At what point do we stop and think that we are overplaying the players?


Money is ruining the game


That's the neat part, you don't


Sorry, I forgot that they are not humans


Pfft, it’s not that many games! It’s just 38 league games, 18 CL matches, 6 domestic cup matches, 6 secondary domestic cup matches, 1 super cup match, 1 domestic super cup match, 3 Dubai sports supercup pre season matches, 6 nations league matches, 8 World Cup qualifying matches, 7 World Cup matches and 6 club World Cup matches. That’s not even two a week, the lazy slackers!


Lol did they even talked with clubs about this, the cwc isnt very popular, its more like a mandatory thing Not a lot of people in europe care about this neither


This fucking middle management “change something that’s fine for temporary profit before I leave and someone else has to clean it up” attitude is ruining the world and football


I believe the Premier League teams have already told him to fuck off with this shit.


Just pick a random team from each nation regardless of the tier. Some 2nd tier irish team vs real madrid would be some laugh


Man City 12-0 against some random Saudi team would be hilarious


Even more hilarious if that saudi team wins. Its a win-win scenario


Honestly fuck this guy.


Just waiting for a day we'll have a major competition every month of the year 🤮🤮🤮


Fifa filling their pockets again


I wonder, did the clubs inputs are taken before coming to this decision?


Could turn people away from the game, too much saturation atm.


A tournament with the best club teams in the World? Personally, I'd watch, and I think most people would. The main issue is the players, who'd be subjected to jam packed, grueling schedules. This, on turn, most probably will result in many injuries, and maybe a few careers cut short. Football governing bodies might finally wake up to the players' plight if a high-profile star were to suffer a career-ending injury, which would be too little too late. An example is the career-ending Van Basten's career ending injury, which resulted in new rules to protect players from violent challenges.


That's a much weaker Champion's League. There is already a very small world club competition, and no one cares. On principle, it sounds interesting, but there are already matches all year and the balance between teams is just too low


Corrupt, greedy, moronic jackoff.


The bribe cheques keep on getting fatter


We must not watch!!!! There’s already great players who missed out on this World Cup through injuries! The amount of games played in a calendar year is detrimental to the quality of football played and tremendous stress on the professional players body. This is going to cause a uprise on season ending injuries if players Aren’t allowed proper rest. Trash Af competition and fifa is trash which is why even their video games isn’t making $$. Angry rant!


If it was only the champions of the top 32 world leagues I’d be slightly more interested, but it’s actually going to be the most famous teams and a bunch of Arab teams.


What’s with Arab teams ? I don’t know about other arab countries but Saudi teams kick ass. Al Hilal were Asian champions 2 times in a row and their rivals Alnasr also qualified for the Asian cup . Al itthiad another saudi club once reached 4th place in the world cup. All major teams in the saudi league took turns winning Asian cups and let me tell you Korean and Japanese clubs are not easy.


They're still miles below UEFA and CONMEBOL as seen in previous games between different confederations -- where the clubs from Europe and South America don't even send their A squads.


Better yet, what about a tournament of the world’s worst teams, The Turd Cup?


Scotland: “Finally, our time has come”


This bald twat makes me hate football.


This bald twat makes me like Sepp Blatter.


Today fifa is greedy


Yesterday FIFA was greedy


Tomorrow FIFA will be greedy


Didn't European teams refuse?


I just don’t understand why the leagues do not create a new association for football. Fuck fifa


Don't the winners of each club federation play eachother already? Seems fine as it is. Oh wait, money.


The current tournament is crap though.


Nobody likes to watch some club from saudi get battered by Madrid


Never seen/heard anybody that was excited for the club world cup.


Only die hard fans


Its massive in south America.


I thought it couldn't possibly be worse than Blatter but Infantino is a fucking goblin


Today I feel like a Goblin


They're gonna play like 2 games a week for 53 weeks a year


They should do a world cup of brown envelopes


This is shit. Fucking fifa needs a reformation.


