Target has gone completely woke. They’re now selling tucking and binding clothing for little kids.

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I’m starting to wonder where these targets are because mine doesn’t sell any of that stuff. I even looked for it.


i, too, am looking for a onesie in which i can tuck


Tuckin’ Onesies sounds like a bad band name


punk band for sure


Those mother tuckers


no. never tuck your mother


Tuck life


Try TC tuckers


The Tuckin A line.


I only go to target once every few months for random tablwear stuff, cosmetics and the Starbucks inside, so I'd have no idea.




Just don't wash them for 2-3 weeks, the oil and dirt should do the trick.


jokes on you, I just have to wait 2 hours and my hair is oily enough




lots of filth and filters


Your avatar kind of has her hair already👌


I have bangs and my hair does the same thing, it’s from my forehead grease lmfao


It’s a little known fact that the more space you have in your head, from lack of brain, causes hair follicles to grow deep into the skull. This is how the hair does the strand thing. Or hair spray


That's not even funny. Lots of people have thin hair for health reasons or just basic genetics. Edginess does not equal coolness.


Somebody PLEASE get Casey Anthony out of that children’s clothing section!


When I’m offended by something a store sells…I don’t buy the offending product. It really works!


Exactly that. These folks just don’t understand basic logic. No one is forcing anyone to buy any of these items, just like no one forces anyone to buy a red car, or mint chocolate chip ice cream. People have the freedom in America in regards to what products they want to purchase.


But how am I supposed to get likes and upvotes?


But buuuuttt... can you do that without doing a video complaining about if first ?!? Does it even work ?!?


I tried it and…it *DOES* work without making a video complaining about it. Happiest moment of my **LIFE**!


Yes but you have to see it. Which evidently makes you gay. I thought being attracted to the same gender made you gay but it’s pride gear for sale at Target that does it. Who knew? /s(but I really hope it was unnecessary)


But then who will save the children?


That appears to be the Pride section she’s shopping in, not the kids section? It’s a pop up that generally occurs right before and during the month of June? Am I missing something? Imagine I went into a book store and went into the “Christian” section and started railing on about all the fiction pretending to be children’s history for homeschool moms.


Very, very good point. Maybe she isn't so concerned that it's in the kids' section, but that it's available for sale at all? Though let's be real, it's parents buying these clothes for their kids. The parents have the choice whether or not to buy it. And for the slightly older kids, you know they're gonna be picky about what they wear around their peers anyway. There's no way they'd be caught dead in something they didn't already support. So I'm not sure what she's complaining about...that the product is even available for purchase? She's literally saying "I don't want you to make products that make certain demographics feel included." Which is just so insane.


Either way, these items are targeted at kids. These are children's clothes with tucking and binding sets... for children. Not teenagers, not adults, children. Ignoring all of the medical dangers of that, it's just weird. Their parents buying them doesn't make it any less weird. Kids can't be gay. The toddler onzies really give me the ick. The idea that we're actively denying that this is grooming children is gross. Children do not need to bind and tuck. You can rail on Christians all you want for they way they groom kids, and I will stand right there and support you, but this is no less grooming.


This. Absolutely this. I’m just about as leftist as they come but this is just about as weird, off-putting, manipulative and destructive as MAGA lunacy. Too much goes both ways, and a dystopia is a dystopia. Implying toddlers should be contemplating their gender/sexual identity is actual fucking madness.


If parents can put their kids in clothing that has Christian verses, symbols, or quotes, then other parents can certainly put their kids in some gay pride stuff. If you don't like it, feel free to boycott. I'll continue to shop there with...ahem...pride.


Fine for them to put borderline sexual innuendos on a baby onesie but as soon as there's a pair of rainbow socks or chest binders for preteens they lose their goddamn minds


"I'm with the milf" "I'm proof daddy doesn't play video games all the time" "Hakuna Ma's tatas" Those are all real onesies. But the moment you put a rainbow on one, suddenly the world is run by pedos.


Totally get you sexualized children clothes are disgusting no matter who's sexual ideologies they pushing


The world *is* run by pedos, just look at politicians, billionaires and people in the movie industry. And the people who green light sexualised onesies? Probably wouldn't trust them either.


