I literally facepalmed

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This was my question to the teacher during the boys only half of sex-ed classes when I was in 6th grade. We all listened intently as this perplexing problem was swiftly demystified. This is why we need decent sex-ed.


Considering I've met a few women who didn't know as well. Ya, lets raise the bar on how shitty our sex ed is.


Labor tech here: the number of women that ask how the baby is supposed to come out after we place a a urinary catheter is not an insignificant amount. Nearly as many as their male support partners asking.


Aight so nobody will be allowed to pass laws about women's bodies


Let's just ban women in general


Idk man. If prohibition taught us anything, people will just make women in their bathtubs.


Let's ban politicians.


Sounds good


I have no idea why girls don't 'just know'. How can you not notice that pee does not come from the big hole. So many girls find it out from others at like age 12. A girl I knew didn't know this at age 16 lol.


I’ve know a handful of 30+ year old women who didn’t know.


There was a whole orange is the new black episode dedicated to this. And many girls in show didn't know. So, add shows are pretty much documentaries (/s), I assumed it's not common knowledge. I'm am a gay male engineer so I don't know anything about women, so I didn't know that and had frankly forgotten about it until now.


Because we can’t see it. And we’re not super aware of the “big hole” when we’ve never had sex.


My friends told me that they grew up told not to "touch down there". They wiped and bathed, but you couldn't have your hands down their for anything else. Men with penises have a visual of what they are dealing with, girls with hidden to our eye equipment can be confused.


Yeah that was me. Always used pads, conservative family, and so never knew where the vagina hole was




I learned a lesson as a male at six. I wondered what these things under sink were of my mom’s. One that they were my mom’s and I wasn’t supposed to touch them. The other was from trying to hide the evidence. Apparently they don’t sink when you flush them. 😜


Also this hasn’t been mentioned here but my friend has a shallow vagina canal and a slightly offset cervix, so getting the tampon up past her urethra was difficult sometimes and then if she peed it would soak up into the tampon which isn’t great.


Mate I've known women in their 20 and 30's who were arguing with me that they pee out of their clitoris. There was absolutely no proving them wrong unfortunately. They knew better because it was their body. This was in the days before everyone had google in their pockets unfortunately.


Because the urethra is very close to the vagina. It’s basically inside the opening. It does look like pee comes from the vagina. I knew that there where three holes but it took a while to figure out where the urethra opens


I think you are overestimating how much people remember from the 6th grade.


My 5th grade sex ed split the boys and girls into groups, I don’t think we even learned anything about tampons.


To be fair, he’s got a Ph.D in engineering… he’s not ever seen a naked woman irl.


As an engineer I can assure you… this is true. ^(PS — about PhD’s)


Q: How do you tell the difference between an introverted and extroverted engineer? A: An introverted engineer looks at their own feet when they are talking to you, an extroverted engineer looks at *your* feet when they’re talking to you.


Q: How can a humanities major afford to not move back in with their parents after college? A: Marry an engineer.


As a humanities major in a relationship with an engineer I can assure you… this is true


What is a humanities major, anyway?


Someone who has or works towards a degree in subjects that focus on aspects of human thought and culture, thinks like history philosophy, literature, performing arts etc. Basically the opposite of the hard sciences


>Basically the opposite of the hard sciences Things go full circle if you dig a little too deep.


*Behavioral Science/Biology and Neuroscience enters the chat*


Obligatory xkcd: https://xkcd.com/435/


Which as a comp lit major, I can assure you that we are viewed as quite useless… …and yet ironically without us and people passionate about it, there wouldn’t be museums or art galleries (we are quite fun to be with in these places :) ) I wonder if the person who designed the IPad was a Star Trek fan. Does your Engineer have any favourite shows, books, movies? I wonder if any inspire them in their work even if they find a correlation to something. I love the Hard sciences (though my brain isn’t really wired greatly for them always) I have a deep appreciation for them. Though I would argue now more than ever the Humanities are needed. We mustn’t forget our history, where we were, how far we’ve come, the steps we’ve taken backwards. If you don’t know your context in history then we are just stumbling blindly to the next thing. But yeah, no one gives a shit about my degree lol


Ha, substitute Phys.Ed major and it's the story of my life!


I have a master's in civil engineering and live with my parents, no one is safe anymore.


>”I have a master’s in civil engineering…” Well, there’s yer problem right there. CompE folks be *buying* their parents’ s house.


I mean the house is under my name, so they technically live with me, but I'd get choked out if I ever said that to them Also I like dirt and water more than computers.


