Start him unless you have a better option. Throw week 1 out the window in regards to everyone who played in that game. Weather was a mess.


This. If someone dropped a player like Kmet, easy pickup right now


‘Start him unless you have better options’ interesting concept. But yea Darnell Mooney is not the level of player—-nor did you draft him as such—where you need to rely on him. You absolutely should have a better option. He’s got Jaire Alexander. Sit Mooney and make him prove it


Jefferson tore up that secondary. Yes Mooney isn't Jefferson, but I could see him doing well in a game where the Bears will be fighting to put up points


Jefferson lined up against a CB[ less than 50%](https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasyfootball/comments/xdhqgc/mcfarland_last_season_justin_jefferson_saw_24_of/) of the time. I don't think that's gonna happen for Mooney. Still, another team in my league just dropped him.


Bears don’t scheme their WRs open like MN did against GB. Game will probs be low scoring. Also Mooney is no where close to being on JJs level so to assume mooney would replicate is hyperbole.


Which is why I said Mooney isn’t Jefferson. Mooney is Field’s only weapon in a game where they’re playing from behind most likely. He’s a flex play at worst


I missed that part my bad.


the pack usually don't have Jaire shadow


Field threw 19 times and completed 8. Weather was horrible. Just pretend like nothing happend and it is week one all over again for the bears (and 49ers).


There’s a thread titled WDIS (who do I start) that this is better suited for.


I apologize, new to the page👍🏼


I picked up Curtis Samuel and I’m wondering if he would be better to Flex than Mooney? I benched Mooney last week for D Pierce and not looking to do that again, but I wonder if it would be better to flex Samuel instead of him this week. Also, I have McLaurin so I don’t know if that factors into the equation.


IMO if you went out to get Samuel, use him now while he's hot and healthy. I am a Justin Fields/Bears truther but it's a tough matchup. I think Mooney is Fields' guy but I'd want to see it first. Playing two Commanders receivers is a bit rough, but they got Detroit. If you're not going to play Samuel now, why'd you pick him up?


I lost Allen so I picked up both Landry and Samuel because I didn’t trust the 2 receivers on my bench, Pickens and Mooney, they might be very good receivers but the Pitt offense looks terrible and fields will run more than he throws, dropped Pickens and thinking about dropping Mooney for Hebert, I also lost Mitchell I know weather was a factor and SF has a good defense but I just don’t have confidence in starting Mooney


I ended up with Mooney on my team but I'm not as bullish as others and am not starting him this week. My reasoning is: 1. Mooney was a target hog down the stretch last year, but all the double digit target games came in games where Andy Dalton was the starter. People have been hyping up his chemistry with Fields, but it just hasn't been apparent on the field. 2. Bears line is still terrible, bottom 5 unit in the league. Pass protection is a huge question mark, Mooney runs mostly intermediate to deep routes so unless they change his route tree I'm not sure how much time Fields will have to throw. 3. His red zone usage is highly questionable. He's not a big guy, so most of his TDs will have to come from big plays or schemed touches. Haven't seen them really use him in the red zone like the Chiefs used to feature Hill or the 49ers would use Deebo, but there's still some hope with the new coaching staff. 4. This week's matchup against Green Bay is a tough one. I'm not convinced he's matchup proof yet, he struggled against Jaire Alexander last year and had 65 yards and a TD across 2 games.


Would you drop him for Godwin or Metcalf?


Not sure what league you are in where either of those guys are available, but if Mooney is sitting on your bench and you don’t need to start him, then Godwin will almost certainly be more dependable once he gets back. Even Metcalf is a more talented player in a similar situation (bad offense), maybe less of a target hog than Mooney could project to be but also should get more valuable targets.


Thanks! We have very shallow benches so people are constantly forced to drop players. I actually drafted Mooney and Godwin but someone just dropped DK so I was curious. Very tempted to drop Mooney for him.


It's a close call, season long they have similar value but DK has a better matchup this week - if I had to choose to start one it would be DK this week


This guys my WR2 and I was hoping to see him peppered with targets. Something needs to happen this week god damn it.


Here’s what I’d bet good money on: the game plan against Aaron Rodgers doesn’t call for Fields to throw eight completions. (And if it does…Heaven help us.) Target share on paper is going to be very volatile from that week 1 game. Mooney is good, and should get looks. Now unfortunately that Packers defense is also good, and I’m not sure how well we’ll move the ball…but at least it won’t be because Mooney has been supplanted by, like, Dante Pettis. He should be comfortably our best big play option, and likely our best option in a lot of situations.


In draft season I didn't understand how Mooney was going WR17-22 range and Christian Kirk was going WR28-WR33 range. I figured they were both on dumpster fire teams the year before, with bad QB play. So I faded Mooney and targeted Kirk because if I'm gonna grab a WR from a bad team I might Atwell grab one attached to the QB people have said is the best since Luck. I don't think Mooney is a game changing athlete and I don't think Fields is consistent enough to make Mooney startable.


All the water made the game a wash, lol.


Mooney is the only player on the Bears offense who looks to be fantasy relevant.


How about on their RB situation? Are nether of them worthwhile?


It looks like both backs are worthwhile. Montgomery is mostly startable now as an rb2 and Herbert has the potential to be flex in deeper leagues already (very low-end) but could get more work. He’s a really good runner


Thanks. I appreciate it! We've got 12 teams and a lot of people just have a bunch of RBs and WRs on the bench, rather than backup QBs, TEs, etc.


I think they’re both good football players but for fantasy, are you really going to rely on either of them? Hopefully not.


That's fair, thank you!


Bears fan here. Mooney is probably the only guy I'd feel halfway decent about starting from the Bears roster. When he has good games, it'll probably be because he grabbed a long ball or two -- as opposed to a high receptions total. The Bears offense is just too crappy to sustain many fantasy producers. The offensive line might be the worst in football. Fields didn't complete a pass to a WR or TE until the 3Q last week, and the majority of his yards were on broken plays and blown coverages (but to his credit, he did make the plays -- it just wasn't a methodical offense by any means). Montgomery looked much worse than Herbert in the Bears new zone blocking scheme, so that might be trending towards a split backfield. Kmet was a no-show. It was pretty ugly Sunday. The 49ers bailed the Bears out with a bunch of bad penalties to keep drives alive, and blown defenses to help Chicago score. Hopefully the rain had more of an impact than I think it did, but I don't have a lot of hope for an offense with multiple rookie/2ndyr starters on the OL and a receiving group that is Mooney and a pile of waiver WRs. The defense might be decent though, lol.


I rather start Joshua Palmer than Mooney for this week


Doing that exact same thing in my dynasty league. Chiefs-Chargers is going to be a shootout and I want as many guys from that game in there. Still, Mooney should be a lot better than what we saw Sunday since they won't be playing in a monsoon every game (hopefully).