The year is 2069. FIFA and UEFA announced that there will be 165 and 200 games played in their respective competitions for a total of 365 games. Each half is also extended from 45 minutes to 90, for a total of 180 minutes and 5 minute ad breaks ever 30 minutes. Players are required to implant bionic lungs and legs in order to withstand the conditions. Football kits now have a minimum of 20 different ad placements, reflecting a nascar vehicle.


Why stop at 32? How about 64? FIFA is getting embarrassing by the day.


what's the point? Champions League already has the best clubs and will be more entertaining than this anyway.


lol you're afraid to lose to boca, river, santos


actually i take it back. i think it'll be interesting to see competing with the South American clubs since otherwise i don't watch their matches


South American teams with 4 wins since 2001 in the club world Cup, including the first 3, so er, yeah. Very afraid?


Santos? For real?


If he said palmeiras I would believe, but santos???


Maybe this person thinks Neymar is still there?


2024-EURO 2025-New Club FIFA WC 2026- FIFA WC Wth he is thinking? So much stringent timeline for players?


The current World Club Cup is annual? Unless it’s every four years and the league winners from the last four years qualify, you could have teams who won four years ago and have completely fallen off if that’s the case.


Arsene Wenger - let's make the world cup every 2 years! These people are crazy.


Club world cup is annual


"Today...I feel like a cunt." Oh sorry, I thought it was a caption competition.


Because players don’t play enough games as it is. Stupid!




well, he can try


Hopefully Southampton’s in it


Teams in Europe can just forfeit to play in this, it's fine by me


He’s the worst FIFA president since the last one 😂. Whole system needs a shake up


It’s only about more money … Qatar was a joke even worse then previous corruption. Football is a legal mafia None of the money goes back into grassroots football … look at the lack of facilities in uk … not enough astro turf pitches, water logged muddy pitches … awful facilities etc But hey you need a Ferrari & Gucci handbag to play pro football It’s beyond a joke …


UEFA will once again self-righteously take a noble stand against this... ​ ...unless their snout is already firmly in the trough, of course. In which case, it won't be a problem at all.


Time for teams to boycott and break away and form a new world cup that isn't full of corruption and crap, all teams welcome as usual just not this idiot.


Money grab


1000% absolutely


Can we just stop with this. I don’t even like European competitions because it’s always the same boring teams that go. I would support it if an entirely random team from each nation in the World Cup went. Imagine the hilarity of Bayern Munich against Aberystwyth


> I would support it if an entirely random team from each nation in the World Cup went. I'd actually be fine if each country sent their best. Yes it'd be essentially another CL but I'd want it in an FA cup format. Drawings for each round and host. Going through with a world cup format, group stages and a host country, sounds boring and impractical. Will we start asking players for 3 competitive 6-week tournaments every 4 years now? Is this supposed to replace CL?


I say make it under 21 or something and see what happens. The pros don’t need or want this. It would be quite thrilling to watch youth from everywhere and maybe witness some gems being discovered


Wait an under 21 club tournament, how would that even work. A bunch of academy players playing on the merits of the 1st team.


how are the players going to play in even more matches without absolutely throwing their forms into ruin? how stupid


Who cares about them or any other humans? FIFA's pockets gotta be filled!


WTAF? FIFA trying to use American NFL model? Next they’ll implement commercial breaks.


But NFL plays 17 games + playoffs in a season. FIFA is trying to make clubs play 70-80 games per season + international matches. Disgusting


Scammi Infant says what?


Ah yes another 10 games for already tired players 😍😍😍


stupid idea


Can't teams just boycott this if they wanted? The clubs aren't under any obligation to send a team to a FIFA tournament.


This is the new super league by the way. The one everyone was against but named it a club world cup with a knock out style. They always get their way. Money talks.


I hope teams refuse to play


Yeah, it will happen again. Last minute they will all pull out. But FIFA will always try new ways to pull the wool over your eyes. Club world cup is fine as it is.


Club World Cup as it is - is trash. Also the main problem with Superleague was no relegation, why do we dislike this? Just because it's FIFA and more games?






