Gym equipment. Use it everyday.


Same, it came in super handy during the pandemic lockdown


If you haven’t used a Tonal before I would shamelessly plug them (I have no interest in the company, just a happy user). From a weight lifting standpoint it’s not a squat rack and plates but for most people it’s going to far exceed your needs on nearly all moves.


So much this Best 4,000 dollars I ever spent (well, 6,000 after needing to reinforce the wall I wanted it on lol) I went from casually lifting once every couple weeks to mix up cardio/peloton — to lifting nearly daily for 3 months. It’s addictive It looks subtle and sleek compared to the freaking cluttered mess of weights across the floor I used to have All my free weights have been moved to storage and I doubt I’ll see them again till I give them away


Can you let me know how it has held up? I was worried it would go the way of bow flex and become a coat rack. I’m not into biking - peloton was out. But I was thinking of getting the mirror. The tonal looks interesting. The space saving alone.


I’ve only had it for 3 months. And early adopters are still under 3 years of use That is a big question though—the machine is not repairable. If a warranty repair is needed, the entire machine needs to be exchanged


What has turned it into a habit for you? Any specific things that should tip the scales for me vs perhaps a gym and/or personal trainer? I’m a fan of tech gadgets and assume it has software feature that assist with making it addictive, right?


Yea it’s definitely the “gamer” aspect that does it for me. Same reason peloton was more effective than other workouts I used to do. In tonal, each set gives you the chance to set a new pr, or increase the future weight by one lb by just adding on one extra rep at the end. This all contributes to an overall strength score that you can see where you fall on the bell curve of all tonal users That and it’s just so much less cumbersome than weights. If I did a workout before, I would need to pull 20s, 25s, 30s, 40s, 50s dumbbells out individually. They cluttered the floor and got mixed up. And then when I was finished and physically fried I would have to put them all back away. Tonal automatically remembers your last weight used on a rep, and you can increase or decrease the weight a dial on the screen or your Apple Watch. If you struggle, it senses it and lowers your weight for the next set. If your form sucks, it tells you I dont think it would beat the results from a personal trainer and fully stocked gym, but I despise going to the gym so that was never an alternative option for me. Also it caps around 200 lbs so it’s not for power lifters


Nice flex… literally and figuratively.


Spending $25k on my teeth was the best decision ever. Was always self conscious about them and now I can't stop smiling I bought them when I started to make money though, not when I had what I have now (which still isn't like some of you have)


Damn i always wanted to do it, but I'm afraid of ruining my teeth with veeners. I already did a normal braces + whitening ecc.. but veeners are on another planet!


Just get bonding, they add it on top of your teeth to shape them and they're incredibly strong.


Bonding is not a treatment modality in of itself. You can bond crowns, you can also bond veneers and fillings. You're probably talking about fillings? In which case it's not really correct to say that they're incredibly strong.


haha indeed you use them daily. I spent almost $10k for orthodental braces some years ago, same for the wife. I hope I can keep my teeth for a while


Hot tub, putting/chipping green, espresso machine. $12k, $5k, and $5k respectively.


Surprised the hot tub was more than the putting/chipping green


Can get behind the hot tub in a hilariously practical and cheap way. We’re not fat, but are working towards it and being pretty frugal in the meantime (just don’t look at the garage or travel…eek). So every Valentine’s Day I’ll buy my wife something funny, usually inexpensive, and idiotic (think chocolate fountain, margarita machine, etc)… This year I purchased an inflatable hot tub…. We always use hot tubs on vacation and discussed purchasing a nice one, but really don’t have the room and didn’t think we’d use it at home anyway…. Well, unexpectedly, we used the heck out of this gag gift I bought this Valentine’s Day. Will definitely purchase a real one once we wear this one out, my concern is that it’s relatively well built (it seems if similar construction to a dingy / inflatable boat) and won’t wear out anytime soon…. Until then, we’ll just be the Clampetts of our neighborhood and keep using it in the winters…lol….


