, you look back at that piece and hate it. Because it’s not good enough anymore. It’s not up to your own personal standard that you set for yourself. It’s not about character and dignity. It’s the goalposts moving on their own. An athlete might see old footage of themselves, and be embarrassed by their technique back then, because they’re so much better now. There’s nothing undignified about that. It’s just the nature of the beast.


It is entirely ok to both acknowledge that work was important in your development, and still think its awful and hate it. You think he is secure and now has character and dignity??? In 3-4 years he’ll probably hate all the current movies. Most people in artistic fields do.


I'm pretty sure Craig dislikes the most recent Bond he was in!


That's normal.... I'm sure if there were footage of the first time LeBron or Jordan played basketball they'd be embarrassed too. You don't become great or even good in your field over night.


Not exactly fame, it is an artist thing. when you make something and grow past the skill of that production you see how that fine art is a hamfisted block of wood. Then when you have grown again, the same thing happens to the new work and the older piece becomes even more mangled toward its original purpose in your eyes.


Spoken like someone who has never felt embarrassed by their past actions/creations.


I have, a lot. Speaking as a person with ADD and anxiety. Wouldn't want to hide it like that though.


He's taking about when blockbuster was still a thing.. so he wouldn't have been a star then. He just wasn't proud of his work.


Seems like someone has never done anything creative. I’m by no means on the artiest side of things but I am a builder, I pretty much hate everything I have ever built because all I see are the imperfections, even the normally imperceptible, I want to rip it all out and start again but the customer never sees it, will call it perfect yet I am never happy. I would assume he had the same thing. It’s the reason some movie starts just never watch their own stuff.


big difference between taking whatever part they give you because you're broke and choosing passion projects because you're successful. His 1st major role was playing a South African white supremacist cop; doubt he feels good about that.


The way you interpreted this is confusing and whack af, how did you draw this conclusion??


I hate looking at anything I’m attached to also. Not an actor but I work in a related field.


He was good in Road To Perdition and Layered Cake, can’t remember which came out first.


Road to Perdition was a fantastic film.


Paul Newman was great in it and I’m pretty sure it was his last movie. The music was great, Jude Law was creepy, and Daniel Craig would like to apologize for killing Tom Hanks’ wife and son. Loved it and I haven’t seen it in 17 years or so, due for a rewatch I guess.


While Road to Perdition isn’t based on real events, John and Connor Rooney (Newman and Craig’s characters, respectively) were based on John and Connor Looney, who were real criminals in Rock Island. I only bring this up because I’ve got a brother who we’d visit all the time in Rock Island and he lived just a few doors down from [Looney’s House.](http://www.highlandparkri.com/2016/11/john-looney-house.html?m=1) We knew it had something to do with the mafia, and that it supposedly had a hidden escape tunnel that had since been closed, but it never really occurred to me until I saw Road to Perdition and was curious why it was set in Rock Island. Always had boss Halloween decorations, though I don’t think anyone lives there now, although they apparently do have tours.


The tommy gun scene gave me chills


Conrad Hall was a monster of cinematography. Also, it was his last movie and he was posthumously awarded the Oscar for it.


*a monster of cinematography Please dude, it's not a clickbait article. A little decorum ?


Holy shit you seem hypersensitive


As was Layer Cake...




Sam Mendes is a fucking master!


I think he’s talking about Tomb Raider


That would make sense


I liked those movies


Layer Cake, btw. That ending pops back into my head every now & then >!of the morally ambiguous anti-hero actually receiving comeuppance & us not knowing how they fare.!<


There was one scene in it that looked like tease for James Bond.


That role is why Barbara Broccoli considered him for Bond. Good choice.


The garden scene.


>Layered Cake


My bad, Layer Cake. Thanks.


Wow. Haven’t watched it in many many years and didn’t even realized Daniel Craig was in Road to Perdition.


Layer Cake came out in 2004. I watched it again just the other week.


Flash backs of a fool was also an amazing flick.


The Roxy Music scene gave me chills every time.


Porn is one hell of a drug.


If Blockbuster had a porn section, it’d still be around today.


Family Video had a porn section and is gone, at least mostly gone.


Makes sense. Instructional videos for making a family.


No money shot when making a family.


Was Hollywood Video a thing in other places?


In Mexico, definitely, I liked it






I hardly even know her!


Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc., all have softcore porn.


I mean this is really relatable thing as a human being. Appreciate him being honest


So he prevented some people from seeing the cinematic masterpiece, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court? For shame.


Bro he was in that? I loved that movie so much as a kid


Same! I didn’t know he was in it either.


