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What? The school is investigating? Why aren't the police investigating. These trash girls need to be arrested.


That shit would get kids send straight to juvie where I live. Hope they at least get expelled


Let’s hope.


Hate crimes deserve severe punishments. Those kids are old enough to understand consequences


The father posted tik toks of him going to the police station and the front desk lady literally closed the sliding gate on him after he demanded they allow him to file a police report.


That’s disgusting. I hope dad sues the little criminals’ family civilly.


“Investigating” is a term schools use to avoid having to actually do anything about bullying. Instead they blame the victim and tell them it was there fault and they deserved to get bullied, so they can ignore the problem until the victim in question moves up and out of the school so it can be another administration’s problem. Source: experience.


Sorry. I thought he actually finally filed. I edited my statement to reflect the reality of the situation.


Those look like french braids, not box braids...


They are french braids. Mostly white and asain people wear this hairstyle ive never seen a black woman wearing this specific style of braids so I have no idea why they were mad




As a guy with long hair, you'd be surprised.


Unfortunately from the things I've heard on social media I'm not surprised at all. That's terrible though. I have a cousin who wears his hair in braids too cause he has long ass hair.


He braids his ass hair?


Makes wiping easier.


gets it out of the way


why are they even mad about SOMEONE ELSES hair anyways? I don’t understand why they would beat someone until they committed suicide just because they style their hair a certain way.


Bully's wanna bully and they'll use any excuse. Same with angry drunks. spoiling for a fight. It doesn't need to be anything more than a \*perceived\* insult they decided to make up in their own head.


For a second, I read that as angry ducks and it still made sense


Ya that wasnt the reason, that was just the excuse. Its so fucked up. Im so sad for her family and friends.


This is the type of bullshit that follows from the idea of “cultural appropriation” and the idea that any one group owns any specific style.


The Romans are pissed we use their alphabet and are gonna start to crucify anyone caught doing it


Just wait till they hear that we stole their numbers II.


I know this sounds obvious but man people were bitching about a white streamer wearing pompom hair in animal crossing saying it was culture appropriation


Ugh of all the things I have a hard time with, it's this one. I get not doing things lightly; religions or cultures having clothes or styles that are sacred makes sense to me. Things like the native American war bonnet; it's something rarely worn even within native cultures, but kids wear it without a thought to Burning Man or Coachella. People being upset about that and educating people to stop it from happening, that's fine. Braids and other hairstyles, though, are about as universal as it gets. I grew up near a family that all had incredibly curly blonde hair, and the girl my age typically tied her hair back in a huge pom pom bun. Hair styling isn't unique to any one culture.


I think that you've said it very well. Especially that nobody owns a hairstyle.


This. Braids have been a thing since ancient times. Vikings wore braids ffs. Every culture ever has. Racist rejects!


Heck, white people had dreads. See “Polish plaits” (or don’t because it’s ‘people of Walmart’ level gross”).


🤣 on the real tho, your words ring true Fr


Freaking orangutans have dreads, they literally predate humanity lol


I've said this before and been downvoted. Also, rich coming from anyone that wears wigs.. made with Asian hair.


Am black. You know how many black women I’ve seen dye their hair blonde, wear contacts, straighten their hair? Nobody beats them up over it because no one with enough brain cells gives a shit. It’s like how some of us get pissed off that other races wear dreadlocks. It’s a fuckin hairstyle, grow the fuck up. We can be so unaccepting and it infuriates me.


I am a black man and what I see currently are many young blacks who have been emboldened by groups like “XYZ” recently to think it’s acceptable to act out against other colors because after all, “they deserve it”, and “oh you cant be racist and commit hate crimes because you are black”. It has little to do with hair styles people are wearing and a LOT to do with pure hatred and being told it’s OK to act on it. It’s absolute insanity.


> you cant be racist and commit hate crimes because you are black I’ve heard this line more than once and it *blows* my mind how people can internalize this.


Exactly that’s like saying I have a black friend so I can’t be a racist


I have a gay friend so does that mean I can suck a dick?




I think at the end of the day most of us are rational but the loud mouths rise to the top and influence others


I’m old enough to remember when white neo-hippies or Deadheads started dreading their hair in the late 80s and 90s when that became en vogue for suburban kids to do that and it was considered respectful or a rebellious thing. Recently, I have seen some videos of HS and university kids getting physically attacked for “cultural appropriation“ if they were white kids. I don’t understand that shit at all either because it is insanity. Dreads are a super old thing dating way way back in history and prevalent in many cultures, black or white. Somehow we have to break this thinking and fight the power that oppresses us instead of each other.