My 12 y/o niece with much larger breasts than she expected at this stage of her development is over the fucking moon with the “light binding effect” of what she can buy at target. It’s too bad we’re being so inclusive and making her poor cis-het (self-described) adolescence a little more comfortable, right? Damn those terrible woketivists and the way they’re asking us to rethink modern life so it’s better for everyone! Omg.


Outrage ! Are you telling me people are actually doing things to hide their kid's private part ?! Clearly, this 12yo should be forced to display her breast. Trying to hide it is not normal ! (/s just in case)


from “god’s greatest gifts are kept hidden” to “show me what you’re working with woke liberal” like that




I hope you watch her like a hawk. My aunt developed early and doesn't have fond memories of childhood..


Damn those drag queen predators! /s


Bro its almost like they're such a special little snowflake that they can't relate to other's lived experiences, so they go online and shout into a camera to get attention


but wasn't the one in the video in the toddler section? like 4, 5 year Olds? or am I missing something. cuz those seem fine for teens and pre teens since they're adolescent, but makes no sense on kids that are around 5 year old. I dont think they care about the LGBTQ world at that point to identify as something besides absolute brats.


Yeah that was in the toddler section, people seem to be glossing over that part. I can’t think of a reason we should really be exposing this to children that aren’t old enough for school sex education.


That's a great example of the curb cut effect. When you make something more helpful to one group of people, it usually ends up helping everyone. Good design maximizes usefulness.


Is she married yet? If not, I, um.. know a guy who’s likely her type. He’s 55, wears a cowboy hat, goes to church, loves maga and carrying a baby to term


Carrying a baby to term lol. To be fair, there are plenty of pro-choice people who also want to carry their baby to term...they just also believe in other people having the choice. But now I've killed your joke, and honestly it was a good one.


The way her bangs bounce every time she blinks because they are stuck in her mascara is driving me bonkers. Get some scissors while you are there.


I kind of feel the same way... whenever I travel from one block to another and there's a church on every corner. Or when I have people leaving letters in my mailbox wanting me to join their church, or send them money so they can build another church... If this is America, then businesses and people are free to do and say as they wish. That includes posting religious billboards or support for trans people. The true test is one's parenting skills. If you feel that a tag or a bible are undermining your skills when it comes to raising a child to learn right from wrong, then don't bring a child into your unhappy world.


Imagine being this upset over a product If you don't want it don't buy it Why does anyone care. Like does this actually change your day to day at all? Does this actually affect you? Does it actually matter? People need to spend more time actually doing useful shit and less time manufacturing outrage.


I think in the annoyance scale this goes below bird poop on my car, but above a squeaky wheel shopping cart. Seriously, who the hell cares?


“They’re giving it to your kids” no hun they’re selling it and you don’t have to buy it jfc




This is ridiculous. Why can’t Target carry items they want and support artists/designers that fought like hell to get in there?? Plenty of other stores to buy kids clothes at. Why can’t it be in a store at all???? I hate seeing all the game onesies (baby has no fave team yet so decision made by parent) But just bc I don’t like it and I hate sports, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be carried. Bc I don’t have to buy it. I can go elsewhere. Same with ppl that dress kids in MAGA gear. (Hate it). Let the child understand politics (at appropriate age) and decide on their own. Dressing them in MAGA gear -is that indoctrination into becoming a Republican? I just jaw drop over some of the hills ppl want to cower atop of.


is it that bad???? i can get why not everyone would want to wear lgbtq merch but it’s not like these children are magically turning gay cuz of some onesie with a rainbow on it. So please tell me: what is the problem?


You actually believe that the problem those fucked up people have with it is based on something logical? I like your faith in humanity!


Each time they look at something related to gay people, they only think about fucking. When they see queer merch for kids, they think about fucking kids. Then they project and act as if *you’re* the real pervert for making them think about sex.


Wait I thought these guys hated cancel culture?


Cry more, snowflake.


Imagine being so filled with rage and hate that you can’t even find time to wash your hair before you go on camera while trashing your local Target… but yeah seriously this deranged woman is horrible.