I like not working at all way more than working, but here we are.


oh fuck yeah dude, that's the real dream, I'd be an absolute goblin if I somehow came across enough money to never work again.


> I like dirt and water more than ~~computers~~ money Fixed it for you. 😎


I mean that's also true.


The delivery on this is usually tightened to: Q: How do you spot the extroverted engineer? A: They look at *your* feet when they talk to you.


He’s had sex with a woman theoretically


“Assume a spherical chicken in a vacuum.”


- assume a spherical rooster in a vacuum - its not vacuum its a vagina


Assume spherical rooster in a vacuum, write up the equations for the model. Assume the vagina can be represented as a series of orthogonal functions...


![gif](giphy|MSgJnzNSMGBc6BpGIc|downsized) I never felt so offended but I agree. FML, literally please.






I'm proud of him for having the courage to ask a lady doctor for the facts. He's willing to learn and grow—and hopefully, Dr. Emily will also explain why it's wrong to refer to her as a "lady doctor".


Bill Nye probably gets a lot of God damn poontang! .... actually he wears a bow tie. Carry on. Edit: I understand now how wrong I am. I've already ordered my bowtie off Amazon. I'm married though, so we'll have to work around that, ladies


I’d venture to guess that anybody into Bill Nye for being Bill Nye does not care about the bow tie.


Pretty sure the Bow Tie makes it hotter for them.


I once heard someone very wise say that bowties are cool.


I've heard a sage proclaim that fish sticks pair excellently with custard


Were they wearing a fez?




Then they were cool, Fezs are cool.


Aw fuck. This made me laugh. Have an upvote 😁


Ah so you love fish sticks then!


Hate toast, though. And apples.


But you love fish sticks don't ya.


Love 'em


TBF, he said the same thing about fezes.


He has to wear a bow tie in order to maintain a normal life. Without it he'd be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of women looking to have his science baby.


I’m a dude and I’d have his science baby


The scientific field thanks you for your contribution


He’s also pro-cloaca, get the most functionality out of a single system


Dear Doctor friend: can you explain how a woman's cloaca works?


Related post in r/EngineeringStudents… https://www.reddit.com/r/EngineeringStudents/comments/13rv5tt/mechanical_engineer_dating/


Yeah she's not making a very good point


Really highlights how weak our sexual education is. The man shouldn’t have to learn where a woman’s urethra is from a sexual encounter


This post falls apart so spectacularly at the slightest examination that it's essentially meaningless. 1. This is just some random guy; his ignorance says nothing about the knowledgeability of men in general or male legislators in particular. 2. There are tons of stories online of women being shockingly ignorant about their own bodies. 3. No one actually evaluates laws based on the demographics of the legislators who passed them. If an abortion ban were passed by female legislators and signed by a female governor, there's a 0% chance Dr. Porter would give it the thumbs-up. 4. There are loads of policy issues that policymakers don't know the fine details of. Proponents of gun control are infamously ignorant on how guns work, for instance. 5. Almost no one _expects_ lawmakers to be experts in every field; that's why they have aides, and take input from their constituents.


It goes further as well: 6. Shaming men for being curious and seeking to be educated only encourages them to remain ignorant 7. The very nature of becoming a PHD necessitates specialization and narrow focus in learning. She might have a valid point if he were a medical doctor, but Engineering doesn't even come close to the study of vaginas.


You dont have to see a naked woman to know that the urethra and the vagina are different holes


Look everyone, we found someone commenting on this who’s not an engineer


I follow a medical reddit and it has posted a case where a woman's urethra has been stretched and damaged because the husband was having penetrative sex through that hole. Neither couple seemed to know they were using the wrong hole. The woman just thought sex was supposed to be painful. I forgot if they had sex ed.


Gonna have to engineer some pain reliever for that nutshot, Cotton.


I will say this though, he had a question and asked it to better himself, rather than assuming he knew.


I think that's a good point, but also shows how you can be highly educated and smart and not know this stuff, so we shouldn't assume legislators know what they're doing when they regulate health care in general and women's specifically.


I will absolutely agree with you. If a legislator truly cared more about others than there opinion though, they would seek information from experts rather than claiming they themselves know.


What do you mean "seeing my wife naked everyday" is not good enough qualification for passing a bill? \s


I’ve seen several women naked, and while I knew that there were two holes, I just recently found out that the urethra is above the vaginal opening. I always thought it was below for some reason.


There are three holes! Lol! We have separate holes for Pee, Pleasure, and Poop!


The pleasure one also doubles as the pain one, since that's where period blood comes from (big oof).