Do you remember when the super league was going to be a thing and fifa was going to sue the clubs that participated? This is basically fifas super league. I would like it if the teams would slap the bald man on the head with their nuts and refuse to participate. And if they are forced then to play players out of position and just laugh in the faces of fifa while taking a shit on the field


Terrible idea, why would a club want five, six, seven more games in its calendar? Makes no sense, Fifa just wants more and more money, and also it makes it more like a joke, a club wins the UCL amd doesnt get this title? No sense.


Same reason MLB added more playoff teams and the NFL added another game to the season. 💰


Always money, the money they already get from the FWC tickets is crazy


The problem with this format is that only the largest teams such as the ones that literally harvest players from everywhere and just store them as reusable cattle will be able to win this tournament. Both UEFA and FIFA have no interest in the health of the players. It is impossible for these teams to play so many games. So what will happen, because FIFA will pay a kings ransom, is that Man City, PSG, Madrid, Chelsea and other huge teams will have huge squads where they can literally pick and choose from many top class players. 50-70 games per season will be nothing to these guys. And it’s not fair. Not fair to smaller teams. Not fair to the players who may get lucky and have smaller teams or less of a talent pool to choose from. The beauty of these tornaments is that they are rare or infrequent. Too much of anything is not good. Just my 2 cents. Ps. And let’s not get started on Wenger’s q 2 year international world cups. Even more craziness.


Papa Perez and Don Laporta complaining to the courts over plagiarism by Infantino as we speak \s.


FIFA: Money bitches. We want more money!


I thought prem clubs already said no.


Literally pointless for the UCL to exist if you make a CWC. UCL would probably have to be destroyed in place of the CWC. No clubs in the world would stand a chance against UCL clubs. So it’d basically be like having the same tournament, twice.


Mordor will be the hosts for the first competition.


Just wait until nobody shows up. What he gonna do? Fine all 32 teams?


They will definitely show up. It will take place in USA, Saudi, China, Abu Dhabi, Qatar etc. The clubs will be queuing up to play in it.


Why not every single club in the world and why not make the players play every single day of the year?


It will be held in North Korea!!


Yes let's destroy players in a cup that does not matter, They dont play enough games as is by all means


Literally destroying football heritage


More teams more potential bribes man is the GOAT of corruption


Booooooring. Champions League is already going to be ruined and now this nonsense.


Hear me out… what about a b-level Europa league style tournament for countries who don’t qualify for the World Cup?


like the world cup qualifications


I think it could be fun if it happened every four years, like the World Cup. The matches would be interesting and besides, it would stop the argument that the WC should take place every 2 years.




And they've not even told the Premier League about it before going public. Brilliant management by FIFA yet again [(source)](https://twitter.com/MiguelDelaney/status/1603719962622922752?t=YzEnleNZM9pXcvnbev2iDw&s=19)


Can someone explain why its bad? Im not into football


Club football is utterly dominated by massively wealthy European teams who already compete in (at least in the knock-out stages) a very high quality tournament: the Champions League. This is duplication benefitting no one but FIFA and advertisers and adding an unnecessary extra load on players.


You know FIFA governs world football, right? Under FIFA, there are six continental confederations that govern football in specific areas of the world. Each of those confederations has a super tournament that puts the best clubs from their countries’ leagues against each other to determine their overall continental champion. And each continental champion qualifies for the current FIFA Club World Cup that, ostensibly, crowns a world champion club. Sound cool? Problem is, the current Club World Cup is not popular. Why? Because of the six continental confederations, by far the most competitive and prestigious is the one that governs Europe. It’s called UEFA (stands for Union of European Football Associations). And THEIR super tournament, the UEFA Champions League, is by far the most prestigious and competitive — and popular — club football tournament in the world. And because Europe is so competitive and prestigious, the team that wins the UEFA Champions League is heavily favored to win that Club World Cup. And THAT makes the Club World Cup very anticlimactic and unpopular. FIFA thinks they can do better, at the expense of the UEFA Champions League. Good luck with that.