Yes, this is what we should be focusing on in society. We're completely defenceless against those darn woke LGBT people! How can we defend ourselves in this situation? Should we just NOT buy it for our kids if we have a problem with LGBT being normalised? Don’t be ridiculous. Clearly we have to remove this from all Target stores and pass a law where it is illegal to show children that gay people exist… like in Russia…


*Ron DeSantis has entered the chat* *the chat immediately crashes*


This literally isn't real, none of the kid's stuff has compression or tuckability, only the adult swimsuits do. She's just straight up lying.


She would not have given a shit a few years ago, up until a certain segment of media and radicals become unnecessarily unnerved (brainwashed) by a certain combination of colors.


“Oh nooooo, a pair of leggings has a rainbow on it! They’re targeting our children!” Really …? 😐


1. AP news [article](https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-target-swimsuits-transgender-pride-collection-892500330955) about tucking. Apparently those were for adults, according to the spokesperson. 2. None of this is bad. Clothes that fit all sizes? Rainbows with supportive messaging? Shirts with frogs and animals and colors? Whatever. Just don’t buy it if you don’t want it


Meh Could think of at least 37 things to be more concerned about


99 problems but a bitch ain’t 1, hit me.


99 problems and a bitch is my main one


Dare you to name them all.


Here is a list of 37 things that I’m more concerned about: 1. What I want to eat. 2. What I want to eat tomorrow morning. 3. What I want to eat for a snack tomorrow 4. What I want to eat for lunch tomorrow 5. What I want to drink after work tomorrow 6. What I want to eat for dinner tomorrow 7. Is there an omnipotent being watching over us. 8. Do beluga’s fart? 9. If belugas fart can you smell it? 10. Where I want to go for dinner on the weekend. 11. Should I make mojitos or margaritas on Saturday. 12. Is there life after death. 13. Who invented nail clippers 14. Why are dandelions considered weeds, I think they’re great. 15. What do dogs think about 16. Are my dogs happy 17. Are my dogs hungry 18. Shoot I didn’t decide what I was going to eat yet. 19. If I make double the amount of food will i just eat it or save half for lunch tomorrow 20. Oh fun bourbon, I wonder how this tastes. 21. Who first discovered that fermenting grains for you drunk 22. Were pirates recruited, or did they just kind of hop on a ship and say “I’m here to plunder with y’all” 23. What did pirates do when stuck at sea for weeks? 24. Did pirates tell their parents they were pirates, or did they just pretend they “worked abroad”? 25. I should take down my dogs Christmas stockings 26. Have they announced they’re gonna raise the debt ceiling yet 27. Oh shoot I forgot to make food, I guess I’ll just order something. 28. Why did they call it a kit-kat? 29. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood 30. Who’s that person coming up my drive way? 31. Does my life have meaning 32. Should I get more tattoos 33. Should I get matching shirts with my dogs 34. Why isn’t lawn bowling just bowling and indoor bowling called indoor bowling. I have to believe lawn bowling came first. 35. Is Florida really gonna sweep Carolina 36. Could I sell feet pics and quit my job 37. Where do I sell feet pics ……… 10000010000110010101. Selling pride onesies at target


All valid points.


Ain't nobody got time for dat


I mean... I feel like worrying about if King Charles is going to give the throne to his kids before he dies is more important than that sooo... anything above that is more concerning.


Okay I’m not mad like she is but I’m still wondering why? Why are they making sexually oriented clothing for kids? Queer baby?! It’s a valid question


Nothing said queer baby though, did it? Nothing at Target for young kids or babies expresses any sort of sexual orientation. “Bien Proud” just means “very proud.” Other ones say things like “Be Kind!” Families and other allies dress up in rainbows and celebrate pride, too. It’s not sexual to support your parents, family and/or friends identities, loving relationships, and human rights. The tucking swimsuits only come in adult sizes. The “queer” t-shirts are for adults, too.


It’s just marketing. They hope queer people and allies will buy their shit and become attached to the Target brand. Honestly, I think alotta gay people are tired of having their identities exploited to sell cheap clothing made by slave labor.


Stop spamming your hate


Like I said it’s not hate, it’s curiosity. Babies can’t talk, how can they affirm their sexuality?


Like I said it’s not hate, it’s curiosity. Babies can’t talk, how can they affirm their sexuality?