Out of curiosity, could you link to the one you bought?? I always thought inflatable hot tubs were a joke!


Here’s the one I purchased. It looks like it’s gotten a little more expensive since I got it, but I’d still pay that for one. SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Spa 4-6 Person https://www.walmart.com/ip/363887342


I saw them at Costco though I’m not sure if that’s the one OP got. They were about $300-400 IIRC


I love this. I've seen those camping (yes someone has one set up camping at the lake!) and they look pretty neat! We're also prepping for a new hot tub in our new place. Our last one was from the early 2000s and wouldn't have survived the move...


A hot tub was not something we would ever just decide to buy, but there was one installed on our roof when we bought our house and it's awesome.


As someone who recently purchased a $6k hot tub, this wasn’t worth it and we barely use it. Prefer the stand alone soaking tub more.


Everyone's different. We live in the SE US and used ours 2-3 times a week about 7 months out of the year. Buying a new one soon (but agree a big fancy one probably isn't necessary for our purposes either. You can get a decent one for $2-3k these days.)


$2,500 espresso machine. When my dad died, he left me some money. It’s the only thing I bought. I smile whenever I think about him.


I thought I’d getting one but I don’t have the energy to deal with it every morning before work so I just use a nespresso machine. Maybe after I retire.


I mean I love my nespresso... It's obviously not replacing a top of the line traditional machine, but if you get the more expensive capsule line it kicks the shit out of K cups for coffee and does very good espresso.


I started with espresso machines for the stronger coffee in the mornings, but recently transitioned to the ol’ traditional stovetop coffee in a moka pot and a manual pump frother. Not only did I save a bunch of money on this switch because it’s much cheaper than an espresso machine, but the quality is top notch.


Nice. Funny, isn't it? I have a moka pot, French press, espresso machine, aeropress, chemex, Turkish coffee... And 99% of the time, I just do a simple V60 pour over because it makes a nice cup of black coffee.


The Breville Nespresso machine is fucking awesome


You have to get the in-wall ones. They grind the beans, pull the shot for you, and even go so far as to make you cappuccinos and things if you’d like. It’s like an automated barista. All you have to do is add beans occasionally. They are hardwired to water lines in your house.


That’ll be really nice. I just finished remodeling my kitchen unfortunately it’s not happening soon.


Not enough control, if you really want to optimize your coffee. If you just want to press a button and get coffee, it's fine.


“I don’t have the energy to deal with it in the morning so I just use Nespresso” - suggesting for the OP, not necessarily you. Also, you can change the water temp, quantity, and how tightly the coffee is ground. About the only thing you can’t control is the tamp. So not sure exactly what you are missing? I just get my espresso from the barista. And one of the houses I lived in had an electronic barista in the wall and I loved it.


This is the way. . I remember the first Nespresso commercial with George Clooney in 2006 and thought, "1. Why is George Clooney doing a commercial in the United States. 2. Is this like Sanka.... a grandpa coffee? 3. Whatever." Now I have one at home and both offices.


Besides my iPhone and Mac, the Nespresso machine is my third fav machine. Have one in our home and have one in Surrey, England storage for when we spend the summer there, usually three months a year. When I go away on biz, if the hotel room doesn’t have one, I really miss it, but more and more hotels have one in room. Love my Nespresso!


How is it better than a $100 machine? I use the cheap one at home and we have an expensive one at work and I can’t really tell the difference, but I’m not that savvy about coffee. Is it something about how the hot water flows through the coffee having more pressure or something? Edit: I can however taste the difference between fresh ground beans and pre ground so there is that. I’m not talking about capsule coffee but the difference between a cheap espresso machine and an expensive one, both pushing hot water through freshly ground coffee.


If you’re not a coffee person you probably can’t tell. My husband: such an espresso person he would never order beans online unless they promise a roasting date within a very brief window. He shuns fully automatic espresso machines and has a grinder that cost more than my engagement ring and that takes up an ungodly amount of counter space. Me: will happily drink a Starbucks vanilla latte 20 years of attempted reform has left me unable to care about which espresso tastes better. It’s all coffee to me.


