I noticed a lot more of these patches blooming compared to past years as well! In South Florida I saw these in the 90s/early 2000s. Looks like they've traveled up. I think they're very cute.


We always referred to them as Florida Snow. Come every fall


This is what my mom calls it too.


My dad is constantly waging his war against the "weeds" in his lawn by trying to pull them, and spraying herbicides, but he doesn't actually do anything to help the grass grow back in it's place. Despite years of evidence to the contrary he's convinced that once you get rid of weeds that grass is supposed to magically come back on its own. As a result he has a lawn that is 90% dead and barren. And despite the state of his lawn he loves to complain about the neighbor who's allowed their lawn to grow flush with clover, and how "ugly" it is.




What is so very sad about this “war” is that the pollinators and especially honey bees love this flowers. - sad that the war was not against the finvasive st. Augustine, a huge contributor to the fertilizer in our waters.


Oh god! Sounds exactly like my idiot neighbor. We get some Bermuda grass that likes to pop in just one area. She sprays weed killer all around making it a brown ugly mess. She’s the worst kind of lazy, kills whatever just to avoid maintenance. Chopping trees in the wetland setback behind us to avoid trimming was the most egregious.


He probably needs to water his lawn more.


Probably that too, but at this point I think he needs to completely resod it if he isn't willing to look at any grass alternatives.


If the soil is sandy he 100% has to dig it up and put in fresh soil. Nothing will grow there if that's the case.


Yeah I noticed it blooms only after cold fronts


Since everyone has identified it for you, here’s a cool fact about Florida Snow: once pollinated the once Snow White flowers turn a light shade of lilac.


Beautiful! I didn't know that. Thank you for sharing.


In March the bees go crazy for these flowers🤗


And gopher tortoises love to eat it!


Its Florida snow, it bloom lightly all year but in the fall it blooms like crazy and will blanket the yard or ditch swell like snow. It appeared in s.w. Florida here and there maybe 20 years back or so and now its in every yard, ditch and road side. The bees seem to love it, barefooting in the yard is not possible while it is blooming cause of the threat of bee stings.


I always worry about a bee going up my jean legs when I walk through them! But I love to see the bees having such a party in my yard


someone still rockin the JNCO wide cut eh?


Yep - the only time I’ve been stung by a bumblebee was when I was walking through a patch of these


You live in Florida and will go barefoot to begin with? Fire ants made sure I'll never do that shit. Plus our grass is painful to walk on especially when you spend any time up north and see how nice that is


I was born in Florida and a youth spent barefoot walking on sun baked roads preps ones feet for everything.


Same with me, I still go barefoot regularly at 37.


Yea south Fla here too, I have no idea why but I can’t recall the last fire ant I saw down here. Not like85 and on I remember they were everywhere.


You’re so lucky!! Tampa Bay here and we get them semi frequently.


Same here.. I'm in Port Richey... Lots of fire ants here.


Shoes don’t help that much against fire-ants. If you step on a pile they’ll come up and get you eventually anyways. I’m a native Floridian and still do most of my outdoor activities in flip flops or barefoot


I go barefoot all the time. I was raised up north. I'll take ours.


Seems pretty easy to keep fire ants out of your own yard. Sorry the grass is too tough for your sensitive soles


AKA Tenderfoots !! LOL !!


I was born and rasied here too and the grass isn't really an issue i just prefer the grass up north. But in my area fire ants were an issue and if it wasn't the ants it was mud. I prefer my shoes on even tho i was outside 24/7 as a kid


I do NOT go barefoot here. Fire ants everywhere, unfriendly grass, sand burs that stick that barb straight into your soul. Nope


No kidding! I have to put little dog boots on my dogs and have Benadryl at hand just in case of a sting 😩


If cockroaches are indeed the last living creature after a nuclear war, this stuff is what they'll be walking on. It cannot be killed.


It’s called Florida Pusley, aka: “Florida Snow” and begin appearing around October. It’s a flowering weed that’s very hardy and can quickly overtake a lawn and love dampness. The white-star, purply flowers are very pretty though. Love em’!


i've noticed these a lot more recently. i'm thinking that maybe the hurricane flooding had something to do with it. the earth is still moist, which is different from previous years during this time when it usually becomes drier. anyone know if this could be a significant factor?