It's not really bad other than that players already have to play a tonne of games, especially the players who play for the top teams in Europe. This makes the prospect of getting them to play an extra 3-7 games at the end of a season less than ideal. Especially when the Champions League is already changing format to add more games. Also it's really hard to know how seriously the top teams will take it. At some point the only things that guarantee teams/players will care about a competition other than their national leagues are cultural significance and money. Cultural significance takes time and well, good promotion to build up. And as far as money goes, everyone already feels like this is a bit of a cashgrab.


>it’s not really bad It’s bad


While everyone else is celebrating this news, Europeans only care about their own football, so any game between a European club and a South American club, for example, is just a waste of time and resources for them. As a Brazilian, I quite like the idea, and I’ve seen Argentinians and Africans saying the same


I’m European and always wanted to see the CWC be a bit more interesting than a couple of games shoved into the calendar that nobody cares about. I’m just not entirely sure there’s room in the calendar for yet another tournament, especially with an expanded CL.


What are you talking about?


He is talking about more matches between world clubs from all continents on a similar level. Barca fans don't give a fuck about playing against Urawa Red Diamonds, Persepolis, Al-Hilal, Zamalek, Kaizer Chiefs, Corinthians, River, Santos, Boca, Monterrey, Pachuca and so on, but fans of these clubs might like to have more games against each other.


True that wouldn't be too interesting + European clubs have an over full schedule. When are they gonna add this league between all the other league's


It's fair. Arabs want to see those amazing players their money pays for


Stupid. Players already play way too much and they get overfit. What happened to Eriksen in the Euros is gonna happen regularly at this rate.


Money, money, money Must be funny In the rich man's world


Can the next Fifa president not be a European with zero professional football playing experience?


The problem is anyone who gets the vote is more than likely giving away stuff. Corruption is part of FIFA.


Yeah but nope.


And awards it to Iran. Don't joke.


32? What was the previous amount?


The one coming up in February has 7 clubs


I don’t see a point why. Europe is the center of football and everyone is going to Europe for their career. It’s different from World Cup


Sometimes less is more


football is no longer about quality, but about quantity...


Sounds like some kind of breakaway super league


Inter Continental Champions league which will be dominated by the European Clubs. There is no need of this competition.




A culture centered around banking and money.


And neutrality…with enemies you know where you stand but with Neutrals who knows? It sickens me!


Definitely the reason


Big European teams should just their academy players, it'll be a good experience for them. Big players shouldn't even travel to the game.


Yes we need more games on top of the ridiculous amount of games we play. Fucktards


How is this different from Champions League? Pay to play for the extra slots?


Fifa club world cup have non european teams


Difference is having non European teams involved and being played outside Europe


I say great change, current format is a jk off a competition for what arguably should be the the greatest trophy in club football


I wonder why he would do thi$?


Can anyone please explain this bullshit? Who will be qualified to play? Players of some number of European clubs (which will certainly take part in this tournament) are already playing 60-70 matches a season... Each and every new decision those old man in power are making is worse than the previous one


It’s meant to happen every 4 years, so likely it will be the winners from the previous Champions Leagues that qualify from Europe, and maybe runners up also as likely to be a lot of teams needed to make 32. Then same for Africa, Asia, South America, North America. Then probably a team or two from the host country. All in all it sounds nice on paper but in reality would just be the European teams going far in it/winning it, like the current Club World Cup


Dont we have something like this? We have the champions league and winners will play winners from other continents right


You are referring to the same thing as OP. I guess the news is there will be more participants since the next one (2022, played in 2023) has only 7 spots


And who‘ll qualify besides the continental competition winners? I‘m really curious about this trainwreck competition.


Money grabbing


makes no sense to have the CWC every 4 years. So the team that wins the CL this year will qualify? that's a weird way to do a merit system... if we want to expand the format, we could just have it every year but only a few games sparsed throughout. And keep it 16


I think 16 teams would be better. They could do a group stage when the current one is held in December and then a finals at the end of the season. The current format is awful and nobody cares about it, but not sure the new one is going to work either.


Smells like the Super league to me.


am sorry but the boys need a rest they are too many games and they are getting injured far more frequently then before.