I'll spend many thousands of dollars per year on coffee and coffee accessories, but will also happily drink a Starbucks vanilla latte.


It’s like you’re both me and my husband combined into one person. My god, you must be amazing.


>My husband: such an espresso person he would never order beans online unless they promise a roasting date within a very brief window. I have friends that roast their own beans, and it's a lot more about taste+flavor than being FAT. I don't have that kind of foresight and discipline (I JUST WANT MY ESPRESSO NOW), but I love when they make me coffee.


Thank god he hasn’t started roasting his own beans. He just buys them from local roasters. As you say it’s not particularly more expensive, but an indicator of how weird he is about optimizing his coffee. If 20 years of marriage to that man hasn’t fixed my taste in coffee, nothing will. I’m just a plebe.


Jura S8


I knew someone was going to have this answer.


I bought a $4K Decent Pro semi-automatic espresso machine. It’s computer-driven driven with an android tablet for its user interface. Also a NicheZero grinder for a couple hundred dollars. Everyone wanted to get their own coffee machine after March 2020 due to so many people working from home when COVID hit so both were back ordered for many months since COVID also compounded supply-chain issues.


I agree with this. I am using a Breville Dual Boiler and Niche Grinder. Love it.


Fertility treatments / IVF - kids laughter and tears remind me everyday :)


Odyssey G9 monitor. I love it dearly.


It really is phenomenal. Hopefully the 4000 series GPUs will be able to push it over 60fps; my 2070 super is definitely insufficient!


Depending on the game the upper tier 30 series (3080/3080TI/3090/3090TI) will easily break 120fps while some can max out the 240fps limit. I get like 350fps on Rocket League with a G9 + 3090TI.


You must mean 120 or 240. A single stock 3090 can do 60 on just about every bit of potential content.


I didn’t know what this is, looked it up, and now desperately want it. I use my computer for email, Microsoft word and to look at pictures of dogs. But I must have the G9.


r/ultrawidemasterrace G9 seems excessively wide to me, I don't know that I want that for work, but for flight sims and such it's the next best thing to a full VR flight sim setup. I'm eyeballing the LG 38WN95C-B as a good work/gaming monitor. USB-C means fewer cables to leave my work Macbook plugged in and easy to hot swap.


Yeah, unless you have a 3090 for flight sim, it's too many pixels. I have a 3440x1440, RTX3070, and 5800x3d and I'm just in the high 40's low 50fps in MSFS. I like flying the FBW A320, but looking forward to the PMDG 737. I occasionally play with a Quest 2 headset, but it gets pretty bad. Flying with a headset near the ground is what you want, but that's also where fps suffers the most.


Same. Bought it in 2020 and was planning on getting a 3080 to drive it. Damn crypto miners bought them all up, so the 1080Ti will do for now. 3080s are available now, but I plan to hold out for the 4080/90s at the end of the year. 🤞


$5,000 Kohler veil toilet. It's pretty magical


WTF... >Emergency flush supports up to 100 flushes during power outage with simple touch-button activation. Awesome, my dumb toilet will flush as long as there's water.


My toilet has this technology! It's called a bucket of water.


I second your wtf....


Haha, right? Another thing technology should not be involved in.


Some places you won’t get water when power is out, such as homes who rely on well water.


1. Miele Countertop Espress/Cappucino Machine (CM6350) 2. 14 Stereo Zone Home Audio System backed by Monoprice 6-Channel Amps, Sonos, and Home-assistant 3. 20 Ring Cameras 4. Steamshower 5. Home Theater with 8 easy chairs, 110" screen, and 7.2 audio system


I bought a pretty expensive ($10k-ish) ebike. I love it, makes trail riding a lot more fun.


I recently purchased/built a fairly expensive DIY electric longboard and can say spending the extra is totally worth while with all types of EV's. Buy nice or buy twice kind of thing applies here. I love this death trap of an EV. Street and trail riding is so much better when you don't gotta do any of the work!