I was thinking this too. The flowers started growing on everyone’s lawn after Ian


Florida snow, https://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/sarasotaco/2017/12/04/florida-snow-lawn-weeds/ Really noticeable when the grass goes dormant. I have it all over my yard. It grows where grass never could, and is nice and soft.


Yeah I live in Dover (near Plant City) and it's EVERYWHERE this year, so much more than I've ever seen (and I've lived here 15 years.


I have seen this in South Florida for decades. It’s probably the lack of chill the last few years expanding its range. It dies back on first frost but that is uncommon in the south.


I’m in Miami and my whole yard was like that. Loved it cuz the honey bees go crazy for it. I also had a huge bush of those berries that turn orange then red and look like tiny pumpkins and honeysuckle bush also mixed in there. So the honey bees be realllllly busy right there and they never harass me.


I remember those pumpkin cherries! We used to eat them even though they weren’t super tasty.


Ya they vary in taste a lot. There’s a variety that gets dark purple. Those are the best. But the things is those berries taste bad until fully ripe. I pick them by touching them from underneath, and if they fall on my hand without any resistance at all, they good. If I have to pull even a tiny bit, they ain’t gonna be right. I once made a whole bunch into a homemade jam and canned it. Was good. Made fruit roll ups out of it too in my dehydrator.


The fae are coming to take your baby


Mexican clover. Grows really well where the ground has been previously disturbed. We build houses... We get more Mexican clover.


It's category 2 invasive


It usually means my neighbor canceled his weed/bug guy again


It grows in our yard every fall and we love it, it looks kinda like "snow," plus the bees love it, so we just let it grow.


Lived here since ‘79, never had it before. It’s all over our apartment complex lawns. I love it! For one split second i pretend I live in the English countryside…not Casselberry. 😳🤪


Oh, wow. It never occurred to me that you guys don't have it up there. I made the drive from palm beach (where it's all over) and saw it all the way up to the Orlando area yesterday. The bees are so happy when it flowers, so let it live!


Til of learned of Florida snow. Love these flowers


It's a type of clover. We had an adjoining pasture and the cows would go crazy for it whenever it came up


It’s a weed. Landscapers spread it.


We call it Florida snow .


Florida snow. It's a weed and a pain to get rid of.


Florida Snow


Florida snow


Yep, I came to say Florida snow as well. Not sure why it's seasonal as it doesn't happen in the summer.




I used to get those in Brevard all the time. I used a plant identifier app and it told me they are a close cousin of coffee bean plants. Not 100% sure that’s true but it was interesting.


Never had any in my yard and not much in my neighborhood until after that hurricane in 2020. Don't remember the name, it was the CAT 1(?) that rode up the east coast off shore. After that, these flowers started showing up more and more. At least the bees like it.


Wait y’all don’t normally get big wildflower patches like that? Must be because we live on undeveloped land that’s been family owned since the pioneers.


Did your World of Warcraft server go down?


I’ve noticed a lot more of these this year as well. They all all over Palm Bay right now. Didn’t notice them until early Oct. around the time of the last hurricane.


You've never seen Florida snow?


Florida snow, we dont mow it, just enjoy




This is NOT clover. Not even close.


On the coast, same deal, it even crossed my mind this morning


It's an invasive species from China and it arrived in 2007. Lovely little purple flowers mixed into your lawn, but it's almost impossible to eradicate.


I’ve noticed those also! Thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t ever remember seeing them before.


A lot plants are actually migrating north from the equator bc of climate change! Wouldn’t be surprised if this plant is on the move too


Turkey tangle.


Saw this in the local park, Central Florida


Common name is Mexican Clover. If you have an iPhone Take Picture of leaf or flower> Click on “Info” (i) below Pic> Click on “Look up plant” Plant ID is built into iPhone.


I've seen them everywhere too. It's weird


How lucky we are to have beautiful flowers in our yard


This is a good video on the topic from the University of Florida. https://youtu.be/srscVpv6cJI


Saw them there in Key Largo for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago.