Parents can talk. Parents know their own sexuality. So they do like any parents : buy clothes for their kids that fits represent them. I was putting my baby into star wars clothes. Of course my baby didn't like star wars.


That’s an honest response and a good point. I must admit 🤔


Yeah star wars makes sense, not sexuality stuff, you wanna show support buy a pride flag or donate to a queer organization, but I don’t see any point in doing so for LGBTQ+ orientated clothing for children, oh you like the rainbow then just buy a rainbow onesie and so much of this is just to make money but not for the good cause -however I’m pretty sure target legitimately helps out with LGBTQ+ things


I mean... There are plenty of tshirt for little boys that say "Hide your daughters". I don't see how this is more appropriate than a rainbow on a onesie.


Imagine making drama where no drama is


When i see a program on tv that i dont like, i change the channel.


This lady ain't allowed to judge fashion with that haircut


She's right about "Pride" and "Toddler" not making sense in the same sentence. Humans undergo sexual development in puberty, well after the toddler phase. Association with sexuality before puberty is learned. Call me crazy, but I think it's creepy as all hell to associate kids with sexuality. Same as those child beauty pageants... Just... ewww.


Maybe parents who are gay might like to buy matching outfits for the whole family. That section at Target makes it very easy to do so. That's one legitimate reason I can think somebody might buy a "happy pride!" onesie. I find a pride onesie less weird than the "ladies man" and "heartbreaker" bibs you see around valentine's day.


I had signs of being transgender a while before I went through sexual development. So it’s not all about sex.


And you lived in a bubble, not learning or being affected by your surroundings that whole time? Crazy. Must have been wild. Also, I said sexuality. Being transgender is not about sexuality...


I lived in a bubble? What in the world are you talking about?


>Association with sexuality before puberty is learned. Must have been difficult to read in that bubble. It's ok.


Yeah when I saw a couple holding hands when I was 3 I truly went sex crazy.


You didn't go sex crazy, for many reasons, one of those being that you were 3 years old. That's my point... Toddlers and sexuality make absolutely no sense together. Thank you for agreeing with me.


It's for their parents. My cousin, who is gay had a son with her wife. When they were little, they did put them in cloth that celebrated pride. I only remember one, but it was like I love my two mommies. Now, for 4 years, they are trying to tell him he should not bring up his two moms in school. Which is impossible because it is all he knows. Why are they doing this? Becuase they know there are a lot of hateful assholes who will hate and disenfranchise him just because he has two moms. Thanks GQP. You truly care about children.


So it shouldn’t matter if a gay couple wants to put a pride bow tie on their kid during pride right?


I don’t think you have a concrete definition of sexuality. Sexuality is not just about the physical act of sex, but what encompasses desire, fascination, wanting, belonging, romance, intimacy, pleasure. Sexuality is present in all youth. Do I think kids should be sexualized? Hell no. Never. Do I think kids should be supported and taught in specific healthy ways? Yes. Scandinavia has wellness/sex ed for kids that starts at really young ages about consent, touching, and communication, then with each year as the kid grows, they learn more about their body and others. The goal for everyone is to help children establish boundaries, protect them, and make it clearly understood what their feelings are. I’ve known my sexuality even when I was young. I don’t remember my first gay inklings, but apparently I was very attracted and fascinated by the same-gender as a kid and my parents noticed. Nothing sexual, simply, I was fascinated by actors or certain characters and would draw stick figure me marrying a husband with our crayon colored kids and house. So no, the original commenter is right. Sexuality is present in all of human development, it’s just a matter of how we communicate and educate, and it manifests in certain ways with youth. *I’ve taught health ed. in youth to elder spaces to incarcerated people as part of my clinical and policy work.


It’s not for the toddler. It’s meant for the kid’s progressive parents. It’s just a soulless marketing campaign. The goal is profit, simple as that.


So what big deal if you can't find something that you feel is unacceptable go to another store.But if you find something you like buy it.Thats called freedom of choice.


Omg colorful cartoons on a shirt, a shirt that say being proud. Omg a bathing suit giving extra on the top to keep kids tits hidden or prevent bounce and a space to protect ur winkie if needed dear God the horror.


Its amazing how many people just get so offended by this stuff. Like it literally does nothing to hurt you. Just mind your business and let people be who they want and do what they want.