Thank you. I’ve often thought that myself. Why can’t we experiment with any hairstyle we want? To claim ethnic exclusivity over hairstyles is just asinine.


To claim ethnic exclusivity of anything is pretty much the textbook definition of racism.


I work with a young black girl who passionately believes black people can't be racist. I'm not sure I even know what racist is anymore after talking to her sometimes.


Ah yes, the old "oppressed people can't be Racist, you have to be in power to be racist" trope.


Many people now use the "institutional racism" definition for racism. What was called racism (hating someone for the color of their skin) is now prejudiced.


Honestly the world is just a tough and crazy place these days. Knock on wood you don’t cross paths with lunatics!




Dreadlocks are older than the Persian empire. The culture that we have artistic depictions of wearing them were among the first people to start agriculture, and have languages and cultures descended from them from Iceland, to Mongolia, from Persia to India. Even if someone did have "rights" to it, you are looking at basically everyone outside of Africa also having rights to it.


It’s almost like it’s a very efficient way to tie up hair💀


Racisam That is why


Yeah, I'm going to guess even if she hadn't worn her hair that way they would have found another "reason" to beat her up. That's what bullies do.


So you know how Russia and China have been feeding misinformation to mess with our politics? Well they aren't just doing that. There are massive misinformation campaigns targeting every single group of people. And while racism and prejudice exists everywhere naturally, these trolls have been targeting black people to get them to hate Asian people. And since covid and "The China Flu" BS, it's gotten much worse. It's not feasibly possible, but the world would be better off if we disconnected troll farm host countries from the internet. They're getting us to fight each other, because well, we'd been doing it to them for centuries. And they have long memories.


Yep. Appears they used a different image of the girl than the hair she had in.


I’m pretty sure that is a picture of her for reference, not a picture of her with her box braids in


The bullying and racism against people of Asian origin really goes unchecked and unnoticed in most cases, it's sickening. I witnessed this way too much in high school, one of these poor kids was actually killed, as an indirect result of bullying. Trying to avoid her bullies, she rode her bike one the side of the road with no sidewalk, and got struck by a car that sent her over the cliff to her death. Hit and run, and the girls chasing her didn't say a word. They only discovered her body 2 weeks later after extensive search had been done closer to the high school. One of the girls later confessed to what had happened and said, quote "We were only messing around with her, we weren't going to do anything to hurt her". 😡


That’s fucking awful


I live not far from there and am related to one of the girls involved. I only found out about this story after reading about it on reddit and asking my niece that lives there about this. The media is burying this, and people aren't talking about it even locally.


I watch MMA and all of the women fighting wear braids. Jeez it’s just hair. I wear braids to the gym. I went to the Caribbean on a cruise and got braids done with beads like all the other kids.


Yea but they wouldn’t attack them because they can fight back


In my mind I’m picturing children throwing hands but I realize you mean the MMA fighters now…


Hell, the vikings braided their beards and hair for fighting.




It's pretty ridiculous to gatekeeper any hairstyle or any food, dance, culture etc. Culture is ment to be shared, and it's the best way to spread tolerance and inclusion and fight racism


Exactly! I like American home style tacos, I like bulgogi tacos, I tacos, I like bbq brisket tacos, I like carnitas tacos, if tacos were gate-kept I’d have no taco variety.


Completely agree. I don't get this either. The shame here is the girls learned this from somewhere, parents or media, it's upon all of us to teach better. Every time things like this it enforces negative stereotypes and mistrust.


Thank you thank you thank you.


I´d say it time and time again, every time I hear "cultural appropriation" I always understand it as cultural segregation.


Especially given that literally no person can prove any culture owns a braided


Considering people have always had hair and always needed to get it out of the way, I'd be downright embarrassed to pretend that one certain race owns fucking braids.


The whole concept of having a hissy fit over so-called cultural appropriation is BS anyhow.


Exactly! Culture can only thrive and evolve through adopting things from other cultures. Imagine where we would be today without that.


Yeah, culture is not a fixed variable. Customs and practices evolve and change over time. Everything was influenced by something else.


No culture can prove they "own" anything intangible as braids, clothes styles, painting techniques and so and so on. They may be the originators but cultures have evolved precisely because they intertwine and influence each other. Cultural appropriation is the stupidest idea ever.


But my dude(ette?) to me it looks like french braids/plaits.


Either is fine. Dude is gender neutral.


Dude! What does mine say? I will always be on the side of “I call everyone dude”


Like the song says "I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, were all dudes,hey!"