Is this herb of grace?


This is very common here in south Florida around this time of year.


Largeflower Mexican Clovers - Richardia brasilinsis Invasive little weed that's not Mexican or a Clover All over the place


We’re covered in them over in Longwood


There are hairs on the stems that make me itch. I hate them! Hard to get rid of!


I’ve been noticing these a lot too, in Palm beach county. There is a park I go on all the time, and I never saw these flowers there until now


These things took over my entire neighborhood. its crazy, never seen them before.


might want to check for a dead body


Clover flowers, no?


My friend those are hitchhikers blooming. If you don't know what hitchhikers are don't worry you'll have them on your socks soon enough.


No, those aren't hitchhikers thats a different weed.


I could be very wrong, but any blooming plant that got salt water on it might start blooming as an emergency measure. The fall after Hurricane Bob hit Cape Cod (Aug 1991), all sorts of things started blooming: gorse, apple trees, cherry trees, lavender, etc. And that's what they said in the paper. It was a glorious September.


that's florida snow


I love them 😍


happy op asked. this has taken over my mother yard. her grass was burnt and patchy when the neighbor introduced it. it’s more full and better looking now. although this gets everywhere and chokes up the good stuff i was hand picking these last week.


It is Richardia Grandiflora (large flower Mexican clover).


I forget the name, but they are invasive flowers and will spread a lot during hurricane and rainy season!


Jiffy Feet.m'fers on here.


I'm in Tallahassee and this is the first year I've noticed in our yard. It's pretty! We usually have that prickly shit in our yard in the fall and winter, so this is a welcome change.


I don't mind it, it actually choked out some other invasive weed called heartleaf drymary that was taking over. It's good ground cover, holds the dirt. My only con this year is that my yardwork fell behind with Ian and it really spread into the mulched areas in front of and around the house.


Star of Bethlehem. They are also poisonous.




Kissimmee here. Over 35 yrs here. Noticed it this year more than any other year


From what I hear they are invading all over the country. My husband has them in Washington my sister in Oregon my son in Wisconsin and I live in Florida and my yard is full of them. They are very hardy vines and hard to get rid of, they kill off the st Augustine grass but they are drought resistant and use little water hardly ever need to be trimmed so if you dont mind them keep them oh they also attract beneficial insects ie bees, lady bugs, butterflies and the like. I just noticed them the summer of 2022 and have given up on eradicating them too much work.




Florida snow but I wonder if they have a big allergic pollen factor.


My favorite flower💕


Been here my whole life (Boca Raton and surrounding area)


Florida snow


Lake p east?


There’s a town called Land O’ Lakes? Like the Minnesota butter???


Hi, I live In Cape Coral where hurricane Ian hit dead on. We have those weeds all the time year round. Most likely the winds blew them there


Florida snow Got some in my yard now WPB


This has been all over Daytona and Ormond for a while, too.


You live under a rock or even go out hehehehe


I’ve always called it Mexican Clover. I love Florida snow and am going to use that for now on.


Been here 45 years, and these have always been here.


We have them in NPR too


Florida snow!


We called it “Florida Snow” many years ago when I was little, but I grew up further south, more in the Coral Gables area.


I'm in LoL and haven't seen any here, but they were all over the yards down in Venice. Hadn't noticed yards covered in them before either.


Dude, that’s our Florida snow. They cover everywhere in nature in South Florida. Prettiest miniature flowers


I love mine. I think it looks pretty and the flowers attract bees. 🐝


Purslane. Also called Florida Pusey or commonly known as the Florida Snow flower. And edible variety most likely, but do some research on that.


Florida snow


Florida snow, not sure how you havent seen it, its fairly common this time of year


TBH, I probably wouldn't notice the holy grail if they stuck right in front of my face.


Lmao, sometimes i can relate to that, my ass blind 💀




Seems like a waste of effort


I’m not sure. It’s a weed that’s been living in my yard, that I’ve been trying to get rid of since the beginning of summer, and it keeps coming back. It’s choking the grass in my yard.


A plant that displays a beautiful arrangement of flowers and supports the local bee population > boring grass