Ummmm just don’t buy it and when they don’t sell that crap they will stop carrying it….just saying


Booooooo OP stinks


Cool bangs, fartknocker.


9 million children in the US live in food insecure homes. Approx 2.5 million children are homeless in the US. Gun deaths among kids have risen by 50% since 2019. Stop distracting people with petty nonsense when actual awful shit is happening in your country!


“They’re giving it to your kids” no they’re selling it to the parents. If there’s a market for this stuff it’ll sell.


Karen in Training


Target worker here, these people are ridiculous. People like her call the stores and make threats about the pride stuff. Some stores are actually taking the pride stuff down or moving it to the back of the store. They're winning and it sucks. These people will do anything to take control over other peoples lives. Its just clothes. Who cares?


U work at target


Listen if a toddler wants to spend they/their hard earned money to buy a dick tucking onesie. That’s none of your business.


I’m so confused. I thought you picked what you want from a store. I didn’t know you had to buy the stuff. I’m lactose intolerant. Clearly target is trying to murder me by carrying milk. Well I guess I should go drink some. No other choice since they have it. I do realize I won’t die from dairy. Just being dramatic like this dip shit.


I’m all for selling gay pride shirts or rainbow colored stuff for kids … however … the tucking stuff is kind of ridiculous and inappropriate.


She’s lying. She brought different clothes into the kids section. They aren’t selling those as kids clothes. Adults can buy whatever they want.


She should move to Afghanistan or Saudi-Arabia..


Somalia has the most freedom per square mile, if they are shopping around.


Oh no! Anyways...


I assume this person does not have a tiktok video about how upset they are that the richest nation in known history is not feeding all of it's people.


Also, why is it all of a sudden that people hate the lgbt? It's been going on for hundreds of years, grow up


Jfc. Who has the time to be this offended about this? Don’t like the things don’t buy the things. Go have a beer and a hot dog. Read a book. Skip stones from the lakeside. Spend time cherishing YOUR OWN KIDS. Almost anything is a better use of time than this. Life isn’t supposed to be this fucking hard.


I think its the same people that complained about land o lakes, uncle bens, aunt jemima, etc., right??


Because inclusion is becoming promotion and nobody wants a society that promotes to kids who might be troubled that they can escape all their problems by what is essentially genital mutilation and a difficult lifetime of medical care. It's much easier to accept yourself and your body for who you are. A lot of us go through hard years where we absolutely hate ourselves. It usually passes with a lot of hard work. The left, which is necessary in our political system to counter the right, has tilted too far on the whole inclusion thing. A lot of people, even on the the left are seeing the flaws. Neither side of the political spectrum is perfect which is why we need to see the value in the other side sometimes.


How terrible we invite people who society shits on to have a seat at the table. Yes we should exclude people who are different than us. Do you think people of color should be excluded or the mentally ill, or the disabled? I feel sorry of people who think accepting someone is bad even if it's at the cost of their mental health. Lgbtq people kill themselves every day because people say the shit like what your saying.


They're calling you a fascist, lol! The left hasn't gone too far at all.


Here is the deal you can get you little fascist : If you want to make any sort of decisions for my kids, I want to make decisions for yours, *specifically*. If you are not willing to let me decide if your kids "mutilate" themselves, then don't fucking ever spend a second thinking you have a say over mine.


You're a little extreme aren't you? I'd even say psychotic. You want the right to let your kids mutilate themselves? You're such a caring loving person.


They're a literal zealot, it's in their name. There is no discussion with this person, they're going to bully you until you stop replying or until you agree with them. They'll never defend their position about mutilating children, they'll only sidetrack and claim you're a fascist for regulating it. Like how it's illegal in most states for children to get tattoos, or illegal for children to consume alcohol, or for children to drive a car. ITS FUCKING FASCISM ALL OF IT IS FUCKING DISGUSTING FASCISM! /s


They call everyone a fascist for disagreeing with anything they say. There are positives and negatives to everything and someone can take any other view on something because the negatives seem to outweigh the positives to them. They don't realize the are driving people away by saying I'm right and anyone against me is a fascist, murdering Hitler lover.