I picked up a $4K Dualtron Thunder scooter (max 50 MPH) and a $2K electric unicycle (max 30 MPH) as well as all the protective gear, which has already saved my ass once! I have more fun with the electric unicycle since I can have food in my left hand and a drink in the other hand while onlookers gawk. Both were great for commuting before COVID hit.


How many watts? Did you trail ride before?


I got a Specialized Turbo Levo a couple years back, not sure on the motor specs exactly, but it's awesome and more power than I need. Yes, I always rode, but this just makes the long climbs way easier, so I ride for longer and get to do more of the fun part :)


Lasik with unlimited touch ups. ~$5k last year. The only regret I have about lasik was that I didn’t get it sooner.


Anything that you're worried about long term? Did the process go smoothly? I want Lasik (shitty vision; tired of glasses) but I'm a little worried about the whole surgery thing.


I had an eye trauma as a child and have been deathly afraid of having anything touch my eyes. To the point where I’d sign a waiver at the eye dr so they wouldn’t dilate my eyes. I finally over came it. The surgery sucked. I did not like it. But it was well worth it. The surgery itself is extremely fast. There’s more prep than anything. You can’t drive after getting it. Everything looks like it’s underwater for several hours. I did get a side effect. About 1/1000 people will see rainbows around lights, I was the 1. That’s basically gone away but see it rarely. I do find driving at night to not be as easy because I am way more sensitive to bright lights at night than I was before it.


I've heard the rainbow effect and other side effects are more common than stated. Or maybe it's just people would report it more often. I'm debating getting LASIK as well but just unsure about the risks of side effects.


How do you ensure you’re getting the best doctor/facility? They all seem a little sales-y, hard to get trustworthy reviews…


I checked out 2 places. One was local. Other was lasik vision institute, and they have locations all over the USA. Ended up going with lasik vision institute. The only “sales question” I was asked was how soon do you want to do it. It was because the exam is only good for so long. They don’t want to waste their time on someone just to have to re do it. At the end they said I was a candidate and it costs roughly $5k and gave me two different days to schedule it if I wanted.


Not sure it’s a fat fire purchase, but a nice bidet and concept 2 rowing machine.


I rowed in high school and college and 15 years later I still get anxiety whenever I see a concept 2 erg. But, it's probably the most efficient workout you can do.


48" range with a griddle. $10+k. Oven on it takes forever to heat up though and I cook most oven bound things in a $150 air fryer.


Lol I have a dacor 36" that is awesome but the oven in it is a piece of crap. I feel your pain.


Blustar here. The burners and griddle are amazing. The oven can fit a full baking sheet which is awesome when you're cooking for a group, but for meals for 2-4 people, air fryer is so much quicker and easier.


Completely agree. Exactly the same for us.


We have a 36” Wolf with a griddle but man, as excited as I was about the griddle when I bought the house, I just don’t use it as ubiquitously as I thought


Have the same Wolf range and I use the griddle more than the burners and oven combined. The consistency and ease of use is great, you gotta start using it more!


This is the culinary kick in the ass I needed! I’m gonna do it.


The air fryer is something else. I was late to the air fryer party, and I have no idea how I survived without it.


F, our Thermador oven is the same. Glorious 6 burner top is great, but the oven is complete garbage. Convection is uneven, regular bake takes forever.


$10K for my main home theater speakers $10K for the NordicTrack home gym (wife uses that, I keep telling myself I will) $5K in styli for my vinyl record collection $20K in records 50ft Yacht About to pull the trigger on $100K bathroom and kitchen remodel I mean, once you break the fucking dam on spending the money you earned really hard, you learn that there is a ton of joy in just having fun. Can't take it with you, might as well use it.


You use a 50 ft yacht daily? Do you live on it?


No, I don't... well kinda... I've been on the boat for 2 weeks doing stuff on it getting it ready for the boating season. We are on it at least 2-3 times a week and we take it out almost every weekend. It is our happy place... both my wife and I work remotely and often we will drive out to the marina and work from the boat because it's such a great view.


