The whole ethical question around synth Shaun is that he'll be a child forever, which is cruel and unethical according to some scientists at the insititute


Dang that is a little cruel, I assume they didn't think he'd eventually question why he's the same age he was say 4 years ago. that is if the soul survivor haven't told him what he is after a few years. Also you know it's bad if the scientists at the institute think its cruel even after all the things they do/did


Actually, it is Dr. Li who questions the ethics of it, and she's the more reasonable one there since she's ex-BoS, and willing to return too. I don't think any other scientist in the institute has any strong opinions on it, except that sometimes you can hear scientists in the robotics lab talk about how they're not sure it's a good idea. But yeah I'd be hella confused too, like "when will I grow up you like daddy" and just having to tell your son that he's stuck like this. At least they didn't make him stuck in puberty, that'd just be torture


Oh well that makes sense that she's the only person who questions it since she's more cautious and sympathetic compared to other scientists there. Also the institute is evil but I don't think they that evil where they'll make someone permanently stuck in puberty. But that makes me wonder, surely they thought about making different versions of Shaun for each age group like one for child (which he is), one for tween, one for teen, then one more for adult.


I don't think the institute is very good at making preparing plans for the future. They don't even have an evacuation plan or anything. Also I don't think synths have reproductive systems, or organs at all, so synths can't go to puberty because their body can't produce hormones. Which to be honest isn't necessary when your muscles and bones are made out of high-tec material and your energy levels are maintained through... batteries? Idk


Within the Institute, there's actually a female Synth that dwells in one of the scientist's apartments with the sole responsibility of providing "pleasure" to her "owner". This leads me to believe that Gen-3 Synths do posess female/male sex organs. Unless, every pleasurable activity they engage in is carried out, um, orally. 😳


Yes, Gen 3s are anatomically and physiologically correct. My cite is Curie, as my fully romanced companion. The synth you mentioned in the Institute, Eve, is more evidence. Except that, as far as anyone knows, Synths are infertile.


Yeah true, just imagine if "Father" had commissioned the making of an experimental "infant synth" that never ages, what a joy that would be for all the other scientists in the Institute: *"It's your turn to change and feed her!"* *"Nope, I did it this morning, go bother somebody else...."* 🤦🏻‍♂️


> maintained through... batteries? I'm playing through for the first time and it just blows my mind how the Institute has teleportation technology but somehow don't have a more efficient means of power. Like bruh, I'm literally building nuclear reactors for my settlements and they still haven't figured it out?


Synths definitely have reproductive systems and organs, they also have to be functional and totally normal, or it'd be pretty easy to violate FO4's #1 can't-be-broken rule of synths or the entire plot background makes no sense. If you can pull someone's pants down and it's mannequin city, or cut off a finger and look at the bone and it's not *bone*, the whole story falls apart.


Yeah thats true, mabye that's one of the good things of being a synth. Also yeah, for a faction that is full of intelligent people who can make synthetic beings to the point they look and act like the average wastelander, and can bring back gorillas (kinda) they are the dumbest faction in the game probably due to their ego


Not sure if the actual lore, but I like to think of them like advanced replicants that age. Someone needs to remake the Bladerunner game…


They do not. By a recording you can find in the Institute, Shaun will be stuck as a child for ever. It's possible for a synth to get a new body as Curie was downloaded from her Miss Nanny to her synth body, but it's unknown.


They only grow up and age if they are turned human by the power of the Uni-Mind