No surprise that you are dishonest conversationalist on top of being a fascist. Now, to get back on the rational and honest track: Am I deciding over your kids or not. That is all you need to answer. You want to mind your own business or you want me to control your children? Simple fucking question.


How am I a fascist? Someone has to think of the kids that are being encouraged in this crap by " well-meaning" people I guess. I mean there is a whole sub filled with young people r/detrans who wish they weren't led down this road and somehow I'm a fascist for thinking of them and kids to come who will have their lives and bodies ruined? I think you are insane.


Well a hundred reasons all based in what you have written and admitted to freely, primarily, you believe people who want to decide for themselves and their own children are insane people. This is pretty much the full definition of the core emotion of fascism, the belief that the state is more important than personal freedom. This isn't even about what I personally believe in, this is about personal freedom. You can point to one sub with people who regretted a life choice, you could also point to 10 other subs that tell a positive story about transitioning. You just gravitate towards whatever you want to feel like, and that is the problem with you and your kind. A bigger problem than climate change and late stage capitalism. The problem of idiocy. Now. Fuck of fascist.


You should see a therapist. Do you believe children should be able to drive cars? Do you believe children should be able to smoke cigarettes? Do you believe children should be able to buy a gun?


You're so smart and wise! You're so amazingly intelligent! I do gravitate toward those kids who are hurt by this. Because having awful parents and adults in your life encourage you to destroy yourself is terrible. Honestly if you do have kids i hope they get away from you quickly. You are an evil disgusting human being who thinks he's highly intelligent but really has psychosis and is just your typical reddit tool. Btw with respect to the fascist stuff- i never voted for Trump never thought about this crap before.. Then i started to see the insanity coming from disgusting human beings like you. Congrats you are changing people's minds with your insane " its my right to mutilate" kids!


If we should have unfettered freedom, well, how about sex with kids? I mean if the adults agree that's the best thing for \*their\* kids. It's \*their\* kids after all and you cannot tell someone what to do with \*their\* kids. You see, your entire argument is based on the dumbest of dumb premises.


You are the one bringing a republican perspective on things. I know you guys fuck your kids on the regular. Just because you want to diddle your kids doesn't mean you should project on the rest of humanity, you little dirty pedopiggy.


I'm not even American you clown. And your deflecting attempt is poor AF. So you want unfettered freedom or not? Can't answer a simple question, not surprised. Your brain doesn't sound like it functions well.


What the absolute fuck? Dude...


Target would be happy that she is boycotting them.


Mm yes accepting people very bad


They haven't gone woke. They're simply staying attuned to the color that they've always supported...green


Imagine getting offended that a store is trying to sell clothes that fits the needs of certain children... If you don't like it, just don't buy it. Don't try to deny access to clothing for children just because you are a snowflake that cannot endure people being different than you.


It's really no different to complaining that clothes exist in sizes that fit fat people. It's just so mind bogglingly stupid that anyone could possibly complain about it.


Eww what an awful woman


They are selling what people are buying. If you don't want it, don't buy it.


Okay I’m not mad like she is but I’m still wondering why? Why are they making sexually oriented clothing for kids? Queer baby?! It’s a valid question


Technically, they have been making "sexually oriented" clothes for kids since forever. I don't feel like putting a baby in a onesie saying "Queer Baby" is worst than a onesie with "Pretty like mommy" or "Lock up your daugters".


Because... they aren't....


My eyes are deceiving me then?


My eyes are deceiving me then?


No, just your brain. There is nothing sexual here at all.


Pride toddler leggings? You say my brain is deceiving me… interesting


Things sexual in that? 0. At least for normal people.


target has not gone completely woke lmfao. the opposite actually. all "pride" merchandise is now being removed/put in the back of the store. they are a corporation who is trying to make money, just like every other corporation. they stand for nothing


That's due to terrorist threats, not trying to protect their bottom line.


Jokes on Target. The percentage of people that will buy this crap is so small that these items will simply sit in boxes.


Weird. Have you done some market studies on that ? Because corporation like targets do. If they went forward and produce the clothes, it's because they had signals that it would sell.


Yeah the same focus groups that slapped Dylan Mouldybollocks face on a can. That one went well.


It's easy to underestimate bigotry when you want to believe the world is generally good.