Pretty good use rate. That’s a lot of boating. Enjoy.


Yeah, i grew up on the water and our plan is once the kids are gone to live on a boat.


Do you always apply sunscreen?


Kitchen remodel is so worth it!


I don't know if anything is really worth putting $100K into it but to be honest, we can so we are.... nothing much else to it!


$100k is not much in a kitchen remodel..not trying to be snark but I have undergone a kitchen renovation and currently undergoing one at vacation home. Both are more than $150k and nothing extraordinary


I build homes and I am surprised anyone in this sub’s kitchen remodel would only cost $100K. Granted that’s what most 3/4K sqft homes run and it isn’t necessarily exponential when it’s bigger but most of my clients who I’d consider fatfire can spend a quarter mil on a kitchen all day long


Yeah. It is $100K cause I am doing the teardown myself, and the flooring. I need some walls moved, and I hate doing the sheetrock. I also have a good line for the granite tiles and hardware, so I am supplying that myself. So essentially I need someone for the rough in work, tiles, and I'll do the demo and flooring myself once it is all done. Otherwise it would be $250K easily for the work I need done. But I like getting my hands dirty and most contractors in this area are 3-6 months out... so if I do my own teardown, I can speed up the process quite a bit.


Yeah... I just spent $40k for small 18 foot stretch of cabinets for my pool house bar. Thinking of what kind of costs I would incur by doing a full kitchen, that would definitely be at *least* in the $250k range for materials, appliances, install, contractor overhead, etc.


I was tempted to put in a Gaggenau combi steam oven but vacation home is in a rural area where most homes have kitchen aid or Bosch. I couldn’t find a dealer nearby that carried the brand and I was afraid I couldn’t get anyone to service it.


I’m not familiar with that brand so forgive my ignorance for comparing. But I’ve got a Wolf steam oven (which is probably more common as far as future servicing) and I love it. To everyone in this sub who’s considered one, its worth it. The amount of accurate presets that can take a food item from defrost, sou vide, slow cook to a finish broil with one button or even something as simple as frozen appetizers is insane. Some spy kids magic microwave level shit


Gaggenau is a high end German appliance manufacturer. I am no expert, but when I was looking into appliances they seemed to be pretty similar to Miele.


How much do the fatFIREy homes sell for?


I mean with custom homes sky’s the limit. There’s also high end remodels because buying something right now is still hard to say the least. But the funny thing is, you typically see a lot more value in high end remodels. Less of a market cap when it comes to comps and at the end of the day, a full scale remodel for 2/3K sqft home is going to be in the ballpark of a quarter mil and a 5/6K sqft high dollar home will be in 300-400K if you stay lean. But the 2/3sqft house is probably staying around a mil with comps where as the high end can stretch it to the 1.5-3 range so you see more return on the equity put in


you can spend well over 100k on all new kitchen appliances alone never mind a full remodel


I know... the $100K is with me doing the tear down to the bare studs and re-installing the floors. Because that's fairly easy to do for me. If I wasn't, it would be $200K easy... but I like getting my hands dirty!


Gotta tell me about the styli you got


Hana SL (That thing is so fucking smooth and nice, my first MC cart and it opened my eyes and ears to what truly magnificent sound might be) Grace F9 with Boron Cantilever Contact Line diamond Grace F9 with Ruby Cantilever and Optimized Contact Line tip from SoundSmith (If you haven't had a chance to listen to Grace F9, you need to. It is the smoothest, most rich and detailed MM cartridge you'll ever come across. Just be careful if you get the ruby stylus) Grado Master3 Timbre Series cartridge (can't live without the "Grado Sound" and their MI cartridges... these are some of the most buttery smooth cartridges I've ever come across... to say they are amazing is an understatement) AT VM530EN with the VMN50SH tip... these are my "this record is dirty and torn up but I want a decent sound" cartridges. Both are very nice sounding cartridges, with the Shibata being much more detailed. I usually use these to "test" the used records I get from the store before I allow my higher end cartridges to go on there. Have a couple other ones but those are my favorites.