Craig’s attempt at an American accent paired with Jolie’s British accent in Tomb Raider is a gift to us all. The people shall not be deprived


Tomb Raider was good, whats he doing


Damn forgot he was in that.


Honestly relatable lol


Hey if you autograph this I'll never watch it again


Sounds almost like anxiety


That cowboys and aliens he should have hid that shit from everyone


I don't care what anyone says, I liked that movie!


Agree to both easy movie to like it just didn’t really go anywhere


Shit anymore I'm a-ok with that. If a movie goes anywhere these days then we just get throat fucked with a franchise.


(Jurassic Park has entered the chat)


It knew exactly what it was & didn’t try to be anything more. It took itself seriously enough to suspend disbelief & knew it was ridiculous enough to give itself permission to do the dumb shit. That Jon Favreau magic. 10/10.


Same, I actually really enjoyed it haha


I think he’s talking about Tomb Raider


As long as he didn't hide Layer Cake... that's his masterpiece


I can’t believe he actually went to blockbuster


I actually love this actor. Favorite James Bond.


Maybe that balloon movie. I actually kind of liked it.


Enduring Love. I really like this film. Also like Sylvia.


I mean, I thought he did fine as a 1 episode villain in Sharpe.


Me and my cousin still call each other ‘old boy’ since watching that years ago


Kid in King Arthur’s Court holds up better than he remembers.


That’s actually a very shitty thing to do. Does Daniel not realize other people worked on those movies as well?


What is it with these actors who hate their work?


I really liked Layer Cake.


Everyone knows Blockbuster is just a myth…Nice try Bond


Wow. I totally read that as meaning Daniel Craig was making and then hiding home made movies around blockbuster


What a joke. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you you privileged fuck


My take: we are supposed to believe his fake humility.


Also, * Causing customers to waste time searching for a movie where it's not supposed to be. * Causing employees to waste time helping customers search for a movie where it's not supposed to be. Possibly dealing with grief for not being better organized. * Causing the inventory to take longer, and then the extra headache if the movie hadn't been found in the previous inventory, was found in this one, and had to be re-entered in the system.


Jesus Christ bro, it’s not that serious.


your lack of capacity doesn’t indicate a lack of depth.


Try telling that to the customers who wasted half an hour, an hour, or more. Some of who were *very* pissed and took it out on the employees.


I refuse to believe it was Tomb Raider (iconic, fuck you) or the power of one so it ain't those


By that he also wants the other 1000 people’s work involved not to be seen.


I’m sure he kept the money though


"I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” -Michael Caine, talking about Jaws: the revenge. I feel like this is a perfectly valid stance for an actor to take about whatever dogshit movies they've done.


I kept my paychecks from the local plumbing supply store but I don’t wear their logo polo around town he showed up and said his lines nothing immoral about it.


Do you actively keep people from spending money there?


“Hmm you appeared in some mediocre films to pay your rent that you regret and yet used that money to pay your rent, curious….”


So what? You’re only allowed to keep the money from jobs you love to bits? What a stupid comment.


Keeping the money and actively keeping people from enjoying it is a dick move


He hid a dvd under other dvds because he’s embarrassed, he even acknowledged himself that in the grand scheme it will have no effect. It’s not like he’s sending cease and desist letters, it’s a spur of the moment emotional action with almost zero consequence.


This is as big brained as walking up on ladies interviewing about the horrors of their time spent in the porn industry and being like “bet you kept the money though.” Yeah…. The money was the whole reason they did it… we’re masking over the atrocity of needing paper to survive on this planet and 99% of people can only trade labor for it… by judging the work done… again by somebody that desperately needs money. Daniel Craig was not born a rich famous actor able to choose his passion projects, he’s an employee. And as glamorous as movie stars appear, they enter into rigorous contracts that own their entire self for the duration, and the Bond contracts are famously possessive. So even at his peak he is still an employee at the whims of others managerial and creative decisions.


lots of ass kissers and boot lickers in these comments but you are totally right.


What… how are they boot lickers? Do you even understand what that phrase means? It’s not like Daniel Craig is actually a cop/spy…


ungrateful rich jerk


Why? The studio already got the money


2nd worst bond every made. The series hasnt experienced such a drop since Sean Connery left.


I loved him as Bond.


I know a lot of people do. Maybe it was the writing but a poker contest to defeat terrorism really killed it for me. He was never convincing in my eyes as a burnt out super agent, only as a pale copy of jason borne.


What the heck is Blockbuster?


Lara Croft was okay.


Just a good ol’ ordinary British bloke