That you have more downvotes says a lot about the amount of loons on reddit.


We'll see pal. It's just a phase. You'll get over it.


I have no clue who you are talking about.


Lady.. Shut your unaccepting crappy mouth, no one wants to hear you.


Greasy ass bitch


Dude, you're seriously mad they rebranded unisex clothing? Where's this energy when children are bieng shot in schools by domestic terrorists? i dont see any transphobes making any dramatic stands against children being brutally murdered in what should be a second home. No instead lets go to Target and spew braindead conspiracies into a camera. The lack of self-awareness is so flabbergasting. it's almost entertaining to see you special snowflakes flounder over someone's personal choices, and not about senseless mass acts of terrorism becoming a trend, but then again when you hear the same thing for the zillionth time its not that entertaining. Find a safe space, maybe, and try re-evaluating yourself.


Technically they're selling it to adults for the kids and if you want to do something don't buy it


So, what your saying is Target is done trying to change the minds of adults set in their ways, and has instead decided to change the world by starting at the kid level, so that they grow up thinking it’s okay to be different and it’s okay to accept people for who they are. Hmm 🤔, I see your point, it **IS** great that there doing this, so when fuckholes like you die, the world isn’t still recycling the same homophobic attitudes. Good for you Target keep it up. By the way, here’s some garlic bread and remember sex isn’t everything or anything, join the resistance. Ace squadron move out! ![gif](giphy|FN3nFPckhCq76|downsized)


Changing the world is the last thing target cares about or helping kids. They do it because there’s a profit to it. That’s it.


Who gives a fuck. They aint targeting anyone. They are selling to parents


The shit ain’t for you sis, don’t buy it.


I'm super liberal and I completely agree with her. Rainbows on clothes are fine. Because although the LGBTQ+ community has adopted rainbows as a large part of their iconography, rainbows are not inherently always queer. This is absolutely stepping over a line and is utterly inappropriate for toddlers. Sexuality and expression are for later in life because infants don't have sexualities.


You are not super liberal. If you want to control how people can dress THEIR KIDS, I am sorry to inform you that you are a conservative.


I'm a democratic socialist and proud so.... dont know what to tell you. m not saying we should make it illegal, im just saying its innapropriate. AND HERES WHY... Im sorry that you can't see past the Zeitgeist of acceptance to see the blatant attempt at rainbow washing the toddlers section. Humans typically develop the capacity for sexual expression around the age of 7 - 10. Please tell me how a person below the age of 5 would 1) know that they are sexually attracted to other humans, and 2) understand they have same sex attractions which engenders an attachement with a progressive social movement such as pride? Basically what I am saying is humans below the age of 7 dont even know that they may have non heterosexual preferences Further beyond this humans dont develop the capacity to understand the concept of gender roles until the age of 6 years old, and then further create genital association to these constructs around the age of 10 years old. The act of tucking is done for people who have penises who wish for their genitles to closely represent the apprearance of a Vagina. If a child cant conceptualise the differences between males and females within society until 6 and then understand the connection between gender roles and genitles until around 10..... Why is their underware for children under the age of 5 that has a tuck function?..... It is innapropriate becuase the marketing is clearly targeting parents who follow the zeitgeist and has no appeal to children apart from the pretty colours. It is innapropriate to dress your child in clothing which suggest they are homosexual or transgender BEFORE YOUR CHILD CAN EVEN CONCEPTUALISE WHAT ANY OF THAT MEANS


What a well-formulated response. You must be conservative, lol!


Transgender is not a sexuality, it doesn't have anything to do with sexual attraction.


This isn't an agenda and if you use the word woke you're just letting you're self be swept up by blind homophobia. It's like impossible to argue with you people because you're just on a crusade of hatred. None of those things are about sex. The cards are fine FUCK I wish some one would have done that for me when I was like 10 and I realized I wasn't straight but I had no idea what was going on only that everyone around me always said it was bad and evil, so I kept it hidden and was severely depressed all of my adolescent life. No one is forcing kids to wear those clothes, if a kid feels comfortable enough to ask you if they could try them!? Guess what? You win as a parent your kid trusts and has faith in you that you will try to help them understand them in some of their most confusing parts of their live instead of forcing them to be closeted till their like in their 20s. And here's the kicker, they can fully decide against it as they get older and figure out what's right for them and do whatever feels right for them.