You use your boat that often? Can I ask if you live on a canal or how do you integrate it into your life? I adore boats but watch so many people use them only a couple times a year


On the boat nearly 2-3 times a week... during the summer we are on it 3 weeks at a time. We live in Washington State, so we are on the Puget Sound... it's awesome.


Do you go up to Canada much? The salmon fishing is great up there in the summer. At 30 knots you could whip up there real quick lol


LOL... we've gone to Alaska last year but we didn't stay much in Canada due to Covid restrictions. We will probably do boating in Canada in a couple of years. I am actually in the process of selling the boat right now and will be buying a boat on the east coast so I can do The Great Loop.


Can we hear about your Yacht? Sounds pretty epic


Meridian 441... 49FT overall, goes 30knots if I need it to... expensive as fuck to maintain and other than the fact that it is a really cool boat I wouldn't recommend buying it because of the Zeus pods... $15K/year just to service them.


My facelift. The best $38,000 I ever spent. Dr. Steiger, Boca Raton. He is worth every penny. No pain at all. I feel great and that's priceless.


I bought a bunch of home automation stuff, and hey siri is a great way to stay even lazier. I bought a bunch of DIY home automation stuff and my recommendation, is not to do that. Go lutron, hue, lifx, ikea, aqara, etc right away, get the quality crap. You do not want to maintain another computer raspberry pi with a janky z-wave system with a UI from the 90s. I also enjoy my OLED tv.


Trigger warning for r/homeassistant


OLED is great. my first one already suffered horrible screen burn and loss of color since i bought first gen. but it’s so good i just got another of the top current model. hopefully the new ones solved a lot of these problems


I feel this. For my new place, I'm looking at the Lutron RA3 units. Wish I bought it before it was drywalled as I would've gone for a fully wired system. There's some great switches for wired systems.


$14k big re-landscaping $12k exterior home lighting The house I bought had a monoculture of boring grass. I paid to have it all ripped out and replaced with native and adapted plants that require far less water and provide more for the local birds and pollinators. Also the house is on a street corner in an area with decent foot traffic, and the limited city lighting made the corner feel too dark and a bit scary. Paid for a major lighting upgrade that also makes the sidewalk more visible and feel safer at night. The yard upgrade and learning about native plants has been such a fascinating thing to me. Worth every penny.


Dumb question but who designed the exterior home lighting? Landscape architect?


You’re a good neighbor.


Sony OLED TV and Full Sonos Surround System. It wasn’t out of our budget for quite a while before we got it, but just hesitated on the purchase because it took a little bit of reworking the space it’s in. Can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner now that we have it. It changes even the simplest of TV into a theater like experience. Also a full Sim Race system just recently. It’s fairly unique as you gotta be interested in racing as a “hobby” of sorts. But I love using it, and if the wife went out of town I could spend the entire day in it. It was about 1/10 the cost of my Lambo was (sold it during the Used Car Price surge) and I think I enjoy it more. As we look at a possible real estate purchase over the coming years (just waiting on a drawdown in prices) I will ensure there is space for one at that house as well!


Details on your sim rig? Its on my to do list!


Sure, I wanted something pretty close to a once and done purchase. Unfortunately that’s not likely to be the case if I continue to use and enjoy it as much as I do. Everything came from Advanced Sim Racing with the exception of the computer tower and monitors. Full motion system (Dbox) and ASR 6. OMP Race seat, Simucube Ultimate and their Wheel, Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals and Handbrake. Precision Sim GPX Wheel as well. Button Box and Shifter along with some other random accessories. Computer is from Vyral and has a i9 12900k and 3090 Card in it. Feel free to PM me if you want to really dive into the nitty gritty on it all. Happy to discuss!