Spartans we’re known for wearing a long braid (considered a suicidal move due to the ability to have it pulled) into battle as a sign of courage. All this bullshit about appropriation is getting out of hand.


Braids and dreads have been used by pretty much everyone through history, because there's only a finite amount of things that can be done with hair, and as fashions cycle it's not surprising everyone has tried just about all of them.


I’d be willing to bet that any culture that knew how to weave grasses into mats or containers also braided their hair.


It doesn't matter. Get any hair style you want. Don't let the low IQ outrage idiots control you.


like wearing straight hair or braids can be copyrighted.. ![gif](giphy|yDBjbceDHdt6M)


Doesn't it - if anything at all - show that you appreciate, accept and respect the culture, if you wear your hair like them?


Anyone that's ever been to school, knows goddamn well this wasn't over braids.


Friendly reminder that racism extends to each and every human on this planet regardless of who they are, everyone can be a racist, it's in your power to not be one and rather be a decent human being with respect for others


Braid is racial thing? fvking stupid


Nah black on Asian crime is just abhorrently common right now


You'll never see statistics about demographics behind attacks on Asians used though.


The braids are a cover. They wanted to attack the girl and saw the braids as an excuse to do violence to an Asian person.




“The school says it’s investigating…” Yea the school isn’t going to do shit.


Since when is wearing braids a racial thing?


There are unfortunately some members of the black community who want to gatekeep this hairstyle. This is a sad truth. I think that her being Asian also played into it as there is that animosity.


Call it what it is, racism and Asian hate from the black community...


Yep, its been an ongoing thing that people just refuse to talk about. Anti-Asian American racial violence from African Americans is a major problem.


I live in Oakland and violence against Asians here has been a major problem in recent years, it especially hurts because our community was very supportive of BLM


Fact. I have a black “friend” who is trying to ban non-black people from wearing their hair in braids. She goes so far as to try to cancel companies for using non-black models wearing braids. It’s wild because every culture has incorporated braids for centuries. Edit: We lost touch after she went off the deep end and I distanced myself and vice versa.


Pretty interesting…yea you’ll see braids everywhere in Latin America. Thick hair + hot af = get this fucking hair off my neck & face (I.e braids)


I guess the very much uneducated person does not know about the "the Venus of Willendorf". Which is (amongst many other things) evidence that people braided their hair 25000-30000 years ago. It is believed that its origin comes from the area where eastern Ukraine is located currently. Edit: it was long believed that it came from Northern Ukraine, but the more recent scientific studies shows that it's more likely to have originated from Northern Italy.


Why are you friends with such an obviously stupid and racist twat ? For real, why ? Why do you want to be friend with someone who manufactures hate?


If you read the edit to my comment, I don’t speak with her anymore. Her posts and comments turned me off to friendship with her.


Oh good. She sounds genuinely terrible.




When I was in basic training, three black girls in our flight helped the white girls braid their hair. When you're given 5 minutes to roll out in the morning, not having to mess with your hair is a sanity saver. Our TI made all the white girls take them out the next day and run laps as a result. Apparently, we were "out of regs" for wearing a black-associated hair style. The next day, we were all taken to the barber for forced haircuts. They wouldn't let me shave my head (not approved for female service members, the guys weren't given a choice), but I made them cut it as short as they would. Edit- this was 25 years ago


That’s stupid you can’t shave your head that makes no sense.


It’s military. You expect it to make sense?


A little sense yes. I thought everyone got their head shaved, GI Jane Is a lie?!


White dude here. My black wife braided my hair and several black people gave me some pretty bad stares as I was running errands that day. I just don't get why people have to gatekeep.


People are assholes. Hope it didn’t discourage you too much.




That's the main problem I have with "culture appropriation" it is just divisive. We should embrace other cultures and blend them to create a new future.


yeah, I feel like this sort of thing is the really obvious and predictable end result of teaching kids "wearing braids is racist."


Blatant racism.




> They wanted to attack her and film her for clout I’m never going to understand this— why would you film yourself committing a *fucking crime* and then post that shit on the internet? I get that they’re kids— but even when I was a kid, I’d know better than this dumbdick bullshit.


Because they think nothing will happen


and because usualy nothing happens, adults don't care until it goes too far


Yep^ plus schools tend to convince and pressure parents not to press charges




This is what happens when self-righteousness is taken to the extreme. You can thank the allowance of blatant racism for this. Racism isn't one sided




This video should have been another facepalm post. That lady cop doesn’t know people’s rights and ignored his request.