Which is why women can pee with a tampon in. We’ve come full circle


My wife has a PhD and she makes an L with her left hand to tell left and right.




My wife giving me directions while I'm driving: Wife: Turn left here Me (starting to turn left) Wife: No! Left!! Me (stopping, sighing, ignoring honks): OK, which way you wanna go? Wife (pausing, raising her left hand, then her right, pausing): Go right!


That's still way better than my cousin's spouse with a PhD who learned at like 40 that the direction of North isn't "up" in a real world setting.


Oh the joy this comment brought me. I make an L to figure out left from right, but knowing there’s a PhD out there somewhere doing it too has forever changed how I will view this. 😂


100% me, and I have two masters degrees in fairly technical fields.


Why does him being highly educated matter? It’s not like they teach this stuff in engineering


That's exactly his point. Being highly educated in one area doesn't mean anything in an unrelated area.


Point is this should be taught in health class back in high school if not grade school. But no, that would be sexualized education and instead we need to have the 10 commandments in every classroom and ban all books mentioning anything sexual or racial.


Health class? Bruh this should be taught in freshman biology!


Nah bro, biology should be about cells. All about cells. Only cells. There nothing else to biology other than cells. Here cut open this rat, nah we're not going to try and tie this back to anything we've ever talked about. Remember, cells. Also let's soak an egg in coca-cola for a few days cuz that sounds cool. Something something modern food is evil. Okay now let's have a 2 day class discussion about the ethics of GMOs. No were not going to learn about GMOs first. Again, cells. Source: my HS biology class


So fucking true. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


What does that even mean? Do the mitochondria make electricity? Do they make chemicals?


They make ATP which is the molecule your cells use to power their functions. In defense of high school biology, they do provide the very basic knowledge you need to start higher education and I think it's just neat to learn about how your body functions.


It was taught at my high school or someone asked - but that was like 30 years ago and I’ve never had to deal with menstruation ever again. I’m gay so. I’d have no issues grabbing a friend pads or tampons though. And tbh, I don’t remember what the answer is and I can’t logic my way to a good solution myself. I’d also never vote for somebody that was anti abortion though so I don’t feel too bad about not knowing. (I’ll look it up now.) ChatGPT didn’t wanna tell me, btw.


To be fair, how tampon works is not a topic guys would normally research or encounter. On the other hand, when legislators are making law, they should have done their due diligence to research on the subjects involved.


Imagine in good faith asking a genuine learning question and having someone lambast you for having the nerve to not know something they don't directly have to deal with. People like the poster of the tweet make people not want to ask due to ridicule.


Guy at my last job crapped on me because I didn't "ask enough questions". When I asked him a question, he said "Why are you asking such a stupid question? You should know that by now!" I didn't last long there.


Kind of sucks and it really shows how many people are in positions of power that do not fit at all. I had something similar when I was job hunting and got a window washing where they guy I was "shadowing" did not like when I had to ask questions on specialized equipment. The trainer let me go after the day because I asked basic how to questions.


Fuuuuuuck people like that


I think you are misunderstanding the tweet. She wasn’t mocking him for asking a question. She was saying how people who don’t know or understand women are making laws about them. She literally called him a “friend”.


Agreed with your interpretation. I would think (or hope) that she answered his question and then asked if she could post it as a quippy anecdote. (Although I do think it’s funny that I, a gay man who has never seen any of that anatomy because I was delivered by caesarean, knows that this isn’t how they work)


Yea, it's kind of a bit tone deaf that this (OP) is a post...


I thought that too. Dude asked about something he didn’t understand to a friend who is a medical professional Why should he be made fun of for asking questions


A friend who then mocked him on social media. Not a very good friend. She’s just making herself look bad here.


The real question is, how do you poop with a tampon in?


How do YOU poop with a tampon in?


Personally the tampon is removed and then after I finish pooping and wiping I insert a new one. Just feels cleaner and refreshed plus pushing can accidentally push ur tampon further out😐


I only poop when the tampons in my nose need replacing, else I can't smell it.


LPT: put tampons in any poophole, doesn't have to be your own. Let them marinate for at least ten minutes. Remove tampons and insert into noseholes. Result; smell poop & poop poop.


I hate you guys


Sometimes you get so crampy and constipated during that time of the month, and the damn tampon is useless and overwhelmed during the first/really heavy flow days, that everything just gets yeeted right out when you sit on the toilet. Oh, wait, you didn’t want an honest answer, did you?


Spot on. I appreciate a detailed and accurate answer.


Well as a guy... I just poop normally. The tampon gets pushed out in front of the poo, duh.


Are you saying women don't poop normal?