Will do! What games do you play


IRacing exclusively so far


Custom Buben and Zorweg watch safe. Press a button and a tower of watch winders rises up from the base. 100 k. Makes me smile like a kid at Christmas every day


TIL there is a watch safe that is $100k.


wow this looks awesome


A $5000 road bike. I use it every other day.


N+1. Need a gravel bike too :)


X2, although and double that. Use it 6x per week for about 16-20h per week. Although I’m eyeing another one and this one would get relegated to bikepacking.


Vacation home. Been living there 3x more often due to remote work.


How did you choose the location for it?


Distance and proximity to fun stuff. It’s an estate not far from the beach. My primary home in the city is just an hour drive.


A lot of non Americans don’t realise how amazing the US is for second homes. I never appreciated the scale and how many lakes/beaches/mountains you guys have until I lived there for work.


$20k indoor golf simulator; now I don't have to break a sweat to have confidence issues.




Best $5,000 I ever spent for a Valium Also, it’s LASIK. Lasix is what they gave me to make me piss like a race horse during chemo.


I was going to say the same thing. I was too scared to take it all my life. Paid for the best doc/machines etc. best money I’ve ever spent.


Started researching this. Can you share which doc you went to?


I did it in japan, the place was called shinagawa lasik. I did their Amaris 750 + cross linking which should make the surgery last longer. https://www.shinagawa-lasik.com/english/


Cosmetic surgery.


Garage sauna. Not fat, but definitely a luxury most people don’t have. I got an $1800 2person kit and it was about 500 to wire the 220 power. I love relaxing in my sauna.


Do you read in there? I just have never really understood saunas. How does it fit into your life?


You just sit in there to relax. You turn your brain off instead of stimulating it with reading.


Saunas literally add years to your life. Check the research.


It seems that they mimic exercise for your cardiovascular system. Probably wouldn't help young active people, but great during injuries or when you are older


If you're young and active, it helps with recovery from sports. Before my matches, I even go in there to get my blood flowing.


Good to know. They look pretty simple to make as well.


Infrared or steam? What brand?


Any specific brand? Parents have been looking into one haha


I got a Baldwin 2 person steam sauna from calm spas. HL200SN. I believe this code “Nick250” is still good for $250 off https://calmspas.com/collections/extended-black-friday-sales/products/baldwin-2-person-traditional-sauna


My breiting watch . Soon to be omega seasmaster. 85 inch Samsung. Top of the line as of 2020 pc with a 3090


My home gym. I paid an obscene amount for it.


We budgeted $50K to completely renovate our small backyard with artificial turf, a fire pit, a water feature, an amazing grill, and professional lighting. Ended up being about $80K, but I am out there every day. Plus if we ever sell our house, I think I’ll get it all back in the sales price!




Since I don't have an electrical outlet near my toilet, and wanted to check out a bidet before investing more, I simply bought a cheap $40 unit. I'm now a believer and I believe these should be default with each toilet, it's a no brainer for me now.


1. La Marzocco Linea Mini 2. Omega Seamster 3. Corrective dental and eye surgery 4. High end escorts for threesomes with the wife 5. Gaming/Trading PC with 38 inch monitor


Please share more about number 4. Who's idea was it? How does it play out?


Yeah I like that one. Especially daily.


Wasn't really an idea, we had a few spontaneous 3 ways, started dating chicks together, then realized the whole texting back and forth and meeting up, multiple dates stuff is way too much hassle. The culture on the non-monogamous type dating apps is kinda fucking weird and tiresome.


How is the La Marzocco Linea Mini? I’ve been eyeing one of those for a while.


Tesla. I had no idea how delighted I would be. No gas stations, no trouble merging or passing ever, no oil changes. Maybe I am just lazy, but cutting gas stations and oil changes out of my life is more delightful than I expected


I remember when I used to pay attention to gas prices during my commute. I only know about gas prices recently because people around me gripe about it. Still have to occasionally change the air filter, add washer fluid, rotate/replace tires, and wash the car. But nowhere near as bad as the maintenance costs on a regular gas car (various fluids, brakes, check engine light, plugs, 12V battery, etc, etc, etc, …)


Does it merge and pass for you? I thought about getting one, but the interiors didn't look that great to me.