That woman should be fired, not joking… It makes your blood boil, you can’t act like that you’re a goddamn public servant ffs


That lady really just closed the thing and didn’t help them oh wow


Thats a terrific fucking father right there.


I cannot agree with you anymore. This guy is awesome. Can we have him train others in how to be an assertive and caring parent. I love this man.


That is genuinely infuriating. The guy seems like a solid dad, though. Props to him for standing up for his daughter. Hopefully, it blows up to the point it can't be ignored.


Pure racism


The braids weren’t the reason. Just the justification.


So there are some black people that think their culture owns "braids"?


Oh, you have no idea


There was a video of a black girl bullying a white boy cuz he had dreadlocks. She was accusing him of cultural appropriation. So fucking dumb, Hindu holy men have had dreadlocks for thousands of years most likely. Everyone in this world is biting everyone else.


Almost every human culture eventually braids their hair. Some dating back thousands of years. Id like one of these people tell me the Scythian's, Vikings, Mongols, Sumerians etc all appropriated African American culture.


One of the biggest examples is Ancient Rome and parts of the Roman Empire.


Oh for sure its a obvious way of dealing with long hair. The Celts, First Nations Peoples, Inuits. Ancient Ice mummies. It goes on and on. If we were to meet an alien species with long hair, some of them would have braids. I would go so far as to say even some non Homo-Sapiens species probably braided their hair.


Yeah they invented hair according to some.


Yep! My friend is one of those people unfortunately. Edit: I distanced myself from her and vice versa.




We haven’t really talked since she went cuckoo 🤪


Two weeks ago I heard a black woman loudly talking shit on the phone about her new coworker because he was white. Last week I was on my evening walk, and a couple black kids started verbally harassing me for zero reason, calling me whity and cracker and shit, then insulting my shoes (???).


It’s racism, plain and simple.


Welcome to the new world. They'll just make fun of you if you complain about it to anyone.


> They'll just make fun of you if you complain about it to anyone. Nah, if you complain you'll get called racist.


It’s the new age abusive wife. You HAVE to take it because if you do anything back you’re the bad person, and everybody will laugh at you if you try to report it So much for the equality we were all dreaming of as kids


But they'll try to say she was being racist


Something tells me there's something more going on here besides braids... ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ \*coughcoughracismcough\*


As a black person I don't see the issue with other people wearing braids and find this disgusting. We complain about racial discrimination yet do the same thing.


Why can’t people just be nice to each other..


That would be too easy. I agree though, people should chill and just be kind to each other.


Does not matter what race you are. People of all walks of life have been braiding hair for thousands of years. For any single race to say braiding is "ours" is truly ignorant.




Seriously, braids help so much for anyone with long and thick hair. Even if you have thin straight hair, why the hell does anyone care. Nobody owns braids


Always other black girls that make fun of my hair/skin. The worst racism I've encountered was from other black girls. I do understand that braids are a cultural thing from African tribes to vikings etc.... Also that there are certain hair styles and techniques that are used by black women/men as damage prevention hair styles. 4c hair requires a lot of maintenance. Not all people with 4c hair are black. That being said people should just calm down.


The culture around gatekeeping box braids and some other black hairstyles runs very deep on social media, mainly TikTok. I’ve seen girls either American, or from other countries get thousands of hate comments over braids. Sometimes the person will be mixed but white presenting, and get attacked online for no reason. It’s out of control.


It astounds me that the very people that have been abused and discriminated upon in the past somehow become the racist and the abusers, and Im not only speaking about the black race


Whattt !!!! Bruh now black ppl really thinks they own a hairstyle


I’m sure ALMOST EVERYONE had braids as a kid and even adult. Why has it all of a sudden become a racial thing what?


lets fight racism with racism!! obviously /s


Um, Native Americans in the entire continent of the Americas sported braids for thousands of years. Vikings wore braids too.


just 5 black girls being racist to an asian. has nothing to do with the braids. yes racists come in every skin color.


What is with the black community being racist towards Asians?


Fucking bullshit is what it is


Because Asians are seen as the Model minority.


Everyone is capable of racism.


That's funny, it's actually called dutch braid , and it's a common hairstyle all over the world, who would have thought that there isn't a gazillion hairstyles possible to do


those aren’t even box braids wtf


I'll say it again, just because braids are popular in black culture does not mean black culture owns them. This style can be traced back to various cultures, which includes white and Asian. These types of people just like to call everything racist just so they feel like the victim 24/7. So saddening


I’ve seen people pissed at the father for and I shit you not, reporting this during black history month.