I was informed by my friend, Buzz, that women are perfectly efficient creatures and have no need to poop.


Depends how many tampons they pack in there, now doesn't it?


If you’re honestly asking, I can’t answer for everyone but I take it out before doing my business. Sometimes it means forfeiting a tampon before its time, but in my experience that’s the lesser of two evils because the other evil can be really fucking *evil.*


Trick question. Everyone knows that women don't poop


Either take it out before pooping and out in a new one after, or if I just put in a new tampon and don't want to waste it or experience the horribleness of pulling out a dry tampon, I hold a piece of toilet paper against the tampon so I don't accidentally push it out.


Just in case you want a real answer... You don't. That's a take it out moment.


Wait, I'm reading the replies to this--I thought we were all reaching down to hold the tampon string out of the way while we pooped? But everyone's saying they take it out 😭


This is what I do! You are not alone lol


The pee is in the balls


No. The cum is in the balls, stupid. The pee is in the scrotum.


so the cumballs just float around in the pee?


Always have 🌎🤯🔫👨‍🚀


I hate this.


We got two balls, one for pee and the other for cum, obviously.


I knew there was a reason they felt so heavy and look like two grapefruits fighting in a leather bag.


I'm not a doctor, but according to my deep research in this comment section, you either need to pee or give birth my friend.


he's an engineer, should have just shown him a diagram.


Or a Flow Chart?




As my embedded systems professor used to say “Read the data sheet, if you don’t understand it, read it again”


It takes about 6 reads for something really technical to just make sense for me.


Technical things never make sense, but after enough reads you can gaslight yourself into believing that something works hard enough to trigger some sort of external placebo effect. That's how I passed E&M.


She's an MD, the diagram would have been full of indecipherable scribbles.


A free body diagram


I mean tbh there are many post of women themselves not knowing that had a second hole down there


Lol I was about to say the same thing. I’m a doctor and I’m never surprised at the type of questions people ask. If anything the people who THINK they know everything are worse than the people who aren’t embarrassed to ask openly.


I’m a guy but I just learned about this last year. I’m 36.


To be fair, your username suggests this isn't your primary area of interest anyway.


Women have a separate super teeny hole to pee from.


Where, like in their armpit or on their back or something?


It’s normally in their jewellery box somewhere


What if someone steals it? How do they pee then?


That’s how they protect the jewelry box. Someone tries to steal it and **bam** pocket piss.


So, I am a man. I understand how all of this works just fine… That being said, this subject came up recently when I had just finished being intimate with a 20 something year old woman. She was not aware that there was a separate tiny hole for the pee to come from. She proceeded to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about and wouldn’t hear any more because she’s a woman and she knows how her own body works. 🤦🏼‍♂️


My wife is a midwife and she was looking after a woman during a particularly long labor. The woman needed to have a catheter inserted and voiced concern "but then how will the baby get out?" so my wife had to explain to the woman how her body worked.


Umm I think slept with a dude, man


What's amazing is the number of WOMEN who don't know this, and don't really think about it. ...which I sort of get because it's super fucking hard to see.


I did IT at my university while getting my degree and let me fucking tell you: A PHD means an extreme depth of knowledge... regarding *one* subject - and very often, only a particular *part* of one subject. You do need a baseline intellect to acquire a doctorate, but it's not as high as people think. The complete and utter lack of anything resembling forethought or retention that some of these guys and gals displayed regarding the most basic infosec and accounting principles really dropped the scales from my eyes. The easiest phishing targets were PHDs. I had to clean malware off the laptop of the head of the finance department at my school *multiple times*, and he got super asshurt when I made recommendations regarding his browsing habits. He kept forgetting that anything wit ".exe" after it was likely malicious. I knew exactly what kind of porn this idiot liked by the end of my tenure at the help desk, simply because I kept finding "weirdfetish.mp4.exe" in his downloads folder. Maybe only tangentially related to the main thrust of the post, but it's still good to understand. Person has a doctorate in physics? They're good at physics. You have their level of competence in everything else.


Spot on. The man has PhD in engineering, doesn't mean he will naturally know details of human biology


To be fair, there are women who don't know this either. How, I don't know. Except maybe because it's traditionally been more taboo for women to explore their bodies.


It's because sex education is the US is an absolute joke, if it's even allowed to be taught at all in the state you're living in.


I don't think it's much better anywhere else i remember having maybe 2 lessons on sex ed in the UK


Doesn’t matter if he has a phd, he was just trying to become more knowledgeable


He has a PhD not a Pee hD


God damn it


Yeah, fuck him for trying to understand something he is ignorant about. Get your pitchforks and rocks, everyone. We got a stoning to do.