It can. But I think he was talking about the acceleration. The interior is fine, but it's the little things about the software that really make it great. So much stuff has been added and fixed by software updates since I bought. Everything from fixes for little annoyances (that on any other car you'd just have to live with) to huge feature updates like dashcam, multi waypoint navigation, one pedal driving. Just look at this list: https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/history/


Home espresso setup, ~$8k. Eames lounge chair and ottoman, ~$7k


I am into art so I bought a Twombly. Edit: I utilize it daily because I stare at it every morning!


As in 8 figure piece?


So bougie! Did you get it at auction? I'm attending the Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale in a couple weeks. (Day Sale because I'm not obeseFIRE lol)


Pics please!


This is one of my favorite answers I’ve ever read here. So glad you’re enjoying it!


I don’t view it as a luxury expense as I use them so frequently: golf stuff and caddies


I'm trying to pick up the hobby.. Recommendations for golf clubs?


Start with any game improvement irons then once you have a feel of the game to get fitted


Metal gas cans, with auto venting and easy pouring. Yup.


Goddamn gas cans are some of the worst products that exist.


Search for “5 gallon race gas can.”


Big house projects. Home theater, water features, landscaping, sport court, pool or hot tub, sauna or steam shower, etc. Just make sure to only choose the ones you love and want to maintain. Home automation - especially via homekit. Lutron lights and shades, home key locks, smart thermostats, eufy security cameras. Music. Recording studio or just your favorite instruments. Outfit a band room with amps and some decent equipment to make friends coming to practice and play together more convenient. Sports. Local athletic clubs and leagues/private lessons. Help around the house. Landscaper, cleaner, handyman.


Sam Koontz 7 string archtop guitar - $22,500


Osaki Paragon massage chair. I think it's a torture device but my wife loves it.


In home Golf Simulator and Home Gym (Peloton Tread and Bike, free weights, etc.). Definitely need to get a Tonal!


Fake tits


My Maureen, you’ve enhanced yourself.


Wine fridge. Espresso machine. Gaming computer.


Headphones for my PC. Hifiman Sundara w/ a Schiit stack. Not super fat, but still a pretty nice upgrade from Sennheiser.




Rolex GMT. I'd wanted one for years, and wearing it has saved me a lot of money on other bullshit


How has it saved you money?


To me it feels like kind of a final luxury purchase. I haven't treated myself to a bunch of other things because I feel kind of done.


Grey market $15k Rolex submariner and a $3000 used Burberry leather jacket I always wanted. Silly purchases. The Rolex surprising held up well as an asset and I wear it almost everyday. Will pass it on when I die.


Home office sound system. I enjoy going in there and walling myself out with music that is entirely consuming.


A giant-ass sectional. It was actually from the low-cost furniture store in town. About $2000. It can technically fit 10, but in reality it means me and my family can all spread out like crazy and not be on top of each other. It is honestly sort of ugly and tacky, but I love it.


Sony OLED 83’. Watch TV everyday and it’s kinda painful to watch on a “normal” TV after experiencing this


Home gym. Love it!!!


Salomon S/Force 177cm. It's not the skis of course, it's where and what I do with them.


La marzocco home espresso machine. It really has to be your hobby though


Top of the line Toto Washlet. Having hot dessert air drying your butt on a regular basis is priceless.


$17k Lacanche range. I love cooking and this thing is an absolute unit. 3 gas burners, 2 induction rings, full gas oven and a smaller electric oven. It’s fucking treat to work with and is beautiful to boot. Although I will concur with some folks above, the counter top air fryer gets nearly equal amounts of use 😂


LG OLED TV with Sonos play bar & sub! Use it daily!


My boat. Not daily, but probably 3x per week weather permitting. Sometimes big outings, a lot of the time just to get to local restaurants or the beach (barrier island town) as it’s quicker than sitting in traffic.