It feels like there’s a missing middle ground here and maybe it’s j the tendency for more extreme opinions to create the motivation necessary drop a comment, but there’s a lot going on here that’s not j Karen v snowflakes. Let me preface, It’s not the end of the world at all and if this were a teen/young adult line of clothing I wouldn’t even pause. However, it’s strange that a massive corporation that’s no stranger to controversy as it relates to marketing, decided to put out a line of clothing marketed to prepubescents that specifically addresses genitalia and secondary sex a characteristics. Additionally, besides the fact that a tshirt catchphrase is a woefully inadequate summation of a child’s struggle to navigate their identity, this line of clothing occupies a disproportionately high percent of their shelf space when compared to the amount of prepubescent children who actually have a need for these highly specific features. This is definitely not a simple miscalculation on the part of a massively sophisticated marketing department. It is deliberate manipulation. They’re taking advantage of the very same mixed emotional responses found in this thread to get people into their stores. Target is abusing of a social climate that rewards sensationalism in order to commoditize children’s identities. I would bet target takes a (fully expected) loss in sales across this entire line for the porpoise of publicity.


You think these shirts catchphrases are about the child? You honestly believe an lgbt onsie is commenting on the infant wearing it?


Anything is possible when you lie… she’s dragging things from other departments (like cards) to the children’s section to complain.


That is false information. There WAS adult items for tucking and binding but NOT FOR CHILDREN.


She’s crazy. 🤣


I wonder how many toddlers went to that target and bought those onsies? O wait, it was their parents... cause their parents choose too. Because they are toddlers.... that don't give a fuck if there's a rainbow on their shirt.


How to prove you're a bigoted asshat. Without saying you're a bigoted asshat.


God these conservatives are moronic.


Why is she filming this like she's exposing some secret. It's out in the open in a bigass "Pride" section. This isn't some secret conspiracy she's uncovering


Oh no, acceptance of diversity!! FUCK!!!


these comments are crazy. i want everyone to google pictures of pride parades and then come back and tell me you’d want that shit being exposed to kids. my homies girlfriend is bisexual and said she’s gone to multiple pride parades and says that kids should never be associated with the lgbtq community or the word “pride” in general. she’s seen so many dudes with their dicks out, and the things people do at pride parades are weird. her mom put 5 dollars in this dudes fanny pack and he started shaking his dick on her face. quite literally slapping her with it. kids and pride should never go together.


She wanted to be slapped in the face by a dick, that's why she gave him 5 bucks.


no, people were saying “put money in his fanny pack!” and she wanted to know why so she did it and then BAM. dick slap


Gay dewds are definitely known for slapping their dicks on women. Would you allow your child to go the saint patrick day parade in Chicago? Because if you would you are just as bad of a parent as someone taking their kids to a pride parade. The saint paddys day parade in downtown is not nearly the debacle that the one on the southside used to be but you're going to see the same type of behavior from 18–30-year-olds heterosexual as you do from 18–30-year-old gays at a pride fest. Except usually their are way more fights at the saint patrick festival in chicago compared to there pride parade.


Bad decision Target. Someone is getting fired….


Well maybe you shouldn't dress like a fat tinkerbell, bitch


I expected this amount of degeneracy from these comments


And I expected to hear some one sound exactly like a Nazi. If you do not mind, please tell me who you think is spreading this degeneracy?


She is full of shit…. She took cards from the card aisle and moved them to the kids section…. Why?


"it's time people do something about it" I vote we throw her into the sea then. Problem fixed. Also, nobody is forcing you to buy this stuff, just like nobody is forcing me to buy Trump memorabilia, fucking ignore it and move on. Jesus fucking Christ in the ass with a big fucking holy cock. Fuck off. Forever.


Okay I’m not mad like she is but I’m still wondering why? Why are they making sexually oriented clothing for kids? Queer baby?! It’s a valid question


It is a very valid question. For some reason, it's now seen as socially unacceptable to have a conversation about it. Especially on reddit. I'm a very left person politically, and this is one thing that is starting to get a little too ridiculous for me.