You mean his engineering courses going through advanced calc didn't do measuring pressure of piss and the amount of work it would take if the woman were doing a tub girl?




Your point about changing it anyways when we have to pee is spot on. Surface tension means it flows down the string hanging out, and there's no way I'm tucking a wet string soaked in pee back into my panties. It's gross.


I was going to say, his question wasn't necessarily weird because the answer really is "we don't". It's not that we can't or anything, it's just that it would be awkward and then gross after.


>Also as afaik many change the tampon when they have to pee anyways. Yes, but it's not a good idea to change a tampon that's too dry so changing every time you pee isn't a good thing unless you have a really heavy period, as a dry tampon can cause microtears coming out & hurt. Women just hold the string out of the way so they can still use the good tampon.


The urethra is not at the opening of the vagina, it's much farther up the vulva, like cm away.


It actually can vary a lot depending on the women. Some women have it higher and some women can have their urethra very close or right at the opening of the vagina. Urethras can vary vastly in placement :)


2 of my ex girlfriends had no idea that the hole they pee out of was a different hole than the one where babies come out of until I told them. The first one ran in to the bathroom with a mirror and came back out and said "omg you're right". This is not just a man thing. This is a "I did not pay attention in biology/sex ed" thing.


Yeah, I didn't find out until last year that women can pee with a tampon in. I'm a 28yr old woman. I never use tampons.. and I definitely didn't pay attention in sex Ed.


Isn't it a fair question tho? Someone can know all the technicalities without knowing the details. Like, does pee ever get on the string or anything?


Yeah I don’t think this implies he doesn’t know about the urethra. I never pee with a tampon in. It gets pee on it.


What an idiot, everyone knows women dont pee/poo.


One man doesn't know. This is proof that all men don't know.


People need to stop shaming others for not knowing stuff like this. This was very likely a genuine question, seeking knowledge, and was her opportunity to educate him - for which he would have probably been grateful. Instead her first thought is to try to humiliate him online for likes.


I know a girl who she actually had no idea that women pee from a different hole either until recently lol


I also wouldn't trust a guy with a PHD in engineering to design a website. Not without knowing if he has had experience with web design. Anyone in any field could know about these kind of things. Its not guaranteed, but you definitely shouldn't assume they don't know shit about one thing just because they went to school for another. Don't let idiots like this create prejudice against others.


Okay maybe so.... but this is bad logic. What if it were reversed and some man was making the argument against women making decisions on 'X' issue because "I know this one woman and she's really ignorant about 'X'" It's just another generalization and those don't really help anyone TBH.


Had someone stop mid beej to ask if she could get pregnant from swallowing. Not made up.


I agree, but, you know, Kay Ivey, Kristi Noem, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kim Reynolds all are women passing laws about what women can do with their bodies. This isn't a gendered issue. It's a political party issue.


I asked a woman with an MD how to write computer software and she didn’t even know what a compiler was. Women shouldn’t be using technology if they can’t even write the software it requires /s


Having a phd in engineering doesn’t really mean he observes, record and interpret woman peeing with tampon with a control set of another woman peeing with no tampon.


They DO NOT cover human female anatomy in any engineering class.


Well to be honest like do you have to like hold the string to the side, so doesn’t get paint on it. Yes paint.


Nah just tuck it in my asscrack 😌


I don’t pee with a tampon in. I don’t get how this is a stupid question. No matter how much you try to hold the string out of the way it’s gonna get pee on it. I always change my tampon when I go to the bathroom.


This argument is stupidly flawed itself


There's a lot of women not qualified to make laws governing women.


I'm a 31 man. Just two weeks ago I learned the clitoris is not some small thing inside the vagina, but a whole sexual organ, and that its visible part is just a small portion of the whole thing. Now you tell me women have another orifice to pee? Any other surprises I need to be aware of? I knew sex ed was crap in general, but man, now I feel like I know nothing.


I remember a politician asking a doctor about swallowing a pill with a micro camera to watch the fetus or something like that. And She respectfully holding Her laughter explained to Him the stomach is not connected to the uterus.


And this is why we need doctors that are not so stuck up and dunk on anyone with a seemingly obvious question. People wanna learn things. I bet this doctor knew all about her field before starting her schooling and didn't need any answers.


Ridiculing people for asking things they don't understand is a recipe for ignorant people.


So because a man whose field is completely unrelated to woman’s health asked a question about a women’s health and subsequently disqualified all men from being involved in the discussion around it. That sure makes sense and isn’t bigoted at all.