I do not get why other races can't wear braids. As someone who is black, I love seeing braids on everyone.


I mean braids aren’t even a black only type of thing. Lots of other cultures have braids too


Numerous cultures of all colors have worn braids. The ancient Celtics wore braids, many Asian cultures did as well...it's not just a black thing. I wish the losers perpetrating these ridiculous crimes understood history and that no one owns anything, especially cultures, because almost everything has been shared. There is overlap everywhere.


I foresee… i foresee a 🔒 coming


Let’s see if the authorities have the balls to charge this as a hate crime.


No one owns braids, and even if she wore dreadlocks, this is NOT an appropriate response


I agree with you, but it is important to note that no one owns dreads either--a plethora of cultures outside of Sub-Saharan Africa have a history of wearing dreads going back thousands of years.


For sure, if we want to get super specific. I’d suggest no one should care unless people are adopting parts of a culture just to be rude. If someone makes a recipe that already exists, just give homage to the current one and don’t pass it off as your own. But ultimately, who cares what you wear or how you style yourself? The best way to solve racism isn’t to cloister ourselves into little groups and say “no, we can’t share things” like toddlers, it’s to grow together and share what we’re proud of.


I live in an asian country. A black friend complained that asians (Chinese) wearing braids are cultural appropriation, like c'mon Chinese mothers have been teaching their daughters how to braid their hair since forever


Replace Chinese with human. There is evidence of braids dating back like 30,000 years https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braid#Hair_braiding


I feel like the whole cultural appropriation has gone overboard. Wearing anything from clothes or hair from another culture is fine if someone just likes how it looks on themselves as long it isn't done with more malicious intent like to simply mock another culture or being racist.


I'm pretty sure every cultural group has been braiding hair for thousands of years if not more. It's not owned by anyone.


Imagine what kind of household those 5 black girls grow up in to be raised like that. Probably just full of vitriol and hatred on a daily basis. The fuck is wrong with ppl.


The dark side of furthering ideas like cultural appropriation. Quit pushing this shit. Poor girl.


Why are the bullies always so ugly looking?


call the cops, press charges.


Hair, in braids? Seriously? Humanity is fucking doomed. Its fucking braids. I got my beard in a braid sometimes, guess I'm a bad person as well for that.


See wearing your hair and being bullied for a hair style is just as bad as any other type of bullying but stupid too. Hope these black ppl get the shit stomped for being horrible humans. Not jusy blacks. Dont start that shit. Every race is horrible in its own way. We need to put EVERYTHING aside and try to work to better humanity.


Calm down all of ya. This just is some more just black on Asian hate, nothing to see here. s/


This was a hate crime, but it goes against the narrative I hate to say.


Black on Asian hate is well established historically even highlighed during the recent pandemic.




Exactly needs to be posted everywhere. It's getting so that the only way anyone gets justice these days is with social media shaming. Let's not forget that recently another young girl committed suicide because she was bullied and only social media raised a stink so high that cops/admins finally got off their assess and did their jobs. In the end, he'll probably have to sue the school system to get this to that level of attention - the good news is there are gazillion lawyers that would salivate for this kind of case.


everyone needs to understand that the "reasons" lol, a better word would be excuses, that people use after the fact is just that, excuses...but it's not always the reason they do them....in this case, just some sick bitches that like to fight cause they were raised poorly, or not ironically, didn't like asian people.....braids? yeah, ok.


Dumbass racist bitches


Some people think they are given a green light to behave the fk they want.


See why the media is so effing reckless with their outrage headlines and shit stirring. Anyone is allowed to wear their hair how they want! No creed or race owns a fricking hairstyle!


Should black people be beaten for straightening or dying their hair blonde? It's hair...they didn't invent braids and they shouldn't get to say who gets to wear them


This is like when very very few people got mad at a guy at their college for wearing a poncho and sombrero for cinco de mayo I hate that there are fashion styles that we as a society have culture locked that no one outside of the original culture can’t wear


I don’t get it. What is wrong with people?? I mean we’re where kids too and did things too to other kids that weren’t very nice, or weren’t the hero who stood up for others every time . And I’m feeling ashamed when i have to think about it. But we where never been so full of hate or racist. And we’re never beat someone up in a way where he knever had even a chance of winning the fight or defend himself. And once someone was on the ground the fight was over. But this kind of behaviour is disgusting and so inhumane that i want to vomit.


No race owns braids. If it wasn’t braids, they would have found another reason. We’ll use any reason to justify violence.