The chub who flubbed the ‘22 World Cup, one of the most corrupt World Cup screwup coverup in World Cup history, says ‘yup!’ to a new Club World Cup, a shakeup to the old Club World Cup to fill their tubs with even more grubs, resulting in a scrub sub of the World Cup dubbed the new Club World Cup, not to be clumped with the old Club World Cup or THE World Cup, but it will still be very much like the old World Cup (not to be confused with the old Club World Cup) except the winning team will receive a ceramic cup with the new new Club World Cup logo on it which is a cup on a club.


Little confused here. Is this something clubs are required to do? Or are they just hoping they will get interest from the clubs because of the $$?


Money money money. [*https://media.tenor.com/Ks-8\_CVjJmEAAAAM/money-rich.gif*](https://media.tenor.com/Ks-8_CVjJmEAAAAM/money-rich.gif)


Honestly don't know what's wrong with this? Its not like its an added competiton, just more teams get to play


Does he just get to make up soccer games and tournaments and everyone has to show up?


Fix whatever the hell happened to lead to Qatar being able to buy this one first... Yeah maybe start there. Otherwise this is going to be even more corrupt.


This infantino is just awful The qatar world cup is awful The money making scams continue


Why does he have to try and expand everything? Especially a tournament that isn’t important.


He is killing fotball, Stay away from Europe please.


Oh god.... Such nonsense again


Pardon my ignorance but isn't that what the Champions League/Europa League/Europa Conf. League is for


Only European teams are them


They’ll bring in clubs from all over the world


Do they hold qualifications for each section of the world similar to WC style but with clubs?


Didn’t look up details but I’m sure it’ll be a quota system based on continent/league statuses. Just like how the lesser clubs get selected for uefa


Horrible, no excuse


Let's not listen


That must be a original ideas he put together himself and his FIFA counterparts .well done. Doesn't sound like a super cup at all.




Well, kiss seeing any huge talent bought by clubs goodbye! Unless it came from their own development, seeing great talent is over because FIFA will find a way for money to come in under the table. So the clubs are going need the money! Goodbye to huge transfers. Nobody is going to like this.


Could be somthing


Y’all like y’all playing. As a fan bring it on


Can anyone explain to me what’s wrong with this? (I have no prior knowledge on the matter)


A) no need at all for it B) it's all about money


hello fun


Unless your club is in it who else will really care and even that is a stretch.


Scotland might actually have a chance at qualifying now then


I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


I love it


Format should be players who played less than 15 games for there club in the season get to participate. Give reserves and squad rotation players a chance.


What a shit idea.


Well it's a win, win fifa adding more games will allow reserve or squad players to play in so called prestigious event and the top players could have a rest . Fifa will realize this is not working but the reserve/squad players will at least get some game time.


nice move. the big clubs would get their revenue deservedly. vamos superleague


so, he wants to make the world cup... into a tournament like the world cup. genius, infantino.. . absolute genius. you really do deserve a multi million dollar bonus for that incredible idea.


He's talking about clubs though, not countries. Presumably something else to get bribed over.


People flipping out over how much players need to play... Am I the only one thinking that they don't? These aren't slave labours, they're multi-millionaires... Nobody's forcing them. If anything this will give more opportunities for other players to become stars as clubs will start to increase squad-depth just like they've done previously to adapt for other competitions. And Man City will finally have more use for the stars it hoards 😜


It’s not about them being lazy it’s about injuries- do you not think we have enough?




Pulled muscles are the most common injury and have nothing to do with the aggression of a player. Usain Bolt runs 23 mph over only a single 100 yard sprint, and that’s the record. Accidental contact happens in contact sports- which football is one. It’s already a red to intentionally step on the Achilles of an opponent. Arms raise naturally with jumping- and again, using your arms beyond their natural movement while jumping is against the rules currently and fouls are called for it routinely.


There would be way too many games. Players have no time to recover from actually important games. Teams from Europe really don't give a damn about CWC because it has been extra matches for them which makes them less competetive in league. If players have no time to rest, they start getting injuries.


Never mentioned laziness... I said the need for a bigger squad brings more talent to the table. No one HAS to play every single game for 52 weeks. Subs and reserves become more important, I think it's an interesting new dynamic that's all.